Two Americas: Texas vs. New York


The battle lines over gun control are being drawn in Texas, Wyoming, and New York. These cultural wars were much simpler when there were two American states that reflected the two American nations:

“Confederate and Union troops sometimes established winter quarters near each other, adhering to a gentlemen’s agreement not to fight during this season of renewal. On one cold, clear night, Union troops camped in Tennessee lifted their spirits and voices in patriotic song, accompanied by regimental bands. Bands on the Confederate side of the river struck up competing songs. Before long “Yankee Doodle” battled with “Dixie,” and “The Bonnie Blue Flag” answered “Hail, Columbia.”

I can see it happening again.

Obama seems determined to make the neutered Republicans eat one shit sandwich after another during this session of Congress: raising taxes, gun control, raising the debt ceiling, amnesty for millions of illegal aliens, etc. That’s also just his plan for the first six months of his second term.

Hopefully, Obama and the Democrats in their hubris will destabilize the Republican Party, antagonize the Southern and Western states, continue to undermine the legitimacy of the federal courts, and inflict irreparable damage on the Union.

Keep pushing!

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  1. The Wops of NY. Well done Mr Cuomo.

    What I tend to see happening as a result of this sort of legislation is the privatization of security for those who can afford licensed body guards and or security teams. The CEntral West End in St Louis has a private security firm run by a scion of a Jewish family that was involved in the desegregation of the city in the 1960s. Mainly a real estate scam when you look into it.

  2. Hopefully, Obama and the Democrats in their hubris will destabilize the Republican Party

    This is the great hope of many of us.

  3. Keep pushing!
    Careful what you wish, careful what you say Careful what you wish, you may regret it Careful what you wish, you just might get it:

  4. Oh they will keep pushing. Obama doesn’t realize that he pulled a “Libya” on gun control, namely an unforced error from listening to the “Responsibility to Protect” crowd, namely Jews and Soccer Moms in government, where they don’t belong.

    Obama et al. are making exactly the mistakes we need.

    The trouble as I see it is there is no “petition” type activity to rally our side right now.

    Such activities are free publicity and organization building.

    Such activities will force the Hannity’s and Limbaugh’s and the Alex Jones’s to move further towards secession to keep up with their audiences leading to a positive feedback loop.

    Soon we will have the Inauguration which I would hope would launch a nationwide flag campaign in protest. That would make Obama’s State of the Union quite awkward, no? We could even have a Joe Wilson type shout “YOU LIE!!” when Obama says that the Union is strong!

    US flags in distress, state flags replacing US flags at “respectable” organizations, taking US flags down, flying secessionist flags, billboards, posters, flyers, sidewalk chalk, signs along the proposed border between the US and the new country.

    Think of all the money spent on guns and ammo, when what we need more is signs and flags!

  5. I didn’t realize there was a national Republican party left to destabilize… seriously. They’re road kill.

    The only one with any sign of life left in him is that guy from Texas 😉

  6. The Wops of NY. Well done Mr Cuomo.

    Hi John. It’s easy to give in to making wisecracks about ginzos.

    Harder to face up to the fact that despite the protests of NYC, anglo-prot New York came down hard against Dixie long before the red-sauce tsunami.

    BRA’s been a hot potato ever since, everyone’s been blamed for it.
    But we know it was the god damn yankee pandora that opened the nigger-box.
    But with it, there is hope.
    Hope the south will rise again.

  7. namely Jews and Soccer Moms in government, where they don’t belong.

    Grouping Jews together with soccer-moms is antisemitic and no I’m not joking.
    Who do you think you are?
    Soccer-moms can’t become men.
    Jews can become Christian.

  8. Except that Texas will soon go blue. That’s how it is in American politics: demographics is destiny, it’s ridiculous to pretend that conventional horse race politics will have any relevance in the future. It isn’t just the Republicans who are road kill, it’s democracy itself, along with the American nation and Western civilization on this continent.

  9. “that was involved in the desegregation of the city in the 1960s. Mainly a real estate scam when you look into it.”

    That’s pretty much what the entire destruction of America and the Western world has been.

  10. Personally I enjoy watching the Publicans eat shit sandwich after shit sandwich. Hopefully the GOP will choke and die. That’s what we want. Assuming that “we” are the people who want the empire coming down sooner rather than later. The longer it lasts the more miscegenation, the more looting, the more…..what else need be said?

    With the GOP dead, a new party will arise. It will be white nationalist and it will view the indivisibility of the former Republic with a gimlet eye. It will probably prove the end of the Empire, FedZOG, whatever you wish to call this monster, if other forces don’t do it first. Jews aren’t good at controlling themselves, as Pierce said, and they can be counted on to go too far.

    Again, there is no way this country is going to break into two and only two pieces. When it goes, it will be like tempered glass, and go into lots of pieces, some of which will make quick alliances with others. Realistically, I see anywhere from four to eight or nine.

    The biggest will control all or substantially all of the nuclear weapons stockpile and most of the military assets. The small fry will get little or no military at all but also none of the attendant expenses. Keeping the pipelines and trains running will take some expedient alliances with otherwise mutually antagonistic neighbors.

    The international bankers will loot a good chunk of the hard assets, that’s just a given.

    It’s going to be a bloody mess, but it’s what has to be. The rational goal right now is to set up, as best one can, to keep as much of the infrastructure and embedded assets preserved for your own people and to prepare for the inevitable, long period of suffering that the interruption of business will cause. Who gets what will be decided in a bloody bit very brief fight the results of which will depend entirely on which actors prepare most thoroughly for that fight.

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