Red America Rising

Red America

In The Wall Street Journal, Joel Kotkin expands on his argument of an emerging divide between an economically ascendant but politically declining Red America and a politically ascendant but economically stagnant Blue America:

“These trends point to a U.S. economic future dominated by four growth corridors that are generally less dense, more affordable, and markedly more conservative and pro-business: the Great Plains, the Intermountain West, the Third Coast (spanning the Gulf states from Texas to Florida), and the Southeastern industrial belt.

Overall, these corridors account for 45% of the nation’s land mass and 30% of its population. Between 2001 and 2011, job growth in the Great Plains, the Intermountain West and the Third Coast was between 7% and 8%—nearly 10 times the job growth rate for the rest of the country. Only the Southeastern industrial belt tracked close to the national average.

Historically, these regions were little more than resource colonies or low-wage labor sites for richer, more technically advanced areas. By promoting policies that encourage enterprise and spark economic growth, they’re catching up. …

Cheap U.S. natural gas has some envisioning the Mississippi River between New Orleans and Baton Rouge as an “American Ruhr.” Much of this growth, notes Eric Smith, associate director of the Tulane Energy Institute, will be financed by German and other European firms that are reeling from electricity costs now three times higher than in places like Louisiana.

Korean and Japanese firms are already swarming into South Carolina, Alabama and Tennessee. What the Boston Consulting Group calls a “reallocation of global manufacturing” is shifting production away from expensive East Asia and Europe and toward these lower-cost locales. The arrival of auto, steel and petrochemical plants—and, increasingly, the aerospace industry—reflects a critical shift for the Southeast, which historically depended on lower-wage industries such as textiles and furniture. …”

Note: See also How The South Will Rise Again from January. For a darker take on the future “New South” (should the Union continue to exist), check out ‘New South’ failure & the destruction of Southern cities.

As OD and SNN have argued, the existence of the Union with Blue America – the Northeast, Upper Midwest and West Coast – has never been anything but a racial, cultural, political, and economic albatross for Dixie and the Interior West which would better off in every conceivable way in an independent Confederacy governed from somewhere else than Washington.

Robert Barnwell Rhett once said that the only epitaph that he wanted on his grave was that after twenty years of agitation to save the South from impending doom within this Union that he “did all I could to dissolve her connection with the North, and to establish for her a Southern Confederacy.”

If Rhett were alive today and could witness the spectacle of 2013 Detroit or the unveiling of the latest Rosa Parks memorial in Washington, I am sure he would feel vindicated. Just imagine the kind of country that could have been created from the shores of the Gulf of Mexico to the crest of the Rocky Mountains if his vision of a Southern Confederacy had been realized a 150 years ago.

Would we still be debating issues like gay marriage, the “Sequester,” amnesty for illegal aliens, the confiscation of guns, equality for convicted criminals, or a chief executive who can unilaterally order drone strikes on American citizens?

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  1. One benefit of foreign corporations is that they really don’t care about your domestic social policy if it doesn’t affect productivity. Foreigners, even Europeans, will locate their business there whether you have multicultural diversity policies or traditional Christian policies. They’re there to make money. Northern businesses that move in will get involved in local politics.

    A question I have is that, with total domination in Southern legislatures, where aren’t there more conservative laws? Why aren’t there laws restricting welfare to single mothers or laws that reduce divorce (such as removing women’s advantage in child custody cases)? Why isn’t the flag back up?

    I’m all for secession, but what’s the real support level, if the current Southern state governments are only slightly to the right of say, a Chris Christie in New Jersey. The economic power is now there; foreign investment will be a politically insensitive source of support should the South assert itself culturally. It’s time to test the waters with wedge issues that unite white Southerners.


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  3. This shows the general pattern of withdrawal and disengagement that non-elites have engaged in since 1965. First to the suburbs, then out of liberal states. The elites don’t object to this too much because their power structure is based around the direct linkage of the federal government to city governments. Still liberal state policies in terms of taxes and other regulations have an effect, so getting out of the blue city isn’t enough, you have to get out of the blue state.

    The Southern nationalist challenge is to keep the elite culture from infiltrating and gaining too much power. The rule of federal judges is unavoidable, but maintaining local cultural confidence can allow for significant resistance.

  4. Now, this is more like it! Great reportage. Setting the memes and the sights for:

    a) a break-up of the USSA (United Socialist States of Abomination)
    b) an independent, racially-aware South
    c) establishing the vision for same.

    Thanks, HW.

  5. But this passion for “GROWTH” may be even more harmful for you than the original Norman or Cavalier adventurers’ love of money that brought the slaves who “created immense wealth.”

  6. Boo Radley says:

    A high growth rate is a reflection of a low baseline economy: Bulgaria has a higher growth rate than Germany. Back to the drawing board Hunty.

  7. that particular arbitrage opportunity was closed off the better part of a century ago. Now its just wealth fleeing leftism.

  8. Detroit sinking, when will we see blacks living in hovels or burnt out Escalades with flies around their children’s mouths?

  9. Detroit sinking, when will we see blacks living in hovels or burnt out Escalades with flies around their children’s mouths?

    It’s cold there now, but you could see that this summer if you wanted to. Perhaps we should have a OD “Tour of Detroit”. I’d be happy to serve as tour guide, I still know my way around. We could visit some of the monumental decrepit factory buildings, the blown out train station, the abandoned Boat Club, the destitute YMCA building, then cruise Woodward Ave. checking out the few remaining second hand stores and pizza shops. We could stay at the hotel at the Renaissance Center, the fortress-like complex built to revitalize Detroit 30 years ago, but still just a fort in the middle of a hostile violent city. We could drive through some of the open air drug markets in the early afternoon, go to Greek Town for dinner and catch a Red Wings game to end things on a nice note.

    What’d ya think?

  10. But along with this growth will come continued demographic change, from Mexico, Asia and more Yankees that will likely turn more and more of the South blue, ala North Carolina and Virginia.

  11. As a native of Louisiana, I can tell you that this kind of growth just means more Yankees will be setting up housekeeping in the neighborhood, and ” chimpionng” their favorite cause.

  12. “The Southern nationalist challenge is to keep the elite culture from infiltrating and gaining too much power. The rule of federal judges is unavoidable, but maintaining local cultural confidence can allow for significant resistance.”

    No one is going to be resisting all the new manufacturing jobs.

  13. Did it ever occur to anyone that all this hysteria by obama and his cronies in terms of guns is really about gays? Obama thinks that what happened in Mississippi could happen everywhere so he is trying to round up guns before he over turns the Defense of Marriage Act. Yeah its coming the jews and gays who put him in office are going to see to it. Further more did it ever occur to anyone that half of all these so called gun crimes are set ups??? The whole thing stinks since when would one black kill another gay or not. Come on. This is a set up to justify gay rights and take guns away again. Wake up folks. Also look at the movie Django. This is a great way to get field negroes and thug blacks to turn on southern whites. The jewish agenda has the black face of obama and its working perfectly. It started with an attack on Paula Deen and we all ignored it but now its all over Hollywood this whole obessession with the south. The hatred of everything we produced down here even mixed race blacks and now getting thug blacks to turn on whites. Please pay more attention to the Hollywood obession with the south.

  14. Red America Rising indeed! You know Red, Commie, Bolshevic, Kike, Satan and the sort. Now whatcha gonna do when the wells are poisoned and the evil do sprout? First Public School or as I like to call them Reeducation Indocrtination Camps. Who did not go to these Camps as youngsters? Second Mass Media or Jewwwww Vision, Third Church or Humanist Preach Tolerance! Love for others not related, nearby or part of your life! Tolerance! We are One We are Borg We are Collective Tolerance for sin! Tolerance for Evil! but condemnation of Good! Tolerate Evil!

  15. @ “….Historically, these regions were little more than resource colonies or low-wage labor sites for richer, more technically advanced areas….”

    It’s so degrading for Americans (who used to be in a real country) to hear themselves spoken of this way by foreigners.

    I can’t find the writer’s home country, background, religion, and time in the u.s. Does anyone know? Definitely, you can see why so many bury that information about themselves.

    Looks like a Polish man is now supposed to be the “Treasurer.” LOL. The “melting pot” meme was so successful that Americans do not complain when Poles run them, and collect all their wealth.

    No one asks, who are these people, how long have they been here, who funded their arrival, what is their home country and loyalty?

    Who made them so afraid to even ask?

  16. Strike one, Boo Radley.

    If you had read the previous article, you would know that the South is almost the size of the Northeast and Midwest combined and has by far the largest economy of any American region.

  17. Kotkin is right about that.

    In the early twentieth century, the South and Interior West were nothing more than internal colonies. The state governments of Wyoming, Nevada, and Montana were dominated and controlled by Northeastern mining and railroad interests.

    The same was true of Birmingham after the war.

  18. Nothing that comes from the Chamberpots of Commerce will be good for our borders, language and culture. The Chamberpots only loyalty and love is the almighty $$$$$. Same with Liberarians.
    Why can’t Southerners start their own businesses? Why are we always with the hand out for investment? Why do we, as Rand Paul believes, need to attract STEM majors from the turd world? Should we not instead develop them here?
    America is no longer a nation, it’s a business district, one big factory floor open for business for the lowest bidder. Sadly, this is the template for the entire West, thanks to WWII.

  19. Democracy and equality are the problem, two abstracts that are totally and faithfully worshipped by Westerners. Little do the blockheads realize that the same abstracts, taken to their fullest form, is Communism.
    I mean the sheeple don’t know–academia’s masters know full well.

  20. Notice that every single social cause of the left, including 90 per cent of Republitards, is about breaking down every single aspect of virtue, every single area of tradition, heritage and pride they endeavor to shit on.

  21. While I’ve never seen myself as a nationalist, it is high time we realize it is the ONLY known antidote for Marxism.

  22. Looks like a Polish man is now supposed to be the “Treasurer.”

    If you are speaking of Jacob Jack Lew, he’s an Orthodox Jew whose family may have squatted in Poland at some point, but I’d hardly call him a Pole. Not a very Polish name.

    No one asks, who are these people, how long have they been here, who funded their arrival, what is their home country and loyalty?

    Lew was born in New York City. He attended New York City public schools, graduating from Forest Hills High School.[4] His father was a lawyer and rare-book dealer who came to the United States from Poland as a child.[5] Lew attended Carleton College in Minnesota where his faculty adviser was Paul Wellstone, who eventually represented Minnesota in the U.S. Senate.[6] He graduated from Harvard College in 1978 and the Georgetown University Law Center in 1983.[7]

    LOL. The “melting pot” meme was so successful that Americans do not complain when Poles run them, and collect all their wealth.

    Non-Jewish Poles have been in America since its founding, in small numbers. General Casimir Pulaski served under Washington and founded the first US Army cavalry. The largest number of non-Jewish Poles moved here in the mid-to-late 18th century, a time of upheaval in Central Europe. Many people moved here from Prussia, which is today part of Poland but has long ties to Germany, and was at one time part of the Holy Roman Empire.

    Most of the Jews who lived in Poland and moved here came in the 20th century, both before and after after WW2, as Lew’s dad did.

    Were someone like my daughter to run the Treasury dept she would be sixth generation American in that position. While she has some ethnic pride she’s hardly a Pole and neither speaks the language nor has visited the country. That’s pretty typical for my generation and her generation, and my parents generation. (My grandmother spoke Polish, but greatly preferred French, and also spoke Esperanto of all things.) I’m not sure why having someone like that run our Treasury would be of any more concern than having someone named Schwartz with a similar German-American background.

  23. Fr.John One more reason to secede.
    A long way to go to secession. There was a long article in the Washington Post called “Sotomeyer, Kagan Ready for Battle”. It concerns the debate over the Constitutionality of the Voting Rights Act. Amazingly, the Voting Rights Act was passed 98-0 in the Senate, a fact that the two lesbian justices keep repeating.

    So no Southern Senator had the balls to vote against a blatently anti-Southern law like the extension of the Voting Rights Act. One suspects that were it held today Rand Paul might vote against it. As has been pointed out here there are many serious flaws in Rand Paul’s political character, but one suspects he does at least have a spine.

    If you can’t even vote against laws that demean your State what hope is there, really, for secession? Why can’t the South do better than elect guys like Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and the rest? Sad.

  24. That’s a good sign, agreed. And several other states have done the same, as I recall. But I still find the US Senators that Dixie sends to be pretty pathetic little dweebs. The Senate should have raging bulls representing State interests! Where is the legacy of Jessie Helms? The Dixie-crats were a lot stronger than the Dixie-pubes seem to be.

    Jeff Sessions & Richard Shelby from Alabama — Sessions is one of the better.
    Bill Nelson & Marco Rubio from Florida — Florida is lost
    Johnny Isakson & Saxby Chamblisss — Georgia — 0k, they have cool names
    Mary Landreau & David Vitter — Louisianni – Landreau is a Dem
    Thad Cochran & Roger Wicker — Mississippi

    That’s the deep South, they get worse from there.

    Nice to see the state legislatures standing up and nullifying bad laws though. Maybe the farm team being built is made of sterner stuff than the current first string players.

  25. Meanwhile, up here in Yankeeland, Rick Snyder this afternoon officially declared Detroit to be in a state of financial emergency, and through a state-appointed financial manager, will be taking over the city in ten days 🙂

  26. Which will probably mean that the stupid old party will be ever more anti-white to placate the black and their psychopath white liberal handlers.

  27. Jewish Agenda Wins For Now – come on. I’m a Yankee female and I learned AGES ago that Nigras are only tough when they feel they are in a superior position. When they get any real pushback they are the biggest cowards on Earth.

    The Whites that get hurt by them are the Whites that don’t know how to handle them, or don’t know to Avoid the Groid in the first place. If Black Thugs decide to go all Django – come on. You know what to do.

    The funniest thing about that idiotic Django movie is that he was the Step N Fetchit of the German – “King” something or other. The Nigra wasn’t even the star of his own movie!

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