Uvalda and Southern Nationalism

The League of the South holds a successful rally in Uvalda and Vidalia, GA.
A storm is coming in Georgia.


OD is back home in Alabama after participating in the League of the South’s first “Southern Demographic Displacement” demonstration in Uvalda and Vidalia, Georgia.

The purpose of this demonstration was to protest Paul Bridges, the mayor of Uvalda, who sued Georgia in federal court with the SPLC and ACLU to block Georgia’s immigration law, HB 87, and to protest the cultural, economic, and demographic displacement of our people by the evil alliance between agribusiness, federal judges, and anti-White organizations like the SPLC in the Vidalia area.

The Uvalda and Vidalia demonstrations had several other objectives:

1.) First, we wanted to reorient Southern Nationalism away from the bickering, time-wasting, and navel-gazing so commonly found on the internet, and toward practical activism, organizing, and community engagement in the real world.

2.) Second, we wanted to cut down on the anonymity in the movement, and do something together in the real world to strengthen our organization.

3.) Third, we wanted to introduce the new flags and banners, and demonstrate that we we are capable of building a European-style nationalist movement in the South.

4.) Fourth, we wanted to show our many sympathizers that the League is full of normal, ordinary White Southerners who are opposed to our dispossession, and that we are capable of building and leading a viable resistance movement in the South.

5.) Fifth, we wanted to demonstrate that the primary obstacle to building a viable resistance movement in the South is succumbing to our own fears, our own laziness, and other bad habits.

In almost every way, the Uvalda and Vidalia demonstrations on Saturday were a success:

1.) I estimate that we got about 40 to 50 people to show up in between the organizers, the people who participated in the demonstration, and the support crew. Everyone who attended our event was well dressed. Both demonstrations were well coordinated and went down without incident.

2.) Although we had spent two months planning this event, we didn’t encounter any opposition in Uvalda or Vidalia. We distributed a ton of literature to the public. We even had a few locals join and participate in our protests.

3.) The new flags and banners looked great.

4.) The SPLC tried and failed to intimidate Chief Smith and the League members who organized and attended these protests.

5.) We were more concerned about the weather than the opposition, but we didn’t get rained out at either event. The closest thing to a problem that we encountered all weekend was overwhelming a restaurant in Uvalda with our business.

6.) We spent a lot of time socializing and working together to do something productive to advance a common cause.

7.) We succeeded in running Mayor Paul Bridges out of town!

In hindsight, there were a couple of areas where we learned some lessons, and where there will be room for improvement at future events:

1.) The most obvious practical lesson we learned in Uvalda was the importance of bringing sunscreen to our protests.

2.) We could have used a few more bullhorns at the demonstrations. I also think that marching with the flags would have a more dramatic effect.

3.) We couldn’t get a lot of people to show up in Uvalda because there was bitterness and division over the Confederate battle flag not being used.

4.) We learned that getting our own supporters and sympathizers to show up en masse at our events is a bigger problem than the SPLC calling us names.

5.) We need to spend a lot more of our time promoting these events and getting the word out in communities before we show up.

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  1. I am looking forward to the State of the Union where the President has to acknowledge the first viable secession movement since 1865.

  2. I hope that the League of the South, and the Council of Conservative Citizens keeps it up, and presses even harder against open borders immigration, and our displacement by Mexicans & other Latinos.

    The stakes are huge, and dangerous, because the Mexicans & other Latinos are in the dope business & prostitution, in a big way. Not only are they bringing drugs in from Latino America, they are also producing drugs here in the United States, and they are running their whores even out of grand hotels in the South! There’s mega money in drugs & prostitution. Enough money to turn the head of any small town or large city politician or cop.

    Hunter, I hope you, Dr. Hill, Kyle Rogers and others don’t weaken, and carry on with the fight against our demographic displacement. But, understand this is a most dangerous game…and silly bastards like the SPLC and ADL are pissing in the soup.

  3. Re: “We used all the time we were given under the permit”:

    Two hours! The idea that someone must seek PERMISSION to speak out publicly in nonviolent protest in a public square is wrong. Why not use a few extra minutes or a few extra hours than “allowed”, because it is your RIGHT!

    Talk about northerners being obsessively submissive to RULES!

    However, it was very well done — from the pastor’s prayer in the beginning, through Michael Hill’s speech, all of it good, everything on target! Bravo! More of this!

  4. “We couldn’t get a lot of people to show up in Uvalda because there was bitterness that the Confederate battle flag wasn’t being used.”

    You might tell them you all should be working on a new flag design that has the Cross in a forthright, unequivocally Christian, upright position, not just heraldry this time around.

  5. We demonstrated for over three hours in Uvalda, and an additional 2.75 hours in Vidalia, for just shy of six hours in total. We were all worn out at the end. It wasn’t a question of being limited by authorities, it was a question of how long we could last.

  6. Congratulations on a job well done.

    Who is Paul Bridges and where did he come from? Is he a native of the region? If he is and he has “changed” his ideology, I suspect a huge reward is behind this “change of heart.” How come we are always duped into voting for the wrong guy? We need to start ‘building’ our own candidates.

    I hate to break it to you folks but this type of voter trickery is happening all over the U.S. and the rest of the Western World. And, there is only one conclusion that can be drawn from it. And, it is the forbidden c-word!

    • Re: Snowhitey

      1.) Paul Bridges is the mayor of Uvalda, GA. He sued Georgia in federal court with the SPLC and ACLU to gut Georgia’s immigration law, HB 87. He’s also become a big cheerleader for amnesty for illegal aliens in the media.

      2.) I believe he is from Georgia, but not from the area. I could be wrong on that.

      3.) According to Chief Smith, he “evolved” after he was elected mayor. The same was true of Rand Paul and Marco Rubio.

  7. I think you made the right decision on the battle flag, it was used in the White man’s days of rage for decades and hence it is a reactionary symbol, that means talk tough and then go vote GOP and be sold out.

    I didn’t recognize the banners you did use, but they seem nice, and nice is good.

  8. Mosin,

    As I’m sure you know, the Judaic-American media machine is presently putting to the metal in manufacturing propaganda in the service of the empire. Damascus is about to become the new Sarajevo. There is not a damn thing anyone in the WORLD can do about it, not Hezbollah, Iran, Russia or China. Once the American juggernaut decides to act, there is no stopping it. Surely you know this? I’m not sure what the point of a protest would be. Better for us that the US gov stays deeply engaged overseas so they have less time and resources to focus on “domestic” threats.

  9. Maybe we should create our own flag. A contest on best design would be welcome. I am not good at leading these things but I would participate.

  10. “Better for us that the US gov stays deeply engaged overseas”

    It is WORSE however for Christians, in that part of the world, as they come to final extinction — and worse for us because Syrian Muslim refugees will be arriving here, and because we are working to pay for, and will never cease paying for, these great injustices that can never be forgotten!

  11. I think I’ve finally deeply internalized the idea the US government is not my government. It doesn’t represent me. It is not any decent person’s government whether or not he realizes it. Certainly many on the dissident right realize this. In other words, since they don’t represent us and we have no say in what they do, I don’t think we’re implicated in their crimes in the world.

    Christians should say a prayer for the Syrian Christians tonight, with bombs about to be falling on their lands, and being caught between two horribly vile groups: liver-eating Salafists and the US/UK/Western powers. It doesn’t look like it’s avoidable this time, since, again, it seems America has decided the time is right to remind the globe who the fuck is in charge.

  12. I have no problem with the Confederate battle flag but many do. To some people it gives them immediately bad feelings. It doesn’t matter what we think about this. We don’t want to have people immediately tune out our message. Maybe the Gadsden flag would be more appropriate? It doesn’t, far as I know, have any stigma attached to it and “Don’t Tread on Me” is about a succinct as message as can be managed. Could be tied into an uncaring distant Washington treating the States as colonies.

  13. The new flag should be used instead of the Battle Flag. There’s a saying that generals are always fighting the last war. The Battle Flag is an emblem of a previous war. We are now fighting a new war, so we need a new flag. Pray it will be a banner of a victorious cause.

  14. “Maybe the Gadsden flag would be more appropriate? It doesn’t, far as I know, have any stigma attached to it and “Don’t Tread on Me” is about a succinct as message as can be managed.”

    Gadsden is a bridge to the Tea Partiers who already accept it.

  15. We’re not going to change our flag. We have a new flag and it has been promoted and used and people liked it. It represents us well. If another group wishes to create its own flag they are free to do so. But the last thing we need right now is debate over a flag and lots of people wasting their time drawing up different designs. We have a flag. Let’s use it. Let’s get active.

  16. If you remember, I always said I think it (the black diagonal cross on white background) is a GOOD design, Palmetto.

    I agree. I wouldn’t allow the distraction of a flag design contest at this time either.

    Anyway, I’m north of the Line….

  17. Thanks, Palmetto, for your effort, example and encouragement.

    We need our own League for the secession of northern states and counties.

    C of CC does extend north and south of the Line.

    Lew wrote: “Christians should say a prayer for the Syrian Christians tonight, with bombs about to be falling”

    I agree. The Federal-Global Tyranny seems omnipotent now, a mega-Goliath about to slay yet another hapless small victim. Will Syria fight back? http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4422473,00.html Would they be any more successful than Saddam, Taliban or Gaddafi?

  18. Off-topic but interesting, I think: http://www.thetoptens.com/most-racists-states-us/pennsylvania-588194.asp

    “although this is the north you see more Confederate flags up here than in the South, I know because I am originally from the south and was raised there for a short period of time. I believe that Black people should avoid this area” / “I moved from NJ to Pa a few years ago, foolishly thinking it would be similar just less crowded (…) They are the most xenophobic, racist uneducated trash I have ever met. Its like I stepped into the 1960’s! People here get away with hate crimes (…) They drive around with these kids waving the confederate flag and use the “n” word (…) Outside of Philly & parts of the Lehigh Valley, and maybe East Stroudsburg area, PA is a racist, xenophobic, uneducated wasteland. Stay away!” / “I am from Mississippi one of the most racist states in America. I traveled to PA to go to the mountains. When I was on the highway, there was a group of white people riding in a vehicle behind me and my friends. They pulled along beside us and were all hanging out of the windows screaming “GO BACK TO MISSISSIPPI, GO HOME N******!” / “Boyertown, PA has people who drive chevy pick up trucks with confederate flags. A young person here said at the store, you n***** go to KFC where you belong” / “Very racist outside Philadelphia (…) They affectionately call it Pen(nsyl)tucky enough said.”

    Indeed every year a community (borough!) festival that runs for days has a very large Confederate battle hung over the main entertainment stage, with no stars and stripes in sight. Of course the Confederate flag doesn’t have quite the same meaning to northerners: it is called “the REAL American flag” — and the stars and stripes is called “the Obama flag”.

    Western Pennsylvania made it to third place of “the most racist places in America” according to MSNBC. Not the urban southeast, but rural “Pennsyltucky” is responsible for the very “bad” reputation.

  19. A bit of overstatement in the penultimate comment, but I’ve noticed at least two Confederate flags flying in front yards in the nearest small town. The state as a whole usually comes up around twentieth most racist, only just above average — whereas the rural part is second or third most racist place in America (!) according to MSNBC.

    “Terrorist Enterprise Investigation” is an executive decision that involves planting paid informants, and does not require evidence of actual terrorist activity or intent: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/nypd-designates-mosques-terrorism-organizations-20089904

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