The Scarlet Letter: Leftwing McCarthyism In Amurrica


Help me compile the black list:

Update: As I predicted on Facebook, the groveling has already begun: “Years ago, I was a radio host whose job was to provoke and inflame,” Hunter said. “I abhor racism and I have never advocated anything other than equal protection under the law for all people.”

– Jason Richwine (dropped by Heritage Foundation)
– Peter Brimelow (dropped by National Review)
– John Derbyshire (dropped by National Review for The Talk: Non-Black Version)
– Joe Sobran (dropped by National Review for naming the Jew)
– Revilo P. Oliver (dropped by National Review for naming the Jew)
– Glenn Beck (dropped by FOX News)
– Robert Weissberg (dropped by National Review for attending Amren conference)
– Paula Deen (dropped by Food Network for saying “nigger” in the 1980s during an armed robbery)
– Imus (dropped by MSNBC for “nappy-headed hos” comment)
– Lou Dobbs (dropped by CNN for anti-amnesty television show)
– Pat Buchanan (dropped by MSNBC for writing Suicide of a Superpower)
– Jared Taylor (non-person for innumerable thought crimes)
– Sam Francis (dropped by Washington Times)
– James Watson (most famous biologist in the world dropped from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory for saying “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours—whereas all the testing says not really.”)
– Rick Sanchez (dropped by CNN for naming the Jew)
– Mel Gibson (The Passion of the Christ and naming the Jew)
– Roan Garcia-Quintana (dropped by Nikki Haley campaign)
– Steve Sailer (too smart for National Review)
– John Stortstrom (associating with Amren and Commander Heimbach)

OD readers are filling in some blanks:

– M.J. Rosenberg (criticizing Israel too harshly)
– John Rocker (criticizing diversity)
– Dog The Bounty Hunter (racism)
– Michael Richards (racism)
– Sen. Trent Lott (said nice things about Strom Thurmond on his birthday)
– Dr. Laura Schlessinger (racism)
– Jimmy The Greek Snyder (dumped by CBS Sports)
– Frank Borzellieri (associating with Amren)
– Richard Spencer (dropped by The American Conservative?)
– Kevin Lamb (dropped by Human Events)
– Scott McConnell (dropped by New York Post)
– Mel Bradford (criticized Abraham Lincoln)
– Sen. George Allen (macaca moment)
– Ann Coulter (dropped by National Review)
– Hank Jr. (dropped by Monday Night Football)
– Helen Thomas (naming the Jew)
– Bobby Fischer (naming the Jew)
– Rush Limbaugh (dropped by some advertisers for calling Sandra Fluke a slut)
– Emma West (average woman arrested, prosecuted, and diagnosed as mentally ill for her tram experience)
– Paul Fromm (general thought crime)

Who am I missing?

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  1. “I am disappointed that Jack Hunter has chosen to backtrack and concede to the PC Rightthink Police rather than fight back, but that said, now is not the time for anti-PC forces to attack Jack. Now is the time for us to attack the PC Beast that is attacking him. We can attempt to drag Jack back to paleodom after we have countered the PC Cultural Marxists Gestapo.”

    Never heard of Jack Hunter until now. As in all who fell in the struggle. Stand united, regardless. Otherwise it’s easy picking for the opposition.

  2. Derbyshire was hung out to dry for writing truthfully about black behavior.
    ‘The Talk: Nonblack Version’ Examples of fallout below.

    For completeness’ sake, we present a representative sampling of responses from authors and journals spanning the mainstream political spectrum, from progressive to super-progressive:

    “racist” (The Atlantic)
    “racist nonsense” (Forbes)
    “racist trash” (former National Review colleague Ramesh Ponnuru)
    “dated racial stereotypes” (The Atlantic)
    “shockingly racist… tired racist stereotyping… horrifying diatribe” (Gawker)
    “bizarre and offensive piece… disturbing advice… downright crazy talk” (Twitchy)
    “the hideous monstrosity that is John Derbyshire’s deeply racist mind” (Gawker)
    “antiblack ravings… just rudeness” (US News)
    “Please, Lord, tell me that this is a joke” (New York Daily News)
    “National Review must fire John Derbyshire” (Forbes)
    “if NRO doesn’t fire Derbyshire a blot beyond measure” (Mother Jones)
    “National Review needs to fire John Derbyshire. Immediately” (RB of The Right Sphere)
    “fundamentally indefensible and offensive” (former NR colleague Jonah Goldberg)
    “nasty and indefensible… constitutes a kind of letter of resignation” (former NR colleague Rich Lowry)

    Best of all, Sally Kohn of ColorLines, a Jewish Marxist lesbian and therefore quite possibly the most progressively progressive progressive ever, described Derbyshire’s article as follows: “either insanely ignorant or willfully obnoxious… hateful stereotypes… a load of bulls***… lies… conservative fascists… hell-bent on rationalizing their hatred.”

    The Australian Broadcasting Corporation was more restrained: “a perfect example of why Australia needs racial vilification laws.” Well, obviously.

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