Disingenuous Rainbow Confederates


Connie Chastain writes:

“I have to wonder why he needs me as an excuse to rant and rave about black folks. And I again have to wonder why my presence on a little niche blog is so important to him that he has to post repeatedly about me…  It might be interesting to know what he gets out of it … but that would require thinking about him a whole lot more than I want to do.”


What do “black folks” have to do with the attacks on Confederate heritage in Memphis or Selma? What did they have to do with the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina State House in Columbia? What did the blacks have to do with the removal of the Confederate flag from the Caddo Parish Courthouse in Shreveport or the removal of the Confederate monument in Reidsville?

Could it be that your “unleashed” blacks vote as a monolithic racial bloc and have used their political power and influence in a multiracial democracy to attack Confederate monuments and symbols and to expunge the Confederate account of the War Between the States from Southern public schools?

That was the effective result of “fair-minded people” in the 1960s agreeing that “black folks (and women and other minorities) had been denied and it was time to include them.” Everything that has transpired since then is a direct consequence of their inclusion and stems ultimately from the Rainbow belief that excluding the blacks from the political sphere was immoral rather than legitimate and necessary and completely justified to preserve our culture and civilization for future generations.

The road back from this disaster starts with attacking and marginalizing those “fair-minded people” and rubbing their noses in their shame and dishonor and repudiating the foolish ideas that have brought us to this low point.

Note: It should be noted here that the destruction of Confederate symbols and monuments like the three parks in Memphis is less important than the black intifada which has pushed Whites out of cities like Memphis, Detroit, Birmingham, Richmond, St. Louis and New Orleans altogether.

The destruction and vandalism of Confederate parks and monuments is really just a symptom of what Paul Kersey has described as the “Climate Change” that happens when the Black Undertow reaches a critical mass. This must be seen in the context of the spread of low-income “blighted neighborhoods” and “failing schools” and the proliferation of dollar stores, title pawn stores, payday advance stores, pawn shops and beauty supply stores wrought by the Visible Black Hand of Economics.

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  1. There has been some grumbling about the Stonewall Jackson statue in front of the State Capitol in Charleston, WV. I haven’t heard any whining about the Stonewall Jackson statue in Clarksburg, WV.



    In Charleston they did close Stonewall Jackson High School on the westside, and the westside of Charleston has become darker with urban renewal elsewhere.

  2. It might be interesting to know what he gets out of it …

    Typical woman. Hates thinking (you ought to ride her on that point) and takes objective criticism of her faction’s position as a personal attack driven by personal interests. Example (a) why women are unfit for politics.

  3. You can say everything you want to say without referencing me or linking to my blog. Please leave me alone.

  4. Connie is quite simply worthless to any cause from the south. She might as well be a liberal. Worrying about how pitiful poor old negroes were and are is a twisted sickness because it says, I must destroy my culture and my children’s future to further that of a group of people who have shown on the whole to be savages and willing to wipe out whites whenever give the chance. Not just in America, but world wide. What you see in South Africa and Rhodesia is exactly what they want for whites in America. When they kick in the door of someone like Connie intent on rape and murder…I wonder what goes through the Rainbow’s

  5. “takes objective criticism of her faction’s position as a personal attack driven by personal interests.”

    Sounds just like most of the posters to this site.

    PS- I’m not defending Chastain here but it will be interpreted as such.

  6. Chastain – you are demented old HAG. You are an utter DISGRACE. The Racist women I personally know are intelligent, thoughtful, energetic, motivated and dedicated to preserving our own Race – which is healthy and normal. YOU are the sort of diseased old TWIST that destroys any credibility for anything that females do. I sincerely hope you meet a well-derserved Fate, at the hands of one of your dark pets, as so many Race Traitor sociopaths like YOU have done before. May your richly-deserved moment of Eve Carson Poetic Justice find you, and come swiftly on.

  7. I’m not sure who I support here. I like this site because you are honest about what Confederate culture is really about and what it really wants. On the other hand I appreciate Connie’s division of the Confederate community and her activism for the equality of all races. Denise’s bullying of Connie also makes me feel bad for Connie, yet I know that most of my people wouldn’t treat her any better if she tried to post about Confederate stuff on non-Confederate sites.

  8. Yes, traitor. And you’re honest about favoring racial genocide. I appreciate that. It gives me powerful motivation to stand up for the legitimate rights and dignity of my people. Thanks for the encouragement.

  9. Hey PGRT, and Connie You Filthy Noxious Skank – review that Detroit Rampage video that Hunter has posted, under “Detroit Rampge” THAt is EXACTLY what both of you are working for. Behold the true Nature ofthe Nigger, in it’s purest form. I pray to God your darling, beloved, violent savage NIGGER mobs find you soon.

    PGRT – you think I am “bullying”? I’m just calling the BEEYACH out. That’s not even a beginning, with me. I’m not even warmed up……..

  10. I wouldn’t worry about that connie gash. Sooner later she’ll pay the price most women do when the spend so much time with rape-apes.

    And remember Southron White man, that gash gets to vote thanks to the yankee.

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