50 Years Forward: DBE Contractor Linked To Sign That Killed Luke Bresette


A few days ago, SBPDL.com speculated that Luke Bresette – the 10-year-old White boy from Kansas who died when a flight display sign collapsed on him and his family at the Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport – was the victim of a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE).

We learned this afternoon from the President of the Birmingham Airport Authority that certain contractors were concerned about the safety of the flight displays prior to the collapse on March 22:

“Denson said the investigation is ongoing and called on contractors to answer questions.

“We believe that Brasfield & Gorrie-Bloc Global joint venture, KPS Group, Fish Construction and Monumental Contracting Service should address these matters directly and promptly,” Denson said, before closing out his statement. …”

Monumental Contracting Service is a name we haven’t heard before:

“Monumental Contracting Service is a 100% DBE firm based in Birmingham, Alabama. … These goals are achieved only with complete “buy in” on your project, coupled with MCS functioning as a stakeholder partner from start to finish. This approach has resulted in many MCS clients benefiting from project cost savings that far surpasses our contracting fee.”

100% DBE = Disadvantaged Business Contractor.

Update: I saved this comment before it was flagged and deleted by the al.com moderators:

“Bloc Global was the minority preferenced contractor the city “FORCED” Brasfield and Gorie to work with to get the job.  Bloc Global and A. G. Gaston construction get all the minority preferenced work in Birmingham and they sub out 75% of their jobs to qualified contractors excluded from the bidding process due to their race. Fact! Now they have the blood of an innocent child on their hands. Good job Birmingham Airport Authority Board. You should all be fired and indicted for involuntary manslaughter charges.”

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  1. The way these things usually work is that the minority contractor doesn’t actually do any of the work—it just passes through him. He takes his cut, and a sub-contractor does the actual work. This maybe different, but, I doubt it.

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