SNN Podcast: The Rise of the New South

A western view of the downtown Houston skyline
A western view of the downtown Houston skyline

South Carolina

Here’s the link to the SNN podcast with Palmetto Patriot about my review of James C. Cobb’s The South and America Since World War II.

Topics include:

– The first “New South” (1877 to 1945) and the “Sunbelt South” (1945 to present).

– The Great Depression/Second World War as the historical pivot between the “New South” and the “Sunbelt South.”

– Differences between the “New South” and “Sunbelt South.”

– The role of military spending during World War I, World War II, and the Cold War in creating the Sunbelt economy.

– The demise of the “small town rich man” after World War II.

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  1. I enjoyed this podcast; I always enjoy hearing you two men discuss these subjects. Very informative.

    Your discussion of the second new South, Mr. Wallace, put me in mind of the music video for the Toby Keith song “Who’s That Man.” That was a hit in 1994, as you might know. The first time I saw the video, I was struck by the look of the neighborhood through which the narrator (Keith) drives. It looks like something from the suburban North. I guess that’s what the South looks like now, but it’s strange that the narrator seems completely cut off from it — not just because his wife and he are divorced but in his whole style. The wife’s second husband, who’s dressed as if he has some corporate job, is presented almost as homosexual, in contrast to the pickup-driving narrator. It’s as if this new South seems as un-Southern to Keith–who grew up in Arkansas and Oklahoma–as it does to me.

    Of course, you would know more about these things than I do, but I thought I’d mention it. The video’s at YouTube:

  2. The South is rising again but not necessarily in the geographical sense. The Southern belief system is spreading amongst more and more Americans as they start to realize the South WAS right! The constant vilification of everything Southern – both past and present – is a subversive tool used by today’s immoral, unethical, and immensely evil establishment to destroy its extreme antithesis. The distortion of history, the misinformation about slavery and Jim Crow, and the maniacal and destructive promotion of civil rights/multiculturalism are all part of a facade.

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