Reader Mail: Help Us Stop Amnesty (Again)


I’m going to pass along this email from an OD reader about the upcoming fight against amnesty:

Mr. Wallace,

As the great granddaughter of an Alabamian CSA captain, I read your blog regularly. (I’ve attached a picture of his grave to prove that I’m not some troll). My great aunt was one of the founders of the Mobile UDC (obit attached). I’m spending the day contacting bloggers like yourself who care about this country. I myself am ready for secession, but short of that, I want to do everything I can to stop this Mexican invasion that will surely turn us into a third world banana republic faster than it’s already headed.

I’m really tired of this whole “nation of immigrants” concept. The US is not seen by prospective immigrants or even by many elected officials as a sovereign nation. It is seen as an “immigrant country” that is permanently available for world colonization. The idea that the USA is the national home of the American people, who should be able to control the size and quality of its population, doesn’t even occur to them. This has made mass immigration (legal and illegal) the greatest threat to our national survival that we have ever faced.

I’m attaching links to pdfs put out by FAIR and NumbersUSA. The bill is set for a vote on June 10 and has to be stopped in the Senate. I don’t trust Boehner as far as I can throw him. I was hoping you could link these and ask people who read your blog to call their senators. There are some southern Senators – Rep and Dem who are on the fence, so perhaps your blog could reach some of those people. Anti-amnesty senators are saying that they aren’t receiving the same number of calls as they did in 2006/2007.

Here are the links:—s-744/

Thank you for all you do,

I haven’t written much about this issue because it doesn’t interest me anymore. I haven’t made one phone call because I no longer believe in the system.

I’m sick of seeing the same people in Congress pushing amnesty for illegal aliens. It didn’t matter how many times we defeated the DREAM Act in Congress. Obama implemented it anyway with an executive order last summer and 99 percent of the people who applied for his amnesty got it.

Here in Alabama, we passed HB 56, but that too was gutted by the federal courts. In April, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to take the case on appeal. In the 1990s, Congress passed the Immigration Act of 1996 which states that “immigrants unlawfully present in the United States for 180 days but less than 365 days must remain outside the United States for three years unless they obtain a pardon.”

In the year 2013, illegal aliens are invited to the White House by the president, appear in public with the First Lady, and appear on the cover of Time magazine and travel around the country to give speeches in cities like Birmingham.

The people who are fighting abolition, integration, amnesty, gun control, abortion, gay marriage and so on have the wrong priorities. Like the election and reelection of Obama, or the Immigration Act of 1965, the existence of the Union with the Northern states is the only thing that makes any of the above possible.

I don’t care if the Republican Party wins or loses in “bluish-getting-bluer states like California.” I don’t think we need to change our beliefs to pander to and “look like the rest of America” either. I just want to get us out of America.

Let’s hope the nation doesn’t survive! Those who are sick and tired of playing this game can meet up with us at the 2013 League of the South conference on June 21st to discuss the real solution.

Note: Check out John Boehner’s new son-in-law and John McCain’s new daughter-in-law. Republican leadership isn’t going to “Take Back America.”

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  1. “It only we could find a target that stays put when hit.”


    That assumes you both:
    a) have a firearm, loaded and ready
    b) you mean to hit it, with deadly force.

    This forum won’t go there. And those who advocate ‘self defense’ get pseudo-banned.
    But it’s coming. How many rounds do YOU have, compared to the FEDGOV’s millions?

    That’s the second question…

  2. Georgia’s Johnny Isakson is on the fence. His number in D.C. is 202-224-3643.
    Call his office and tell them NO on S 744.

  3. “This is me.. Mr. Sawyer – trying to move to the South and be accepted as a local in Mayberry NC.
    The reality is that I get arrested for “failure to obey an officer” by Nashville Police officer/ as# ####Gluck., he probably welcomes Somalian Muslim pirates more than a Midwestern White guy romantic like me. Oh well.” – JR

    Well, JR, I’ve been to ‘Mayberry’ NC. It’s called ‘Mt. Airy,’ NC.

    And guess what? It’s not over run with Meximidgets, but they’re there, and a ‘growing presence’ in the area. Poor Aunt Bee died alone and isolated, because she couldn’t handle the changes AmeriKa had foisted on her.

    And the only nod of the head to the White Culture we once had, is the cardboard cut out of Andy and Barney, and a 1960’s police car, parked outside a seedy little junk shop in town. The rest of the town feels like some cheap t-shirt tourist trap in a small California town, where the residents smoke weed all day long, just to avoid reality.

  4. Today, Mr/Mrs Taco Bell think they are our equals.

    Friar John+,

    If they are correct in that thought then truly it shows how far “whites” have sunk and utterly undeserving of dejure superiority ‘we’ are.

    If they are mistaken then why disabuse them of their child-like false notions?

    Are not the best “slaves” those that think they are “free”?

  5. I think the current “United States” will split into approximately three nation-states by the end of the century. Yankeeland/US of BRA in the Northeast and upper Midwest, Dixie/White republic extending from the Deep South through the plains states to Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, and the Southwest, which will rejoin with Mexico or form some Mexico like nation (Aztlan?). A tenuous DWL beach head may remain on the West Coast for a time. The sooner this happens, the better, in my opinion. I do wish for the weakening of the imperial government in DC, to lessen the chance of a second bloody War Between the States, or a Rhodesian/South African fate.

  6. “I do wish for the weakening of the imperial government in DC”

    De facto bankruptcy and the crash in the value of the dollar will bring that about.

  7. However, I don’t think there would be much to fear regarding a US of BRA army full of effete Yankee beta males and gangsta nig-nogs.

  8. “However, I don’t think there would be much to fear regarding a US of BRA army full of effete Yankee beta males and gangsta nig-nogs.”

    You’d be singing a different tune if the 101st Airborne or the 1st US Marine Division were occupying your neck of the woods.

    Actually there is a good chance that the Union might survive a financial crisis if radical enough steps were taken. Immediately freeze the budget in absolute terms, Slash the foreign military budget, devalue the currency, means test Social Security and Medicare, fully tax all income for Social security and Medicare, nationalize the various National Guards (oh wait, that’s already happened…) etc…

    I don’t see the feds giving up Bremerton, San Diego, or Hampton Roads too easily either.

  9. “Slash the foreign military budget”

    The US will return to what works: full-bore military keynesianism, before any collapse.

  10. Thanks Mary.
    One more thing before I go; someone should write about the southern white Baptist civil rights activist Will D. Campbell, who died today. RIP. Now off I go.

  11. “I would like to announce that, to the delight of many here I’m sure, I am taking an indefinite hiatus from posting on this website, and delaying plans to expand my anti-racist activism on the alternative right/traditionalist/pro-white blogosphere.”

    Awwww. We’ll miss you! Whatever shall we do without our local village idiot?

    Good luck with that multiracial wedding. Take your cellphone with you. The melee videos will be luuuuurrrrrved on WorldStar Hip Hop, and if by chance you do survive, you can use it to call an ambulance. The number’s 911.


  12. Hunter- you can’t be a dillentante.

    I get bored with tired old subjects – but the Nemy NEVER does. NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER give up. EVER.

    A call takes few moments of your day. Have fun with it. My ‘lected officials know EXACTLY what I believe. They know I regard Hitler as the Good Guy. So does my ENTIRE Tea Party. Including the local Hebes.

    If you want secession – you can’t be bored, or tepid.

  13. Hey No Man – have you been watching the IRS hearings?

    The leadership are all Kikes.

    Why is that?

    Let’s talk about Kikes, No Man.

  14. “313Chris says:
    June 4, 2013 at 4:07 am
    The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 was signed into law by Lyndon Johnson.

    If Southerners didn’t exist, this wouldn’t be happening.”

    Johnson was a blood Jew. So was FDR.

    Jews ran the slave trade.

    If we didn’t have Jews, none of this would be happening.

  15. About what Miss Alabama said, Why does no one ever ask about the LOGICAL Conclusions of “a nation of immigrants?”

    Make them answer: will this end? Will we just immigrate more and more, because that’s now our “identity?” What will happen when all are transients and there is nothing to assimilate INTO (well, we have reached that). What about people who want to be in a real nation, not a transient one?

  16. Great posts, Fr. John!
    No-Man: I don’t disagree with your sentiment and think you are generally right about Mexicans. Yes, it could be much worse, our border could be with Pakistan or Zimbabwe. You know the left would change the border TODAY if they could.

  17. No-Man: the South existed a long time as you propose, however, then came a media that was hostile to us. They MADE the news. Humankind naturally seeks approbation, but via the media it has been purposely skewed to socialist ends.

  18. “Nation of immigrants”

    Manufacturers, who listening to the powerful invitations of a better price for their fabrics, or their labor, of greater cheapness of provisions and raw materials, of an exemption from the chief part of the taxes burdens and restraints, which they endure in the old world, of greater personal independence and consequence, under the operation of a more equal government, and of what is far more precious than mere religious toleration–a perfect equality of religious privileges; would probably flock from Europe to the United States to pursue their own trades or professions, if they were once made sensible of the advantages they would enjoy, and were inspired with an assurance of encouragement and employment, will, with difficulty, be induced to transplant themselves, with a view to becoming cultivators of the land. – Alexander Hamilton, 1791.

    Being one of the more conservative founders he nonetheless supported equality of religions because it would lead to rapid immigration. This is the American political tradition, arguing for mass immigration/secularism because it is good for economy (Hamilton) or arguing for mass immigration/secularism because you are a utopian atheist (Paine). This is America.

  19. Dixiegirl: the whole nation of immigrants meme was another lie the sheeple have swallowed hook line and sinker. When you accept it you are signing yourself up for an uphill fight for ANY restriction on who can be part of your country, and when you have no say about who enters your house, you no longer have a house.

  20. And No-Man is right on that. Their are two sets of founders. One who fought for independence and their Posterity, another who wrote the CONNstitution and wanted America to become a great empire and modern day trade center like Babylon.

  21. The North’s slavery scheme was much better–give’m a job and bread and circus’ and they won’t have time to question WTF is going on.

  22. Please work your hardest this week to beat this immigration gang of 8 treason. NumbersUSA says we have a decent shot.

    Pray for another Muslim immigrant terror attack…

    Consider black ops in this area.

  23. “Pray for another Muslim immigrant terror attack….”

    I’m sure another, better one will be engineered soon, and it will help us in several ways: Increased “homeland security,” mandatory biometric national identification for indigenous whites, gun control for law-abiding citisens — but it will have NO effect on immigration policy.

    The OD recommendation to give up on “mainstream politics” (voting, communicating with representatives, political activism, etc.) now and just let Amnesty take its course is incredibly wise advice.

  24. It’s part of America not all of it. Being able to speak freely on the Internet without being arrested and keep guns in your house are America too. Speaking in terms of the CON-stitution is pretty simplistic and superficial.

    Hamilton’s priorities do seem to have been money, economics and centralized federal power. There is some evidence that Hamilton worked behind the scenes to make sure the Whiskey Rebellion of 1791 came to violence. It was the first test of the federal government’s authority by the states after the ratification of the Constitution. The theory is that Hamilton wanted a pretext for a violent crackdown. The theory is that he wanted a precedent that any disputes about the limits of federal power would be settled in favor of the federal government.

  25. In his 1796 book, Congressman William Findley argued that Alexander Hamilton had deliberately provoked the Whiskey Rebellion.

  26. Hamilton was a rat, precisely the rat that Patrick Henry smelled. He was in no way a conservative by the standards of those days.
    That said, I seriously doubt any of them imagined mass non-European immigration.
    We’re it constrained to Europe, I would have no issue with the concept. Not all European peoples have much in common, but they have history, religion and race in common, and are nearly indistinguishable after 2 generations, that is they assimilate.

  27. What the fuck is wrong with you?

    That was some typical hambone WN shit on the part of Jack Ryan, hoping for terror.

    14 turds.

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