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National Review

Rich Lowry has written an entire book that glorifies Abraham Lincoln and has published a front page cover story in National Review about it:

Rich Lowry's latest hagiography of Lincoln
Rich Lowry’s latest hagiography of Lincoln

If you do a search for “Northern Conservatism,” the first Google result that pops up is a link to my OD post on Robert Lewis Dabney. Read that post and the entire history of Northern conservatism up to the firing of Richwine will make sense.

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  1. Lowy is, of course, a kosher conservative idiot. But I have to agree with him on this one.


    The great Civil War, or the War Between the States if you prefer, was a very bloody and unpopular affair. The casualties were enormous. Over 110,000 Irish and over 170,000 German immigrants to the United States were kidnapped, or drafted, into the Union armies. In many cases, the immigrants were forced to sign an “X” next to their names under threat of deportation back to Europe. Desertion was a huge problem in both the Northern and Confederate armies. This was aggravated in the South by the desperate lack of food for the Confederate army. The union naval blockade and the cutting off of Texas cattle by Union control of the Mississippi river were creating a desperate food situation for Robert E. Lee. During his invasions of Pennsylvania, his army “requisitioned” huge quantities of food and livestock from local farmers. They were “paid” in Confederate bonds which became valueless after the war. Thus, when Sherman began his famous “scorched earth” march through Georgia, there was widespread sentiment in the North that the South was merely getting a well-deserved dose of its own medicine.

    The South was also suffering from the virtual destruction of its economy through the cutting off of the cotton trade with England. The British, interestingly enough, got their cotton during the war from the Arab cotton farmers of Palestine. Palestinian cotton exports multiplied exponentially during the war. The armies of the Confederacy plundered their own civilians as mercilessly as the Union. They had little choice, given the Union blockade. Conditions in the prisoner-of-war camps have always been a sore issue in the war’s conduct. The Union hung the commandant of the infamous Andersonville camp, a Swiss immigrant named Wirth. The Union ignored that Sherman had destroyed all the farms in his march, making Wirth’s feeding the prisoners impossible. Conditions for the Confederate prisoners in Union hands were just as bad. The North, however, had no food shortage to deal with.

    Reconstruction was an abominable affair. The radical Republicans, led by Charles Sumner and Thaddeus Stevens, put it to the South mercilessly. Newly liberated slaves murdered and raped until the Ku Klux Klan put an end to it. Corrupt carpetbaggers, many of them Jewish, preyed upon a defeated people and used newly enfranchised blacks as a means to their ends. The Constitution was prostituted and the disastrous Fourteenth Amendment rammed through. Despite these abuses, the Union had been saved. The political balkanization of the United States had been prevented. The European powers were denied the opportunity to play one state against the other and interfere with the western expansion of the U.S. Slavery was abolished and the old problem of Free State or slave state that had plagued the country before the war became moot.

    Many arguments have been made over whether the war was “necessary”. No one can ever say. What can be said is that all efforts to compromise the issues that led to the war had failed. One further point needs to be made. Neither the North nor the South believed in the equality of blacks. Lincoln had stood unreservedly for white supremacy before the war. In his Senatorial debates with Stephen Douglas in Illinois, Lincoln had stated that under no conditions would he support putting blacks into a position of social or political equality with “the superior white race”. During and after the war, Lincoln devised many unsuccessful plans for expelling blacks from the United States. These plans usually involved sending blacks to the island of San Domingo or to places like Panama or various British imperial possessions. Lincoln was assassinated before any of these plans could be seriously considered. Moreover, the opposition of the radical Republicans, who wanted to use the freed blacks for political purposes, would probably have vetoed the plans. Lincoln, like previous presidents such as Andrew Jackson, was a lifelong member of the American Colonization Society. His ruthless general, William Tecumseh Sherman, held blacks in utter contempt. He did nothing to stop the raping of black women by his soldiers in Columbia, South Carolina.

    The great “War Between the States” forever changed the course of the United States. The South and its largely obsolete slave economy became defunct. The Constitution, as a compact where states’ rights were paramount, vanished. Federal power was greatly enlarged but nowhere near the degree that was to follow U.S. intervention in World Wars One and Two. The ambitions of European imperial powers on the North American continent became a thing of the past and the inexorable rise of the United States began. It came at a frightful price, as any Southerner can tell you. And that was the Civil War that was.

  2. ” The OD critique of White Nationalism if overdone may be confusing and harmful.”

    Which is precisely why the “Dark Enlightenment” includes OD, yet excludes what even Hunter will admit are better sites like TOO and VDARE.

  3. “The union naval blockade and the cutting off of Texas cattle by Union control of the Mississippi river were creating a desperate food situation for Robert E. Lee.”

    The Union had the superioty advantage of land railroads and sea.. Southerners fail strategically . Wars are now fought in land, sea, air. And now in Space. those who control space will have the upper hand.

  4. On the military channel. FDR second term campaign (his goons lots of arms twisting for reelection) The commentator says IF FDR had not been reelected. It would have been the end of western civilization.( actually Charles Lindbergh line )

  5. Nope, VDARE was not on the “Dark Enlightenment” graph.

    Even Derbyshire noticed and deplored its abscence.

    My chutzpah detector went crazy when I saw Unamused and Jewamongyou included in the ethnonationalist cluster, but not TOO or VDARE.

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