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  1. Good timing, just came in at the end of the day, and opened to this comment. Note that the map you linked shows only PERCENTAGE rural of total state population, NOT total rural population — and remember that my statement was this state has the largest rural population of any state, thus somewhat counterbalancing the immense Philadelphia metropolitan population, part of the eastern megapolis stretching from Boston to northern Virginia. It is also instructive to look at population density on the county level in all states. You will find counties with low population density (rural) make up most of this state. Much of the state lies within the Applalachian mountain region. North Carolina has the second or third largest rural population, but on the map you linked http://www.dailyyonder.com/how-rural-are-states/2012/04/02/3847 the percentage rural is less than some others. Of course North Dakota is more rural than Pennsylvania or North Carolina, yet it has a much smaller rural population, and a much smaller FARMING population than Pennsylvania or North Carolina.

  2. Rural-ness corresponds with conservatism, nearly everywhere outside New England, and urban populations are predominantly liberal everywhere.

  3. Note that Maryland is much more urban than Pennsylvania, but county by county counts more: If we can only take back our counties, nullifying the actions of the Federal tyranny and liberal state governments on the county level, and band together across state lines. White Appalachia versus the brown eastern megapolis, for example.

  4. Texas with its wide open spaces is majority rural county-wise, but one of the most urban states, percentage-wise. Texas is still a conservative red state, but tetering on the brink of becoming majority brown, urban, liberal. Maryland has long since tipped over.

  5. If current trend continues, it looks like West Virginia or Mississippi would be the last to go.

  6. Maryland was a big personal loss to me because of my ties to the state. I learned to hunt, fish and love there. I enjoyed living in Texas but never had the same kind of personal connection. I always knew my time there was limited, and I was fair certain Texas was lost to Whites even back then

    My money is on West Virginia being the last state standing. Been visiting family here for a week now and not yet seen a nigger or beaner. Well second to last. AK will hold out longer.

  7. State-wide generalisations versus “on the ground at county level” situations: There still are very politically, and morally (Christian) conservative, racially aware, white counties in eastern (Eastern Shore) Maryland, and southern Delaware, for example.

  8. Those things don’t count for much Mosin, because the urban centers drag the whole states which ever way the urban centers wants. MD, has queer marriage, the counties don’t matter, the whole of yankee land renigged, the counties don’t matter, etc etc

  9. It is wonderful to see White children in numbers. Way to few of our next generation. The comment about being pedophile… sounds like horseshit to me, like someone has taken in way to much jewish propaganda.

  10. Right about the propaganda, Stonelifter. Now many are afraid to seem to care or say anything too complimentary about children or teenagers.

  11. I’ll assume the white male went prostrate after being called “rayciss?” People who do this must be explicity challenged for giving in and giving credence to the ANTI-WHITES. I know when some white gets a beat down and grovels our first reaction is the mother hen don’t hurt them anymore blah, blah, blah shtick but it is 100% wrong.

  12. If you look at what this Mitchell character wrote, the zany racist language is almost the least objectionable thing about it. The fact is, it doesn’t make any sense, the guy sounds like he’s got a sort of reckless disregard for the state constitution he swore to uphold, he doesn’t seem to understand the issue, and he’s neurotically focused on all sorts of things from the past that have nothing to do with why his constituent contacted him. I find all of that far more interesting, pathological, and matter for disqualifying him from public office, than his penny-ante ranting about snaggletooth hillbillies or whatever.

    I agree that it’s pathetic that the comeback was more of the old “I’m not a racist, I even marched with negroes” nonsense. The real focus should have been on the fact that the Rep.’s response indicates he’s both an imbecile and deranged, racist or not. He has no business coming within 5000 feet of a legislature.

    Just goes to show how juvenile our public discourse has become.

  13. “Wetback” is a perfectly fine word. It is humorous and pithily denotes an illegal who has crossed our southern border. It is no more “racist” than saying of a newly arrived immigrant that he is “fresh off the boat.”

    I say call a spade a spade.

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  15. If Joe Mitchell was White, there’d be a firestorm of criticism and demands for his resignation. The proof is in the reaction to Congressman Don Young’s use of the term “wetback”. Some Alaskan sources and members of Congress demanded a full apology from Congressman Young, and today they got it.

    Congressman Young is no Trent Lott; he’s a tough old warhorse who speaks the truth without fear or favor. When someone like Don Young can be bullied into apologizing, you know that political correctness is deeply entrenched.


  16. Bullshit. The only reason he would need to back away from saying wetback is if he fears it will mess up his re-election bid with the people of AK or if he is weak.

  17. @Stone

    “the counties don’t matter”

    I have to somewhat disagree with that. Sure, the rural counties don’t matter if they are outvoted by the cities at the state level, but they sure count for a hell of a lot when it comes to living in community, the quality of life, and local control affairs especially that of law enforcement.

    On the West Coast you never have to see a black face anywhere above SF, and Redding CA if you stay out of Eugene, Portland, and Seattle. Not many black faces in Portland either if you stay out of North Portland and the far Eastside.

  18. Point conceded Rudel; I was thinking along political action lines. With out the South, the north would be much further down the leftist road because the counties don’t out weigh the cities. Not to mention how soft much of the rural yankees are on a good deal of these issues

  19. Stonelifter is right about Maryland. I live here and it’s a total waste of time to vote on anything. The Baltimore area decides everything for Maryland. My county might as well not even exist.

  20. ….yet they yap and ramble on about “representative government.” It is to laff. It is a despotic rule of the urban shitholes.

    Btw, all the “White” people in Maryland who just love Baltimore and liberalism and who always vote with their Jewish and Negro brethern flock down every weekend to the Eastern Shore beaches to get away from what they love so much. They are having to build another Chesapeake bay bridge to carry them all over.

  21. I still go to Southron MD Ulfirc and have ties to the state. I get an earful of it when I visit. The carpetbaggers are overwhelming as well. I was told the people in Montgomery county devices, all on their own, to help fun the nigger schools in Prince George. Hard to figure why a people would do such a thing

  22. “Jewish and Negro brethern flock down every weekend to the Eastern Shore (…) They are having to build another Chesapeake bay bridge to carry them all over.”

    Building a new bridge for easier access could lead to more of them building more of their expensive new homes there, the beginning of the end for Eastern Shore electoral conservatism, and the unique Eastern Shore culture and dialect ** very little changed since colonial times. The Delmarva peninsula demography is still mostly English, with some negro descendents of slaves. Amish are moving into the inland, farming areas (excellent agricultural conditions) now.

    ** Re: shrinking dialects, interesting, listen especially at 5 minutes (southern speech is dying) and 12 minutes (political influence on dialects): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aL0–f89Qds&feature=fvwp&NR=1

  23. One of the reasons I want no transplants, jew-york or hollyweird media in the South is to preserve what is left of our language

  24. Georgetown area, at the heart of rural Delmarva: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ww2-FnGaFNM

    Talbot County, Maryland eastern shore farmer defends against “city people” attitudes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzxtyfMFSLA

    Eastern shore farmers drive out in force to protest globalist (“Agenda 21” – related) zoning and development regulations: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8s0g215IBSE

    Amish coming to Delmarva will help to keep the land open and undeveloped: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7B5LCsitdEM

  25. We are losing our local accents here, thanks to mass migration out of the cities. At one time it was possible to tell which county or locality someone comes from by very local accents or peculiarities of speech. The Berks County (centred there) accent, for example, is distinct from the Lancaster County and “Coal Regions” accents. But these differences are no longer discernable in the speech of YOUNG people!

  26. If those distinctions in speech do not exist in the young, they do not exist. Which is why the left wanted to control schools and the like

  27. Mosin: Actually the crumbling economy and housing market is helping us on Delmarva. They just plain cannot sell their homes and have to resort to just coming here on the weekends in warm weather which is why they are needing to build another bridge as the huge three lane bay bridge is not enouph.

  28. Ulfric, my Delmarva farmland comment just appeared from moderation. Accurate or not? I always thought the Delmarva interior was one of the best farming places, and I knew a lot of people there. I’m glad to hear that development is delayed, as it is in our locality.

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