White Renegade of the Year Nominee Paul Ryan

Wishing Wisconsin and the South Were Like Chicago Gangland.
Wishing Wisconsin and the South Were Like Chicago Gangland.

I was a bit hasty favoring Libertarian, conspiracy theory idiot/traitor Rand Paul as this year’s White Majority renegade of the year. There are many other terrible traitors in contention.

Today, I’m nominating Wisconsin Congressman and failed Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan. Like Libertarian true believer Rand Paul, Paul Ryan insists that mass non White, unskilled third world immigration is somehow “good for America” and actually good for balancing the Federal budget, good for revitalizing our economy and even good for the Republican Party and the Conservative “movement” – provided of course that Conservatives stop being “racist” and we make some minor free market adjustments to government entitlement programs and negotiate more free trade agreements with Central America, Haiti, Pakistan and Bangledesh, Nigeria, Somalia etc.

Not content with losing us the Presidential election by alienating blue color White workers (Reagan Democrats) with his anti union Libertarian wonkery (Ryan couldn’t even carry his own WI state), Paul Ryan is looking to lose us the US House of Representatives by teaming with Lib Min Dems (White haters) Luis Gutierrez, Chuck Schumer, the Black Congressional Caucus to push through amnesty for 11-20 million illegals and open the floodgates to ~ 30 million low skilled non White “legal” immigrants in the next ten years.

Let me say right now that our calls and letters to immigration “conservative” traitors, have had solid success, Rand Paul back peddled, the entire White South besides flaming queer RINO, Neo Con Lindsey Graham is fighting this immigration treason bill.

Now we have to do the same with traitor Paul Ryan:

Put his feet to the fire, publicly “out him” as an idiot traitor, make an example out of him, make him a pariah, have his congressional staff and fellow “Conservative” Congressmen shun him, force him to get a low paying real job rubbing elbows with Latrino gang bangers etc.

Let’s make the calls, e-mails against Paul Ryan.

Here are links to Wilmot Robertson’s Instauration Magazine White Majority Renegades of the Year, most of the featured articles are on pg 6:

1985 GOP House Majority Leader Newt Gingrich

1986 Indiana Senator Dick Lugar

1987 Joint prize – White government/ADL/SPLC informants such as Glen Miller

1988 US Secretary of State George Schultz

1989 Once strong White political adviser Lee Atwater

1990 “Conservative” TV talking head George Will

1991 Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards

1992 “Conservative” TV talking head II Fred Barnes

1993 Hillary Rodham Clinton (Poor choice – see my letter next month)

1994 Jack Kemp and William Bennett (Very good choices)

1995 OJ Simpson attorney F. Lee Bailey

1996 Fidel Castro (strange call, shows Wilmot Robertson getting a bit old – Castro isn’t a renegade to White British American majority – plus it’s way in the past 1960)

1997 Last White American media owner Ted Turner (excellent choice)

1998 Al Gore (Kind of lame choice, all White American Vice Presidents are lame)


  1. Agreed.

    Derek Black is now in top running for White majority renegade of the year… Lot’s of competition for does the worst to take the 30 pieces of silver.

  2. Paul Ryan couldn’t even help Romney win his own county in Wisconsin. I have more or less given up on politics but free-market economics and amnesty is poison to the old Reagan Democrats of Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, New Jersey and other places.

    The GOP is dead at the national level not just due to demographics but to their own stupidity.

  3. Jack, I take it you and Paul Ryan aren’t related.

    Paul Ryan couldn’t even win his own Congressional district for Romney, even though he himself won another term in Congress on the same day.

    Though I don’t give Paul Ryan much in the way of libertarian chops — He has to be the biggest spending “libertarian” in the history of the concept. Then again, Libertarianism Inc has become so dumbed down that all it cares about anymore is flinging the borders wide open to please the big money contributors (e.g. Koch) to Libertarian Inc think tank stink tanks.

    Whatever Paul Ryan is or isn’t, or whatever label you do or don’t want to attach to him, anyone who wants open borders isn’t getting any vote of mine.

  4. “Whatever Paul Ryan is or isn’t, or whatever label you do or don’t want to attach to him, anyone who wants open borders isn’t getting any vote of mine.”

    Jack replies:

    We have to do a bit more than not vote for a traitor.

    We have to destroy his career, destroy his life.

  5. Personally, I think you were right the first time. But with so many worthy candidates to choose from, it really isn’t worth getting worked up over. All these Tea Party idiots wish to argue about big government but they never want to preserve the U.S. as a white society. Economic conservatism is fine but without racial conservatism it is worthless. What good will it do any white to have low taxes if every face around him is black, brown or yellow?

  6. Good stuff. Out the traitors. Maybe one day it won’t be so profitable to be a betrayer, backstabber, and sell-out.

  7. Would be more effective, imo to reposition the immigration as a catholic issue.

    The Wasps of north america (the STILL NUMEROUS North & West Euro protestants, descendants of the founders) are, since 1948 Genocide laws, a protected population.

    Yes, doing that is uncomfortable for non-traitorous catholics, (in the short term).

    But re-positioning whole issue would be effective. As is, it is going nowhere. This whole thing is about “naming people as traitorous.” Everyone with a half a brain already knows that .

    DON’T GIVE THE MORAL HIGHGROUND that his MOTIVE is “free markets,” lol

    Take away his “free market” high ground

  8. Again—

    the guy’s MORAL HIGHGROUND is (the misuse of the idea of) “free markets.”

    Take away “free market” as the MOTIVE he insists on bringing in foreign people, and making americans live in a foreign culture (which is the effect they have endured)

    In other words, CALL INTO QUESTION the motive for their bringing in the non-european south american populations.

    That’s why talk of integrating the continents and NWO gains traction with people. It calls into question the motive of the “immigrations.” People who think “free market” is a good motive, will not back people like this, b/c their kind of “free market” is not what the population sees “free market” as.

    We fought FASCISM (militarist corporatist statism) in WWII—- “Fascism IS NOT “free markets.”

  9. You CAN’T have “free markets” in a Welfare State, LOL!

    Ask the foreigner Ryan’s how their “free market” is working in a WELFARE state, lol!

    Ask why they think they should rule over americans who have been in the country FOUR CENTURIES, not four generations? Make that a real question, lol

  10. People just need to ask far more questions—- question and question and question, and make them answer it, lol

  11. I don’t know about a SN seizure of power in the South, but should there ever be a WN seizure of power in the USA, all these individuals will need to be immediately hunted down and rounded up. Same treatment for them as for Derek Black – then relocation to Africa.

  12. The good news for Paul Ryan is that if he wanted to drill for oil that night, he would have only had to go a mile east, Cabrini Row Houses, or a mile west, the ghetto.

  13. The problem with the mainstream of libertarianism and for that matter the Ayn Rand cult, is they believe or carry on like we still have a free enterprise system.

    The corporations, crony capitalists, robber barons and the mercantilists did away with that reality.

    Big Government and Big Business are sociopathic conjoined twins.

    When asked if I am a Democrat or Republican, I say “that’s like asking wither I would rather be shot to death or stabbed to death.”

  14. Quartermain says:
    July 19, 2013 at 5:19 pm
    The problem with the mainstream of libertarianism and for that matter the Ayn Rand cult, is they believe or carry on like we still have a free enterprise system.

    Jack Ryan

    I disagree. I see their main problem is that they are race denying, open border immigration loons, traitors. It’s akin to have a Libertarian door man who lets in Pakistani immigrant rapists to gain access to your apartment and then mouths off some Austrian Hayek free market theory that your daughter being gang raped by the Paki Muslims was the result of TOO MUCH government control of immigration, labor markets instead of not enough control.

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