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  1. RobRoy,

    No founding stock lives anywhere near the northeast. But the people who do often want to pretend to BE them, right?

  2. This is just a little nudge for all those gateway city folks to move to the cleaner “new south,” which won’t stay nice very long, lol.

  3. And RR,
    you really can’t blame anyone for being nostalgic about Wasps— sweet little cottage gardens, tea roses, women who don’t look like Rachel Maddow, afternoon scones and all that.

  4. CC – feck off Nigger. We STILL hate you. Drop dead. Go to Afreaka and get boiled in a post by your ethnic cannibals.

    NO MUD (I’m using polite terminology) DESERVES to be anywhere NEAR a once beautiful White city like Boston. You DEFILE the very air, as well as the architecture.

  5. Time for a New Real Racial Patriotism

    Some might consider the events of yesterday prone to inspiring American patriotism. In light of this, there will be some apropos political discussion going on, especially if someone has made it on to my friend’s list (given my exact White Separatist politics.)

    I’ve made it clear I don’t consider myself an American (let alone an Amurrican) and I haven’t for some time. My boundless pride in this fact might put some off, but please understand one thing out of my personal/racial/political history. I wasn’t ready to adopt the Butler Plan / Northwest Imperative as the solution for the survival of my race, the white race, on the North American continent until I was willing to give up my Americanism.

    That certainly is a large step, but I couldn’t assume my identity as a white man unless I were willing to let go of my identity as a proud citizen of a propositional (i.e. based on words and not relation) state dedicated to the destruction of my race on this continent. I understand many Confederate sympathizers, and even a few direct descendants of Confederate war heroes, are reading this. Let me appeal to your tradition for a moment.

    “The principle for which we contend is bound to reassert it’s self, though it may be at another time and in another form.”
    President Jefferson Davis, C.S.A.


    I’m unable to find a specific quote I’d like to use regarding the former willingness of high-ranking Confederates to die for Old Glory in spite of their hatred for it during the conflict. Sadly, I don’t care to keep this material held back any longer, so we’ll do without it for now. I can, however, find many remarks regarding the love of the government before the war broke out, and despite the massive similarities in the two forms of government, I can only say that these remarks ring hollow in light of the secession itself.

    Should the South have adopted this mindset, as many have today, they would have done what is being proposed and tolerated indignity after indignity. Indeed, our own Declaration of Independence is fraught with lies since it was wartime propaganda, just like the remarks from Confederate generals and politicians looking to deflect cause (despite their actions being totally justifiable regardless).

    If it is true that we have no mechanism to force the power structure to spare our race the harm it intends to continue inflicting on us, then why should we not examine our bonds with Amurrica with a view towards smashing them?

    And more crucially, if we’re to smash these bonds in deed, then we surely must smash them in thought long before. The Northwest Front offers the one and only possibility for survival of the white race and yet there is no traction whatsoever because, among other things, Americans have refused to digest for well over one hundred years that the country they think they live in doesn’t really exist and instead, they choose to abide by the dictates of the world’s most horrible evil hiding behind the American flag (which so many of our Confederate heroes detested while their great-great-grandchildren worship it with as much religious devotion as they should demonstrate in opposing it).

    A proper sacrifice is really trading one thing you value for something better. Trade your worn-out and tired Americanism for something better: our racial identity and the survival of our folk.

    “If White people had a country of our own this wouldn’t be happening”.

  6. “If White people had a country of our own this wouldn’t be happening”.

    King Louis XVI was the original White Nationalist.

    April 5, 1778: Louis XVI prohibits the introduction of people of color and mixed marriages in the kingdom

    Years later

    Louis XVI marched to his death in the middle of 60,000 armed men who did not have a single shot for their king, not a voice was raised for the unfortunate monarch, and the provinces were as silent as the capital.


    So I’d say things are a tad more complicated than you make them out to be, or “White Nationalists” are the most traitorous and cowardly political actors in western history, or both!

  7. @NorthWest Man

    Fuck off. Your “leader”, Harold Covington, is having his rent and expenses paid by some sugar-daddy in California, and Covington’s own former co-host, porno-actress Corinna Burt, has stated publicly that there are at least two Federal snitches in that silly “Northwest Front”. Go peddle that useless shit somewhere else.

  8. Good luck to the white men on the Northwest Frontier.

    Southerners already have a country…Dixie. That is where you will find our people, who are not like yours. Our Confederate heroes were defending their interests and their homes, which are of a particular place and people, certainly not some disembodied grandiose notion.

    You would do better to recruit amongst your latte sipping countrymen up there. An extremely tough sell, but I’m sure you’ll find the balls to do so lest your Northwest Imperative prove to be mere wishful delusion.

    Your states are whiter than ours, after all. What’s the problem? Perhaps like the globalists you wish to replace the native population? Or perhaps the problem of anti-whiteness is not a problem created by darkeys and other muds, however eager they may be to exploit its potency in white nations?

    The survival of the white race has more to do with overcoming the effects of yankee mind poison than creating an artificial state ex nihilo.

    The cultural Marxist yankee BRA project of overwhelming whites with brown hordes is doomed to failure. BRA is itself an overweening secular atheist utopia project that flies in the face of common sense, founded on egregious and willful lies.

    “There is a taint of death, a flavour of mortality in lies – which is exactly what I hate and detest in the world – what I want to forget. It makes me miserable and sick, like biting something rotten would do.”
    Marlow, The Heart of Darkness

    Deo Vindice

  9. porno-actress Corinna Burt

    I gained a whole new appreciation for Harold’s writing talent after hearing the “real” Axis Sally (Corinna Burt) “talk the way she wants to instead of what Harold wrote for me”. My God, what a let down.
    Nuff said 😉

  10. Is that rhetorical question? Seriously, ask Will Williams or Hunter Wallace or even April Gaede about the subject of HAC’s character.

    I don’t care for anything he claims he stands for, and I don’t think his pissant followers should be allowed to post his stupid fortune-cookie mantra’s around here.

  11. I can think of several acts of jihad since 9/11 which were narrowly averted at the last moment.

    You don’t take those seriously, do you?

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