Tales From Detroit: South Warren


Here’s an excerpt from Charlie LeDuff’s new book, Detroit: An American Autopsy, which describes how the immutable laws of the Visible Black Hand of Economics have destroyed property value in South Warren:

“South Warren – the part that directly touched Detroit – used to be about the Stars and Bars flag of the Confederacy flying from the flagpole in the front yard. The Dodge factory and the General Motors plant and the cinder-block mom-and-pop tool-and-die shops that supplied those factories also supplied the groceries and the fishing trips and the new car every other year. By the time I arrived in Detroit, perhaps 75 percent of those shops had died.

The industries replacing them were increasingly drug sales and prostitution. What came with those businesses were not better schools but gunshots and rusting cars and broken porches with men drinking from paper bags. Tough-looking kids hung around the playground up the street, slinging dope. Frankie started keeping his daughters inside.

Frankie had bought his house for $70,000 a decade earlier. It was an unpretentious two-bedroom with an unfinished attic on a double lot. It wasn’t worth $15,000 in 2008, if it was worth a nickel.”

Note: LeDuff himself admits in the book that he doesn’t live in Detroit because of the violent crime, corruption, and the low quality of public services.

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  1. Rumor has it, that the city may go into state-receivership tomorrow.

    Regarding that bit about Confederate flags in Warren in the old days, yes, I remember seeing them now and then. My first job when I was 16 years old, was at a grocery store on 1o mile & Hoover Rd in Warren.

    Even today, there’s a house along the Reuther freeway that always has big Confeerate flag flying under his Stars and Stripes. Personally, I think it looks stupid, because this ain’t the South. Just like that no-talent jackass fraud Kid Rock, who grew up in Romeo, which is like +30 miles NORTH of Detroit, and, ironically, he has a half-nigger son.

  2. There’s one flying in the front yard of a house in town, and no stars and stripes with it, about a mile from here, and who knows how many are displayed on walls indoors.

  3. hey Denise,

    Rick Snyder is appointing an emergency manager to the city next week. Hard to say how the niggers will react… They’ve been making riot threats, but it’s been very cold and snowy lately, so I kinda doubt anything will go down. I wish this had happened over last summer.

  4. does night follow day?
    does 2+2=4?

    Do blacks destroy whatever they touch? Are they incapable of disciplined, collective action?

    Reality doesn’t care what we like and it doesn’t need our consent to exist.

    Evolution doesn’t prefer our notion of morality and civilization and the “social contract” to any other race’s. It only prefers reproductive success. We either outproduce other genomes or ours becomes eventually displaced, dominated, and destroyed.

    Black reproductive success isn’t built on organization for civilizations; according to Jared Diamond, it’s directly the opposite. Black reproductive success is a volume game and a game of maximum attempt to live off the labors of others. You can see this in nature; the cuckoo does this to perfection and has a nice little evolutionary niche. Some emperor penguins steal rocks from others’ nests to make their own instead of fetching them. Stealing is a valid evolutionary strategy.

  5. It’s foolish for them to take it over. They’ll just blame Whitey for all the problems. Let it go down completely and refuse to touch it at all. Yes I know they’ll just move somewhere else but they would do that anyways. State take it over or not.

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