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  1. I would like to recomend a few places. I’m in Denmark till August 15 however.

    Go take a look around Cherokee Street and visit the Busch Brewery. This is roughly where the old Union Armoury was. Then I suggest you to where Camp Jackson was located (Currently SLU). If you drive from the Brewery to SLU along the right streets the Via Dolorosa of the Confederate prisoners taken in by Nathaniel Lyons is revealed to you. Beer on the tour of brewery is free.

    I also recommend you take a look at the Delmar Loop after taking a look at the St Louis Art Museum in Forest Park. Its a short trip from the museum to the Loop. There is also a History Museum in Forest park that might be interesting. It’s a good account of the social tensions before the ACW.

    If you go to Cherokee you should go to Mississippi Mud coffee house. It’s got a beautiful barista/owner called Casey. It’s an enclave of SWPL in a miasma of ABRA. I also recommend a trip to St Charles to look around the Germans who white flights out of North County over the Missouri River to safety.

    One other place you should visit is the block containing the old Pruitt-Igoe complex and go to Crown Candy to see the grandchildren of the pre segregation days re-enact the rituals of their lost civilization.

    Enjoy it!

  2. You might want to take a quick trip over the Mississippi to East St. Louis (during the day, of course).

    East St. Louis is Detroit – just on a much smaller scale.

    Of course, most of North St. Louis is also Detroit. The difference is I think not all of St. Louis City has been abandoned by whites.

  3. Hunter Wallace says:
    July 20, 2013 at 5:28 pm

    “There’s a Trayvon Martin rally downtown this evening. I might go check it out.”

    You be careful out there Hunter!

  4. I think that local blacks don’t feel very radical. Plenty of redneck whites around too.

    Additionally may I recommend you look at Tracey Martin’s birthplace–East St Louis.

  5. Sorry for the absence, and sorry that I can’t meet HW this time. My uncle, who I mentioned here when HW screened Pruitt-Igoe Myth, who was on the SLFD and got called on runs to the P-Is a lot, died sometime overnight Thursday night to Friday morning. I’ll be busy all week at the funeral home then at the actual funeral on Friday.

  6. I’m home from my trip to Pennsylvania. If you’re still in the Show-Me state, e-mail me or phone me so we can meet.

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