The Miscegenation Ball

New York, 1864

H/T Ta-Nehisi Coates

The text reads:

“The Miscegenation Ball at the Headquarters of the Lincoln Central Campaign Club, Corner of Broadway and Twenty Third Street New York Sept. 22d. 1864 being a perfect fac simile of the room &c. &c. (From the New York World Sept. 23d. 1864). No sooner were the formal proceedings and speeches hurried through with, than the room was cleared for a “negro ball,” which then and there took place!

Some members of the “Central Lincoln Club” left the room before the mystical and circling rites of languishing glance and mazy dance commenced. But that Many remained is also true. This fact We Certify, “that on the floor during the progress of the ball were many of the accredited leaders of the Black Republican party, thus testifying their faith by works in the hall and headquarters of their political gathering. There were Republican Office-Holders, and prominent men of various degrees, and at least one Presidential Elector On The Republican Ticket.”

Universal Freedom. One Constitution. One Destiny.

Note: The cartoon below isn’t a reference to Obama’s second inaugural next week as the president of BRA, but it was absolutely prophetic on the point of “One Constitution, One Destiny.”

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  1. I can’t help but think that half those men got a dose of the clap for their efforts. A few probably would up dead in back alleys with a rib tickler perforating their lung.

  2. So off the mark. They thought it would be White men banging Nigresses. Even they couldn’t imagine that it would turn out to be…Black rams pounding White ewes. Shakespeare, Othello, was prescient tho.

  3. StukaPilot, I noticed that, too. I attributed it to a rudimentary delicacy, that depicting White women dancing with negroes would be beyond the pale. But possibly you are correct, and the thought that actual White women would so degrade themselves never crossed their minds.

  4. Did anyone read through the comments on the article? It’s interesting that they all mention:

    Marxism (explicitely or implicitly.)

    They all seem to be obsessed with intermarriage. I suppose it is a human right to choose a mate, but these commenters are motivated by their own eugenic borrowing from the white gene pool. They think racism is an invention by nefarious planters. Lol.

    The big contradiction is that they know a white gene flow improves their lot. But they still think Marx or Multiculturalism is the truth. The deep dissonance is at least part of their rage.

  5. “They think racism is an invention by nefarious planters. Lol. ” – why not? whitey invented everything else.

    It is altogether a shame that they rushed to assure everyone that the kids of such relationships have no outstanding issues from being mixed race, when in many cases that is just not true.

  6. They act like racism is some conspiracy, rather than the result of generalizing from personal experience of reality or looking at data and wondering why black people do sheit…

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