Big Gun, Little Girl


Renee Wallace “Stands With Alabama” … and against federal gun control laws.

Update: Missouri tried to nullify all federal gun control laws, but their Democrat governor Jay Nixon vetoed the bill.

Note: Article 1, Section 9, Clause 13 of the Confederate Constitution reads, “A well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

Preparing for "the collapse" of civilization
Big Gun, Little Girl
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  1. That there toilet bowl in the upper left side of the picture is disturbing. Why is it there? Is it used during barbecues? Just wondering. And I thought the little missy’s last name was Baum, as in Gordon. Another thing: that’s a damn communist weapon she’s a holdin’. I wouldn’t touch one with even with Derek Black’s limp dick. Get her an R4 from South Africa. They fought the commies with them things.


  2. 1) Treat all guns as if they are always loaded.

    2) Never point the weapon at anything you are not willing to destroy. (For those who insist that this particular gun is unloaded, see Rule 1.)

    3) Keep your finger off the trigger till your sights are on the target.

    4) Be sure of your target, and what is behind it.

  3. The beginning of protecting another person is teaching that other person to protect (him- or) herself. Creditable!

    Congratulations on your engagement.

  4. She’s a pretty gal. but, don’t think these photos with military rifle are beneficial to this great blog, or the just cause of Southern self determination.

    We should promote responsible 2nd Amendment gun rights, proper training with appropriate guns.

    Jost Turner wrote a great essay on this subject – these military assault rifles are much more trouble than they are worth for regular US citizens:

    Firearms the Great Equalizer:

  5. Rudel:

    Thanks for the advise but I already knew all that. My father taught me how to safely use guns since I was about 8 years old. I know it looks like my finger is on the trigger, but its not I assure you.

  6. Follow gun safety rules for sure. FTR it appears from my reading Josh Turner he couldn’t buy a clue at China Market with an EBTObama card

  7. RobRoySimmons says:
    August 22, 2013 at 11:33 pm
    “Follow gun safety rules for sure. FTR it appears from my reading Josh Turner he couldn’t buy a clue at China Market with an EBTObama card”

    JR replies – the author’s name was “Jost” Turner, not Josh/Joshua Turner.

    Jost was a decorated Viet Nam combat veteran, a dedicated race realist, who learned the hard way that American White nationalism attracts irresponsible people with serious personality flaws, people who fall victims to government entrapment for being irresponsible with our second amendment rights. All the government has to do with an AK47 owned by a Southern Nationalist is to confiscate the gun, use a screw driver to make a semi auto into auto.

    Plus these posing with the AK 47 photos can be used after the effect in some protest with Leftists that went bad, to make our people look like the bad guys. The government /SPLC did this to that Christian militia in Indiana, saying they were stock piling assault rifles to ambush police. Eventually they got off, but not until they suffered lots of persecution and bad press. Why invite this type of trouble.

    A 12 gauge shot gun, single bole hunting rifle looks just as good, is more practical to ever use and doesn’t cause the hassles of an AK47 “assault rifle”.

  8. How about a picture of Renee firing a Pennsylvania German (“Kentucky”) long rifle (perhaps the greatest colonial American invention) with coonskin cap?

  9. Don’t forget SKS if you’re modeling Russian rifles. Also suggesting: the 1841 Mississippii “yagger” rifle, the first standard American percussion lock, carried by many Confederate soldiers, and the Spencer repeating rifle, the first successful repeater that gave Union armies an unfair advantage: Hunter, thanks for moderating out the too-off-topic swan-poaching comment, if you did, unless it just disappeared.

  10. 313Chris says:
    “Jack Ryan is a textbook Go-Along-To-Get-Along.”

    We agree. Parroting Joe Biden’s advice no less. We’re headed for South African style genocide & his semi-auto rifle advice is “they’re more trouble than their worth”.


    Hunter, again- my invite stands. You & your bride to be can trek over to South Mississippi anytime you like & shoot with the wife & I. I’ll introduce you to the M1A Springfield and what its capable of doing in the right hands.

    Semper Fi.

  11. Countenance:

    It depends on what shotgun you’re using. My .410 doesn’t have much of a kick at all. The perfect gun for a little woman. But a .12 gauge has a bit of a kick if you’re my size, and so do a lot of other shotguns. You gotta know how to hold them right first of all. But I’ve had plenty of shotguns leave a bruise on my shoulder from the kick

  12. This is Alabama. The reaction of people around here to an AK-47 is “cool.”

    hehe, great response. Yeah, I don’t get the bedwetting over a gun, this is Alabama we’re talking about, not Portland Oregon.

  13. Looks like a nice piece of land, too, nice and flat acreage you can do something with, if you want to, and with some shady trees

  14. “this is Alabama we’re talking about, not Portland Oregon.”

    Oregon has less restrictive gun laws than Alabama including the ability to own Class 3 weapons.

  15. “I always keep my finger on the trigger. It gives people concern.”

    You’re the one who should be concerned about blowing your foot off.

  16. I do know that “Baum” means “tree” in English. Might be some sort of prophetic meaning there…

    Well, trees do bear fruit. That is, if they’ve properly pollinated.

    Got no idea what “Griffin” means.

    Then again, it could be related to a “merv”…

  17. Got no idea what “Griffin” means.

    A gryphon, it’s a flying mythological creature.

  18. At the bare minimum, every Patriotic White household should own at least one AK-47 (7.62X39mm) and one AR-15 (223. cal). These are the weapons the gun grabbers want gone first. We can be certain that this issue will resurface in the coming years as the founding stock becomes the minority and third-worlders and progressive libtards the majority. Unless secession becomes a reality, it is likely that all guns, even the single shot 12 gauge I inherited from granddad will become illegal in the near future in our beloved Amerrika.

  19. If push comes to shove in the good ol’ USA then .223 ammo is going to be a whole lot easier to get ahold of. For a handy .30 caliber carbine I’d rather use a .30-30 than an AK or SKS anyhow.

  20. White Americans should prioritize having platforms chambered for 5.56mm NATO and .40 S&W in particular, since those calibers are what the DHS is stockpiling and issuing it’s agents.

  21. The DHS has just issued a bid for a zillion rounds of .357 SIG “practice” ammo. And might I remind you that the Beretta 9mm Parabellum is still the US military’s main sidearm and also used by half the police departments in the US.

    The .357 SIG is a necked down .40 S&W which itself is a “ballooned up” 9mm. All three cases use the 9mm’s rim although with most .40 S&Ws you can swap the barrel for a .357 SIG and still use the same magazines.

  22. I’m a Southpaw, too – and your weapon is a wonderful accessory to your pretty pink Summer dress!

    I think it’s important to co-ordinate accessories, as we have an image to uphold, as Racists.

  23. Rudel, note that the surname Griffin is more frequent in Wales than in Ireland or England, and as a corruption of the more common Welsh name “Griffith”.

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