Florida League Protests American Atheists Monument


SNN has a podcast about the Florida League’s protest in Bradford County this weekend. The Blaze also has some coverage of this.

“We reject outsiders coming to Florida—especially from outside what we refer to as the Bible Belt—and trying to remake us in their own image,” said Michael Tubbs, state chairman of the Florida League of the South. “We do feel like it’s a stick in the eye to the Christian people of Florida to have these outsiders come down here with their money and their leadership and promote their outside values here.”

Note: IMO, this has less to do with religion than culture. It would never occur to me to go to a place like Vermont and attempt to aggressively impose my own culture there. I don’t see my own culture as the measuring stick for the entire world.

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  1. I liked your last selection better, Rudel. I will cease off-topic commenting now, and in any case it is getting late. Good night.

  2. Nice link, Mosin. Maddy Prior’s best work was with Steeleye Span.
    Her voice today is not what it was back then, but she’s still one of the finest female vocalists ever.

    Here she is singing an ancient Anglo-Scottish ballad that eventually formed the basis of Keat’s poem “La Belle Dame Sans Merci.”

    Deo Vindice

  3. I just read that story closely they don’t allow crosses on government land, because government and religion should be separate.

    Of course Menorahs and Atheism symbols are allowed. So we have yet another double standard from the people in power.

  4. Gayle says:
    Mosin, no, it really is about culture. Southerners are all about politeness and not sticking our noses into other people’s bidness….”

    Politeness, though, is about the REAL religion, (real christianity).

    The ARROGANCE of imposing your will on other of God’s people (as the New Jersey people do) is a MORTAL SIN.

    It’s a mortal sin— NOT BECAUSE it kills your own soul (although that, too). But because it kills OTHER PEOPLE. This may not be evident at first, but it will become so over time, where these people go.

    In my rural area, in the 60s, it was Catholic Activists who poured into small town protestant areas— it was the school systems, the anti-abort signs, whatever.

    And yes— one might have agreed with them more than with the left, as Dr. Pierce used to say—- BUT WHY WERE THEY THERE??????

    If they believe in DOING A GOOD DEED rather than saying a prayer (as even the atheist sign says) COULDN’T THEY FIND SOMEONE TO SAVE in freaking New jersey? LOL

    Why couldn’t the catholic activists who descended to “save” the “poor” appalachians and southerners (people their own policies had MADE POOR) —- why couldn’t they even see the crap-hole they hail from (um…Newark, Camden, well…the whole state really)

  5. Next time—

    The League should do real activism— and confront them about NEWARK and CAMDEN, (and well… the whole of the state they came from).

    If they are so into “good deeds”—– WHY ON EARTH GO TO a nice protestant town with no crime, etc.

    WHY DID THEY NOT STAY IN JERSEY—- where there is so much more opportunity for good deeds, since they live like dogs there?

  6. Oh, I’m sorry—

    But what a farce! The idea of ANYONE from New Jersey trying to do a good deed on Americans. LOL!

    I’m sure there a little something to fix in their own area, LOL

  7. PalmettoPatriot says:
    I agree with HW. You won’t find Southerners going to the Northeast and trying to build Christian monuments there….

    Of course you won’t. (because they’re not Arrogant sinner freaks like the new jersey people, and they know others exist, and respect that)

    —– But the point is NOT HOW MUCH MORE MORAL the southerner is, but to ATTACK the northern arrogance, and call it out for what it is. New Jersey is a toilet. Why are they traveling to nice places to bother nice people?

    This puts the whole LIE to everything they do. They are anti-protestant.

    They push their agenda in a protestant town FAR AWAY FROM WHERE THEY LIVE, where there are plenty of people they could minister to in Camden!

  8. I’ve now read most of the comments.

    This is not about ATHEISM, wake up.

    It is about FOREIGNERS in your territory, right?

    Just quickly ask: “LMAO! You couldn’t find anything to fix in CAMDEN!!!!!!!!” YOU COME to a nice, orderly, safe town to do a good deed of a little ROCK MOMUMENT, LMAO!!! Nothing in NEWARK!!!!”

    Laugh at them.

    And do NOT LET THEM HAVE THEIR WAY and make it about “atheism.”

    It is not really about atheism.

  9. New Jersey is a terrible place, and it’s migrating HERE now! Long, long ago it was truly “the garden state” perfect for nearly all kinds of agriculture.

  10. “Crap-hole… Live like dogs…. Laugh at them.”

    The federal government has next to no presence in Hunterdon. In fact, tax dollars generally don’t flow into Hunterdon County, instead they flow out. The county has long had some of the nation’s highest median state property taxes.

    “There are no federal facilities here,” says Robert Walton, director of the Hunterdon County Board of Chosen Freeholders. “From a state tax standpoint, we get about 6 cents per dollar returned to the county—we pay so much in income tax.”

    Where do you live, Dixiegirl?

  11. Dixiegirl seems to have the right “sense of life” to really interpret southerness on this blog.

  12. as Dr. Pierce used to say

    Next time you try to play the “true Christian” card don’t let slip you’re a fan of an anti-Christian “Cosmotheist.”

  13. The reason why the South always loses is due to the fact that it is always on the defensive. Offense wins wars.

    The proper response by the SNN is NOT to complain about this but to retaliate by sponsoring a confederate monument in New Jersey…and when asked why, they should point to this. Such an action would do three things 1. discredit this as a religion issue 2. discourage Yankees from doing this again (or more Robert E. Lee monuments go up) 3. encourage our people seek out weak Yankee targets of our own – we should be going to Vermont to impose our culture; it is clear that “we only want to be left alone” will not work.

  14. “American Atheists President David Silverman said that the organization has plans for 50 more monuments at public sites across the country”

    When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Turn this to an advantage: put up confederate monuments next to those. When asked why, point to the original offense – they started it. It would also encourage our people to separated from this evil empire. No more Union = no more Silvermans, Silversteins, Silvers, Silberbergs, Goldbergs, Wall Streets, or Moneybags.

  15. This could actually be a bonanza for your side if played properly. In other words, take action and be on the offensive – don’t just sit around and complain.

    For example, have one of your organizations (SNN, etc.) place a confederate monument next to each of their monuments, waiting for them to make the first move in each instance. Every time you place a monument, you will have the excuse of retaliation. There will be no excuse they can use to keep one (theirs) while removing the other (yours). And if they do try to prevent or remove your monument, sue them in federal court. If you lose, it will become blatantly obvious that you are being discriminated against; it will weaken federal authority over you in these matters.

    This will justify nullification efforts in the states to remove their monuments, and in the process, replace them with you own.

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