Jared Taylor on Modern Witches

North Carolina

Here is Jared Taylor’s speech at the 2013 CofCC Conference:

Note: In other news, Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire is the latest example of a Republican who lied on immigration to get elected:

Kelly Ayotte. News. 16 September 2010. “‘We don’t need to add, necessarily, more laws,” she said. “Let’s look at enforcing what we have on the immigration context and then measure where we are.’ Ayotte would push for illegal immigrants already living in the U.S. to be immediately deported and does not support any form of amnesty, she said.”

Just as John McCain was going to “build the dang fence” and Kelly Ayotte didn’t support “any” form of amnesty and Rand Paul was going to end birthright citizenship for illegal aliens and Marco Rubio told voters that he “will never support amnesty,” it is a futile waste of time to vote for Republicans in the expectation that they will do anything to reverse our national decline.

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  1. Enjoyed Jared’s speech, he has the ability to break complex issues down and weave them into a engaging story that people can relate to, similar to David Duke.

    Ultimately the dividing line is America is still North vs South, that has now evolved into multiracial tyranny vs White traditionalism.

    Like the Civil War we do have sympathizers and loyalists in the North and West, and I welcome them. The man who killed Lincoln was a pro-South Yankee after all.

    Hunter, I watched another video on Kyle’s channel and you’re looking fit, good for you.

  2. Mr Taylor is correct about the English speakers embracing their demise – my theory is they possess too much inferior British Anglo Saxon genetics.

  3. Inferior to what, cracker?

    The anglo-saxons killed all the indians, enslaved all the blacks, renegged on all the treaties, gassed all the youknowwhos, dragged all the homosexuals behind cars, at least according to the hollywood movies whose sole purpose is vilification of them. They have had the full force of billion-dollar propaganda-defamation thrown at them for years, especially in the upper south.

    What are you? Superior… what?

  4. “North vs South…has now evolved into multiracial tyranny vs White traditionalism” — but the southern electorate votes for the most militant, endless-war version of global, multiracial, elitist tyranny in every election.

  5. Isn’t it the Germanics that are the villains in the Holohoax Passion Drama ? The record is self evident – did you listen to Mr. Taylor’s speech. He acknowledges the English speakers inexplicable acceptance of their demise when even the French are beginning to react and resist. British acceptance of their replacement demonstrates their passivity – the same passivity shown by American Anglo Saxons. No, the Anglo Saxon race just doesn’t have what it takes, Jared is quite correct.

  6. Yes the rumors you have heard are true. Time to wake up south. things that are not possible in your old world of 2007 happen when you have a negro in the white house. The end of white privilege is coming to a neighborhood near you Raleigh and they are going to do it with the white gay face of Clay Aiken but the money behind it is the NAACP , and black women with money (mostly drug and crime rings) from Atlanta that have no place to go anymore in Georgia. North Carolina is good clean territory that they can shit all over. Look at Atlanta i lived there for 6 years. It is run by black women and gay men. Black women run all the corporate housing stuff gay men are your managers at every walmart yes I said walmart target and Home Depot within a 20 min radius of the capital city. Those of you who figure a down low vote for clay will mean you can smoke more pot and party a little longer won ‘t be feeling good in the mornings when your boss is black , your neighbors are black elite and so is everything else. The black elite has been networking with the black elite of Durham and Raleigh for years why do you think your city never stops having protests? Why do you think there is no peace? Other than Florida and New Jersey where do you think all the crime rings are coming from? The bourgeoisie black elite of Atlanta and the thugs that they underhandedly support. Vote in Clay and your daughters and wives will be Myley Cyrus at your neighbors sex club party next door. Good Luck NC you’ve really messed up this time.

  7. “The man who killed Lincoln was a pro-South Yankee after all.”

    No he wasn’t. Maryland was a slave state. The only reason it didn’t secede was that Lincoln arrested half of the state legislature.

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