Hanging Out With White Mormons, Part II

Jack Ryan visits Nauvoo, Illinois
Jack Ryan visits Nauvoo, Illinois


I’m currently in Nauvoo, Illinois, the sacred Mississippi River town of the LDS – Latter Day Saints, the Mormons. There is lots of history, pageants, wholesome musical shows, and lots and lots of White people, easily 1,000 here.

Everything is very, very White – Nauvoo is 97.7% White. Even the opposition is White, some evangelical fundamentalist and his daughters are protesting, screaming that “Joseph Smith wasn’t Jesus.” I introduced myself as someone from the Southside of Chicago and maybe not as polite as most of the audience of the pageant and proceeded to give him the middle finger straight in his face.

Anyway, I am having a grand time in Nauvoo, Illinois – a small town of about 1,000 residents, not all of whom are LDS. I had a nice visit to a local winery, shared some spirits with a mom, with tats and two children 13, 11 and a fun, youthful grandmother from nearby Quincy, Illinois. Good White Germanic stock.

I’m resting up and having lots of brews (Nauvoo isn’t a dry town). I’m ready for more singing, wholesome LDS whiteness. The Mississippi River Valley is stunningly beautiful.

For those of OD readers thinking of checking out something very, very White, you should try hanging out with White LDS Mormons. I suspect most of us posting on Occidental Dissent are looking to find a group of … nice White folks.

Sure, we have strong beliefs on political and social issues, but a main reason we are involved with White Nationalism is that we just want to belong to some group of nice White people – to be in a place where no one is yelling at us, lecturing us, insulting us, threatening us, trying to reeducate us, or incite our children to hate us. Let’s face it, when we turn on the television, go to a Hollywood movie or hang out with most liberal Democrat groups, we don’t feel like we are among friends. We feel that we are in hostile places, with hostile people that hate us.

So where do we go, those of us who are left behind in places like Chicago, to find a community of “nice people” that like us, which are “like us”? The Mormon Church.

Mitt Romney’s family are good looking White folks!

Though I knew something about the Mormon theology and the turbulent history of the Mormons (their persecution and migration from the Midwest to Utah), what attracted me to the Mormon Church was that I noticed there sure are a lot of good looking, Mormon White folks!

And it is true that the Mormon Church, or The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints/LDS (as they prefer to be called now) is a very White church. It has a White racial history: until the late 1970s, blacks were not allowed to hold the LDS Priesthood and the Book of Mormon contains lots of passages that would be considered very “racist” by modern PC standards.

Mormon – LDS Temple

Another reason I decided to check out the Mormon/LDS church was that I came into contact with some bright, enthusiastic, well scrubbed, nicely dressed, White Mormon missionaries, that were actually walking the streets of the inner city, university community I was living in at the time.

Sure, I wanted to check out the LDS church of “Donny and Marie Osmond,” the church of BYU University – I always noticed those very White BYU football and basketball teams giving the black (criminally inclined) football and basketball college powers a good contest. When I was a public school teacher in Brooklyn, some of my black students called me “BYU” because I looked like the White BYU basketball players they saw on television.

After 10 years of association with Mormons and the Mormon/LDS Church I will share these observations:

1.) There are lot of really nice, good looking White folks in the LDS church, particularly in Southern California and the Mountain West.

2.) Mormons are really good at getting young White couples to get married early (in college) and to have large families, with really beautiful White children.

3.) Mormons have lots of very good practices and rules. They are very good at organizing their members and giving them things to do.

4.) You see very little leftwing, anti-White politics inside any LDS church. In fact, the LDS church prohibits political campaigning, and its really nice to have no preachy leftists lecturing the congregation about the supposed sins of “racism” or the latest PC liberal cause.

5.) White Mormons are really good at sports and provide lots of opportunities for basketball, tennis, ultimate frisbee activities.

6.) There is little or no LDS White women doing male bashing. Mormon women have lots of things to do in Church, but White men run the ceremonies and have the authority and Mormon women/LDS women seem very happy to have White husbands, children and accept their traditional female roles.

All those things I listed are very good. But it’s not perfect from a WN perspective.

The worst news is that the Mormons/LDS church has embraced the Christian mission to share the Mormon Gospel…..with the entire world!

The part in the New Testament about the Christian mission to “spread the gospel to all nations,” this type of thinking and acting really gets our White race and Western culture into lots of trouble, and the Mormons are now doing just that, spreading their Mormon gospel to all nations (the Muslims don’t let them into their countries), but there are Jewish converts who I spot right away, and these Jewish conversos seem to do what they do.

Sen. Harry Reid, the LDS Senate Majority Leader has a Jewish converso wife, and I am sure that she is one of the reasons that he does so much terrible stuff like pushing through the ADL’s Federal Hate Crime Bill, or work for amnesty for millions of hostile, non-White illegal aliens, etc.

Joseph Smith’s church was all-White

Sadly, most Mormons  in the world are no longer White. Hispanics really go for joining the LDS church in Central and Latin America. Many see joining the LDS church as their ticket to joining the nice, healthy, prosperous White American world. Lots of Pacific Islanders have joined the Mormon Church. Mormons also tend to be very defensive about their controversial “racist” past and enjoy being accepted by “mainstream” (read: our liberal, Jewish, race-mixing) American society.

Also, Mormons tend to not be very intellectual – they focus on having honest, “family values” – and they try to be nice and get along with everyone. So, don’t expect many White Mormons to get involved in contentious arguments with Jews over World War II, Communism, etc. The current top Mormon – Prophet Monson, seems like a total, boring stiff.

Mormons seem to have no clue about the Jews. They have no history of ever being in conflict with Jews like White Catholics from the old country in Europe.  And since only terrible, living in close proximity with the Black Undertow can turn a generally “nice” White person into a “racist” against blacks, most White Mormons are not going to want to fight, or be able to handle very hostile black criminals.

LDS Mormons have never lived in the rough, racially mixed Northern cities or the American South where there are lots of criminal, hostile Blacks. The Book of Mormon’s plates were supposedly found in Upstate New York. The new church and their converts moved to the rural Midwest – to Illinois, Ohio and Missouri  – and then the church was brutally persecuted there and the Saints moved across the Plains to Utah. All these places were very, very White, and for the most part, they are still very White. Mormons tend to prosper and grow in White places.

So, the downside is that White Mormons are generally doing pretty well these days, but they don’t like to rock the boat – they think of themselves as patriotic Americans like Mitt Romney, and while they were once brutally persecuted by “America,” the Mormons once had their own virtually separate all White Mormon nation in the Great Salt Lake Basin. Now the Mormon church has gone “mainstream” and the Church is desperately trying to win the acceptance and approval of the “mainstream” Christian churches like the Southern Baptists, who hate the Mormon church, and accuse it of being a non-Christian cult, over stupid theological squabbles.

I think that most of us involved in White Nationalism would like for the Mormons or any White group to start thinking and working to separate themselves from our corrupt, racially-mized, Jew-dominated America, and to stop being “patriotic” and loyal to America, but “mainstream” Mormons aren’t going to do that now, as things stand today.

On the other hand, Mormons haven’t give up all of their independent old ways – they teach very practical ways of self reliance, food storage, have their own social welfare system that provides food and jobs for their members in need. I have had some success making friends and contacts in the Mormon church, but I don’t do open, pro-White racial activism because I know this would be a bad idea.

Instead, I simply am honest and give positive feedback to all the really good things White Mormons are doing. When something comes up like the huge propaganda campaign to save all the poor, suffering black victims of the 2010 Haitian Earthquake, I do share some words of caution, and tell all the nice, innocent LDS folks that they should learn more about the historical realities of places like Haiti and not try to bring back every poor, diseased black person from the Third World to America. I also present the idea that America has lots of people here now that need help, and Mormons should consider sending their missionaries to places like rural Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and learn to be as good at hockey as the Mormons are at basketball and football.

The Atlantic listed Mormons as the most “conservative” religious community in the US. So, it’s generally okay to work for conservative political issues, campaigns that work well for White Nationalists. Just as conservative politics from the Nixon and Reagan years tended to be White, much more favorable to our people than the Democrats and their liberal/minority/leftist anti-White coaition..

So, there is lots of good news for racially conscious Whites in the Mormon church as it stands now in 2013 – the best being that White Mormons have the highest birth rate of any White group in America, with the possible exception of the Amish.

The main danger with the Mormon church is the problem that all successful White Christian churches have: they want to go out and help, SAVE, and spread the Gospel to every single non-White person in the world, and convert them to Christianity. This means suicide for our race, if they actually do this in places like Nigeria, Haiti, El Salvador, etc.

My take on this is that huge numbers of Hispanics and Pacific Islanders will convert to the Mormon Church with the idea of crashing into America’s White Mormon society, but few blacks will join the LDS. The moral restrictions are too tough for almost all blacks and also blacks can’t sit still for three hours in calm, White Mormon church activities – blacks like to jump around and shout in church and at the end of the day, even super nice White Mormon families don’t like to hang around large, black urban areas – they won’t say they avoid the areas because they are “racist” – they just want to be in a safe, child friendly community – not a place like East St. Louis, Memphis, or Detroit.

To sum up this essay on the LDS Church, I would say that if you are looking to be involved with a “Christian” church with lots and lots of very nice White folks, then you should check out the LDS Church. Be honest with them and say that you respect their pro family policies and their healthy activities and tell them you heard lots of positive things about Mormons being such nice folks.

The LDS Church has many of the strengths and weakness of other once, prosperous, White Christian Churches. If you haven’t given up on trying to find “church,”  give the Mormon/LDS Church a shot, and leave racial activism and most politics out of the LDS church buildings.


  1. Right doctrine doesn’t matter, does it, Ryan? Yesterday it was pagan Thor worship, and today the Mormon cult. If an evil cult grows big and rich and powerful enough, it ceases to be an evil cult and becomes a nice, established orthodoxy, in many people’s opinion.

    Mormonism may be just what southern nationalism needs for a religious basis.

  2. However, I do understand your admiration of their nearly 100% whiteness. But how long will that continue with their present UNIVERSALIST missionary programme? You must never ignore the crucial matter of DOCTRINE.

  3. I was friends with a Mormon when I was young. He was exactly as you describe them. A nice guy, naive and a bland personality. He was definitely not the outspoken or fighting type.

    Another fellow I knew, complained he couldn’t meet any single women in Utah, because Mormons get married so young. He was a liberal atheist and was miserable there. He packed his bags and left, so that is a big plus for Utah. 🙂

  4. Mormons? Are you kidding? They have never been friends of Dixie. They had to be driven out of Missouri by the State Militia in 1838. They returned to Dixie after the War to try to take Southron women into their cult and made themselves as unpopular as they had been before.

  5. I don’t know much about the Mormons.

    If the United States ever broke apart, I wouldn’t be a surprised if a Mormon ethnostate emerged based on Utah and Southern Idaho.

  6. Small Illinois town I grew up in had a small Mormon church from that era. My history teacher a nice man was a Mormon, but him and his wife did not have any kids. Anyway I hear its dogmas are dying out and fewer and fewer think they are going to planet whatever to become gods or anything.

    Honestly unless an asteroid hits Earth I don’t think the supernatural religions are going to make it. Liberalism and its dependence on abundance will be taking a header soon after.

  7. The one good thing I can see in all the liberal religion is their desire to remain childless. That may mean fewer whites, but it will mean the ones left will be willing to stack out a claim of their own.

    Keep your children close and teach them well.

  8. “Honestly unless an asteroid hits Earth I don’t think the supernatural religions are going to make it. Liberalism and its dependence on abundance will be taking a header soon after.”

    It’s more than Religion.I’m skeptical that a fraction of a fraction in power dictates the entire society. I was having a discussion with a fellow about politics screwing things up. I said to him;the only solution is the revolution-He was stunned and speechless.

    Folks have lost the instinct to fight and preserve their way of life.

    Great read on Mormons.

  9. For sale cheap. Anyone want to buy a set of gold tablets I dug up in my backyard? There’s a nifty pair of magic spectacles to go with ’em.

  10. I’m amazed at how the myth persists — the idea that Mormons are the hope of Whites in this country. I know a lot about Mormons firsthand, and they are anything but racially conscious. The days of the old ‘discriminatory’ Mormon hierarchy are long gone.

    There are plenty of illegal Hispanics in Utah as well as a lot of refugees from Africa and other third world places. Third world adoption is occurring too. For now whites are in the majority, but for how long? Mormons are just as PC as some of the more liberal mainline churches. And things are not likely to change anytime soon.

    Please don’t pin any hopes on Mormons or their cult.

  11. I agree with Hunter. If the US were to break up, I have no doubt Mormons would take Utah. They are well armed and most of them have been hunters since they were children. Married White couples still have kids in Utah, unlike most other White couples.

  12. I have two Mormon friends and they are both aware of the jew problem. The problem is that I get the idea that they would like to replace them as the elite. I do not believe they would be as hostile though.

  13. As a former resident of the Gem City I got a kick out of this.

    Other than Gladys Knight I assumed ALL Mormons were White in America. They have a lot of mulattisteezer mutts in places like Brazil of course.

    But aside from thee Jeffs Special pizza at the Tower, I don’t miss Quincy very much. If you didn’t hit the linen in Blessing Hospital you never fit in.

  14. Really enjoyed my sacred pilgrimage to LDs Mormon Nauvoo.

    It’s a White thing – they wouldn’t understand

  15. Another fellow I knew, complained he couldn’t meet any single women in Utah, because Mormons get married so young. He was a liberal atheist and was miserable there. He packed his bags and left, so that is a big plus for Utah. 🙂

    SLC is full of them, it’s 50 % “Gentile”. But go to Provo and if you are not LDS, you are SOL-in business as well as romantically.

  16. Jack, you are from the South Side of Chicago? So am I! Send me an email and we can have a drink. Have fun with the White Mormoms!

  17. You are severely underestimating White Mormons where it comes to Non-Whites. The whole religion is implicitly White, but it is severely implicitly White. It is designed that way. Even the vehemently anti-Christian founder of the Creativity Movement, Ben Klassen, preferred it to the universalist Orthodox Christianity.

    If you look at the Hispanic converts, you will see that most of them will not have a lot of Indian or Negro blood, but be more along the lines of what used to be called Castizos; half Mestizo and half White.

    They are further interested in bleaching out their gene pool, but they know that, as the White demographic pool shrinks thanks to lack of children or mixed marriage, pure White grandchildren will become all that more precious to White people and they will have a harder time getting an entry.

    That is why the Mormon community, with its White demographic of having many White children is so attractive to them. They figure a Mormon couple with ten children is not going to be upset if one child marries a fairly light-skinned Mestizo if nine others marry Whites.

    You are also underestimating how Jew-savvy the Mormons have historically been. They just aren’t into tilting at windmills, preferring to choose their battles carefully, unlike White Nationalists or Ethnic Nationalists, like Hitler. Mormon dogma claims they are descended from the tribe of Joseph. (More on this later). In any case, they “believe” the Jews, representing Judah, are their distant cousins, so they are outwardly “philosemitic.” To that end, it appears that they have studied Judaism and Islam, picked what aspects of those religions that work for them, and politely ignored the rest.

    For example, the one thing that impresses me about the Mormon Church is that they bend over backwards to help poor parishioners. Like the Jews, they do not make a point of extending charity to “Gentiles.” However, since they are evangelistic, if they see a non-believer in trouble, they will help him out, seeing him as a potential convert.

    For example, I saw them reach out to a Catholic woman with breast cancer who had been abandoned by her husband. She was distraught, so she called her priest and he told her to make an appointment. Her Mormon coworkers called their bishop and he and his wife showed up at her doorstep with all kinds of resources. Needless to say, she is a Mormon, now.

    To me, Mormonism is far superior to Orthodox Christianity. It had thrown out so much of the destructive, life and culture-loathing aspects of Orthodoxy that it was actually healthy for Whites, which is why the Orthodox forces banded together in the first place to take it down. If not, there is no doubt in my mind that it would have ended up being the White American religion. It still has that potential which is why it has been infiltrated by Conversos, but not to the extent that the Orthodoxy has.

    Still, Mormonism is fertile enough soil for White race realists to investigate. Mormons may be implicit as hell about it, but they are Whites who are passionate in their pursuit of knowledge and even unofficially practice eugenics. Most Mormons are heavily into nutrition and physical fitness. As stated before, Mormon dogma claims that Mormons are descendants of the tribe of Joseph through his son Ephraim.

    If you think about it, this core belief of Mormonism is a version of the British Israelites (the British are supposed to be descended from Manasseh) and could usher in a much kinder and gentler (therefore much more palatable to Americans) version of Christian Identity with the help of White race realists.

    IOW, White race realists could convert to Mormonism, convince the Mormons that their goal should be to gather the other lost Israelites scattered throughout Europe and send missionaries to convert White Europeans. Such White race realists could also convince Mormons to adopt poor White children from South Africa and Eastern Europe and send donations to poor White Eastern bloc countries.

  18. Mormonism will not save the white race. While Mormon can be nice people with strong family and community values, their religion is based on the fantasies of a mentally ill madman who combined elements of Judaism, Masonry, evangelical Christianity, and magic to create his sect. Also, the leaders of the LDS have been engaged in a cover-up of the real history of their group since its founding. Any honest person should take heed and avoid this cult.

  19. Briton,

    You can send me an e-mail, I don’t have yours. Without compromising personal information, please tell me something about your background, activism, interests. Here’s mine:


  20. Conservatism leaders aren’t striking the right cord to fire up the base because They’d be thrown out from the power circle and excommunicated. Just goes to show who really is inside the power structure while politicians come and go on election cycle; residents at the state capitals; do as I say. Don’t look at my feet.

    “Revolution” The majority of people understands the meaning of it.20 percent do. Revolution is not about attacking and destroying communities; obedient to the power structure, regardless. Fence sitters. Removal of certain Groups from the power structure exploiting. Consequences for the past three decades it has had from the feds predation of unique being of sparking angels will soon discover fangs.

  21. @Hunter

    Little known fact: On the eve of the American Civil War, British soldier, spy & diplomat Sir Richard Burton travelled to Salt Lake City, Utah to meet with the Mormon leadership.

  22. I read the first chapters of the LDS Book of Mormon. The origin of the negro story was pretty funny, and certainly better than anything Christianity has come up with, but just as the Chinese will eat anything, I guess some White people will believe anything. And I remember that it was not too long ago when Mormon Mitt was telling anyone who would listen to him that the Democrats had thrown “Israel under the bus,” however his administration was planning to make the hurt go away.

    That being said, I’d rather live almost anywhere in Utah than Newark, Oakland, or Detroit City. But, then again, who wouldn’t?

  23. “I’d rather live almost anywhere in Utah than Newark, Oakland, or Detroit City. But, then again, who wouldn’t?”

    Then you have obviously never been to Oakland or Piedmont or Berkeley or Kensington. Chock full of White people and many houses in the hills have beautiful views of S.F., the Golden Gate, Alcatraz, and Mt. Tamalpais. This all backed up backed up by huge parks and undeveloped reservoir land on the eastern side. You can see the Sierras from up on Grizzly Peak in the wintertime.

    Utah??? Maybe for a ski trip in the wintertime. Otherwise there are just too many Mormons.

    Go Bears!


  24. Hunter Wallace says:

    I don’t know much about the Mormons.

    If the United States ever broke apart, I wouldn’t be a surprised if a Mormon ethnostate emerged based on Utah and Southern Idaho.

    It would a much bigger space than you know. Utah and the northern areas of the states below, and a lot of Idaho and Wyoming, western Colorado, and a big portion of Nevada.

  25. rip

    I was very surprised to learn that Nevada including Vegas was very LDS/Mormon. I always thought Vegas was founded and run by Jewish and Italian gangsters. Seemed like a Hollywood set, a natural setting for the porn industry.

    Harry Reid, now the worst US Senator along with Linsey Graham is nominally LDS/Mormon – he has a terrible Jewish Converso wife.

    This shows that modern Mormons/LDS don’t like to rock the boat, confront traitors, agents of the Pharissee Children of the Devil. Instead Mormons try to lead a good life and set a good example. It places like Vegas, it doesn’t work.

  26. Rudel–there are probably parts of Detroit that are OK, too. But both you and I know the point I’m getting at. According to the FBI’s 2013 violent crime index we have Flint, Detroit, and Oakland as the top three. Now, your guess is as good as mine as to who is doing all this violent crime, but I’m thinking that they mostly Africans, but not Mormon.

    Finally, why would I, or anyone else who frequents here, want to live in Bezerkly? Some folks just like to argue, I guess.

  27. Jack Ryan, your dream of constant moderation has indeed come true. “It looks like Hunter’s new comment moderation policies are solving the problems of flame wars, hobby horsing around, negativity.” It doesn’t look that way to others. It is rather a tremendous DRAG on fruitful dialogue, and one man’s “hobby horsing around” or “negativity” is another man’s clear and positive understanding of reality.

  28. “try to make all your comments intelligent, constructive”

    Does that mean try to make them echo and support the party line? Truly intelligent comments focus on truth.

  29. “I was very surprised to learn that Nevada including Vegas was very LDS/Mormon.”

    I thought that was very common knowledge.

    Yes, how CAN Mormons tolerate Vegas, Reno, etc. in their state, and even elect a Harry Reid etc. — if Mormonism is truly good? Ye shall know them by their fruits, the polygamist cultists!

  30. My thinking is that Hispanic will become a large part of the Mormon Church, but Blacks won’t. Hispanics with Native American blood in particular will be drawn to it. But Blacks, overall, don’t seem to be drawn to non emotional religions like Mormonism, Catholicism, or other high church type gatherings. It may be too sedate for many Hispanics as well. I have noticed that in the Catholic Church the Charismatic groups are often Hispanic. Different groups have different styles.

  31. You are probably right about mexicans and the Mormon church. As a person that goes to Utah often, I have seen an increase in the mexican population there. However, the beaners there are not like the feral wetbacks in the inner cities. For now, they are docile. Of course, that will change as their numbers increase.

    From what I have seen, the beaners in Utah emulate the White Mormons, they see the success and overall intact system that exists. This provides them with safe place to live and a place they can support their big families. It is a ticking time bomb when mexicans begin to flow in. If mexicans get a strong hold in the LDS churches, they will ruin it.

    Mexicans are probably more dangerous to White areas than niggers. Niggers are utterly useless, while on the other hand, mexicans buy land, own stores and create viable mexican communities. I have seen beaners literally colonize areas that I have lived in. It doesn’t take that long for them, the older more respectable mexicans that really did move here for a better life, and are willing to work for it, have children. Their children grow up hating the White people in their area. They bring the gang lifestlye, drugs and all the other negative bullshit. Pretty soon, within a generation or so, you have mexico city in your back yard.

  32. Sean, the negativity you see with 3rd generation Mexican males is certainly true, but there are some slivers of light. Some Mexicans retain the hope of their grandparents for a safer, better life – and unlike the Black lower class that sees no hope of attaining that White middle class life, some Hispanics still do and most respect wealth, strength and above all power. Hispanic women like to marry up, which has positive benefits for White guys like us as the meme spreads that we are desirable, good catches. I see very many positive White American guy, younger Hispanic woman mating, marriages. The White gene, especially the Nordic gene is very strong, and many of the children are beautiful White children. Hispanics and really everyone adore beautiful White Hispanic children. I have a tough Boaton area frien of heavy Italian ancestry, dark hair, he has a child with a pretty, but short, darker Mexican woman. Their 6 year old daughter is charming, fair haired beauty – looks Swiss. Another school met of mine was a liberal atheist, marries a darker Mexican wife. Once married, she goes nuclear White Catholic, they have six kids, all White, though some with dark eyes – nice family. Mom/Mexican wife is extremely racist against Blacks.

    So, just wanted to mention some silver linings in this fallen world.

    For older White Anglo guys like me, giving up on miseducated, American career women, spinsters, Oprah worshipping women is often a good idea. white Hispanics often have a better life and don’t get persecuted by this PC cultural Marxist society.

  33. Jack you’re a single as@&$###

    (Editor’s note: sorry I didn’t catch this comment earlier. Mea Culpa, yeah, we do attract negative, foul speaking, foul smelling low lifes. It ain’t just abandoned towns in North Dakota, we get these types, that’s why we have bar bouncers)

  34. Everyone knows my views on true White Mormonism. I posted a few comments on Jack Ryans first post on Hanging Out With White Mormons. The old Original Mormons have alor of good things for the survival of White Race. Thanks for letting me make the comments on this issue Jack even though you dont agree with everything I say. Great posts on Mormons….

  35. My whole life I have attended and went to all kinds of White Meetings and so on. The Whitest Family Oriented Group I ever seen in my life was the pre 1978 Mormons.. I have seen nothing that will compare to it or even come close. But it got infiltrated (Now they have Freemasons which use to be a no no) and was forced to change or lose their tax exemption status.. Some Dark Angels from IRS and Feds Civil Rights Division paid them a visit at Salt Lake and told them they had to change or else…That was the Cain Revalation….Thanks again for letting me post on the first Post…We can learn alot from the old Mormons…Who knows,,maybe a restored Original Mormon Religion coukd save the White Race…

  36. The Mormon careless about Hispanics/Latinos….they just need some for PR and use some as tokens! Usually they want (mexicans) that are white fair skin and with good incomes! They too tend to blend in at all cost …to preserve their hispanic whiteness. At times I have been approached by missionaries and since I dont look “HISPANIC” they ask WHY are you fair skin/light colored eyes …you must have some Anglo and/or Caucasian in you right? I just smiled and respond YOU really take you genelogy serious dont you…and you are right! I am Caucasian since HISPANIC or Mexican isnt a race!

  37. I find your topic somewhat interesting. I am awhile Mormon. My wife and I have 5 kids here just 20 minutes south of Salt Lake. Most of the comments are not to far off regarding Mormons. A few things come to mind, the Mormons or LDS were mostly from England back in the day so very white. I wouldn’t say that Mormons are racist but there is a deep respect for cultures. For example in Hawaii one of the biggest tourist stops is the Polynesian Center. It is a vast showing of all the different cultures of the islanders. Most people probably don’t know that it is owned by the LDS. I served a mission as a young man (20years ago) in Russia 1993-95. It was an amazing time to be there. We helped them build their LDS churches and branches for there “Russian people”. I grew up with a lot of Navajo in northern Arizona. There is a respect for that I had as a kid for their culture. I still believe there is value for them to marry Navajo and have Navajo kids. It seems that the discussion that you have been having has been interesting because you are all trying to figure the Mormons, I think part of it is that Mormons teach a respect for “who you are” no matter what race. Don’t forget who you are or where you come from. So the religion doesn’t negate the cultural aspects of a convert. For example, when the LDS build a Temple in Africa, they have a multi cultural gathering that literally celebrates the many tribes and peoples. The church then stresses the importance of ancestors and so forth. What is very interpreting too is that the Book of Mormon has many stories regarding race and cultural difference. In fact, the Book of Mormon is expalined as a history of different “peoples” who lived on the Americas. It is a beautiful book that gives or explains future promises or blessings to “a groups” of people who are the ancestors of those who wrote the book. That may be confusing but back to my point, although Mormons aren’t race haters (most aren’t) there is definitely a respect for different cultures. I mean, look at the Russians on youtube. Tell me they as a people are not quick to anger (aka-road rage) and I will most certainly disagree. It is a cultural difference. Biblically tribes were given separate blessings and warnings too…. But back to topic. White LDS have organized themselves well and been able to communicate order. Is it because of their white heritage? Sure that is fair to say. The English have always done well with that aspect of life right? But as a religion we believe there is beauty in so many cultures and peoples. I think we try to support those good and respect all peoples. Literally, I live in one of (if not) the safest city and the safest State in the Union. My 5 kids have few minority friends. To a degree I believe it is a small disservice I provide to my kids to not have more diversity. When they see black people they notice but it is never negative or from fear. It is not a negative thing. My 15 year old is a secretary to a black kid in there church group. Just a few thoughts from a naive white LDS Mormon guy out in the desert mountains. Oh and BTW, yes if the Good ol’ US of A ever broke up or had difficulties, chaos would not be found here. In fact, when or if it happens, head out this way with yours. You would most likely be gladly fed by us Mormons you despise 😉

  38. NotsoJack writes:

    “Literally, I live in one of (if not) the safest city and the safest State in the Union. ”

    It was that way when Utah was all White and heavily LDS Mormon.

    But there are no walls between Salt Lake City, Orem Utah and East Los Angeles, Mexico or even Saudi Arabia:


    I hang out a lot with White LDS Mormons, they have good familia values. Unfortunately I have found that LDS Mormons White only, separatist history, is just that – ancient history. Now, LDS Mormons just want everyone to like them and they agree with whomever is in the room with them – Blacks, Jews, even Muslims. LDS Mormons go with the idea that they don’t need private schools or separate anything as everyone else will see how nice and wholesome they and their kids are and others will want their kids to hang out and being like LDS kids. This works for awhile or in places where White LDS families are in majorities. It doesn’t work in American cities with huge Black and Latrino populations .

    It’s like trying to mix horse manure with the best Vanilla ice cream. It might do something to improve the taste of the horse manure, but doesn’t do much for the taste of the vanilla ice cream.

    LDS Mormon political leaders, elected officials tend to suck . Harry Reid and Orin Hatch are two out of three worst US Senators. Now that LDS Mormons are embaracing Gays and lesbians, maybe Lindsey Graham can convert to LDS Mormonism and the LDS Church can have all the worst Senators.

    LDS Mormons also tend not to be intellectual or well read. I have never met any LDS Mormon who had a clue about negative things Jews do.

    If you are in an area with bad Black crime, LDS Mormons are pretty much useless. Always go with tough racist Italians. LDS Mormons need to be protected and frankly, most are very boring. If you have problems going to sleep, put on a video tape of Orin Hatch speaking, droning on and on about nothing.

    It s not some huge conspiracy. The United States political system is mostly comprised by really boring white men like Orin Hatch, boring, clues, nothing to say – put these types in a middle of a Black Baltimore race riot, they would still keep on talking about nothing.

  39. I would agree with the Dirty Harry Read comments and even Hatch (we delegates tried to get Hatch out to no avail!). Mormons can be very bland so I would unfortunately agree about the boring part. I should add that not only the safest city and state but it is obviously one of the whitest cities in the whitest state. So I would say that race and economic class has very much to do with overall safety here. I only have one or two lil beefs 🙂 ..l.. you say that “Mormons need to be protected….”. I think the Mormon history has shown that when push comes to shove that Mormons can and will fight. We are not like Jehovah Witnesses who do not go to battle. Our history is plum full of fighters. And Mormons out west have a love of firearms. I have a beautiful collection myself. I hope people don’t take our kindness or niceness as a weakness but I see why that would be perceived. I would say that Mormons are slower to anger than most People. Now the comments about our intellectuals maybe somewhat right.


    Too many Mormons do not think for themselves, that is my opinion. However, Mormons as a group are educated and are above average on incomes etc. I wish we had more of the Freedom and Liberty ideas of our forefather who settled the west. In my opinion it will be needed in the future. Heck, my son & I were with those who went out to Bundy Ranch to stand against the Feds.


    I may be more conservative than most of my religion. And so some Mormons know how to stand up for themselves.

  40. Jack I missed one…..and my kids go to a charter school. My siblings kids mostly go to private schools. The best education is best, right?

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