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  1. I’m a Brit, and an ethno-nationalist posting from the other side of the pond . This is the first time I’ve posted on here , but O.D. is one of the blogs I follow on a regular basis and have been for the last couple of years . As I’m sure you are aware we have our own battle for survival of a similar nature over here in Europe, and its the same fight .
    You do some good work here and run a great blog .
    For now I’ll leave you with this quote I fell over .

    ” To say that all generalisations are illegitimate is to make one big generalisation in itself .
    It takes a tiny minority to wreak havoc upon a society .
    Crime and order are asymmetrical .
    It takes an overwhelming majority of people abiding by the mostly unwritten rules to keep a human group peaceful .
    Liberalism makes a sin out of generalisation . As long as one single individual does not conform to an existing pattern of behaviour, it is forbidden to suggest that a pattern of behaviour even exists .
    This would infringe upon the human rights of an individual and ” stigmatise ” him . ”

    In solidarity .
    Journeyman .

  2. I am sure the crime rate is much higher then stated.
    The worse a neighborhood becomes the less likely a crime will be reported because of fear of retaliation.
    My niece and her boyfriend suffered a vicious home invasion two years ago,in New Bedford Mass. They tortured my niece’s boyfriend with a taser to find where the valuables were.They told them if they went to the police that they would come back and rape her.They didn’t go to the police.
    The more likely crime rate is probably closer to 1 in 3 not 1 in 7.

  3. Last summer my mother and I were having a talk with my aunt and cousin, who for the previous 5 years had lived in a poor neighborhood on the East side on the I-94 corridor (not very far north from Detroit). They told us they had to move out of the neighborhood because it had become “unsafe.” For example, a violent robbery occurred literally right next door to their house. And they always heard loud, boisterous arguments breaking out in the surrounding houses.

    But as they told us these stories, they said nothing about race and didn’t even hint at blaming black people for the clear and present dangers of their neighborhood. That’s when I looked my aunt and cousin in the eye and said, with a whisper, “you know, our village here is 95% white.” To say this was a “Jeanie out of the bottle” moment for my aunt and cousin would be an understatement. Gasping as if a would-be murderer just let his boot off their throat, they let loose with all the politically incorrect feelings they had about race. It was an incredible site to behold. I thought to myself, “maybe there’s hope yet” for white Americans.

    Course that was almost a year ago, and a lot of things have happened since then to discourage me. But if my aunt and cousin are a microcosm for how working class whites across America feel about race, then perhaps a Mass Awakening is possible.

    As a side note, Pontiac and Inkster have gone the same way as Detroit. They’re what I call “reverse Sundown towns.” Here in the white suburbs, everyone implicitly understands that those places are to be avoided in the same way the denizens of M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village avoided “those of which we do not speak” in the forest. Years ago when my dad took me to Detroit Tigers games in Comerica Park (which is located in downtown) he told me he never walks back to the car until the [white] crowd pours out and everyone leaves at the same time. Going solo is asking to get mugged, even on Woodward Avenue.

    Anyway, there’s a story from someone who’s lived in Southeast Michigan his entire life.

  4. @Dan Poole

    Sounds like your aunt and cousin lived in Harper Woods, which as you might know, is now often called “Harlem Woods”.

  5. @313Chris:

    I didn’t want to say exactly where they lived, but yeah, its in that general area. The entire east side is slowly but surely being overrun by dIEversity.

  6. True, it’s amazing how many Generational Americans today have endless stories of their own families made victims of “home invasions” similar to S.A. farm murders, also the non-responsive police. Also other stories of how they are impacted, including decisions not to try to have any children of their own in the U.S. (so their children do not have to endure what they, themselves, have endured). But no one says a word.

  7. –I even talked to one man who had himself sterilized in order to ensure no kids would have to grow up like that. It’s funny how some populations cease to reproduce in bad environments (their thoughts seem to be for their own children, and how the world will be for them)— yet others reproduce even more, as it is more violent. Surely there are many studies done on this somewhere.

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