Matthew Heimbach at 2013 CofCC Conference

North Carolina

Here’s Matthew Heimbach’s speech at the 2013 CofCC Conference last weekend: Reactionary to Revolutionary: The Only Path to Victory.

Note: Instead of reading ourselves “out of the mainstream,” we could alternatively support a “Lincolnian program of opportunity and uplift” which is consistent with “limited-government principles” by voting for Jeb Bush in 2016.

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  1. Prussian croat, right now I believe Germany and Japan have no military at all.

    They can’t make an alliance because they have nothing to add to it.

    The allies took away their miliatary.

    The allies really did “win” long term. Hitler had his little “hurrah” and then German paid the price. I don’t think he ever stood a real chance.

  2. “Find an area / pick an area” I still say Wyoming. Almost no blacks around, almost no Jews — simplifies questions of, how do we get those folks to leave? Additionally, WY is, in large part, the descendants of former Confederate soldiers displaced by the war, who came here in the 1870s to be cowboys.
    Yeah, the wind sucks. The winters are harsh. But we have energy. We have coal, uranium, thorium. What we lack is water. Since the weather is so crappy, why wouldn’t the anti-Whites let us go? If we could get Alberta, MT, and northern British Columbia to go with us, we’d have a seaport.
    The only problem I can forsee, within 50 years, the greasy Mexicans would be demanding to be let in, saying that we’d stolen the best part of Mexico (lol)!

  3. Matthew Heimbach proposes a quaint and peaceful ethno-state for white people somewhere within the confines of the north American continent. Nothing the Federal government could not crush in less than a week. Unless there is some kind of “Fight Club” permeating every level of our government, you are really asking for a genocide. No, Dorothy, you can’t click your heels three times and get back to Kansas. I am still amazed that Southerners like Matt just don’t get how foolish his proposition is.

    However, I did like his comment that the solution to 1984 is the Spain of 1936. Unfortunately, we are living in 2013 Amerika. The scales have been tipped too far to the left. The cult of equality has blinded the well-meaning. We have been sucker-punched and will have to stand trial for defending ourselves like George Zimmerman.

    It is a shame if Matt “hates Hitler”. Either his emotion has gotten the better of him or he is pandering to the left. Never hate, especially that which you do not know. If he ever studied the man Hitler, he would not “hate” him but he might learn something from him.

    I would say the same to “One-man”. Hitler was not pro-Slav but that does not mean he wished to exterminate them all. The Poles are not the only Slavs and murdering Germans in the Polish Corridor was not the way to endear yourselves to your neighbors. Your hatred of Prussians is also rather petty, born out of jealousy, I imagine.

    This is what I see as the major fault of “white” people in this country. Jealous animosity from the old -world interfering with any attempt at cohesiveness in America. Add to that the individualism and Manchester capitalism of American culture and you have a fragmented society beset by the whim of every progressive Elmer Gantry around. Give these guys a foundation, a newspaper or a government job and some power and the lemmings follow them off a cliff.

    This should not be about “white” people. It should – nay, has to be – about what is constitutionally correct. The basic fact is the ruling elite has since at least Pappy Bush openly declared the push for the “New World Order”. It is even on your dollar bill!! It is NWO or bust! This is what you are arrayed against.

    As a Christian, I can only say that Amerika is Babylon the Great and the Anti-Christ will soon be here. Many do not believe that America can be so evil. That is your loss. America is now Amerika, the whore who spreads her legs to the whole world and bids her welcome.

    Where I work, there are blacks, Indians Muslim and Hindu, Chinese, Vietnamese and a Cambodian, a Central American, a South American and a Filipino. Who sang “We are the World”? Oh yeah, a black pedophile. But white Americans “love” him. We are doomed.


  4. The rise of the USA to superpower status has worked hand in hand with the decline of the white race both in this country and around the world. America losing its superpower status and eventually breaking up like the Soviet Union did can only help white people. Russia needs to become the dominant nation in Europe and kick American forces out of our Motherland then the whole political spectrum will shift throughout Europe to the nationalist right and whites can get to work on kicking thirdworlders out of Europe without any Judeo-Saxon meddling.

    This shift will inspire American whites to get their own house in order seeing Europe becoming the worlds superpower and kicking non-whites out of their lands at the same time. America becoming the worlds dominate superpower was the worse thing that could’ve happened to American whites it allowed the ruling class to conduct genocidal policies against us but their was no backlash cause the power and wealth of post WW2 America delayed the consequences until the early 21st century.

  5. Excellent remarks, No Man.

    “Anyone that views “racial preservation” as the overriding operating principle during their short time on this planet is a filthy Jew or worse, a wannabe Jew.”

    Nazi wannabes want desperately to be as powerful as the omnipotent Jews who haunt their imagination. Evola had it right when he observed that the most striking feature of many anti-Semites was the “Jewishness” of their thought.

    “No empire, no meaningful white ‘middleclass’ concept. This is the oak tree in WN’s eye.”

    Jewish influence is an attendant misery to empire building. No empire=no Jewish influence to fret over. Quite correctly, you see how it blinds them.

    “Never give ontological equality to your enemy.”

    True, but I expect your point escapes most Nazi wannabes. Still stating that “Jews are not white” flies in the face of the facts. You might want to approach their very real spiritual enmity from a more spiritual perspective, rather than a patently false materialistic perspective.

    “Hitler himself said the Germans failed and the future belongs to stronger people/cultures. He was right.”

    Most of our Nazi wannabes fail to remember der Fuehrer’s revolting condemnation of the German people when defeat loomed. A defeat caused by his destructive idiotic ideology and not by the qualities of his people. But then the very notion of a “German race” pitted against all other whites contains the seeds of its own destruction. The fact that anyone today can idolize this miserable cur beggars belief.

    “All Germany would have to do to bring the Judeo-Saxon world order crashing down is to sign a military and economic alliance with Putin and then bye bye American domination of Europe and bye bye Dollar reserve currency.”

    Amurrican domination of Europe and Dollar reserve currency are doomed anyway. German alliance with Putin is a fantasy. The German bankers are wound tighter than a tick around the Judeo-Amurrican domination of Europe and lord it over all other Europeans.

    German megalomania is no antidote to the present madness. It is one of the main reasons we find ourselves where we are today.

    “If it could remain like this indefinitely I would be happy with the status quo.”

    If you think we will get out of this mess “on the cheap,” you are most deluded. Your comfortable existence leaves no room for change. Those who have no stomach for the coming fight should stay out of the way. When the better men stand to the fore, you can volunteer to stay back with the women and children.

    “Find an area / pick an area” I still say Wyoming.”

    Good luck and Godspeed, barb. My home is in Dixie.

    Deo Vindice

  6. The funny thing about the whiteness of Jews is that Hitler never alleged that Jews were non-white. He said they were non-aryan. Aryan is a linguistic term. Semite is also a linguistic term. Hitler was aware that there were different races (he mentions the white race regarding negros in France) and still never called Jews non-white, but non-aryan.

    Recent dna studies confirm the Khazar theory and mixture with Europeans. So Jews aren’t really semites, they are semite-Caucasus-Europeans. Semites however are not non-whites, they are members of a different language group.

  7. No-Man: Germany only envisioned fighting Britain. This idea that they were taking over the world was allied propaganda. Of course, America was itching to inject herself into another imperial crusade to make the world safe for social democracy aka communism. America was already assisting Britain under the table and against international treaty and law anyway, something Uncle Sam would kick and scream about if the shoe were on the other foot.
    Be that as it may, the damage is done. If Western civilaization is to survive it must stop the in-fighting. Germans taking control of France and Britain would have been 100 times preferable to what they are about to get, thanks to the “Greatest Generation”.
    Germans would not let Notre Dame become a mosque. They would not have allowed Englishmen to be displaced in their own country. Hind sight is 29/20, I suppose.
    We should all be leary of those among us who are to ready to throw Western cultures under the globalist bus, whose naval gazing leads to unnecessary disharmony. This rarely happens to leftist organizations, even the battiest far lefty is alliwed in the fold. The right is constantly infiltrated or plagued with dime-a-dozen theorists who have all the answers, or those who poison the well by pointlessly injecting past religious or ethnic troubles. It only comes down to this: Is it good for whites?

  8. Golden Ass: I did not say anything about getting out of this on the cheap. It will come to bloodshed, or accepted slavery in upscale slave quarters. I’m sayingthecstatuscquoa cannot last ans we need to be concerned about our white children like all other races are.

    Nazi wannabe?? No sir, I am not. But the wise learn from history. Within a generation our Southern ancestors will be given the same historical treatment as Germans are today. Don’t tell me you don’t see it coming. The exact condemnation you heap on Germans could, and will, be heaped on Jefferson Davis, Lee, ect. Equality as a religion won in 1864, and went global in 1945. When you observe Europe today, know it was set up completely by the Allies–equality as a religion.

  9. I disagree with BRA’s historic violations of southern men. Thy have legitimate quarrels with BRA. I don’t support every group of identitarian misfits.

    Your Heinz-57 plight amuses me.

  10. “Germany only envisioned fighting Britain.”

    Poor little misunderstood Hitler.
    What, no Lebensraum for the Herrenvolk? Demonstrably false.
    Austria, Czechoslovakia, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Yugoslavia, Greece, and the Soviet Union. Did we leave anyone out?
    It is also helpful to remember that Hitler declared war on the US following Pearl Harbor, not the other way around.

    “Germans taking control of France and Britain would have been 100 times preferable to what they are about to get, thanks to the “Greatest Generation”.”

    I think the French resistance, among others, would beg to differ.
    Your slander of good people who fought against this demon really takes the piss.

    “We should all be leary of those among us who are to ready to throw Western cultures under the globalist bus, whose naval gazing leads to unnecessary disharmony.”

    The Nazis were the antithesis of Western culture. A group of homosexual thugs.
    But your point does beg the question. Why promote disharmony to honor the memory of your idol Adolf Hitler? After all, Hitler has been dead for over sixty years.

    Your deification of Hitler as a god is both idolatrous and repulsive.
    I know you can’t give up your religion of Hitler worship, but you could stop proselytizing. No one wants to convert to your shabby man made religion.

    Deo Vindice

  11. Low class whites, middle class whites, upper class whites, blah, blah, blah. I care about white society and the Western civilization it produces. Let the Marxists squabble on about class warfare.

    Empie, empire, empire, never ending foreign intrigues. If there is one lesson civilization needs to learn it is that if you are going to have one, then dobit right! You don’t pay for those you dominate, they pay you, you don’t allow them to colonize you, you colonize them. But the American empire really isn’t American.

  12. Golden Ass: Southerners and KKK, Germans and Nazis. Does not matrer one iota any differences between the two. The dominant anti-white propaganda lumps them all together. Do you think you are going to save any face or reputation for the Southern cause by throwing Germans under the bus? The marxists won’t allow it. In the American mind one is as bad as the other. It is sad and of course untrue, but since when did truth put food on the table? Sourterners are just as expected to make apology for their ancestors as are the Germans.
    Oh, and as a bonus White Americans will be increasingly smeared for not doing enough in WWII. There is a Holocaust Museum in Washington to ensure the descendents of the so-called greatest generation know this. Ever watch Red Tails? So much for the mrmory of the white WWII soldier. They were dupes.

  13. Well, Golden Ass, where is our great French Resistance today?? Where? Where is the prostate Catholic church? Answer: Telking us that Islam is a religion of peace.
    Look around Golden Ass and Wo-Man, it take a genius to see where this is leading.

    Equality, diversity, and multiculturalism are America’s exports.

  14. Conflating our present situation with the situation that existed in Europe in the middle of the last century is extremely counterproductive. It is a masterpiece of self-sabotage.

    Deo Vindice

  15. A propaganda movie about negro pilots and whether or not degen. moderns can tell the difference between Nazis and Southern Nationalists should mean nothing to principled men. Someday I hope you learn wisdom is not being breathlessly, reflexively anti-BRA at every opportunity.

    Consider schaffe schaffe hausle baue…. consider disassociating yourself from southern causes. Politics is not for everyone. You know not where your feet are, Wayne. It is a small good that you and Jack Ryan are unable to disguise your ideologies. You people will live and die on the internet.

  16. Golden Ass: I used to think you capable of reasoned discussion…where am I deifiying Hitler? Or Nazis? Or the KKK? I do defend Germans and Southerners though, and will continue to do so. Not all of us fall for the historical absurdity that Germans woke up one morning and decided to take over the world. Real history never is that cut and dry.
    And yes, Germany never intended for, and was totally unprepared for, a global war. Thry did declare war after Pearl Harbor to honor agreenents and frankly, America was already in a defacto war with them any way.

  17. Wo-Man: That’s rich coming from someone reafy to flood them with Mexicans, taxpayers picking up the tab.

  18. If you want to be lashed to the Nazi tar baby that is your business.

    As for me, I will have none of it. I am just as proud of my relatives who fought the Nazis as I am of my ancestors who fought the yankees. Blood is thicker than water.

    To me the yankee tyranny is cut from the same cloth as that of the Nazis.

    Both were the enemies of God.

    Deo Vindice

  19. Golden Ass: You should know that 60 years ofvsurrendering the moral highground of history to the left has gotten us where we are today. The left will bring it up, they won’t let it go.

  20. Wayne,

    As I said. You are not part of any collective I especially care about. You and likely large part of your family goes into the garbage people column. Mexicans are preferable to half-educated “wah-hites” (Jared Taylor pronunciation) even a good docile middle-aged negro is preferable to a white with an outsized view of himself.

  21. Wo-Man thinks he’s going to milk BRA and establish some caste system whereby his little bros work for him on the cheap while the tax payer picks up the tab for the slaves quarters and medical care. He is sorely mistaken. See, Uncle Sam sends little bros kids to school where they learn to hate Wo-Man and both Wo-Man’s and Golden Ass’s history. With all thatveducation, racial preference, and diversity quotas they aggregate all the power to themselves. See how that works?

  22. Wo-Man: I don’t post on here for your approval so could not care less. Now shut up and go make me a sandwich.

  23. They fought Germans, dumbass, not Nazis, as did mine. And they fought well. As a reward for their efforts their descendants are to be made minorities in the very lands they fought for. Congratulations.

  24. Golden Ass: Your French Resistance can’t even stop gay marriage, let alone Muslim hordes. Try again.

  25. Apuleius says:
    ‘The Nazis were the antithesis of Western culture. A group of homosexual thugs’

    You’ve lost your mind.

    Apuleius says: Apuleius says: ‘ Why promote disharmony to honor the memory of your idol Adolf Hitler?’

    The same could be said of y’all who promote disharmony to honor the memory of your Confederate idols.

    Apuleius says: ‘After all, Hitler has been dead for over sixty years.’

    And your Southern war heroes have been dead nearly 100 years longer.

    Apuleius says: ‘Your deification of Hitler as a god is both idolatrous and repulsive.’

    Who said anything about deifying Hitler as a God?

    It is you Southrons who idolize the Antebellum South as some sort of Divinely ordained institution doing the Lawd’s work of sittin’ on your drunken asses watching the nigger slaves do all the work. Praise the Lawd!

    Apuleius says: ‘Deo Vindice’

    Yeah, right! Keep quoting those words for another 150 years. LOL

  26. Golden Ass: You are attached to the tar baby. It has already been done. Slavery is the same tar baby.
    The left owns history and have owned it because we surrendered it, first to WWII, next to the Civil War. Common history offers common, understood themes and narratives that can be brought into common memory quickly to shore up moral highground. I have no idealistic views of history, thevtruth is always somewhere in the middle. There is blame enough for all sides, but to believe one side was the example of evil and the other of virtue, for both Confederates and Germans, is absurd and improbable.

  27. I regret our exchange becoming personal, Wayne. I understand you feel strongly about your views, please understand I do too. Have a good evening.

  28. Sam: The golden ass has proven he lacks the moral courage to stand against the leftist dreadnaugh, he’s afraid of tar, not realizing he’s already covered in it anyhow.

    Wo-Man is just a shit stirrer and naval gazer. He runs anyone who gives him and intellectual shellacking down, says they they think too much of themselves, but then places himself on an imaginary caste system pedestal of superiority over other whites who he expects to mix it up with his little bros. When pushed he gets all sentimental about being expected to hire whites when the big fish get to hire Maexicans.
    He has no concern for the real nation, and being happy with BRA as is, I have no idea why he even posts here—I take that back, I know exactly why he posts here.

  29. Whatever flaws the National Socialists had they fought against the forces of the Anti-Christ while the Anglo-Saxons which includes the South fought for Satan and his demonic legions. You betrayed your fellow Whites and mother Europe but seeing that you are living in the boondocks of Western Civilization that shouldn’t be too surprising. While you may not have mongrelized your blood your culture and society is heavily mongrelized with your former slaves. In the upcoming apocalyptic battle to save the white race I don’t expect too much from you Southerners just alot hillbilly gibberish about Yankees and 150 year old battles.

  30. Prussiancroat says:
    ‘In the upcoming apocalyptic battle to save the white race I don’t expect too much from you Southerners just alot hillbilly gibberish about Yankees and 150 year old battles.’

    I wish it were not so … but it is.

    It’s sad they care little of Whites throughout history or those who were crushed by Commie/jew hordes in Europe.

    Who gives a sh** about the Whites being destroyed by nigs, jews and muzzies around the globe?

    Screw em! They ain’t from Dixie.

  31. Sam: I agree but thw situation in Europe can be traced back to the extinguishment of the Confederacy and the birth of the American Empire under the sacred dogma of Equality.

  32. America – a successful capitalist society. “Success” means mass immigration, special interest lobbying, no interest in politics by average person. That’s success. Capitalism has worked. If this was sim ciy 2000, America is working right on schedule.

    Nazi Germany – A failed society. Lost war. Economically illiterate. Tried to use invading other countries to support social programs.

    Neither worked.

    Like Constantin Von Hoffmeister, I hail the Jewish Bolsheviks.

  33. Wayne: WW I would have been avoided entirely or been over in two years or so, either way Whites around the world would be better off today.

  34. Just looking at the recent remarks of you three reveals your deep seated contempt of any white people who don’t adore your Hitler-christ.

    Pathetic anti-whites who cackle amongst themselves and denigrate every pro-white movement that doesn’t bow down to der Fuehrer. We know you for who you are now, for sure.

    “Your French Resistance can’t even stop gay marriage, let alone Muslim hordes. ”

    “It is you Southrons who idolize the Antebellum South as some sort of Divinely ordained institution doing the Lawd’s work of sittin’ on your drunken asses watching the nigger slaves do all the work. Praise the Lawd!”

    “I don’t expect too much from you Southerners just alot hillbilly gibberish”

    “Who gives a sh** about the Whites being destroyed by nigs, jews and muzzies around the globe?”

    Mock other whites as much as you want, it only shows you for who you really are.
    I believe you boys just outed yourselves. Just as anti-white as any Jew, if not more so.

    Really pathetic. All for the sake of your precious Fuehrer. You would rather destroy other whites before you could bring yourselves to abandon your dead “savior.”

    Deo Vindice

  35. Apuleius: You are proud of your ancestors invading Germany and I am proud of my Grandfather fighting scum like you I think we both understand each other.

    Hunter: The South destroyed themselves by participating in the War against Germany once Germany was out of the way the Jews turned on their hillbilly cannon fodder, seventy later you southern boys still don’t have a clue

  36. Apuleius,

    What is with all the worshipping the fuerer stuff? Anti-White? You are losing your mind. As for mocking? Do you ever read the stuff YOU write? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

  37. Nazi Germany – A failed society. Lost war. Economically illiterate. Tried to use invading other countries to support social programs.

    I don’t think anyone expects anything but nonsense from you, Iceman, but it’s still astonishing how idiotic you can be. The Nazis didn’t need to invade anyone to support their social programs. If the Nazis hadn’t invaded the east it’s highly likely they could have repelled any Soviet attack that may have come. Their society would then have likely been (or continued to be) highly successful because, despite its flaws, it was based on a great deal of truth about human nature. I believe that in time their excesses would have been moderated by the same sorts of moral realizations that occurred over the latter part of the 20th century – nationalistic/racial fervor is hard to maintain indefinitely – so it’s not necessarily the case that a “Nazi state” would have forever constituted the same kind of threat as it did during Hitler’s time.

    As for Apuleius… heh, colorful character, but just one in a long, long line of WN uberkooks.

  38. Umm … no.

    “Racism” became taboo in the 1940s due to its association with the concentration camps. There was no change in Southern racial attitudes. The war against the Third Reich convinced Yankees though that “racism” was evil.

    That’s why the Western states starting with California repealed their Jim Crow laws in the late 1940s and it is why Truman embraced “civil rights” reform. It was simply a reflection a change in public opinion due to the war.

  39. Sam,
    Apuleius is not losing, but has lost it. He’s one of those Jew-deo-Christians. Look at the
    newswithviews website he referenced. They have a resident Rabbi to keep them towing the “gods chosen people” and let’s slaughter anyone who opposes them line. They are just as insane as the WNDers.

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