The Cost of the Union: Obama Releases Illegal Aliens From Detention


The New York Times is reporting that Obama is releasing illegal aliens from detention in New Jersey, Texas, Florida, Louisiana, Arizona, Alabama, Georgia, and New York. Meanwhile, Sen. Jeff Sessions is fighting the Obama-Rubio amnesty in Congress, but he will be outvoted by Northeastern and West Coast Democrats and fifth column Republicans like John McCain and Lindsay Graham:

“In a highly unusual move, federal immigration officials have released hundreds of detainees from immigration detention centers around the country in an effort to save money as automatic budget cuts loom in Washington, officials said.

The government has not dropped the deportation cases against the immigrants, however: The detainees have been freed on supervised release while their cases continue in court, officials said. …”

Note: Anyone who seriously believes that Washington has any intention of “securing the border” as part of a deal on “comprehensive immigration reform” is a fool who hasn’t been paying attention for the last twenty years.

As long as the Union exists, the Northeast, Upper Midwest, and West Coast will continue to drag the rest of the country to the Left on amnesty, gay marriage, affirmative action and other issues. The only way that process will ever be reversed is through disunion whether it be through the means of secession or revolution.

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  1. I am so freaking tired of this “secure the borders” stupidity. Words have meaning and when the Left and central government says “secure the border”, cue up huddled masses of sheeple shivering in fright from the terrorist threat, when what we want is NO MORE DAMNED IMMIGRANTS!

  2. To the treasonous white hating left, a million aliens and zero terrorists cross the border, then mission accomplished, border secure.

    This sequestration buffoonery just goes to show how much power and influence the Republican controlled house could wield if they wanted to. Obama is just doing everything he can to gum up the works, he and his cronies will shut down every executive function of defending the citizens before taking away one cell phone. If the Republitards will hold their feet to the fire (which we know they won’t) they could force the left to agree to just about anything to keep the EBT cards working.

  3. Its about time republican governors stood up for their citizens and threatened to nullify any attempt to amnesty the illegals. Those illegals will be coming to conservative states to dilute the voting power of current citizens as soon as they are amnestied. Amnesty – divested of all lies and falsehoods – is a pathetically transparent effort by the democratic party to swell its voting rolls. The democrats – without illegals – would shrink as a party because the democrats are the party of single women, abortion and gay rights. Jeff Sessions should call the democrats out on exactly that point. Tell them to their faces that they don’t give a flying —- about minorities are only interested in the next election, and introduce a bill that makes it illegal to use immigration policy for partisan purposes.

    A partial history of immigration and citizenship: When the yankees wanted to flood the voting rolls with emancipated slaves after the civil war they made citizenship a national issue and took it away from individual states with the fourteenth amendment. When the democrats started facing demographic problems they stopped enforcing the border but couldn’t get the permanent elective majority they wanted because they didn’t have the body count with the initial round in Reagan’s time. Now they’re back at the trough for a second round of amnesty and John McCain apparently wants to make sure that he is the second-to-last republican elected senator from Arizona. The newly-elected Flake is so venal and short-sighted that he’s fighting alongside McCain for amnesty, in all likelihood guaranteeing that he will be a one-term senator. Either Flake is one stupid asshole or he has been bought off already.

  4. So I went over to NumbersUSA to look at the immigration report cards of these senators, and lo and behold John McCain and Lindsay Graham had exactly the same overall grade (84% or B+) as Jeff Sessions during the 2009-2013 time period.


    I also did a little regional comparison of the best and worst senators and representatives from the same 2009-2013 time period.

    Of the 22 best senators (graded B and above), 11 are from the South, 6 from the West, 5 from the Midwest and none from the Northeast.

    Of the 39 best representatives (graded A+), 27 are from the South, 8 from the West, and 2 each from the Midwest and Northeast.

    Of the 29 worst senators (graded F-), 10 are from the Northeast, 8 from the West, 6 from the Midwest and 5 from the South.

    Of the 49 worst representatives (graded F-), 17 are from the West, 12 from the South, 11 from the Northeast and 9 from the Midwest.

  5. The left knows when the baby boomers die off they are in political deep shit. Their way to retain power is to lower White birth rate, indoctrinate White kids when they are in college and up the number of non Whites. negros are all ready at max breeding capacity. the left needs the beaner invasion to survive. It’s double bonus that the beaners come from very leftist nations and are comfortable with gun control, queer marriage, nationalized health care and the like.

    The left knows it’s fighting for its long term survival and the gop, as the original “anti racist party” is doing what it has always done; place the desire for government control, and the desires of big business over the desire of native born White men.

    Our senators are not much different then their senators, they have to get the city vote after all. It our congress reps that show the real difference in value between our people and those people

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