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Day 3 has started. John Derbyshire is the first speaker and he is a good speaker. Derbyshire was a star writer for National Review who was purged for writing a “racist” article about Black crime for Taki-Mag.

Derbyshire is talking about anthropology, racal homogeneity in the England of his 1950s youth, shows examples of all White US military units.

Now he’s discussing ethnic history of “pre-history”.


  1. “Pennsylvania repealed its own anti-miscegenation law … in 1780.”

    And Oregon passed a law forbidding them to enter the state on incorporation in 1850. So what?

  2. OT (historical anecdote):

    Learned today Ghandi was in the Boer War and concluded blacks are worse than animals in a report.

  3. Virtually every White person has a non-White friend or a non-White relative somewhere in their family tree now.

    Having a non-white friend or a non-white uncle by marriage is not the same as marrying a non-white, producing non-white children, and then presenting oneself as a defender of whites. By marrying a non-white and producing non-white children he has crossed a line from which he can never come back to whiteness, no matter how eloquent a speaker he may be. A man must be judged by his actions. John Derbyshire has left his people.

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