Louis Farrakhan To Visit Tuskegee


I learned this afternoon that Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam will be coming to Tuskegee for a three day visit next week. He will be speaking to Tuskegee University and Macon County high school students about education, the need for HBCUs, and his plan to improve the economic conditions of African-Americans.

Note: Booker T. Washington believed in developing strong moral character, entrepreneurialism, industrial education to acquire working class job skills, and maintaining positive race relations with the White community in order to encourage investment and job growth in the black community.

Few men have ever been so vindicated by the subsequent course of history as Booker T. Washington was in the aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement in America and decolonization in sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean.

Sure, Detroit and Birmingham and Atlanta now have black mayors, W.E.B. DuBois’s “Talented Tenth” can point to one of their own in the White House, sub-Saharan Africa won its independence, but what was the social and economic cost of these political triumphs for a privileged minority to the wider black community?

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  1. I respect Farrakhan because he is 100 percent truthful, pulls no punches, calls out the Jews, and speaks truth to blacks who he believes are special and superior. That is a healthy racial attitude we should copy. I also understand he is no fan of intermarriage. That’s probably why the lamestream media won’t promote him, but ignore him.

    I’d rather have a clear adversary like him in front of me than a Republitard race traitor behind me.

  2. Limbaugh for example, makes fun of him. Which does seem a bit peculiar given the proported conservatism of the pundit.

    At least Farrakan is militantly anti-white. It’s honest at least.

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