Amurrica Series: Equality For Criminals

District of Corruption

I’ve spent the past week trying to take a break from the day to day insanity of Black Run America (BRA), but a quick scan of the news has revealed the latest victory for “equality” and “civil rights”:

“Employers in the U.S. may soon have to hire more workers with criminal backgrounds under new equality guidelines issued by the federal government.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s guidelines warn companies against rejecting minority applicants who have committed a felony or other offense, recommending that those companies eliminate policies which ‘exclude people from employment based on a criminal record.’

According to the EEOC, civil rights laws already prohibit employers from selectively hiring job applicants who are of different ethnic backgrounds but have matching criminal histories. …

The latest update from the EEOC was issued out of concern that employers might disproportionally decline applicants from minorities since a greater number of African Americans and Hispanics are getting arrested for crimes, according to the guideline report. …”

I’m sure that criminal background checks are having a “disparate impact” on minority employment.

That’s obviously why we need more federal oversight from EEOC bureaucrats in Washington to ensure that Southern businesses are fulfilling MLK’s Dream with an affirmative action quota for the “diverse” criminals in their communities.

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  1. Hunter: Great article. I saw hints of this insanity on a California diversity poster. Why the hell don’t they just come out and say “discriminate against whites”. It all stems from the belief all men are equal..

    Off topic, but what the hell happened to RamZPaul? Spokesman for the white race? He is distancing himself from white nationalism. Amazing. They should invite you as spokesman for the Southern nation. AMREN conferences are appearing to be nothing but academic reflection.

  2. Speaking of this initiative, it goes right along with Equality Movement 2.o. Equality 1.o did not achieve the desired level playing field. Equality 2.0 is about Social Justice, aka actively taking from whites to give to others. I wonder how much the DWLs will take.

  3. Sign of the Times: When the Negro was firmly under the control of the White man, the Negro produced Jazz. Today when the Negro is out of control, and even in control in some areas of society, they produce rap and hip hop.

  4. leftists will run to failure on this one. They seem to be playing a numbers game where, in the short term atleast, their pets are attacking their enemies more than them.

  5. I think these EEOC guidelines are a done deal. They are based on Disparitive (sp?) impact, which has already had it’s day in court and was (shockingly) upheld.

    Most EEOC guidelines are done now by decree anyway. Who’s going to challenge this in court? If you do, you company will be raped by the nightly news every day as the “Evil, Racist Corporation X” fighting the nice reformed black man that just needs a second chance.

    If you run a business or know someone that does, there are ways around these laws and you need to get informed. You simply can’t have a company with more that 20 people in it anymore. EECO laws only apply to companies with more that 24 employees.

  6. This is the case. We recently had our yearly HR anti-White indoctrination session at our firm, and the female presenter came right out and said that criminal checks for employment could discriminate against black and Hispanic men, and were therefore verboten. Not sure how this will work its way out.

  7. About this:

    ” Not sure how this will work its way out.”

    I know exactly how this will work out. Firms hire criminals, that thieve and steal, do violence to customers, who then sue the business out of existence. The fascist trend for some time now has been to completely crush smaller businesses, and have everyone in the “private” sector work only for mega-corporations like Walmart, GE, etc.

    Everything proceeding as planned.

  8. I guess that, in terms of Martin Luther King’s “dream”, we aren’t supposed to judge people by “the content of their character” after all…

  9. Life often imitates art, but I think there are some authors who simply read the tea leaves of life before the rest of us do. In this instance, I’m talking about Kurt Vonnegut and his excellent short story, Harrison Bergeron. Here is the premise:

    It is the year 2081. Because of Amendments 211, 212, and 213 to the Constitution, every American is fully equal, meaning that no one is stupider, uglier, weaker, or slower than anyone else. The Handicapper General and a team of agents ensure that the laws of equality are enforced.

    Smart people have to wear annoying headsets to prevent deep thoughts; beautiful people must wear masks; etc.

    Without all this handicapping, BRA would fail. But every day we get closer to it.

  10. “I guess that, in terms of Martin Luther King’s “dream”, we aren’t supposed to judge people by “the content of their character” after all…”

    Unless they’re buying guns, then we need universal background checks. That or say sudafed. Give up your ID to buy cold medicine to make everyone safe America, especially the kids.

    It won’t be long before everyone has a criminal record anyway, well except those deemed more equal and special than everyone else.

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