Tales From Detroit: LeDuff’s Aunt’s Funeral


Here’s one of my favorite excerpts from Charlie LeDuff’s new book, Detroit: An American Autopsy:

“My wife and I loaded up the baby in the SUV and drove to my aunt’s funeral in a rural corner of Oakland County, where the land rolls like a ship on the swells. A boat, a house, a lake, a foreclosure sign.

“Jesus, it’s Whitey McWhiteville out here,” my wife said distractedly, noticing a white-faced lawn jockey. My woman is a white girl who grew up in Detroit – not the suburbs – which makes her a special kind of white person. …

The funeral for my aunt was weird in the fact that it wasn’t weird. It was normal. It was white. It started on time. Everyone wore a tie and jacket. Aunt Marilyn, my father’s sister, had raised the ultimate American family. A husband of forty-nine years, seven children, twenty-two grandchildren or something like that. No divorce. No death by misadventure. Catholic to the point of evangelical. Her progeny lining up single file to each place a rose in a vase. It was simply odd in its normalcy, its clean-scrubbed sweetness. Who were these people? Where was their bitterness? Their bit? Their whiskers? They couldn’t possibly belong to me. …”

Note: Happy Birthday, 313Chris.

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  1. OC Michigan is about as classic American as one can get. At least it was until section 8 vouchers started rolling in.

  2. .

    “Jesus, it’s Whitey McWhiteville out here,”

    Funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time…


  3. LeDuff crosses border from negro barbarism in Greater Detroit/Wayne County back into White American civilization in Oakland County. It never occurs to him to connect the change in racial character of pre-1967 Detroit or Whitey McWhiteville to the collapse of civilization in post-1967 Detroit.

  4. Some of the recent posts on Detroit on theeconomiccollapse blog:






  5. Greetings, Chris. This libertarian (I call her Portlandian Libertarian) blogger is also predicting your future:

    She claims whites have been moving back into the city proper since 2010, and a renaissance has begun. I say: Semi-anarchy may have opened some “free market niches” but tax collectors and regulators will eventually regain control.

  6. He is very close to accepting the truth on race. He has done so implicitly by stating that White is normal. Whether he can go the last step is a matter of character instead of intelligence. Whether he has the integrity and courage to take that last step remains to be seen. I hope for his own sake and that of his family that he does.

  7. I’m tempted to end that article? After the dot dot dot…

    Here goes.

    …I began to plot these mutherfugger’s downfall and destruction.

  8. Leduff does have a website, I should have googled before I posted, it requires a log in before you can ask his highness any questions.

    Good catch on the TDO mosin, what you gonna do about it, the usual betacon bitchfest?

  9. The geeks way from the Tina Brandon Brandon Tina story is that a girl posing as a guy around red blooded boys is that the girl might get killed and raped in the showers. This is a very dangerous policy. A lesbian in a men’s changing room? This is inviting a disaster.

  10. HW- not to be slamming you, but your site lately is not tackling the hard core Southern/Secessionist/White Republic memes.

    You were literally blazing away – in both anger and insight- when I first ‘come to find’ your pages. I joined in the fray immediately.

    Recently (since the studied ignoring of the secession petitions by Obongo?) I’ve noted that either you are trying to become another SBPDL spin-off, or you truly care about food, nutrition, apps for same, and the egocentric six-pack gazing of a gym rat.

    You haven’t posted anything new on Confederate Ren, and, as I reminded you when it began, I said you would be spreading yourself too thin, in doing so. Then there was the period where both blogs had the exact same posts, but not the exact same comments (Guess one cannot ‘cross-post’ to two different blogs by the same author- pity…). Now, apps for fitness?

    Come on, HW. That’s was Farcebook is for!

    A soldier doesn’t leave his post, simply because the battle isn’t going his way! Take up your cross and follow… well, you know.

    God Bless.

    Fr. J+

  11. Charlie Leduff isn’t even from Detroit, and hasn’t the lifetime’s experience here for his opinion about Detroit to be taken seriously. He’s something equivalent to what Southerners would term a Carpetbagger — exploiting the situation for personal gain, or specifically in this case, his own self-promotion.

    Hunter, your old nemesis Harold Covington is apparently trolling me now, because I publicly exposed a stunt that he pulled wherin he tried get this years AmRen conference cancelled.

  12. It has nothing to do with changing my mind about Southern Nationalism.

    I was “blazing away” here on OD and CR until I resumed weightlifting at the gym, started going out more this month, got a new job, and started dating someone new. I have really just been busier than usual and posting these short TNB clips is a way to keep the site updated in light of my more constrained schedule.

    I’m fine. Haven’t changed at all. I am just very, very busy. Much more so than last year.

  13. @Hunter

    I found out from a contact at AmRen that someone phoned an anonymous threat to Montgomery Bell State Park, threatening to create a media circus over this years AmRen conference. Jared Taylor believes it was Harold Covington who did it, and afterward tried to pin it on a kid in his 20’s in the Seattle area named Patrick Hwang.

    Patrick Hwang has apparently been trolling Covington for some time, and recently created fake twitter account in Covington’s name. (there were in fact several NF/HAC troll accounts on twitter over the weekend, but Patrick Liam’s responsibility for only one of them) Harold Covington started posting comments to the AmRen website using Patrick’s name and email, to get back at him. Now, Jared Taylor has interacted with Patrick Hwang in the past, and contacted him and asked him if he had commented to AmRen recently. Patrick said that he hadn’t, and explained that he was pretty sure that it was Covington trying to get revenge for the twitter account. Taylor suspected all along that the comments were Covington doing his predictable sockpuppet routine, and Taylor doesn’t think highly of Harold Covington in any case.

    A few nights ago Jared Taylor emailed Patrick Hwang and asked him point blank if he had called an anonymous threat to Montgomery Bell state park. Patrick said that he did no such thing, and Taylor believes him and is certain that it was Harold Covington who phoned in the threat.

    So how does this involve me? Well, someone named Lloyed Davies asked Axis Sally on her blog if she knew anything about a rumor that Jared Taylor was blaming the AmRen conference cancellation on Harold Covington. Patrick tried to post a response to Lloyd, but Axis Sally deleted it, claiming that Patrick was using her blog to promote himself. Now, some weeks ago, Patrick posted my comments about Harold’s books that I made on the haroldcovington.com thread, to the comments section on Axis Sally’s blog. He must have also found my email address on here, because he contacted me and explained the situation, and asked me to reply to Lloyd Davies in his stead. Patrick’s explanation of the this whole thing matched what I heard from my AmRen contact, so I believed Patrick and posted a response for Lloyd.

    As sure as a dog running to a whistle, the next day I find out that Covington is posting fake comments in my name to his Northwest Front site. Just some silly derogatory crap directed at Italians, but right on schedule nevertheless. So, sorry for the long confusing post , but now you know the story.

    It’s too bad he already wrote his stupid book — he coulda given me a position in your cabinet, lol.

  14. RobRoy wrote rather unintelligibly (even with the help of the Urban Dictionary and a Dictionary of Online Acronyms): “Good catch on the TDO…what you gonna do about it, the usual betacon bitchfest?” The right, White language is English.

  15. It is yet another sign of “wordism” (another neologism with at least a half dozen “meanings”) I suppose, to care for the preservation of our language.

  16. Congrats, HW, on:

    a) a Job
    b) a girlfriend
    c) normal life issues.

    313 Chris- While I am not a fan of yours, no one (I repeat, no one!) should have to deal with the ‘HAC’-er. Because of his finding my email addy way back in the 1990’s, I initially sent some of his comments to certain friends of mine, not knowing (in the early days of the ‘net, certain programs didn’t display graphic images: a) well, or b) in color- while others did) that the random lines and spaces (- — — —– ) next to HAC’s name which I saw on my B/W Mac, formed (of all things) on their university computers, a swastika! I lost two dear friends because of HAC, over his stealing of my addy, using it to send me stuff, and then, not knowing that he was some sort of nazi-esque wank, forwarding his ‘info’ without the ability to ‘soften the blow’ to those whom I considered both 1) Christians and 2) friends.

    My condolences on this disgusting troll, bothering your net existence.

  17. @Fr. John

    Covington’s antics of posting my name to comments on his blog doesn’t bother me, as it’s just nuisance behavior. But what he pulled with the AmRen conference was simply going too far. I know that Jared Taylor has his critics, but he’s someone who I personally respect very much. And he and the efforts he puts forth do not deserve to be sabotaged by a pathetic, jealous, failure like Harold Covington.

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