Why Women Reject White Nationalism

Where are the women?


Editor’s Note: I wrote this article over two years ago. I was considering writing a new article about the subject, but nothing ever changes in the White Nationalist movement, and everything that I said below is as true today as it was back then.

I bring this up now only because the issue has resurfaced. I’ve long since moved on from White Nationalism. I have also made my peace with the movement and honestly I have nothing further to say about it.

Lately, I have been hearing the same stories from racially conscious women about the White Nationalist movement – they value their race and are eager to participate and do their part to “secure the existence of our people and a future for White children,” but they are alienated and disillusioned by some of the “wounded soldier” type rhetoric that they see at WN conferences and on the internet.

Before I am accused of picking a fight, I want to emphasize here lots of White Nationalists like James Edwards and Richard Spencer are happily married. I also couldn’t be happier with my own relationship. In spite of this, there is still a very loud group of these “wounded soldiers” out there – think of Lieutenant Dan in Forrest Gump – who have had bad experiences with American women in general, and it is a problem attracting and keeping women involved in the movement.

I bring this up because women are indispensable to any movement that seeks to “secure the existence of our people and a future for White children,” and there are attractive young women who I know who are being repulsed by these types, and I would much rather see them end up with some of my bright racially conscious friends than with the losers they are meeting in bars.

Why aren’t more women involved with the White Nationalist movement?

There is a conversation going on about this in the comments. It is such an interesting topic that it warrants a separate thread. Everyone who has attended a White Nationalist conference has noticed that men are always drastically overrepresented.

Why is that?

Dealbreaker #1: Because they are offended by the people who rail against White women on account of their bad experiences with dating and marriage. They shouldn’t have dated women like that anyway, but take out their sexual frustrations on all women with untenable generalizations.

Dealbreaker #2: Because of the HBD cogelite nerds who glorify Asian women and who denigrate White women. This is one of the biggest pet peeves.

Dealbreaker #3: Because of the aura of negativity that surrounds the White Nationalist movement. Most women can’t stand a constant drumbeat of negativity and self consciously avoid demoralizing websites.

Women like to see confidence in men. When they see men who have no confidence in themselves and who preach an “all is lost” political message, they instinctively turn away from a movement that they perceive as a bunch of losers, especially when they encounter a hostile atmosphere on pro-White websites.

Dealbreaker #4: Because White Nationalism attracts a disproportionate number of geeky, socially awkward males who have Asperger’s syndrome or who are creepy in some way as well as the homosexual misogynists who are on the warpath against women.

Dealbreaker #5: Because there is a lot of crossover between the Men’s Rights community and White Nationalism and this is a turn off to women who are culturally conservative and therefore more likely to be Christians.

Dealbreaker #6: Because the vast majority of women who qualify as “traditional” in America are strongly Christian or religious in some way. They are turned off to White Nationalism because of the atheism, misogyny, and lewd discussions about women on White Nationalist websites.

Anyone who goes to church knows that there are far more “traditional” women than men in America. Among women, it is fashionable in some circles to save yourself for marriage, whereas few men think that way these days. A respectable woman is not going to be dressed like a slut in some bar or club on the weekend.

Dealbreaker #7: Because women will always be less interested in politics than men. White Nationalism focuses heavily on politics and science and less on culture, family, and religion which are subjects which attract more conservative women.

Dealbreaker #8: Because women are more empathetic and are natural conciliators and thus mix like oil and water with the curmudgeons who are drastically overrepresented among White Nationalists.

Dealbreaker #9: Because some White Nationalists practice a type of effeminate political correctness and consciously go out of their way to elevate Asians and Muslims in particular over White Americans.

Feel free to take issue with any of the above positions. I have heard this view about White Nationalism from so many different women on so many different occasions that I am convinced it represents something of a consensus among traditional White women.

I wish someone would test this theory by creating a pro-White website with these dealbreakers in mind: exclude the HBD nerds who glorify Asian women, the negative curmudgeons, the “all is losters,” the creepy weirdos, the embittered misogynists, the effeminate homosexual intellectuals, and the Neo-Nazi atheists on a jihad against Christianity.

The website would need a good editor that would balance political discussion with a hefty complement of articles about culture, religion, and family. There would also have to be more talk about ethnicity and pocketbook issues.

I would bet money that would solve the problem. In fact, I predict that racially conscious women would start coming out of the woodwork because women are more social than men and would be attracted like moths to a flame to other women who share their views and who are potential friends.

It should be interesting to see what kind of feedback this post receives in the comments. I think I am onto something here.

Note: Richard Spencer addressed the same issue in a video at Trad Youth.

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  1. @Denise…

    ‘Mr. Daniel! Thanks for the compliment. This is an honor, coming from you!’

    You’re very welcome, Denise. A fine week to you, M’am.

  2. @BGriffin…

    ‘Four years later, this article refuses to die.’

    You write many very fine articles, Sir; reports which cut down to the marrow of issues, and, because of that, do not have quick expiration date.

  3. Pauline Hanson and Dora Duro have been married to White men. Nick Folkes and Adam Walker (BNP) were married to Japanese. Marrying Japanese war brides changed the White Australian policy.

  4. Lots of men only support a Nationalist or Conservative women with lust, if they look hot, have cleavage or nudity like Fox News, Goth or Skinbyrd pinups, Nazi fetish Michelle Bombshell Mcgee, Maria Kozhevnikova, Valeria Lukyanova, Jacqueline Avisse and the French WN girl Electrelive3. In 1975, the Nazi sexploitation film Ilsa, SheWolf of the SS was directed by David Friedman and Rob Zombie made a film with Sheri Moon and Sybill Danning. Hollywood makes films like This is England, Romper Stomper and American History X about drugs and sex. Nationalism has been sexualized and men think women are only good for breeding and pleasure.

    David Duke and Hitler were against pornography and prostitution. WN should be Social Conservative and Paleo Conservative.

  5. I’d also list the fact the many of the men are hypocritical. They talk the talk but do not walk the walk. These men eat the same food, listen to the same music, wear the same clothes as the Liberals, whatever, as they claim to oppose. With out separating yourself by putting to action your words, these men are no better than the Social Justice Warriors and Liberals they dislike, but even edgier really.

    They make up every excuse to not become a Patriarchal providers and then they wonder why Traditionalist women who want families, spritual leaders, and gender roles do not take their calls.

    Another thing is these men have tend to limit themselves by being unforgiving, “only virgins, perfect 10s, no Southern European admixture, etc” which offputs women who may have been drowned by modernism, made a few mistakes when they were younger, but have now especially bettered themselves after becoming Traditionalists.


    Sir, thanks for bringing up this very important issue. I think you make some interesting points, and I agree with Denise (#1) too.

    I think the reason there are not many white women in the white nationalist movement is the same reason that most women are liberal and vote for the Democratic party. So focus on that question—why more white women are liberal and vote Democratic.

    I think the reason is simple: Women in general (not all) have lower IQ, are more gullible and suggestible and have been easily brainwashed by the Jewish controlled liberal media, and are more likely to be mentally ill (a fact in medical books) and have lower morals. I know this sounds offensive, but each of these is a PROVEN fact and you can look up scientific journals online on each of these points.

    The white women who are the most liberal, go around with blacks, are the bottom of the barrel in these above 4 measures: they have the lowest IQ’s (close to 50, mentally retarded range), are most gullible, moderately to severely mentally ill and have the lowest morals and shame (slut range).

    So what do we do?

    Of course, one option would be to take away women’s right to vote, ban mal-cegenation, ban immigration, boycott Jewish controlled liberal media, etc.

    But more immediately, we have to shame these liberal women and make them civilized. Women respond to social pressure, and the reason many become liberal is because they have been brainwashed into believing she is a better person as a liberal. Instead, when a women tells me she is liberal, I slowly try to change her, such as by showing her news such as when a black or an illegal alien man killed a white woman, asking her questions such as how she would feel is somebody attacked a loved one (and then add, what if the assailant was black), etc. Ask first what she thinks of sexual predators who exploit women, and if she expresses disgust, gently drop the name “Bill Clinton”. Slowly and slowly, we have to unbrainwash her.

    Another option is to educate her that the media is Jewish controlled. If she is a Christian, throw in the fact that Judaists call Mother Mary a whore and believe Jesus is in hell in boiling excrement (Talmud unmasked).

    If she fights back very hard and leaves me, as a result, one thing to do is to then write her a final letter saying that you are breaking up with her, because she must have low IQ and you found her to be mentally ill and sheep to be brainwashed by liberalism of the Jewish controlled media. You were going to instead look for a girl who is not mentally ill and more intelligent than she is, by being conservative and a white nationalist.

    We have to communicate again and again to these liberal women that liberalism and alienism and malcegenation are intellectually inferior, immoral, unethical, uncultured, uncivilized, evil, reprehensible and barbaric and that Democrats are mostly crooks and criminals.

    Do it! It works!

  7. [Quote];12946953]
    As for the claim that it is done because “it gives males’ attention” well YES I would still have to talk to one man who does not find “two chicks getting it on” cute lol[/Quote]

    “lesbian” fantasies among women are probably more common because men generally like 2 girls making out – as long as they’re not really lesbian or anti-men feminists. I wouldn’t mind having a bi-sexual girlfriend, but I’d probably demand to have sex with both of them then.

  8. Hm, you missed an important change within White Nationalism. I will point you to that later.

    First let me introduce myself – i am a WN AND a MGTOW.
    For the readers here, believe it or not but the concept of MGTOW was not started or even defined by “Bar Bar”. It was in the 2004 when the things started to form in the field of ideas.

    In 2005, the website “Niceguy” and blogs outlined the concept of MGTOW or Male Separatism.

    So Bar Bar, don’t feel bad as a brown guy that you are not the owner of this social movement MGTOW (and it is in fact LEADERLESS movement) or that evil big white men are also part from it.

    And now, we are reaching the point of this change within the NS or WN community. Most of the readers here are not nationalists, they are not even white – so your (n)ignorance is absolutely understandable.

    The change is the following. White Nationalists stopped the praise of white women… That’s it. And if there is a praising of female beauty, we praise NON-white women. And this praise is not worship or devotion. It’s done for a purpose, devaluing of WW. The white poon is overvalued. You know it, i know it.

    The gender relations are broken, and as a (heterosexual) Male White Separatist i don’t have any desire to fix it. Why to fix something, which is still working?
    Let me clarify what i mean. To find a good, loyal, loving white woman who is worthy for LTR is rarer sight than a fucking unicorn. WW are not meant for romantic relationships… non-white women are for that purpose.

    And now, you scratch your brown or white liberal heads and ask “But the 14 words… how you will continue your legacy”. As i said, the majority (95%+) from WW are whores… but WM can use those whores. The Pump and Dump polygamous strategy – impregnating as much as possible worthless whores and LEAVING them (there are many ways to do that).

    And within this strategy there is even a room for a proper racial discipline for the (abandoned) white children. Purely psychology speaking, the father role is much more bigger in the eyes of the kid, the Father is the “fun parent”, the parent for plays and adventures. And when the missing father silenlty RETURNS in the life of it’s children… the kid will look at him as some GOD. He/she will absorb his words as sponge, like the words he says are some divine manifestation.

    MGTOW/White Separatism and White Supremacy are perfectly compatible.
    But you are allowed to hate it.

    • Re: Concerned Wotanist

      Alternatively, MGTOWs are just a bunch of losers who use the internet to whine about the unfairness of life.

      Consider the following: within the League of the South, we don’t have this problem. I’m happily married. I have a young child. It seems like everyone I know is getting into romantic relationships, getting married, and having children. We recently had two babies born within 48 hours to two different couples in our little group.

      Unlike most WNs, we have conferences and frequent protests and real world events. Both men and women come to our events. In fact, I have to go to a wedding early next month, which is the fruit of a relationship that was formed at our last conference in July. When nationalists get off the internet and interact in the real world, the problem seems to magically takes care of itself.

      Impossible, right?

  9. I think the biggest reason is this, WOMEN THINK WITH THEIR EMOTIONS, WE THINK WITH COLD LOGIC. White Nationalism is based upon the survival of our people which means dominating and or destroying our enemies. Women cannot handle the idea of killing or harming others for the most part, unless pushed to the brink re: Melanie Wilkes in Gone With The Wind.

    A unified White Peoples approach will not work as well as Group Nationalist approaches because Whites have NEVER BEEN unified as a race, but have been as nationalities. In the Northern States, you had wave after wave of immigrants from various European countries, so much so that Yankees were more Anti-Catholic and Anti-Jewish than Anti-Negro. In fact up until the 1930’s Negro votes were at times solicited for as a check against Catholic Supremacy. The Black Legion in fact was a famous order of Nighthawks in the Klan who burned Catholic Churches in Detroit and firebombed their homes. Most the people still dislike Catholics to some extent.

    Of the 13 Confederate States, excluding the city of New Orleans Missouri and Florida, most were not touched by Immigration until modern times.There were two main groups, Southern Whites and Negroes. Southern Whites and Negroes were mutually co-dependent to an extent and Southerners did not regard Negroes as a rule completely negative. In fact the Klan did charitable work to Negroes at times and law abiding Negroes recognized them as a check on the Jiggaboos who terrorized everyone. In the 1960’s George Lincoln Rockwell’s American Nazi Party, headquartered in Alexandria VA, was cooly received in Dixie, mostly because Southerners are not as a rule wantonly bloodthirsty. In the entire history of lynching, few Negro females were lynched and no recorded mass graves of Negroes killed by Southern Whites. Southern men typically did these things to keep order and 99% of those who died were guilty of crimes.

    This is the problem with White Nationalism. In the North you have group antagonisms between ethnic whites lingering to this day, that hinders unity. In Dixie, you are going to win no converts if you advocate rounding up every Negro _________ as that would be considered murder. You need unity between the movements but they must be seperate and defined. Hammer out where we agree and the stuff we don’t agree on we agree to leave that to our own areas.

  10. As for White Women, the poison of feminism, while less in the South than in the North is very real indeed. You must pick out those issues that you can have common ground on, and keep your mouth shut on the other one. The Collapse of Christianity in the Northern States after WW1 combined with 1960s Feminism created the Male Supremacy Movement. Again tailor your message to your crowd. If you speak to women, keep that on the down low. If you are on the road in the South, never mutter it. Know your crowd.

    By the way speaking of Klan Charity here it is.


  11. @BRJ Agree women use their emotions instead of cold logic, although they can be logical. Which is why until our present age women needed the protection of men for their own safety and their own good. They lost the protection of men who succumbed to feminism, generally speaking, as much as women. In some ways it is not the fault of women, men stopped protecting them. A massive homosexualization of america took place. We know the usual suspects who put this into play. While ceasing to understand the enemy, men lost control of women who it is their God given duty to protect. Melanie Wilkes stepped up to the plate when she had to. Pity she didn’t clue Scarlett in a little sooner that Rhett adored her. Scarlett, the feminist ruled by her emotions was still hung up on Ashley who was portrayed as weak (was that an intentional slander against the South whose days were supposedly over?).
    Having said all that, the book The Little Shepherd of Kingdom is fantastic and I thank you for mentioning it in another post. I said there I wish I knew your reading list of all books Southern.

  12. Christine spot on comment and I agree with you 100%. The homosexualization of men has been a long process, we can even see it at play in the 1700’s with the maccaroni style of dress which was completely effeminate. This was affected usually only by the wealthy class usually in Europe. After our Revolution and later the French Revolution there was a pushback against this and style again became more manly and the beard, out of fashion since the late 1600’s first appearing as muttonchops and by 1850 as the full beard appeared. Masculinity came under direct attack following WWI when the Jews in USA and EUROPE managed to convince White Men that they had almost blown up the world and that they were evil. This slow decay just got worse with every year, the exception being Germany. Since 1960 the decay has progressed by light years.

    I think the Southern leaders SOMEWHAT understood what was going on in 1861 I dont think anyone had a full appreciation of the entire picture. Henry Ford’s the International Jew and Mein Kampf were the first time that the entire picture was exposed. Unfortunately as people prefer comfort to fighting, few actually understood it.

    We live with the results.

  13. Margaret Mitchell was a Georgian and proud Southern woman. Ashley Wilkes was a symbol of what some of the Southern Aristocracy had become by 1860, cultured and out of touch with nature. Two generations before, their grandfathers had been in a life or death struggle with the British and the Indians, but by the time Ashley appears, comfort and education had made him soft. Ashley Wilkes was fine and dandy as long as he remained within his cultural construct, but when it was destroyed, he crumpled like a flower beneath your feet. Melanie on the other hand was the soft woman who when confronted with life or death became the perennial Steel Magnolia.

    Rhett Butler and the Fontaines were the symbol of the down to earth hotheaded brawling Southern man, cultured enough to function in polite society but not above being in a knock down drag out fistfight like a beer joint redneck. Mitchell was most fond of these types because they were the symbol of Southern Redemption. They would not knuckle under to anyone.

    Scarlett symbolized the aristocratic spoiled brat combined with a razor sharp survival instinct and desire for power. She was at her best when she was fighting but once she achieved her goals she relapsed into the spoiled brat. She wanted to both beat and compete with men and be worshipped by them simultaneously. She is the symbol of a feminist b–h. This type of woman is amoral and has no loyalty to anyone but herself. This was symbolized by how at first she hated the wealthy Yankees who moved into Atlanta but by halfway through the book she was best friends with them. People who watched the movie tended to like her, but if you read the book, you really begin to hate her.

  14. @BRJ Yes, agree, re the French, those were elites, the peasant classes or common people were not them. In the present time a seemingly obscure court ruling Griswold vs Connecticut in the mid-sixties legalized the birth control pill much to the surprise of women over all who didn’t approve. Once you make something legal there will be lots more of it. When women were empowered to have “charge” over their wombs men seemed to not realize that what became easier for them became the road to the queering out of both sexes. If a woman basically neuters herself even if for a temporary period of time then men forget what a woman is. It all went down hill from there. Interesting what you write about WWI etc.. But however evil men may have been forced to think of themselves it wasn’t until the jews got to gentile women as I described that men started to just become more completely feminized. You have taken it from even an earlier time.
    Henry Ford’s International Jew was widely read since it appeared in the newspaper that he owned and read by millions. People knew what was going on. Also Fr Coughlin that Catholic priest had a huge following of 40 million listeners per program on his radio show, same time period. Those programs can be heard and are very good. People knew about the Jew, and it was uppermost to the Jew to see that the people forgot. Their horrible achievement has been impressive.

  15. BRJ re GWtheW. When I wasn’t even twelve yet I read that book twelve times in a row all summer long. I was mad at Scarlett but could not see her as you depict her I romanticized everything she did. She did wrong but somehow it was okay by me. (“She wasn’t beautiful but men seldom realized it when caught by her charms…”) I would say that book changed the life of a Pennsylvania girl forever. One thing I offer to your fine analysis is her love of the land. She did fight for it. At the end she went back to it knowing that somehow it could redeem things. I thought then that there was some hope for her, that when she returned to Tara she had a chance of pulling through when she could hold that red clay again. No?

  16. I’m not anti woman and I don’t want my post to be so interpreted, but I am just as sex realist as I am race realist. I do not believe in gender egalitarianism and do not believe it’s good policy for women to have the vote–even savage tribes know better than that.

    1) Women, as a group, are just not by nature the natural leaders, protectors, and visionaries that men are. They are more likely than men to simply accept what they are being told when it is against critical thinking.

    2) Women, as a group, are more emotionally ruled and more maternalistic than men. It is harder for them to accept inconvenient truths, especially when it is in conflict with maternal instinct. While facts and figures are on the side of the WN, the liberal media machine utilizes emotion recruiting tactics to keep women on their side. Examples include pictures of emaciated Jews during WWII, sad pictures of nonwhite children, etc.

    3) Women, as a group, generally are not as bold (aka risk tolerant) as men when they know they might really pay a stiff price, such as being vilified publicly, being ostracized by friends, losing a career, etc. My compliments to Ann Coulter and Kim Davis.

    4) Women, as a group, are more likely to follow fashion than men. They are simply less likely to take the “uncool” position than men are.

    In short, you might say that men think more while women feel more.

    I think there are ways we can appeal to both men and women more.

    A) Dress.
    Women love to dress up more than men and prefer to see men dressed well. A good application might be for clubs like League of the South to get some really smart looking matching jackets for street demonstrations. Some men will dress well in blazers but some men won’t. Club jackets would probably help to bridge the gap a bit. Also, there’s just some kind of primal psychological effect of having club jackets, in fact almost every organization has either club jackets or some kind of official dress: FFA, FBLA, Shriners,every military in the world, Boy Scouts, sports teams, even medical, dental and vet schools have “white coat ceremonies” where the student is presented with a new white coat. Traditionally white coats have been given to seniors, but many schools now give them to freshmen, perhaps so they can capitalize on the psychological benefit while the student is still in the school.

    No doubt this would have a positive effect on men, but probably moreso on the women, especially if the outfits are “cool” enough.

    Women are on social media more than men are, but they aren’t watching YouTube videos on threats to Western Civilization. They’re watching cat and baby videos. We could really use some good propaganda for both sexes, but it might also help to have some propaganda to target the female audience. Just getting something out to discourage miscegenation would be a huge help.

    C) Acceptance.
    Just accept that saving the West is mostly men’s work.
    How many women signed the Magna Carta?
    How many women signed the Declaration of Independence?
    How many female generals were there in the Continental Army?
    You get the idea.

    That’s not to say that we should repel women, but rather that this movement will simply be (predominantly if not exclusively) male led just like every other major advancement in human achievement. The more women we can attract the better, but we need not have them on parity with men. The biggest thing is that we can get more out of our men if their wives/girlfriends are behind them rather than against their participation.

    I wonder if the signers of the Declaration of Independence were worried about how many women were in their movement?

    I think we should brand our movement, not only as WN or Southern Nationalist, but also as openly patriarchal and chivalrous. We might be surprised at how many women are attracted to men who openly rise up to take their place without apology.

    Here are the 10 Commandments of Chivalry pasted from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chivalry

    1.Thou shalt believe all that the Church teaches and thou shalt observe all its directions (Believe the Church’s teachings and observe all the Church’s directions).
    2.Thou shalt defend the Church (Defend the Church).
    3.Thou shalt respect all weaknesses, and shalt constitute thyself the defender of them (Respect and defend all weaknesses).
    4.Thou shalt love the country in which thou wast born (Love your country).
    5.Thou shalt not recoil before thine enemy.
    6.Thou shalt make war against the infidel without cessation and without mercy (Show no mercy to the infidel. Do not hesitate to make war with them).
    7.Thou shalt perform scrupulously thy feudal duties, if they be not contrary to the laws of God (Perform all your feudal duties as long as they do not conflict with the laws of God).
    8.Thou shalt never lie, and shalt remain faithful to thy pledged word (Never lie or go back on one’s word).
    9.Thou shalt be generous, and give largesse to everyone (Be generous to everyone).
    10.Thou shalt be everywhere and always the champion of the Right and the Good against Injustice and Evil (Always and everywhere be right and good against evil and injustice).

    Why do we not adopt and boast a new and improved version of the Code of Chivalry for our own movement? Wouldn’t that attract women? I suppose it would make it harder for the adversary to paint us as evil.

  17. Christine yes Scarlett’s love of Tara was admirable, the land is holy to a Southerner, even a dirt farmer on tobacco road loved his land. The thing was Scarlett would whore herself out figuratively speaking to anyone for the land. She had no honor. Melanie on the other hand would have lived in a dirt floor log cabin and lived Poor White before she would have discarded a shred of honor. Better a poor man or woman with HONOR than a rich one without it.

    My cousins are forcing the sale of our land in Kentucky and being in Ohio my grandfather has resisted it saying our people fought and worked for that land, my Paw said never to let it go. He still loves the land, however our cousins dont think so.

  18. ‘Dealbreaker #3: Because of the aura of negativity that surrounds the White Nationalist movement. Most women can’t stand a constant drumbeat of negativity and self consciously avoid demoralizing websites.’

    Sir, another fabulous article and fine analysises. May I make a slight tweak on this?

    At the core of all but the most psychically damaged woman is a profound love and nurturing; while, at the core of a white nationalist is something quite the contrary.

    I leave it to the reader to supply the words for that…

  19. Here, Concerned Wotanist wrote the following :

    The gender relations are broken, and as a (heterosexual) Male White Separatist i don’t have any desire to fix it. Why to fix something, which is still working?
    Let me clarify what i mean. To find a good, loyal, loving white woman who is worthy for LTR is rarer sight than a fucking unicorn. WW are not meant for romantic relationships… non-white women are for that purpose.’

    Let me add that, already by the early 1990s, I, too, had drawn the conclusion that American women were hopelessly selfish,unfaithful and unrealistick – particularly those under 40 who had not had children.

    For that reason I, at the time, belonged to bachelor clubs that gave me a wide selection of Latin & Russian women.

    For some time, I pursued that angle, without regret, until one day – after my daddy died, and I sold his house and moved to the small old traditional Southern town of Washington, North Carolina.

    It was there, in an ironick twist, I met the love of my life – a forty-something woman with two daughters – originally from outside Union Springs, Alabama – one of the last who had been raised with negro mammies on a farm with an outhouse.

    Nobody’s perfect, but she was and is a truly faithful, deep, and loving person, who, by the way, is also very attractive to me – from her figure to her voice.

  20. Let me add one thing :

    We spent nearly every day for two years together – without so much as a kiss.

    We were truly friends when we did finally kiss, and that friendship has been the foundation of our love, which, of course, has it’s romantick moments, too.

  21. @Jack Ryan

    You wrote:
    “Ask a pretty girl to dance, take the lead.
    Works for me.”

    I did just that for a few years recently, and never had one taker on the occasions when I asked them to come for coffee.

    It works for you, but most likely because you have other attributes, such as being young and good-looking, that cannot be replicated. Just going dancing does not do it.

  22. @ Marcus Cicero / June/12/2015
    “one empirical observation”[?] “Tends to stick”[?] in BIAS by choice of \we are ever so special, all of us Teutons, aren’t we, lads?/
    @ “Anglo-Saxon/Germanic…more affable to discussion”[?] Another ‘one empirical observation’ = The 100% PURE Nordic/Aryans always turn the debate to their pretend superiority over the Mediterranean and Slav, [not quite true White], neighbors.
    How can these impure Whites talk affably with Viking Cretins who pretend to be mighty warriors and constantly show themselves to be Cowards without a vertebra amongst them?
    I, also, have moved on from WESTERN W.N., as the movement is overrun with boy scouts looking for a father figure and a gang to belong to. They seem to get these in the Hitlerian Death Cult Pagan religion.
    St Adolph is ‘IN’. As is childishness, Ignorance and Big Talking. Affable talk with E. Europeans is ‘OUT’. As is Nation, Tribe and Family. The center of which is the White mother in her home.

    Check out – majorityrights.com –

  23. Disillusioned ex Alt-Right young lady checking in.
    Thanks so much for this post. It is especially for the reasons of the yellow-fever freaks and legitimate woman haters which eventually steered me away from the movement (and I know for a fact this is a way many women stereotype the Alt-Right). After identifying with fringe right wing ideas since I was 15…. I’m 21 now and I guess I couldn’t take it anymore. If there are any women reading this who want to get in touch or who are looking for advice and blogposts written for women I have a wordpress blog which I try to update regularly. Also feel free to send an email my way if you’re feeling like a social outcast, many of us do. (Any men who aren’t race-traitors or who consider image-board antics as cancerous as I do are also welcome on my blog).
    You can find me here: https://electricdolphinblog.wordpress.com/

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