Being White In Philly



The black mayor of Philadelphia is trying to get the “Human Relations Commission” to shutdown the First Amendment over an article called “Being White In Philly” which he has denounced as “an incitement to extreme reaction.”

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“My younger son goes to Temple, where he’s a sophomore. This year he’s living in an apartment with two friends at 19th and Diamond, just a few blocks from campus. It’s a dangerous neighborhood. Whenever I go see Nick, I get antsy and wonder what I was thinking, allowing him to rent there.

One day, before I pick him up for lunch, I stop to talk to a cop who’s parked a block away from Nick’s apartment.

“Is he already enrolled for classes?” the cop says when I point out where my son lives.

Well, given that it’s December, I think so. But his message is clear: Bad idea, this neighborhood. A lot of burglaries and robberies. Temple students are prime prey, the cop says …”

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  1. Read the comments section.

    The blacks keep repeating their 12 million genocide story. They doubled down on the Jewish total in ww2. Whatever your feelings about the historicism of the holocaust story
    The Blacks have bigged it up 2x.

    Blacks have their own understanding of these events that can never be accommodated by whites. It’s going to be “kill or be killed” without a doubt. A war of annihilation looms.

  2. It was one thing, to pay for their population (to some degree). They WERE slaves, after all. But why do we have to pay for the South Americans, too?

    The line really should have been drawn at the other immigrant populations who CASH IN just as big, not to mention their “european” friends who administer the goods to them.

  3. This idiot lying Professor claims the Gov paid for the white suburbs while the black undertow forced whites to escape their own communities…this is the crap taught by the left in our worthless universities!

  4. The Negress doesn’t believe that ‘ignorance’ has a place in the ‘discussion’.

    You know what I find truly ignorant? Not knowing the difference between argument and fallacy. The fallacy which she evokes is begging of the question.

  5. White liberals are the ones who brand people who speak openly “racists,” not black people. It was the white anchor who noted they have no blacks on the editorial staff. The white professor going on and on about this and that. The black anchor thought it wasn’t much to get worked up about.

  6. I thought the article was mild. Them Philly niggers probably die of shock if they heard racist talk

  7. “I thought the article was mild. Them Philly niggers probably die of shock if they heard racist talk”

    Mild indeed, except for one old coot it was nothing but comments from milquetoast liberals. And the niggers still went batshit. Their calls for “dialogue” really mean they want us to STFU while they rant and rave and demand reparations.

    I say send ’em back to Africa.

  8. The Jew, Quenton Tarantino, produced a typical piece of Jew propaganda when he made Django last year. Despite all the “N” words throughout the film, no one should be more offended than white viewers. The film completely ignores the heavy Jewish involvement in black slavery and places it squarely at the feet of whites. The murderous bounty hunter, who talked in a Jewish dialect but not identified as a Jew, was made out to be somewhat of a hero. If blacks want to get violent with their oppressors, I’d like to introduce them to their primary targets. It ain’t the same people they’re getting sold on.

    Historically, when blacks riot, they end up destroying their own community and getting themselves killed. I cannot think of one exception to the rule. I’d really like to see blacks and whites cooperate towards a common goal, removal of Jewish power. Are blacks less intelligent than whites? Who cares? BB King is a national treasure who sold millions of LP’s to an all white audience.

    There is absolutely no doubt that the working Jew strategy of divide and conquer is being applied to American blacks and whites. For evidence of this, look no further than the Stormfront website. Blacks are rediculed, disrespected and run off while Jewish vistiors are treated with the up-most respect. Think about that. Why would a WN site treat the Jew with kid gloves? Get the message? Jews and whites are buddies against blacks. The last person any white should want to be buddies with is a Jew. Blacks haven’t co-opted control of the government… that would be Mr Jew. Stormfront is a very successful ZOG psy-op.

  9. “The Jew, Quenton Tarantino”

    Quentin Tarantino isn’t Jewish. Calling people you don’t like “Jews” just makes you sound stupid.

  10. Rudel:
    What do you know about it, pal? I didn’t know the Internet had a resident last word on who is or isn’t Jew. LBJ and Ladybird we’re both Jews in every way possible excepting officially. LBJ never did anything in his life without first asking himself “is it good for Jews?”. So you tell me, smart ass. Was LBJ as Jew? Is Tarantino Jew? Rule of thumb, if it quacks like a Jew, it’s a Jew. Does that sound stupid to you? I could care less what you think.

  11. it is just as absurd to postulate that we’ll work with blacks against anyone or anything. See for example that black candidates who themselves blame anyone other than whitey(though they also blame us in addition to others) have been heavily marginalized within their own community.

  12. Anon,
    There’s 44,000,000 of the black buggers in the United States. I’m willing to bet there’s a few with which you can get along famously. What’s holding us back is the MSM propaganda that we’re all getting fed. You don’t get everything you want in one fail swoop. Like our Jewish enemy, you slowly grind out small approximations towards a goal. First step, disconnect cable, radio, mags and newspapers. By far, the MSM is the most powerful tool Mr Jew has. Deny him.

  13. “LBJ and Ladybird we’re both Jews in every way possible excepting officially.”

    Moronic. You sound more stupid the more you post. Tarantino isn’t Jewish and neither was LBJ.

    “the most powerful tool Mr Jew has”

    Oh Nooooooo! Is Mr. Bill a Jew too? LOL

  14. Tarantino is an honorary jew after directing Inglorious Basterds.

    He’s established his nignog credentials with Django.

    However it is insane to suggest that whites and blacks can cooperate inside the same society. There will always be “race riots” where the blacks attempt to chase out whites. I call it ethnic cleansing now.

  15. “I’m willing to bet there’s a few with which you can get along famously.” – I don’t disagree, but they as a group aren’t about to accept a position on which there can be no compromise: respect our rights.

  16. >>>>By far, the MSM is the most powerful tool Mr Jew has.<<<<

    Christianity first

    Paper money hegemony (The Fed etc.) second

    Controlling education kindergarten to post-doctoral.

    "MSM" and school control could be lumped together as "information monopoly" or "thought control monopoly."


    Money and information- reciprocally reinforcing each other.

  17. “However it is insane to suggest that whites and blacks can cooperate inside the same society”.

    If blacks and whites can cooperate just long enough to run out a mutual enemy, that’s good enough for me. I see the future played out in thousands of Ruby Ridges, all across the US. We cannot afford a two-front war. The odds are already stacked against anyone going against the Jewish machine. And it IS a machine. They’ll bring out UN troops on us. The one single advantage we have is in our numbers. Why would it make sense to alienate a population of 44,000,000 who should be eager and willing to help rid both populations of a common menace?

    All this talk of blacks turning cities into Detroits can be dealt with later. As it stands right now, black and whites are BOTH slaves on the same Jew plantation. Allow me to put it this way… if I could solve the Jewish problem by turning every American city into a Detroit, I would take that deal in a heart-beat and walk away grinning my ass off. This “Jewish Thing” is NOT going to be an easy fix. We need every possible advantage we can muster.

    Most people here seem to be looking for reasons not to cooperate with blacks but there are many more reasons that we should WANT to cooperate. The likely reason you don’t find this commonality is bacause you’re not looking. Some of my favorite records albums of all time are Led Zeppelin I, Led Zeppelin II, Led Zeppelin III and Led Zeppelin IV. All those Zeppelin tunes were essentially the greatest hits from black blues artists of the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s. We are more alike than we are different. Fundamentalist Christians and Pentacostal Fundamentalist Christians hate each other’s guts over the issue of speaking in tongues… they are otherwise the same. It’s rediculous.

  18. “I prefer Bach”.

    Funny you should admit that. Bach was a nigger-jew. He loved him some fried chicken and never missed a meet at the corner synagogue. Bach’s mother was a nigger-whore who gave young Bach the worst case of syph. Bach’s father was a bagel vender with 14″ of flacid shlong and an insatiable taste for nigger-whore. If I were you, I would select my music more carefully.

  19. While the kkk is no longer a threat, I’m glad to see that the mindset they have bred is alive and well here. Thanks for the laughs!

  20. Philly has a public radio station WHYY-FM. It is a regular flow of leftist anti white knowledge. It seems to be run by a gang of feminist. As of my last look they have not had a program on the White in Philly story. There are two programs where this topic could be a program subject. One in the morning is called Radio Times and one in the afternoon is call Fresh Air. IMO the morning show has some balance but the afternoon show hosted by Terry Gross is pure far leftwing crap.
    So, my guess is that they are afraid to come on the air with anything but a 100% support of the black position. The problems is I’m guessing again is that they found some truth in the article. Also, many of their listeners in the city are just like the whites interviewed in the article and live in the very sections the article visits. Many of the WHYY staff live in the city I would think. ( you know the type ).
    So after many years of preaching about white racism and the wonders of the black community they truly find themselves between a rock and a hard place.
    My hopes are the programs and station will be denounced as being racist for not supporting Mayor Nutter and the black citizens. You can’t every really trust whitey. Nor as far black inspection goes can a white person ever be right-you will alway be wrong some how. They need to replace these white women at WHYY with truly race senative woman of color .


  21. Fresh Air is a national show, not a Phili local show, although Terri might be based there.

  22. Note that the tepid article itself was still a dodge. Other than the Russian law student and the dog walker, no one said much of anything politically incorrect. And no one, of course, simply went ahead and blamed Blacks for ruining Philadelphia. Most of the responses were the same boilerplate the article was ostensibly trying to delve past.

    Look for Philadelphia to lose its edgy writing when guilt-tripped editor McGrath makes a few affirmative action hires to his editorial board. Whether he can find enough literate Philly Blacks to fill the posts is another story.

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