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  1. The image is a bit blurry on the phone but it indicates that Western Europe is in fact similar in some way to Dixie? I can’t see the Legend for some reason.

  2. No. Western Europe has a much different climate, indicated by a different green colour on the map. The “Dixie” climate, according to the map, is repeated in southeastern China, and southern Brazil and Paraguay.

  3. As we know, climate in the southren states is not homogeneous or uniform, but grades from almost frost-free, mostly hot and humid to less than half the year frost free with considerable snow and ice in winter, in the mountains up to the Mason Dixon Line, and from extremely volatile (changeable, tornado-prone) warm continental conditions west of the Appalachians to much milder, steadier almost maritime climatic conditions in the extreme northeast (Delmarva peninsula), and warm, semi-desert climate in the Texas southwest. The map generalises and blends all this into one or two colours.

    The climate of the Northeast is repeated in central and eastern Europe, according to this map.

  4. The climate of the southeast is quite different from the European white homeland, but the northeastern climate is similar to much of central and eastern Europe, according to this map. The northern states lie in latitudes similar to southern and central Europe, while the southern states lie across from northern Africa. Britain and Germany occupy in the same latitudes as maritime eastern Canada. We are people of the north.

  5. Typo: “occupy in the same” should be “occupy the same”

    Many nations have northern and southern cultural divisions and rivalries, even little Netherlands has a north-south division.

  6. “Map clearly shows that Yankees are used to surviving the White race has evolved in a more difficult environment.”

    There. Fixed it for ya’.

  7. Evolved, shme-volved.

    Adam’s race was created blond/blue-eyed.

    As well, the area of the Biblical Eden has also been shown to be a ‘northern’ clime, not some ‘out of Africa’ BS. The Tarim Basin has all four of the ‘biblical’ rivers mentioned, and has long had Caucasoid mummies as anthropological pointers to an Adamic presence….

    In addition, the fact that ‘there went up a mist’ to water the ground noted of the Eve of Adam’s sixth-day creation in Genesis [Gen.2:6, comp Gen. 1:27ff.] reminds many of us in the ‘North’ of the world, of the mists and fogs of ‘northern’ climes- Germany, Wisconsin, London, etc.)

    Thirdly, the Homeric saga of the White Race actually fits better in the ‘frigid’ Baltic than the coasts of Greece. [cf. “The Baltic Homer”]

    Actually, we were predestinatedly created to be ‘Ice People’- as was J.C.

  8. Some other points to bolster the ‘Northern’ Nature of Adamic Man-

    Climate Change in Israel from Moses’ era to today, would indicate a colder climate in the Holy Land (ostensibly from the recent Ice ages of 10,000 B.C. etc.) back then, as opposed to the deserts of today.

    “The climate began to change circa 1500 b.c. (just ask Harvey Weiss at Yale), then the Exodus of the Jews out of Egypt, who came to take the Holy Land as Abraham had prophecied. So because of that drastic climate change with the end of the Ice Age, the great lowland cities of the Canaanites turned to desert, the highlands of cities such as Jerusalem then becoming prime real estate, where David and Solomon would later practice irrigation from a system of cisterns. Read more about the real ancient world at http://genesisveracityfoundation.com.”

    And a Biblical corroboration of the ‘northern’ adaptedness of God’s People, even in old age:

    “When King David was very old, he could not keep warm even when they put covers over him.” I Ki. 1:1, NIV

    The Jamieson, Fausset, Brown commentary note a DIFFERENCE in clime in Israel today- ” In modern Palestine and Egypt the people, owing to the heat of the climate, sleep each in a “separate” bed. ” – http://bible.cc/1_kings/1-1.htm

    But in a NORTHERN clime, how often do elderly people ALWAYS complain of being ‘cold’- unless they live in a hyper-warm climate like Phoenix, Atlanta, or Houston?

    That would indicate to me (at least) that the Climate of the “Land of Milk and Honey” was far more like Europe’s (white man’s) temperate climate BACK THEN, than the arid desert climes of the Middle East- devoid of White Men, today, and peopled with Turkic Khazars. Which would point to a “Northern” creation paradigm for Adam’s seed. Evolution, my rear end…..

  9. “As we know, climate in the southren states is not homogeneous or uniform, but grades from almost frost-free…

    Actually, it grades from completely frost-free in extreme south Florida, beginning in the Keys. As for the CSA climate the closest equivalent to it on the face of the earth is southern China. Like the Deep South, China has alligators. Like the Deep South, China has evergreen magnolia trees. Like the Deep South, China has tornadoes. Like the Deep South, China has native varieties of fan palms of similar appearance. And, like the Deep South, China hates niggers.

    So next time you’re out and about in the Deep South just remember: you’re living in a mirror-reflection of China…

  10. The weather is beyond my ability to affect so I ignore it, but the similarities to China is interesting

  11. I agree that Man is truly a spiritual being, created in God’s image, eternal, qualitatively different from even the biologically similar apes and hominids. But when it comes to “literal” interpretations of six twenty-four-hour days and a world-wide flood that run against all the evidence that the brains God gave us (“and He expects us to use them”) are able to understand, is where I part company with the Creationist “literalists.” Scripture is interpreted rightly when it is interpreted according to its intended (by God) meaning, whether expressed by literal prose or through figures of speech. I also do not agree with the secular, anti-Christian misapplication of the natural science. Realise that I am NOT a skeptic of the creation, miracles, etc. because I do not accept these popular misinterpretations of certain parts of Genesis and Revelation.

  12. Besides, southern climate has an immense heating- and snow-removal-fuel-saving economic advantage, I was thinking while plowing snow this morning. Southern states’ climates are at least homogeneously warmer than northern.

  13. Fr. John, you truly are a moron. All the so-called “messiahs” running around Palestine at the time were Jews of one sort or another. White Christ indeed…

  14. I think at least 5% of the population of the Roman Empire in the first century were Jews OF ONE SORT OR ANOTHER. But the question is: Jews of WHAT sorts, genetically speaking? Mediterranean white proselytes, Phoenicians, Syrians, Edomites, Moabites, etc.? — and what were Galileans? This is too much beyond the thread topic so I stop.

  15. “But the question is: Jews of WHAT sorts, genetically speaking?”

    Semites if you want to be biologically accurate. I was referring to the different Abrahamic religious sects when I referred to the different sorts. One thing is for sure, they were not Indo-Aryans or White in any way.

  16. The shades of green and yellow green are clear to me now.

    Just looked on bigger screen.

    The Pampas in Argentina look similar as well.

  17. I was in D.C. last Summer and was surprised to discover that it felt identical to Southeast Texas. I intuitively thought it would feel like a foreign country, based on federal politics. In my interpretation, this map presents a clear argument in support of eventual Southern political independence. If you look at the map long enough you will see that historically stable states and empires are/were built around contiguous climate zones. When they expanded out of those zones they tended towards instability, probably due to a basic political disconnect between inhabitants of different zones. In the case of the United States, since the country is presently ruled by (or according to the wishes of) Northerners most of our problems seem to stem from their not understanding Southern (or Western) issues. In the 1850s, especially after the Dred Scott decision, the federal government was clearly under the control of Southerners and the North was considering succession. Now things are reversed. To list some of the current issues which seem to correlate with the climatic boundaries, take for instance: belief in God, the African American question, the Hispanic question, homosexual marriage, women in the military, 2nd amendment/hunting, health care, military service, military adventurism, foul language, tradition vs. anti-tradition, the commercialization of sex, and moral relativism. The inhabitants of the 4-5 major climate zones in the lower 48 seem to each have differing answers to these questions. These differences are likely caused either by the climate itself or by differing historical colonization patterns – which were based on the climate. Either way the result is the same.

  18. Whatever the Israelites were, they weren’t black. If they were, Jeremiah would never have asked “Can the Ethiopian change his skin?” and David would not be referred to as ruddy. Maybe they weren’t quite white Nordic Europeans, (Some passages suggest they had dark hair) but they were at least light-skinned Mediterranean Caucasoids, like Italians, Spaniards, Greeks, and Armenians.

  19. “To list some of the current issues which seem to correlate with the climatic boundaries, take for instance: belief in God, the African American question, the Hispanic question, homosexual marriage, women in the military, 2nd amendment/hunting, health care, military service, military adventurism, foul language, tradition vs. anti-tradition, the commercialization of sex, and moral relativism.”

    “Foul language” caught my attention. Where I grew up I NEVER heard it — until public high school, and not much there — and it was the “town” kids. It was said that New Yorkers and Philly people had the foul mouths, or golden tongues, with every other word denoting copulation or excretion. Later they migrated into the countryside and brought their speech. Now it is necessary to consult the UrbanDictionary.com to try to decipher.

  20. Goblin, it is still not uniform. The Appalachian mountain chain projects another climate deep into the southern states; western Texas, and Oklahoma if you count it, are semi-desertic; the Delmarva peninsula has a very mild, almost maritime climate; and northern Missouri, northern Maryland and much of Kentucky have colder winters and shorter growing seasons than southeastern Pennsylvania where cotton was grown during the nineteenth century, and is still tobacco country. Uniformity of climate doesn’t always correlate with ethnic cohesion. North-South intra-ethnic conflicts, and in some cases east-west divisions, are common in countries with uniform climates and landforms as well as in countries with distinct climatic and topographic divisions.

  21. Mosin, thanks for the update. I agree completely. Two more points though:

    First, climatic considerations are clearly not everything, but I believe they are a significant factor in the North-South (and West, and West coast) devisions in the United States. That is the main point I wanted to make. A lot of people can’t seem to understand why people from different regions have such large average differences in temperament, and I think differences in climate (and second order effects) are a large part of that.

    Second, you’ve stressed that the climate in the South is not uniform, and I agree. I suggest, however, that the differences are relative. Many of world’s other climate regions are as different from the South as different can be, so that the differences between Oklahoma and Florida become small in comparison. Of course, you can increase the climate resolution of your map by narrowing average rainfall or temperature requirements, or whatever, but at some point you start to sacrifice clarity for accuracy.

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