Chicago Gang Book

What’s it like for solid, responsible White British Americans (WASPs) to lose political control in a great American city and experience terrible crime problems from immigrant and Black Gangs? Well my/our people lost power here in Chicago ~ 1911, the year prominent WASP business leaders founded the Chicago Crime Commission.

The Chicago Crime Commission has published an excellent book “The Gang Book”, documenting who’s who in Chicago street gangs ($30 The book focuses exclusively on street gangs, not Mafia/organized crime, international drug cartels or biker gangs. Thus, current Chicago street gangs are ~ 98% non White, with roughly equal numbers of Black and Hispanic/Latino gang members.

“The Gang Book” features ugly mug shots of the various Black and Latino gang members – documenting the gang histories, gang territories (maps included) gang signs, gang tattoos, gang colors and racial make-up of Chicago’s estimated 100,000 gang members – the most of any American city.

Here are some of the gangs now terrorizing Chicago:

Black Gangster Disciples (Not supposed to say this, but yeah, they’re “Black” and “gangsters”)

Black P Stone Nation – started in the late ’60s, with lots of ’60s Leftist slogans “Power to the People”, “to the Black Nation”.

Jeff Fort "power to the people"
Jeff Fort “power to the people”

Black P Stone leader Jeff Fort managed to tap in to LBJ’s Great Society Federal Funding, receiving more than $1 million in grants for inner city community organizing. “To establish a guise of philanthropy, he promised to use taxpayers’ money for the education of children and the expansion of jobs. Instead, the money helped finance organizational campaigns for gang recruitment, the purchase and sale of weapons and a terror campaign aimed at the small businessmen of the Chicago’s Woodlawn community” (The Gang Book, pg 32)

Jeff Fort managed to successfully run his gang from prison, where he tried to repackage the gang as an Islamic organization – “The El Rukns”. “In 1986, Fort, along with other high ranking El Rukns, was indicted for the attempted purchase of high-powered weapons from Libya, with the intent to commit terrorist acts against the United States government in conjunction with Moammar Gadhafi (The Gang Book, pg 33).”

Vice Lords (Blacks are in to “vice”)
12th Street players (not playing nicely with others)
Belizean Bloods (Belize/LA inspired gang – but Chicago tends to root for home team gangs)

Latin Angels
Latin Brothers Organization
Latin Counts
Latin Dragons
Latin Eagles
Latin Jivers
Latin Kings (largest Hispanic gang)
Latin Lovers
Latin Souls
Latin Stylers

(Chicago sounds like it’s in Latin America)

LaRaza (Mexican gang, flying Mexican flag, colors called “LaRaza – the RACE!” Isn’t that racist?

Saints (Hispanic gangs getting a little religion… not much)

Spanish Vice Lords
Spanish Gangster Disciples (Hispanic renames of Black gangs)

Insane Deuces
Insane Dragons

(Our immigration policies are “insane”).

The Gang Book states that there is one predominately White street gang – the Gaylords. Gaylords stands for “Great American Youth Love our Race Destroy Spics/Scum”. The gang was an Italian youth gang in the 1950s and evolved in to a White supremacist gang in the 1980s, but is largely defunct, with existing gang members aged over 50 years old.

The Chicago Crime Commission’s The Gang Book presents the brutal facts of life in the Chicago street gang world. It’s not politically correct – the Gang Book presents racial realities and the color of street gang crime in Chicago. Highly recommended.


  1. St. Louis had a similar book in the past, but I never really liked it.

    Interesting fact: St. Louis’s black gang bangers take their cues from the west coast bloods/crips imagery, while East St. Louis’s mirror Chicago’s. The reason is that ESL blacks do time in Illinois prisons where there are also Chicago’s blacks, and they picked up Chicago’s black gang banger imagery and brought it back to ESL. St. Louis’s blacks, however, paid more attention to movies like Colors. That goes to show you how immobile and parochial blacks tend to be: STL and ESL blacks are separated by only a river and a few miles, yet the gang symbolisms they adopt are practically a continent away.

  2. I saw the photo that you doctored above then decided to read further in to your mainly racist rhetorical attempt at propaganda.

    The main thing is that your photo of Jeff Fort is mark with the wrong slogan, he or his group were not Black Power.

    The gang book is such bias piece of crap I know several white gangsters, some even cops.

    One day someone is going to believe crap that is spewed from the mouth of swine like you.

  3. Also if you look up the facts it was Dick Nixon that showered money on Jeff Fort even invited him to his inauguration. You see, Jeff Fort is an extremist, autochthonous to you and your kind, right wing, have you figured that out yet the only difference between you and Fort is you nearly a just off the boat, Forts ancestor been in Mississippi since 1709; of course an idiot who has only copied a picture and few photos from the internet and the Chicago Crime Commission’s notoriously erroneous books may not even be able to even know when his potato chugging family got off the boat, let-alone accuratly research the past. Must be plenty of worms in the knoggin from all the old potatos, right pig?

  4. It’s a shame looking at what happened to Chicago. Bunch of blacks wrecked it. Now there is a bloody Israeli mayor. Total fugging disaster. Funny thing is that all the unionized teachers spewing the cultural Marxist BS about noble savages are having their pensions stripped to pay for niglette PreK and bussing.

    Fucking niggers ruin everything.

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