The Meaning of Independence Day

In Washington, DC, the U.S. celebrates the dependency of the states on the central government
In Washington, DC, the U.S. celebrates the dependency of the prostrate states on the central government


I hate July the 4th.

I consider it the single worst day in our entire history as a people. It was on this day in 1776 that the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. In revolting against the British Empire, our ancestors began the process of transferring their allegiance to the ideology and institutions that rule us today.

The original Southern Nationalists like Rhett and Yancey celebrated the memory of July the 4th as an act of secession. In a longer view of history, the American Revolution severed our ties to a more distant and less intrusive government, severed the Southern colonies from the British West Indies, undermined slavery and set the stage for abolition in North America and the Caribbean, and institutionalized Americanism as the reigning ideology in our national government.

If we had never revolted in 1776, we would have eventually gained our independence without a fight like Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Alternatively, if the British had succeeded in defeating the Revolution in the Southern colonies, a small and impoverished American Republic might have emerged in New England, which would have been contained to the eastern seaboard by loyalist Canada, New York, and Dixie.*

In this scenario, the British Empire would have remained focused on North America and wouldn’t have shifted toward Asia and Africa in the 19th century. Instead of being divided by the American Revolution, Britain would have retained all of its plantation colonies in the Treaty of Paris, and the power of the slave interest in Britain would have been further magnified by the rise of the Cotton Kingdom and the seizure of the French West Indies and Spanish West Indies from New England’s allies.

Abolitionism in Britain would have been defeated. By extension, abolitionism would have been defeated in France, Spain, Portugal, and the Netherlands, as only Portuguese Brazil would have been left standing among non-British slave societies in the Golden Circle. The events of the French Revolution would not have devastated the Caribbean because Saint-Domingue would have become a British colony in 1783.

The United States (Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine) would never have dominated the North American continent, the Western Hemisphere, and by extension, the rest of the Western world. Instead, Yankees would have been contained to New England where their “City on a Hill” would have become the Portugal of North America.

The Declaration of Independence with its famous claim about the equality of all men would have become a forgotten document after Jefferson’s execution for treason: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” 

The Federalist Papers with their lies about the distribution of power between the federal government and the state governments would have become forgotten U.S. propaganda after Madison’s execution for treason: “The powers delegated by the proposed Constitution to the federal government are few and defined. Those which are to remain in the State governments are numerous and indefinite.”

In the Southern colonies, the traditional view of things that it is self-evident that all men are not created equal, that all men do not have certain inalienable rights, and that important distinctions exist between races and classes of men which ought to be recognized and left undisturbed in law and custom would have remained the prevailing belief system under British monarchical institutions.

Were it not for July the 4th, we wouldn’t have had to fight and lose the bloodiest war in our history to reestablish this principle. A vast buffer state based on New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania would have emerged that would have separated us from Yankee influence and domination of our national government.

The South would be better off today if the American Revolution had been defeated here in 1783. Not only would there be more “liberty,” we could be celebrating our “independence” from the United States, its Jacobin ideology, and the negro president who presides over its failed institutions and vast centralized government.

* In light of all the trouble the United States would later cause for the British Empire, King George III and Britain would have been much better off just giving the Yankees their independence.

Update: Conrad Black has an interesting article on the American Revolution in National Review.

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  1. @Apuleius

    “Well you have knack for getting things backward, don’t you? Southern nationalism existed long before the fantasy known as WN.”

    – No, “Southern Nationalism” only goes back to about Reconstruction. It was only
    the Reconstruction experience that more or less politically unified the former rebel states. Meanwhile, white people in the North were rioting and attacking and killing niggers before the Civil War had even concluded. White racialism has existed in America since day 1, when early colonists were under constant assault Indian savages. So once again, you’re wrong.

    “What’s the dominant culture of your white nation and where did it originate?

    – English-speaking, politically center-right, nominally Christian but realistically secular, born from Anglo-Saxon Protestant culture, but actually reflects a unique fusion of a couple dozen different European nationalities.

    “What does the flag of your white nation look like?

    – 13 horizontal rows of alternating red and white stripes, with a blue quarter in the upper left corner with white five-point stars on it. I’m sure you’ve seen it at some point — it’s flown over every Southern state for over 150 years 🙂

    “What’s the cuisine like?”

    – Tastes vary from city to city, but I’ll be damned if Detroit doesn’t have the best coastal Mediterranean fare this side of the Atlantic!

    “Exactly where is your white nation located?”

    – Roughly between latitudes 25 & 70 North, and longitudes 65 & 125 West.

    “I can’t seem to find it on a map anywhere.”

    – That’s because you’ve obviously had a psychotic break from reality.

    “I can find Dixie easy enough.”

    – Then it to me on an official world map dated 2013.

    Funny that you would bring up my national anthem, considering how “Dixie”, the accepted anthem of your non-existent country, was actually first a minstrel tune, performed in blackface, which sings from the perspective of a runaway nigger slave who yearns for his old life back HOME in your “white nation”, lol.

  2. @Palmetto

    No, true. I read your article, and what you wrote about doesn’t qualify as the sort of pan-regional nationalism that Apuleius claims to have pre-dated white racial consciousness in America. What you wrote about wasn’t “Southern nationalism”, but rather one guy — Rhett — and a few disgruntled South Carolinians trying to stir up trouble over some tariffs they felt they were above paying. That’s not organic nationalism by a long shot.

  3. Good article, Palmetto. The influence and oratory of one man, Rhett, appear to have been extremely powerful.

    “In November of that year South Carolina nullified the tariff, ruling the law unconstitutional and preventing it from being enforced within the State’s borders. The Palmetto State began military preparations to defend itself from a Federal attack while Congress passed a Force Bill authorising military action against South Carolina to impose the tariff. A last minute compromise prevented the State’s secession and war between the South Carolina and the Federal Government.”

    Imagine what would happen if one or more of our states would nullify on such a scale today. We should have elected a commander-in-chief who is constitutionally-minded and would refuse to send in troops on principle, rather than voting for a pro-military Neocon or other tool of the Elites.

  4. and just threw a glossy coat of Rebel Grey #10 </i

    This is a hearty obsevervation and warrants a substantial response from team southron.

  5. Chris, I have no doubt that no matter what amount of evidence I present (such as William Gilmore Sims’ recomendation in the 1850s to ‘Let all your game lie in the constant recognition and assertion of a Southern nationality’) will be characterised by you as ‘disgruntled’ people who didnt want to pay their taxes. The thing you may not want tomconsider is that while there is no American ethnicity, culture or nationality there is a very real Southern nationality and culture).

  6. Here is freedom for you

    I can walk into a pharmacy and get what I need without the added step and expense of going to a doctor

    No helmet law when on my motorcycle, no special permit required for driving a motorcycle.

    No legal agency pondering how you raise your child, telling you how to school them or not. No hassling your child when his test answer is evolution is bullshit.

    In fact no shunning of dissenting opinions of any sorts. Even those who miss the Good old days of communism. That’s real freedom of speech. Course folks will shun you if your an asshole about your dissent.

    No paper work to buy a suppressor, just walk in, lay down the cash and walk out…. in a lot of ways, firearms are more popular here then the usa. Less “gun nuts” with large collections (so far) more folks with a gun or two. Lot of family guns on display, sort of a pride thing that they kept them safe during the communist days. Hunting sucks, shooting contest are weekend events all over the place, ( ham shoots vs Turkey shoots, but otherwise same same) and packed with spectators (family members most likely) Results are carried in the news paper and on tv. Some places suppressor are required for shooting and hunting. Concealed carry permit allows you to carry anywhere expect political events. Can carrying into a bank, court house or bar, but not into a politicians office or rally ( was told this is a hold over from when marxists were trying to get them to go back and folks think it will change). Same kind of registration as most Southron States, no paper work for face to face sales, and paper work when buying from dealer.

    Concealed carry permits are difficult to get as in you really have to prove yourself with firearms, but easier to get regarding back ground checks. I would say in my case, no back ground check at all since they only checked their records and not back in the usa. It’s the highest level of permit, but I don’t yet understand how we classify weapons, since all you need is cash and look like your over 18 to buy guns, but once you have it you can buy any other class of weapon. Which is why it took me so long. You have to pass all three permit classes on your way to concealed carry. Each permit is two weeks of classes and demonstrating you can handled a weapon safely. The onky “weird” thing so far is ammo. No hollow points. The cool thing is, ballistics tips are not explicitly banned and the way things work here, anything not flat out banded is legal.

    No law against making moonshine and giving it away. My new neighbours want me to get a still going to compare what I make to their local batches. Laws here regarding booze are much better, and boils down to, don’t cause problems. Cops are more likely to give you a set lumps and a night in jail vs actually arresting you, sending you to court etc and making you miss work, spend money on fees, lawyers etc. Lots of folks would call it police brutality, but it’s really a kindness as it doesn’t cost men jobs, lost wages and the like. Going through the legal system is for real criminals vs the occasional screw up.

    No violent crime to speak of. property crime and stuff like pick pocketing is probably more common, but violent crime is almost unheard of. You have no idea how liberating it is when you don’t have those kinds worries for your family. BIG jail time for breaking into a house when someone is home.

    Celebrities don’t have their carer ended when they speak the truth about jews and the like. These people are jew wise. Denise would be in heaven.

    I can choose my tenants, no law against discriminating of any kind. In fact rational discrimination is encouraged at all levels of society and government. 30 days late and you can boot the tenants ( customary to give them longer)

    In fact the customs here are like the law, so you do not need hollow words by politicians or words written on paper to ensure your rights ( though my new home has those things)

    No preferences in family court. No alimony, child support or the like. Default child custody is 50/50 ( every other week is the norm) so a man is free to marry.

    No crazy ads violence against women act where you can be tossed out of your home on her say so.

    no stupid games about school zone districts and the like. If there is room, and you’re willing to drive, your child can go to any public school you wish.

    Beautiful White children everywhere.

    Smaller, simpler tax code, less traffic laws, fewer total laws then the usa. The police here are not default hostile ( outside of political rallies. They keep a tight rein on them)

    The greatest freedom of all is being free of yankees.

    Yea the usa is not that special, nor particularly free, but they do like to think so. Folks are living on the misconceptions of the past and not in the reality of today.

  7. Sounds dandy, I guess. Of course, I can do all that right here in Michigan too, and I already speak the language. But whatever blows your hair back, right?

    Pax vobiscum, Stonelifter:

  8. You are a delusional 313

    You cannot get meds from a pharmacy without 1st going to see a doctor

    Paula what’s her name lost her job and book deal for saying nigger

    Homeschool families face all kinds of problems

    You have to go to the school your school board says

    Divorce laws are what they are.

    Crime rate is completely different

    Whites are decreasing in birth rate

    You have to have a federal stamp to get a suppressor

    Wrong wrong and wrong again

  9. @stonelifter

    Dobriy vyecher, ma nigga! Ok, where to start…

    “You are delusional 313”

    – …but at least I don’t have move to another to country to keep the money I earn!

    “You cannot get meds from a pharmacy without first seeing a doctor.”

    – True. But I haven’t been to a doctor in years, and honestly can’t remember the last time I ever took medicine for anything. I’m healthy as a horse, so I disqualify myself from this argument.

    “Paula what’s her name lost her job and book deal for saying nigger.”

    – Correction — she lost that shit for ADMITTING she said nigger. She shoulda just told them all to get bent and played coy.

    “Homeschool families face all kinds of problems.”

    – No they don’t. Homeschooling and now K-8 online schooling are fast on the rise in America.

    “You have to go to the school your school board says.”

    – This was true 20 years ago when I was in high school, but it seems to me that many school districts are more accommodating to out-of-district students these days. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

    “Divorce laws are what they are.”

    – So sign a prenup and always have a good lawyer. Problem solved.

    “Crime rate is completely different.”

    – That’s because you don’t have many niggers. Yet.

    “Whites are decreasing in birthrate.”

    – Actually the white birthrate in America, while certainly lower than it was decades ago, has remained pretty stable in the past few years. We still have a white population of nearly 200 million. Beat that.

    “You have to have a federal stamp to get a suppressor.”

    – True. And you have to waive your Fourth Amendment right, I think. But you’re a guest in a foreign land, Stonelifter. The government of whatever country in which you now reside, can come and disarm you on a whim if they ever feel like it.

    “Wrong wrong and wrong again.”

    – Enjoy your golden years in, uh..where was it you say you moved..?

  10. …having protected most of the ZOG blood money, which nothing good can come of in the long term. At least Judas threw his back.

  11. It’s hard to say if the British Empire would have held on to chattle Slavery had only New England Seceded after 1833. All Empire’s eventually abolish it in their colonies as they are far away from home meaning that chattle slavery is inevitably seen as something to be overcome for political gains. Just as it was up North, it is sold to the masses with emotionalism. Once Britian could live without West Indies colonial sugar it’s colonies were turned African. The same would have happened in the South maybe after 1833 but as I stated before it’s hard to say. The South needed total Freedom just not an alliance with the Yankee nation. What we should have done was form our own Confederation between the Southern States and Virginia not ceded it’s land Northwest of the Ohio river. That would have bottled up a North who would have been powerless to prevent it. I look at July 4th as a wonderful thing, I look at the Articles of Confederation as the mistake.

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