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  1. Now everyone do me a favor and stop throwing food at each other.

    Do yourself a favor and ban the trolls who constantly lie and provoke others. You’re allowing a problem to be created and then complain about the result, it’s very irresponsible.

  2. Hör nicht auf sie, sie weiss nicht, was sie tut, sie spinnt.

    I like the new anti-racist Hitler so much better than the old one.
    He is much more effective and he upsets the SPLC so.

    Deo Vindice

  3. Here ya go Mark. Get out the tissues

    Were you dropped on your head as a child or is it congenital?

    Who needs niggers with retards like you. Arguing with illogical nitwits like you who repeatedly lie and create straw-man arguments is no different than with niggers.

    It’s common knowledge that the majority of the black population is in the South, you mouth-breathing moron. No one ever disputed that, do you recall when I mentioned the Black Belt.

    Your initial argument of comparing Detroit to the South was totally wrong.

    You’re a waste of oxygen.

  4. I like the new anti-racist Hitler so much better than the old one.

    Dissimulation/Taqiyyah/Machiavellianism/doublespeak are all Semitic and feminine personality traits, Hitler would never use them as he was Germanic and masculine.

  5. “You’re a waste of oxygen.”

    You catch on fast, Mark. The snapping turtle is a case study in sociopathy.

    Deo Vindice

  6. 313Chris,

    My impression of ethnomasochism is in part due to the fact that I’ve attended too many Tea Party rallies. Yeah, I was a Lee Greenwood singing patriotard once. I’ve moved beyond that, but the residual effects on my mind are still there. Tea Partiers are horrendously awful ethnomasochists.

    Also, I fully understand the danger of using the red/blue state dichotomy as a proxy for determining which Whites are normal and which Whites are ethnomasochists, but if even Greg Johnson can see the difference…

    ” if every Democratic voter dropped dead, my own family would be more than decimated, but society would go on. It would definitely be more orderly and more prosperous, although it would also be drab and hideously uptight.”


    …than I’d say the red/blue dichotomy is a good proxy. Not all Whites who vote Democrat are ethnomasochists, and not all Whites who vote Republican are crypto pro-White sympathizers. That said, here are the stats:

    -76% of White atheists in Michigan voted for Barry the Kenyan

    -65% of White Protestants in Michigan voted for Mittens

    -74% of White Born-Again Christians in Michigan voted for Mittens


    Where I live, there are a ton of White atheists and agnostics, hence the ethnomasochism I referred to.

    That said, my deceased Polish grandfather, who lived in Hamtramck, basically had the same racial views as you do. So I have no doubt that Whites who live in that area are race-conscious. And the rest of the state has a lot of potential IMO. It’s White and it’s rural or exurban. A good combination.

  7. “Dissimulation/Taqiyyah/Machiavellianism/doublespeak are all Semitic and feminine personality traits, Hitler would never use them as he was Germanic and masculine.”

    I am not so sure der Fuehrer is the best example of German manhood. You do know about his original homosexual NSDAP buddies, his lifelong “bachelorhood,” and his poo poo fetish, don’t you?

    But then a nation that boasts of such paragons of manliness as King Frederick the Great of Prussia and Mad King Ludwig II of Bavaria may not be the best place to find a good example of masculinity.

    Deo Vindice

  8. I know where you live.

    I’m not a vile Anti Fa TROLL, who uses homo terminology, for women. So I don’t try to threaten to out people.

    Speaking of outing – why don’t you invite Ice Jew, Marc-ie, for a little visit. You can take them to one of the many popular gay bars you frequent, in New Hope.

    If they can’t find you – I’ll provide directions.

  9. Seriously though, the only reason I recommend anonymity is so that an employer cannot google your name and not hire you because of it.

    other than that, you shouldn’t be anonymous – eg your facebook page. If you are afraid of being outted and your fear isn’t connected to your employment, then you are probably a troll.

  10. Similar to Chris’s map (above) this one http://www.valpo.edu/geomet/pics/geo200/pct_black.pdf also shows the indelible mark of the Talmudic pursuit of “immense wealth” and power — using Africans — across most of the southern states.

    In the northern states, non-founding white groups such as Irish http://www.valpo.edu/geomet/pics/geo200/pct_irish.pdf Slavs http://www.valpo.edu/geomet/pics/geo200/pct_polish.pdf and Italians http://www.valpo.edu/geomet/pics/geo200/pct_italian.pdf were imported for the same purpose.

    The census bureau doesn’t seem to have statistics on the Welsh, but it is still a large component of the white population above and below the Line, and we believe that Pennsylvania still has the largest Welsh-ancestry population of any state.

    “42.8 million people (15 percent of the population) considered themselves to be of
    German (or part-German) ancestry, the most frequent response to the census question” http://www.census.gov/prod/2004pubs/c2kbr-35.pdf But the reported German percentage would be even higher were if not for the demonising of German-ness since the early twentieth century and the growing popularity of the vague, non- response “American” especially in the southern states.

  11. IceJew – trying to out people is the first sign of an Anti Fa troll.

    It’s not “fear”. It’s simply REALLY bad form. It’s appallingly bad behavior, in any type of venue. People have loads of reasons for doing what they do.

    I’ve contacted professional people, regarding racial/social issues. Including those who are on an “opposing side”. I know who they are; they know who I am. Including Da Guv’ment. Any person worthy of serious consideration just does NOT do things like that.

  12. I don’t do that, you cretin. I have NEVER done that to any-one.

    YOU do that. YOU post your address, if you don’t care.

    You are absolutely despicable.

  13. Correction: “The census bureau doesn’t seem to have statistics….” in the third paragraph above was meant to read: “The census bureau doesn’t seem to have accurate statistics….” The official figure is about two million and less than 1% but we know that is inaccurate.

    The comment is still awaiting moderation for multiple links.

  14. I don’t want to “out” you.

    I want your husband to assert some control over you so we need no longer suffer your presence.

  15. State your full name if you have any balls, Mark. You too, “Apuleius”. Almost everyone else here has at some point. Then I might consider taking what you two cowards have to say seriously.

  16. “It’s appallingly bad behavior, in any type of venue.”

    Given your past remarks, not so sure you’re the best judge of appallingly bad behavior.
    Don’t play with a puppy if you don’t want to get licked in the face.

    Deo Vindice

  17. Tell me about all the pro-White venues you’ve attended. We ought to have met, somewhere along the way….who do you know?

    Tell me who you KNOW.

  18. “so we need no longer suffer your presence”

    Yesterday I believe you were calling on Hunter to ban DixieGirl, and I haven’t seen a comment by Clytemnestra since she was attacked here. Insulting and driving away female commenters will not benefit Hunter’s blog. DixieGirl, for example, seems to explain the southern feminine viewpoint excellently here, and Clytemnestra is a good writer even if she “goes out on a limb” sometimes.

  19. I want your husband to assert some control over you so we need no longer suffer your presence.

    You don’t seriously think someone took a lifelong oath with that do you? LMAO… oh damn, I can’t stop laughing.

  20. more importantly denise, who was a budding technical graduate into a down economy (2008) with an ethnic last name, and who were older people who own their own businesses and/or don’t work.

  21. You can LEAVE this blog You needn’t suffer my presence, here, or anywhere. I certainly have not ever endured yours, in person.

    Why are you here, seemingly 24/7?’

    Why are you ALWAYS going after the women? Attacking and insulting the women.

    Aren’t you going to start your own all-male blog? You seem to really prefer that sort of environment.

  22. Apuleius says:
    July 4, 2013 at 2:29 am

    ‘But then a nation that boasts of such paragons of manliness as King Frederick the Great of Prussia and Mad King Ludwig II of Bavaria may not be the best place to find a good example of masculinity.’

    I’m sure the German contributors to this site appreciate your sentiments toward them and their ancestors.

  23. IceJew – I never outed, or threatened, to out anybody. That was little No Testosterone’s/No Credibility’s little threat.

  24. I despise northern “pro-whites”, is this a secret? If I could snap my fingers and transform the stick-dwellers that lay siege to SWPL areas into Mexicans, I probably would.

    Southerners are a real people with culture and faith. Anything that conflates them with northern pro-whites undermines their uniqueness and is reprehensible. If you can’t afford to segregate in the North, try a helium hood.


    I can verify she is married.

  25. Holy crap, no wonder we can’t anything serious started. We can’t even agree on who is white enough, or non-jew enough, or heterosexual enough, or southern enough to be a legitimate member of any nationalist, southern or otherwise, movement. Good job. Way to act like children. White people are doomed.

  26. I can verify she is married

    That poor son of a bitch must be a vegetable and on a lot of medication.

  27. my comments were related to people i’ve outed.

    they were older people who either weren’t working or owned their own businesses.

    and they were people who conspired to out me, when I was a young, upcoming graduate in a technical field and a 2008 recession.

  28. Mosin, grab your nads and bring that woman to heel. If you aren’t too scared of her, that is. Then you can come back here and lecture us on Colossians 3:18.

    Piss off, Chris. I don’t generally share my personal information with low trash like you.
    Your so-called “bravery” is less than impressive, snapping turtle.

    You lack any semblance of honor let alone any degree of understanding. Low animal cunning is not a substitute for intelligence. Your malice and idiotic remarks bring nothing more than discredit upon yourself.

    Deo Vindice

  29. Holy crap, no wonder we can’t anything serious started.

    First of all, you are a really ignorant person if you think everyone on the internet is going to act appropriately, the internet is full of trolls.

    Secondly, the internet is not real life. All of the people, Denise, Chris, and the rest of the trolls would be dealt swift justice in person if they acted the way they do on here.

    Thirdly, and most relevant to our discussions here, Hunter needs to implement standards of behavior, and ban all liars and trolls. He allows people to repeatedly lie, defame and troll, and then acts like people should just go along with that type of behavior without protest.

  30. I’m not afraid of any woman, “Apuleius”. Nor am I intimidated by any of you, technically biologically male, Southronist “women”.

    Watch out.

  31. “Mosin…bring that woman to heel”

    Are you calling for me to join you now? Aren’t the gang of five or six of you, together, capable of doing it? This blog is becoming a waste of time. Sorry, I leave you to your own devices.

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