American Thinker on The Tragic City


American Thinker has an unusually candid article on what Paul Kersey has labeled The Tragic City:

“Birmingham, Alabama is considered by many to be the birthplace of the civil rights movement. Today, African-Americans in Birmingham benefit from a numerical majority in the population, corresponding majorities in government jobs, and political control of the city. But civil rights won’t address what ails the city now.

Birmingham is recognized as one of the most violent and poorly-run cities in the nation. The city runs a massive deficit, and is county seat of Jefferson County, which recently cut a deal with a European bank as part of the largest government bankruptcy in U.S. history.

Underlying this fiasco is a mixture of problems, none of which can be solved by the civil rights agenda, or by liberalism in any form. This is not to suggest that those rights should be rolled back, but to point out that today’s solutions will not come from civil rights.

Blacks in Birmingham have now obtained equal rights, special protection for those rights, preferential enforcement of those rights, a demographic majority, and a near monopoly on government employment. Moreover, that panoply of rights and benefits is funded by the nation’s highest sales tax. The results should be a progressive success story. Instead, Jefferson County’s bankruptcy stems in part from an epic and at times grimly amusing corruption scandal that resulted in the conviction of at least 22 people. Those convicted officials include the former mayor of Birmingham, Larry Langford. …”

Like South Africa, Zimbabwe, or Detroit and Atlanta 2013, Birmingham as it has existed since it was “redeemed” by MLK and the Civil Rights Movement in 1963 is not a subject of polite discussion in the United States.

Even this American Thinker article, which is about as far as a mainstream conservative article can go on race, skates around the edges of the truth about Birmingham with obvious disclaimers like “this is not to suggest that those rights should be rolled back” and “Birmingham is simply past the point where legal, structural, or policy changes will ameliorate cultural pathology.”

The immediate cause of this “sorry state of affairs” was the demonization of Bull Connor and White Birmingham by the MSM in 1963 and the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Fair Housing Act of 1968 which destroyed the Jim Crow system in Birmingham and which empowered the black political machine that captured power with the election of Richard Arrington, Jr. as mayor in 1979.

There is also a simple legal and political remedy which could fix Birmingham’s problems with a majority vote: if Alabama seceded from the United States, all the federal civil rights laws and federal court decisions which pertain to blacks, which are the foundation of the black political machine’s power, and which were imposed on Birmingham as a direct consequence of a shift in Northern public opinion caused by television coverage of the 1963 Children’s Crusade, would be wiped out in a single stroke.

The same legal and political solution to Birmingham’s woes could similarly be used to fix New Orleans, Atlanta, Memphis, Richmond, Little Rock and other Southern cities where black empowerment at the hands of the U.S. federal government, which always defers to Northern public opinion, has foolishly imposed what had previously been the cultural pathologies of negro ghettos and schools onto entire metro areas.

If we were to examine what happened to Birmingham on a more philosophical level, we would be forced to admit that it was really Americanism, or the cherished liberal abstractions that Northern Whites hold about liberty, equality, and democracy, and their universal application to all of mankind that brought about the cultural conditions in which Birmingham 2013 was even conceivable.

We tolerate these pockets of barbarism in our midst because White Americans have been sold on the idea that the blacks should be free, that they are our equals, that black dysfunction is a product of their history rather than their heredity, that “one man, one vote” democracy is superior to any other conceivable system of policy, and that the most immoral thing a White person can do is think in racial terms.

All these alien ideas that were imposed on us by the federal government inspired violent resistance because they run against the grain of the traditional culture of the Deep South. Somehow we will have to purge our culture of this “civil rights” poison or every Southern city will end up as broke, corrupt, and dysfunctional as Birmingham in 2013.

Note: H/T to SNN for the apropos Rhett graphic.


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  1. TDO combined with magic thinking, so when the solution is basically ignored and it will be, simply because whites do not believe they have any moral claim to being white and advocating for white interests, so don’t expect any more than a dozen positive responses.

    So when the anti-whites get “named” as anti-whites and are discredited for perping a fraud claiming it was something called “anti-racism” then ideas of stripping blacks of illegitimate power will happen faster than Denise can shriek “kikenvermin.”

  2. Right, RRS. I was over on Reddit the other day and saw there were over 2,000 comments on why diversity only applies to whites. Almost every single one was based on the premise of equality, race=skin color. They never learn. The whole nation has been mind-f@cked.

  3. You see, when the going in premise is we are all equal, race is just skin color, then logically, any difference in outcomes MUST be due to institutional discrimination. Moreover, all cultures must logically be equal as well, meaning Rembrandt’s best is equal to the crudest aborigine dot-art. Sick, sick, sick.

  4. This being an AT article, the commenters will ascribe all problems to liberalism and the fact that “Obongo” is half white and his white liberal side is the problem. The solution will be an ALL black president like Mia Love, Allen West, or some other magic negro.

    BTW: did you see the words Farrakan had for blacks in Chicago. This could be someone we can work with!

  5. HW I think edited his post, but if so it was all to the good, its all a fraud and has become nothing but an industry to hurt whites, to strip mine them of everything they built just so a few criminals can live large and a large mass of colored morons can think they are going to evolve into whites, but worst is the white fems who think this is all “nice”, fucking metaphorically sodomize them, hard. (by fems I mean non-gender specific emotional retards)

  6. Humble suggestion – don’t call “zimbabwe” zimbabwe. Call it “zimbabwe” (with scare quotes), or “the failed nation-state called Zimbabwe”, or the “erstwhile first world nation formerly called Rhodesia”. Or better yet, just Rhodesia. We need to get out of the habit of using their terminology and instead practice rhetorical aggression by using our terminology. By using their name, you’re actually unwittingly going along with a lie – that “Zimbabwe” is a nation-state worthy of respect. Zimbabwe is to Rhodesia what Kwanzaa is to Christmas, or heck, what O or MLK are to George Washington. We need to change the discourse so that the mere mention of “Zimbabwe” is a source of amusement.

  7. In the same vein, Detroit shouldn’t be called “Detroit” anymore either. Depending on the audience, it can be called “the ruins of Detroit” or “Dixie’s revenge”. The “ruins of Detroit” makes the point that Detroit has been destroyed in a premeditated but surreptitious attack by the federal government – where a small cabal of elite whites attacked the white middle and working classes of Detroit with a proxy army of primitives and destroyed the arsenal of democracy in the process. “Dixie’s revenge” makes the point that payback may be slow in coming, but when it does it can be a bitch.

    Yankees have been getting whites to fight against their own interests for too long now, don’t you think? Isn’t it about time we woke up?

  8. Rhett was a man before his time. I really don’t think he would be shocked at what America has become.

    Imagine if we had leaders today that were like him instead of these filthy rats such as Carl Roden and these stupid little rainbows with their empty conformist minds.

  9. Nothing and no-one can beat me to the punch, in any realm, in SHRIEKING “Kikenvermin!”. RRS – you ought to know better by now.

  10. That’s a fantastic Rhett quote. He knew the enemy like to other. Glad to see, even then, he recognized how twisted and insidious utilitarianism was.

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