Black History Month 2013: Timbuktu Sacked

Thousands of ancient texts destroyed in legendary city of Timbuktu
Welcome to OD’s celebration of Black History Month 2013


OD kicks off our coverage of Black History Month 2013 by taking a look at the chaos in Northern Mali where the legendary African city of Timbuktu has been writhing under shariah law imposed by al-Qaeda affiliated rebels for the past several months.

If you were ever forced to endure Black History Month in an American public school in February, you will probably remember learning about the University of Timbuktu and the thousands of manuscripts that were stored there while Europe was “still in the Dark Ages.”

The University of Timbuktu’s great claim to fame is that it is supposedly older than its Western European counterparts – like the notion that Ancient Egyptians were black, this is another pernicious Afrocentrist myth, as the University of Paris was established around 1150 and the University of Oxford officially dates back to 1167. The University of Bologna in Italy was founded in 1088.

There were universities in Western Europe, Central Europe, and Eastern Europe during the Late Middle Ages. The “University of Timbuktu,” a complex built around three mosques and madrasas, dates back to the great Trans-Saharan slavetrader Mansa Musa’s reign in the early 14th century.

Sadly, Timbuktu in 2013 is only renowned for the raping, looting, beatings, mutilations and the destruction of the very manuscripts and intellectual activity administered by fellow African Muslims that made it a UNESCO world heritage site, which also happens to be the primary cause of the decline of the fabled city.

At least this story ends on a positive note: in the latest example of carrying out the white man’s burden in Africa, the French arrived to save the day, something that tends to happen often in West Africa.

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    I noted the cited article regretted the evil jihadists had deposed a popular DJ in Mali, and that the people want “music.” This war absolutely MUST be fought, then, to make Africa SAFE for rock ‘n roll and DJs!

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  2. I meant to write: Chris keeps stubbornly not absorbing the lessons.
    But either will do.

    You are not alone.

  3. Mosin doesn’t understand that in a volunteer army there are as many reasons for war as soldiers. And she’s not from Mali but funny you mention DJ’s. DJ Stiletto is a well-known activist for South Sudan secession, herself being south sudanese.

    There is a CIA memo on wikileaks where different ways of advertising the wars are discussed. The option for France is flooding the French media with Afghan women to talk about Taliban oppression. Whatever works.

  4. @Mosin Nagant

    Fr. John+ is a phony and he’s about as legitimately “Orthodox” as his fellow phony, Nathaniel Kapner. Just ignore everything he posts.

    And what lesson am I not absorbing?

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    Given what I know of migratory patterns in Europe, you generally see an East to West Movement. So this hypothesis fits the idea that the Crimea and Volga might have been a route in. Geneticist suggests that 30% of their DNA is from this Eastern orgin. It’s not Fr John’s argument. The suggestion is that various communities converted to Judaism at various times in Asia Africa and Europe.

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