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  1. Wow,
    Matthew did one fantastic job here. This is a keeper! And I know exactly who I will share this with, for starters, though the committed Evangelicals really have pretty much shut down their senses to any discussion on the subject. Hopefully this helps Hunter’s thinking, though his lead in for this article was very tepid. Hunter plays the role of apologist for the Jews quite often.

  2. My respect for the valiant and brilliant Mr H deepens! Hail Matt! Hunter – we are not afraid of Jews. We see the for what they are. The Cancer of Humanity.

    They are coming for Dixie, big time. Beware.

  3. I’ve known about the Jews for a decade now.

    What are we going to do about them though? It gets tiresome seeing wave after wave of anonymous people “naming the Jew,” whining about what they are doing, and cowering in fear of those same Jews in the real world.

    I agree that Jews are a problem, but you have to organize Whites in the real world to do something about the problem, and in order to do that WNs will have to get over being so afraid of omnipoint Jews.

  4. Sorry but that was standard naming. He should just define them as anti-white then he can write his essay.

  5. “I agree that Jews are a problem, but you have to organize Whites in the real world to do something about the problem, and in order to do that WNs will have to get over being so afraid of omnipoint Jews.”

    Matt- If you read this, welcome to the ranks of the 700 who ‘have not bowed the knee to [the Jewish] Baal.’ You all should read the many and far more excellent Reformed authors who literally decimate the fallacy (actually, heresy) of the Dispensationalist/CZ crowd (Dallas Theological Seminary, Hal Lindsey, House/Ice, “Izzzru-el” apologists) – especially the older, more ‘Orthodox’ Reformed; as well as RJ Rushdoony, Gary North, David Chilton, Gary DeMar (his early works)- I mention these, simply because the Lutheran position is a wobbly one, when compared to the Reformed.

    Luther advocated a ‘cujus regio, ejuus religio’ stance- what the ‘faith’ of the ruler was, that was the faith of the people – which meant, each prince could (and often did) waffle between Roman, Lutheran, and Reformed faiths, depending on which creed did him the most good, temporally speaking. Over in Scotland, the Presbyterians (the “Kirk”) emulated a more “Orthodox” model of state/church craft, where the state and church were practically joined at the hip- as did the Anglicans, until the rise of the Dissenters messed it all up.

    But naming the Jew! PRICELESS. One small caveat, Mr. Heimbach- you will find that you CANNOT give the JEW even the benefit of life itself, or say that ‘we don’t hate Jews.’ St. John Chrysostom put it best- “GOD HATES THE JEW.”

    So should we. If they are predestined to be saved, THEY WILL BE SAVED. But we don’t (and shouldn’t) give them ANY favors- indeed, we should start by freezing all bank accounts of Jews, mandating their immediate expatriation, destroying all records of genealogical ‘proof’ of Jewishness, and, in short, ‘wiping False Israel off the map’ of the White Man’s consciousness. As one Jew in Isra-HELL noted so clearly:

    “We killed Christ- we’ll kill you, too!”

    THAT- in essence- is the satanic nature of the Jews.

    (and no, Christ was NOT a Jew.)

  6. Hunter – no-one is afraid of Jews. Jewish power and malevolence must be outed. They must be ” back on the table”. They’ve used media as a platform, to create Jew Worship – the New Religion. They are NOT sacred. They must be demystified. Not deified. The influence is so pervasive that ant criticism is treated as though it’s worse than child murder.

    You are being disingenuous. Most “average Whites” regard Jews as some sort of Godlike Race. Nothing could be further from the truth.

  7. “I agree that Jews are a problem, but you have to organize Whites in the real world to do something about the problem”

    The very first step must be to organize a third party that runs and win elections (small town mayor…even dog catcher is a good start) in republican-dominated areas (so the opposition can’t say that you are giving the election to the democrats) of the South. Once that happens, the movement will blossom. With the impending destruction of the republican party, the movement needs to be in a position to take advantage of the rage that will follow the loss of the house in 2014 and the presidency in 2016. Following those losses, it will be clear that our people are completely disenfranchised in our own country. Already, not a single Southerner sits on the Supreme court. In that light, there will be no further reason to vote republican. In the past, our people sucked it up. We allowed ourselves to be the Yankee whipping boy so that our republican candidates had a shot at winning national elections. After 2014 and 2016, there will be no more reason to be nice and “take it” for the good of the party.

  8. Anyone who does not think highly of Heimbach is anti-white himself.
    We need more intelligent, articulate, and unflinchingly honest people like him.

    Deo Vindice

  9. Fr.John+,
    I appreciate your excellent comments. And I am curious re your mention of Gary De Mar. What do you believe might have changed with him as you suggested focus on his early works? Thanks!

  10. Sure they are.

    They are terrified that Jews will call them a name. It doesn’t get any worse than a screaming Jewess ripping up the Bible and spitting in your face.

    Heimbach has confronted the Jews on multiple occasions. Most of the people who complain about Jews though won’t do anything in the real world about the problem because they are paralyzed by fear.

    Let’s do something about the problem instead of rehashing what we already know.

  11. Destroy the word “racist” pretty much open the table to “namin” but now whites have a mental PC fear block.

  12. Haha … I know you don’t have that problem, Denise.

    Let’s assume the Jews are a problem. I think everyone here will agree that Jewish influence has been bad for us. What are we going to do about the problem?

  13. OK. I think the FIRST thing to do is to differentiate Race. The “White Line”. Despise all “It’s the Jews” posts – the real problem is that a lot of Whites are loathe to admit racial distinctions. Whites won’t admit they are White/admit that racial differences are real/admit that miscegenation is a Bad Thing.

    So it’s about PR. We don’t control the mass media. How do we get the message out? There are a variety of methods.

    I hate my embedded key board…..


  14. I enjoyed this essay, but I was disappointed to read that Heimbach thinks Jews deserve a homeland. If Christ had acquiesced to a homeland for Jews, he wouldn’t have been crucified. Christians who acquiesce to Jewish demands of any sort are re-crucifying Christ. This takes all the power out of belief in Christ, and automatically gives Jews the upper hand.

    Eventually any reasonable non-Jew has to come to the conclusion that as Jews in America are to America, or Jews in Germany to Germany, so is Israel to the World. There will never be peace for anyone, so long as Israel exists.

    Eventually Heimbach will conclude that not only does Church history document the eternal hatred of the Jews for logos, but the solution to such hatred as well: eternal ghettoization. You don’t give people who hate the world a country. You shatter their community into a thousand pieces and make them second class citizens where ever they live.

    This is what those who love Christ must ultimately demand. It’s not our job to “fix” what He refused to do. It was our job to maintain His fight until he returned. As we have not, so shall we perish.

    With respect, I call for Heimbach to take the next step, when his spirit is so moved.

  15. I disagree. Jews deserve their homeland- Hell.

    They get to {manually} run the printing presses 24/7, with nothing to spend the lucre on. But they would still have all the money. . .

  16. When I last read Paul’s Epistle to the Romans, I didn’t see any mention of a homeland.

    The more traditional belief in older times was the eventual conversion of the Jews near the end of time, and of that only the righteous remnant. Their blindness (scales on their eyes) and hardness of heart are also both mentioned in the epistle, as well.

    May be time to give it another read.

    Deo Vindice

  17. Arrgghh. This is annoying. I forgot what I wrote. I am learning how to use this stupid laptop. ARRRGGHH. I finally found my effing Notepad program

    Anyway – despite all my posts about “It’s the Jews” (Spawn of Satan) the big problem with Whites is Whites.

    White people refuse to admit they ARE White/Whites and other Races are different from each other/we have different – radically different genetic imperatives/it’s OK to BE White. and want nothing to do/very little to do w/ Darkies
    I am running into a lot of Whites wot are dazedly asking/lamenting “What HAPPENED?”

    I tell ’em, iny words, depending on the venue “The Jew happened. We let ’em run loose. BAD idea”.

    When Whites talk about “taking our country back” they mean living in White social mores. I point out that Cultural Marxism is the reasons are the way they are. Most folks are still with me, at this point. Then I point out exactly WHO The Cultura Marxists were/are. Then the real fun begins. Need I detail particulars?
    Now – I think it’s about pointing fingers. Differentiate between Whites Things (Rule of Law. White People generally like this) vs Jew Things (PC speech codes, fiat debt script, porn, sexual deviancy, open borders – The IRS and the NSA spy thing. Snowdon = principed and very brave White Man. NSA = Israel Jew Spy Lunacy)
    I point out the Good Things that Whites Do, and the Bad Things that Jews ALWAYS Do. I stay on message.

    Things are finally getting so crazy that my job is easier every day. I’ve had hilarious conversations, with Jews and Goyim Jew Worshippers, about the IRS/NSA thing. They’ve been gifts.Jews and their worshippers have said – SAID – to me, things like, “Just because it’s some Jews doesn’t mean it’s all Jews/Just because there are Jews involved doesn’t mean it has anything to do with Jews!” I literally laugh at them. I say, in variations, “But why is it always Jews?” The incohernet sputtering begins…the accusations…I mock every insult. The Holohoax card is invariably pulled out, when all else fails. I have a variety of reactions. “Prove it” is one
    Ball’s in theri court. They can’t. Some will provide “evidence”. I’ll point out “Errr…that’s a Jew saying that…” I refuse to allow their POV to be validated in ANY way.Also – this is fun – when the Holy Hoax is invoked, I’ll ask, “What are you talking about?” The Holocaust!!! AGGGHH! Much gnashing of teeth and breast beating and tearing of hair. I’m supposed to be chastened, and reverent
    . I’ll reply, “What are you talkng about?” “The Holocaust!!!!”. “Errr.. the Holocaust was a 1978 TV mini-series. Surely you know this?” – and then go, from there. You have to have fun with these things.

    We must de-mystify Jews. And I’m sorry – but simple, elemental messages WORK. Being White GOOD/Jews running loose, gaining power VERY VERY VERY BAD FOR EVER”. We do not have to be “fair” They aren’t. I’m not advocating killing, unlike them. Makng face the truth is a far worse punishment than killing ’em. But we must extract their poisoned tendrils from our soical orders. Period. Focusing on their economic wreckage will be more than enough.

  18. The Above was typed on an un-controlled Notepad. I have to learn how to work this thing. My laptop is possessed by demons.

  19. Heimbach is too soft on the Jews for some things, too hard for others. But his sentiment averages out correct. He’s 22, top of his class.

  20. Christianity has made Heimbach soft. He himself receives abuses from Jews firsthand, but wants to turn the other cheek.

    He correctly identifies many of the problems, but some of his conclusions are half-hearted.

    They’re not our enemies? Really? Let’s shake hands and break bread with people who want to turn every White nation in the world into a miscegenated third-world hellhole? If that doesn’t qualify as an enemy then what the hell does?

    I’m not Christian, but considering how Jews have historically been the biggest anti-Christians to ever exist, it’s really strange how so many Christians practically worship Jews. If anyone should hate Jews it should be Christians.

    As far as the “right” to a homeland, there’s no such thing. What, if we want a White nation we must then fight for everyone else, we must compromise with every other group and capitulate to their demands and help them? Nonsense, they still have control over you, you’re still a slave. Israel only exists because of the help from Whites, the same people they exploit, abuse and refuse to allow to have an ethnostate of their own. Without foreign aid and political and military protection Israel would be overwhelmed.

    If you think giving your enemies the white glove treatment that they’ll reciprocate, they won’t. Don’t be naïve. It’s a waste of time.

    If you dislike the word enemy, then use competitor. Jews and all other non-Whites are the biological competitors of Whites, always have been and always will be. Their very presence lowers our fitness and reduces our resources.

  21. I look forward to reading ” Wars of the Jews” by Jocephus. He starts out in the intro stating that the real reason the Jews lost their country was because of their fellow countrymen.

  22. Mark is correct so much as he skirts the Heroenrecht. That is the basis for forming states, not humanistic ‘rights.’ Israel was organized to make itself indispensable to great powers, it is a semi-subversive colony of BRA, much the same DPRK is of China. It is a frozen mutation of the old American settler/Crow state much like how DPRK is petrified maoism. There was no jewish “hero”, Jews gave up on heroes after Bar Kochba.

  23. Let’s assume the Jews are a problem. I think everyone here will agree that Jewish influence has been bad for us. What are we going to do about the problem?

    The most practical and fair solution is to deport them to whatever country will take them, same as with all the other non-Whites. They would likely go to the remaining liberal states of the Union or Canada, rather than Israel.

    Problem is, the same thing that happened to Germany, the liberal Allies, including Israel and Jews who some want to treat with a kind hand, would all attack the White ethnostate.

    There is no peaceful resolution to the problem, because our enemies don’t want a fair and equitable solution, they want total power and control.

  24. It’s not just that he’s got Jesus, he admits to being philo-Semitic prior to his racial awakening. Perhaps some of that still lingers.

    Anyway, he’s young, he’s still evolving and other than that he does good work.

  25. What are we going to do? I propose we deport them from the South as hostile alien culture vandals and subversives. Whether they are exiled to Israel or Yankeedom matters not to me. I’ll see y’all next weekend.

  26. If we deport Jews anywhere it has to be somewhere that we know will never be a future military power, that’s where the 19th century European anti-Semites made their error they shipped so many Jews to America that they took control of it and Europe and the rest of the world has been suffering ever since. I vote for Brazil it’s filled with mongrels already, it’s a mini version of what they want the whole world to look like so they should love being there, also let them keep Israel cause for one they have nukes and our prepared to use them and two if they lose Israel the whole Zionist go back to the return to the holy land movement.

  27. Subsaharan Africa is the most perfect fit.
    That way they can be as close as possible to their beloved schwartzes.
    Originally, the Zionists did have a plan to settle Uganda.
    So why not give them what they always wanted.

    Cannibalistic African savages could enjoy their new kosher cusine, too.
    Tastes just like albino, so they say…

    Deo Vindice

  28. I am a white who is unafraid to name the jew as our problem. Both Mark and Denise are correct. The Christian god is the same god the jews made up. Fake. If you really need a god I suggest Odin. At least whites made him up.

    Going after whites who are subservient to jews is like like trying to punch your opponent in a fistfight in the hand. I have always been a headhunter myself and jews are the “head” of whites problems.

    Denise, I kinda love you.

  29. I greatly respect Matthew Heimbach a lot — who doesn’t? — but disagree with these points in his essay.

    1) “The main problem is ourselves.” I’ve explained many times why this idea is egregiously wrong. No need to do it again.

    2) Does the usual. Criticizes WNists who excessively “name the Jew” without ever saying who they are or any evidence, citations, metrics for what’s too much, etc.

    It always works out this with people who take an “anti-Name the Jew” position.

    They never, in my experience, ever say who they are talking about. Michael O’Meara, a major nationalist intellectual, wrote an essay a couple of years ago criticizing what he perceived to be excessive anti-semitism in WNism without once saying who he was taking about it.

    3) BIGGEST problem. He seems to promote that idea that WNists, or people who support some form of a White Zion an in Europe “Europe for Euros,” ought to be for every group having a homeland and global ethno-nationalism.

    Although I don’t have citations at hand to back up this point, my impression based on reading articles and comments around the communities is that this idea is becoming influential in WNism.

    The idea is that “we are for every group having a homeland,” including ourselves. The problem with this line of thought should be startlingly obvious, and I’m dismayed at the number of people who either don’t realize it or don’t care.

    Specifically, other groups are for themselves and only for themselves. Jews are the prototype for being only for themselves, but every other group is too. In the brute struggle for survival, what other ethnic group thinks in terms of we are for ourselves and for others too? The answer is none. Other groups think in terms of their own ethnic interests first. So in struggles, groups that are for only themselves are going to have an advantage over groups that are not.

    When it comes to advancing white interests, Micheal Polignano reduces the main idea to a simple phrase: let’s take our own side. Conflicts of interest between ethnic groups are inevitable. When this happens, we white folks should take our own side just like other groups do.

    Unfortunately, we often seem capable of doing this. While other groups are for themselves and only for themselves, our emerging theory is that we need to be for everybody as well as for ourselves. Let’s get behind a homeland for everybody. It comes to the edge of Politically Correct WNism, essentially a major concession to the multi-cult frame.

    We can’t ever just take OUR side and leave it that.

    The potential consequences of accepting this idea are not purely an academic matter for endless debate in the comments either; in my experience, the people who endorse this “we are for everybody” global perspective usually end up spending energy writing about the fate of the Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians and others who have the same enemies white folks do. Instead of focusing only on the good for whites, they focus on these other groups too. David Duke is an example.

    Of course, these other ethnic groups do not ever give white folks even the slightest shred of sympathy in return. In Europe, Golden Dawn makes a point of offering open support for Hezbollah and Iran. How does Shia Iran pay them back? They call Golden Dawn “neo-nazi thugs,” using the language of Western Jewish media, on Iranian Press TV (the official Iranian network in English).

    Thus, in very real and provable ways that can be documented, this “we are for everybody” idea can lead to squandering time and resources on peripheral matters with peripheral defined as any activity not focused solely on the good for whites.

    The other problem with the “global” perspective has to do with metapolitics and education. Saying we are for a homeland for everyone muddles the message about what we are for — ourselves — by including “everybody” and the whole “globe” in the definition of the main objective. Not good.

    Reasonable people can disagree of course. I know many probably do. This is OK. But I’ve learned to trust my instincts. And based on my experience and instincts, I am 100% the “we are for everyone; let’s build movements around the globe” approach is a losing approach and not one that I am inclined to support. That’s just how I shake out on it. I understand again that reasonable disagree.

  30. Anyone who says “Name the Jew” is nothing but a tiresome broken record. For your information THE JEW HAS BEEN NAMED (and Elvis has left the building!) so we need to move on by dispensing with that idiotic mantra forever.

    Now, as to the solution. Learn this and learn it now: there is absolutely no way on earth to resolve the Jewish issue without bloodshed – only the degree of that bloodshed is up for debate. Anyone who thinks otherwise needs to get their skepticism addressed right now by stepping forward, front and center.

    I’m be waiting…

  31. Criticizes WNists who excessively “name the Jew”

    Nothing wrong with that. Some of the more monomaniacal people that scapegoat Jews for everything should be criticized, because that type of behavior actually delegitimizes accurate criticism of Jews that is based on reason and fact.

  32. Matt nails it! The Jews have always been the enemies of Christianity. The New Testament, The Church Fathers, and Jewish books such as Jewish Influence On Christian Reform Movements agree that Jews have always worked openly and covertly against the Christian faith.

    He’s also right about Jews needing Gentile help in gaining power and influence. In the Christian, Islamic, and pagan societies of the past, if they were denied access to education, banking , and politics, they were dead in the water, reduced to being rag-pickers and dealers in second hand goods. It is the fault of the white elite in all western countries that they have struck hands with the enemies of their own people and their own faith.

  33. The idea is that “we are for every group having a homeland,” including ourselves.

    If we’re talking about ancestral homelands, sure, go back to where you came from. However, if we start capitulating to their every whim, and they demand a portion of our country for themselves, that’s when we’ve got a problem especially when it comes to ancestral homelands in Europe.

    America would likely have to be partitioned, as there will be many White traitors who still want to have a BRA-style, Judeo-African liberal Union where we’s all be equal’n shit. We don’t have the means to control all Whites and take the entire country back. Going by recent political trends, it’s about a 40/60 split with anti-Whites and pro-Whites for the entire country.

  34. Nothing wrong with that. Some of the more monomaniacal people that scapegoat Jews for everything should be criticized, because that type of behavior actually delegitimizes accurate criticism of Jews that is based on reason and fact.

    I agree except I think the number of people who make discrediting statements is a lot smaller than people make it out to be. They pop up in blog comments from time-to-time. Some of the really crazy ones (Boston bombing was Mossad psyops) are probably trolls trying to discredit the issue. Among the WNists who write and influence opinion, the number who focus excessively on Jews is zero. It’s a non-existent problem.

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