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American North

I bought this book on sale last month when I was in St. Louis.

It is about the forgotten history of the Civil Rights Movement in the Northern states. I’ve only read the first two chapters.

So far, I haven’t seen anything that contradicts my view of the origins of the Civil Rights Movement.

The existence of the Union is the only reason why the “Civil Rights Movement” triumphed in the South. There was a dramatic shift in White Northern racial attitudes during the Second World War.

It was the Second World War that provided fringe leftists in the Northern states with their historic opportunity to push their “civil rights” ideas into the mainstream:

“That they reached their success in the midst of the Second World War is no coincidence. Advocates of racial equality got a hearing – precisely because their rise coincided with the battle against fascism abroad.

The unexpected shift if the politics of race during World War II was not, as any good Depression-era leftist might have acknowledged in a reflective moment, wholly of the radicals’ own making. The secular and religious lefts forced Americans to confront the pressing and still unresolved question of racial inequality, but they had unwitting allies. The civil rights impulse had been deeply rooted in the American past, yet it came to the surface in America in one particular moment, the 1940s. And it did so because of a shift in national politics and a simultaneous grassroots struggle from below. The left aided and abetted both, but ultimately the interracial left came in from the margins and made its mark on American history because of good timing. Its leaders and activists alike vocally decried injustice when the world was convulsed in a battle against one of history’s most violent and racist regimes.”

Prior to the Second World War, White Northerners didn’t want to hear much about the blacks and their social problems.

The war against Hitler’s Germany reawakened the old crusading spirit of Radicalism in the North that had been unleashed on the Confederacy. White Northerners became more abstract and ideological and the ‘contradictions’ between their ‘American Creed’ and the circumstances of blacks emerged as a social problem.

Note: Much of the North was segregated in custom until the aftermath of the Second World War.

There were civil rights laws in every Northern state that banned segregation, but in practice these laws were often ignored. The Second World War forced the North to choose between its ideals and customs.

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  1. @Porter

    “In continuing to intrepidly pierce history’s shroud, we’ll eventually locate the proper sect of white 18th century agrarian communalists against whom we may launch our cultural counterattack.”

    Hah! It looks like the mob here is currently attacking the Quakers who are conveniently still around. 🙂

  2. “Pennsylvania: banned railroad and streetcar segregation (1867), banned segregation in public education (1872 and 1881)”

    A law more honoured in the breach than in the observance. The Negro City of Philadelphia keeps rumbling about “merging” with suburban school districts ie. elite (and White and/or Jewish) Radnor and Lower Merion Townships right next door.

  3. We’re fully aware that Jewish groups like the ADL, SPLC, and Imagine2050 oppose us. I think everyone was disappointed when the ADL and SPLC didn’t resume their attacks after Murfreesboro and Shelbyville.

    At the end of the day, the SPLC and ADL wrote a few blog posts, and the “Tennessee Anti-Racist Network” organized a counter-protest and got our hotel reservations cancelled in Shelbyville.

    Palmetto Patriot has seen the opposition. I’m sure he is less worried about the opposition than what we are doing ourselves.

  4. I am glad that hunter and palmetto patriot are aware. This is the best thing to happen to Southern politics since George Wallace.

  5. RRS,

    Jews will call you an anti-Semite and ruin you, but you fine lads wish to lose yourself by tailgating details as you obsess over jews,

    The phrase is “anti-white” use it, don’t worry about not getting a Smart Badge for not writing an essay on some detail, be effective instead.

    I mixed it up with a garden-variety liberal earlier tonight. We got into it over immigration, he spewed the standard anti-white bromides, and I called him anti-white. He responded by rolling his eyes and sneering “so you’re one of those! . You think you’re being genocided!” But I didn’t mention genocide. I said not one word about genocide. He brought up genocide as soon as I popped him with anti-white. The basic mantra messages seem to be getting out there. This guy must have had prior exposure to the white genocide argument.

  6. Hunter Wallace,

    At the end of the day, the SPLC and ADL wrote a few blog posts, and the “Tennessee Anti-Racist Network” organized a counter-protest and got our hotel reservations cancelled in Shelbyville.

    A few thoughts:

    The local anti-white rabble do not matter IMO, but the ADL and the SPLC matter a lot. Unlike the rabble, Potok and Foxman can command national visibility on a moment’s notice. The ADL and the SPLC are also connected to the FBI, DHS and local law enforcement. Two very distinct differences.

    For those reasons (there are others), I think it’s myopic and unwise to trivialize their attacks as merely a few blog posts when these attacks seem to be part of a larger public relations strategy. The ADL does after all have LOS on the “terrorism” list next to actual Islamist mass murderers such as the Al Qaeda-linked Al Shabab group. That is by design of course, and if you look at the last several ADL “terrorism” posts, the posts are almost perfectly balanced between white men, brown men, foreign threat, domestic threat.

    This makes perfect sense. The American power elite, including elite Jewry, has been since the Bush administration trying to establish the concept an “American Al-Qaeda” in the public mind.

    The elites, led by Jewry as always, are presently repurposing and rebranding the “war on terror,” a “war” in which they have already invested billions in propaganda, so that going forward the public does not associate the “terrorist” threat with brown guys on the other side of the world but rather with anti-system white folks here.

    An obvious element of the ADLs plan is to spread paranoia about “white domestic terrorism,” and create pretexts for government crack downs. So when the ADL puts LOS on the “terrorism” list, they’re not just smearing you; they’re including you in the white terrorist media template.

  7. “Abolition was a crazy, destructive idea.”

    Isn’t the goal of this website to secure Southern independence in the modern era? If so, comments like this sure won’t help your cause.

  8. Re: ‘“Abolition was a crazy, destructive idea.” Isn’t the goal of this website to secure Southern independence in the modern era? If so, comments like this sure won’t help your cause’:

    Some of the other classic ‘helpful’ lines include: ‘slavery created immense wealth’ and ‘slavery would have ended anyway with the advent of better farm machinery’.

  9. It created the immense wealth for an elite, and would surely have persisted in the form of domestic service (including house pets and status symbols) and ‘specialty crop’ hand labour and working in hazardous conditions and in direct contact with dangerous chemicals in modern agriculture.

  10. Lew, if there’s anyone doing any “smearing” it’s you. If someone doesn’t agree with your little hobby horse you automatically attack him as the enemy. I have told the truth about how Jews need the cooperation of the ruling elites of a country to achieve their goals. If they don’t have that, all the money they have in the world won’t help them to get what they want. Study the history of Spain and England. When the Jews had the cooperation of the ruling elites, they rode high. When they lost it, they got their Hebrew heinies kicked out of those countries.

    You also asked me about PP and LOS being labeled as terrorists by the ADL and SPLC. Well Lew-Lew, a lot of conservative or traditionalist groups are on the list compiled by these groups. So wth is your point, man?

  11. I made my point already, and I am happy to do it again. With Jews having recently taken a dump all over the LOS, you and to a lesser extent PP are here defending them and spreading their dishonest talking points and worst caricatures of WNsts.

    I called you a smear artist because you are one. Your claims about the people who criticize Jews across the firmament of rightist thought are about as accurate as claims that all Catholics are pedophiles.

  12. Lew, you make no sense whatsoever. I have never defended Jewish wrongdoing at anytime. I have mocked the stupid idea that the tribe is all powerful. As I have stated before, they’re only as powerful as the Non-Jews allow them to be. If people reject their money and other goodies, they’re in s**t creek without paddles.

    “Worse caricatures and dishonest talking points”. Oh, baloney! I’ve been observing WN’s for years, but I’ve never gotten serious about WN for one big reason. The WN’s that I saw here in Peoria, and in the national media tended to live up to the “worst caricatures” and the so-called “dishonest talking points” that you’re bitching about. They tended to embrace Christian Identity, Nordic paganism, or national socialism. And they all had a tendency to act like clowns and yahoo’s. Hunter, Jack, and PP have all written about this in past posts. These people are their (and their supporters) own worst enemies. They repel, rather than attract people to this movement. Is that so hard to understand?

  13. In other words, the Jews used their holy war against Germany as a prelude to unleashing a holy war against American whites. How very true.

  14. “The war against Hitler’s Germany reawakened the old crusading spirit of Radicalism in the North that had been unleashed on the Confederacy.”

    I do think there’s a lot of truth in how you describe the psychology behind this but the actual mechanism in that reawakening was the media’s – especially Hollywood’s – particular spin on it which effected people in proportion to how little experience of diversity they had. I know from the liberal part of my own parent’s generation (who had zero experience of diversity) how those films effected them when they were young and that is how the multicult was originally spawned.

    There are billions of people in the world who have never stepped foot in the South and yet despite that they all know what the word “redneck” means and have a negative connotation of it. Why?


    Hollywood is like the visual entertainment equivalent of the SPLC.

  15. My family and myself had little experience with DIEversity in the Sixties when the “Civil Rights” era began. We thought it was wonderful that blacks had finally gotten “equal rights” and evil old Jim Crow was dead and gone. Well, next thing you know Watts is burning down; deadly riots in Newark, Detroit and elsewhere; parts of our city no longer safe to go into; radical, hate filled blacks yelling “black power” and “kill the honkeys”.

    That’s when we began to take a second look and realized how little we really knew about Negroes.

  16. For the record, when an opportunity to push white genocide appears, the Jew is immediately involved without exception. This is plainly evident all over the world. As Rudel observed sometime back in a crisp formulation, they are deeply involved in every activity detrimental to White civilization.

    But no one has ever said that they are all powerful, or that they are solely responsible for anything, or that they act alone or have ever acted alone. Those statements are red herrings that exist to give trolls like Dalton straw man positions to attack and openings to spread caricatures and lies.

    For anyone who may not fully understand why this “Jew stuff” matters, the reason that people are so persistent in mentioning Jews is because their role in pushing white genocide is not well understood by the general reader. People can easily discern the contributions of democrats, republicans, capitalists, liberals, and conservatives to the anti-white agenda, but they have no way to discern the contribution of the Jews.

    So when a topic such as civil rights comes up, and the leading role of the Jews in pushing the civil rights agenda goes unmentioned, often a person will mention that the Jews played a leading role but not the sole role in pushing civil rights. There is nothing more to it than this.

  17. ***Jack Ryan, I took the liberty of inserting these fine comments by NYYankees and Denise which you CENSORED here.

    Everyone, Jack Ryan has the discretion to censor comments for his articles. Jack often has a hankering to do it too. Please keep this in mind before spending time composing a comment on a Jack Ryan thread. ***

    NYYankees says:
    November 8, 2013 at 10:01 pm

    Jack Ryan writes:

    “NY Yankees – what are you good at, OK, not bad at in terms of helping our cause? Who can you reach? If Jared Taylor isn’t for you? What is?

    My experience leads me to say that most American Whites who are obsessed with the Jewish issue can’t seem to get along with anyone, including other anti Semites.

    They see the whole world as wrong.

    One makes oneself very unpopular instructing everyone else that they are always wrong.”

    Am I a crazy white bitch or something? How have you deluded yourself into thinking that Jared Taylor actually attracts people….? Hello?

    I’ve studied the site exhaustively for a year. There ain’t one white middle class or average IQ’d person who ever hangs out for more than…I dunno…maybe a week. None. I challenge you, Dear Jack, to proffer proof that Taylor ‘attracts’ people.

    He alienates, disaffects, demoralizes and ultimately embitters and repels the majority of Whites. I have a high IQ, or so they say, so I somehow tolerated the stink of their effete elitism for far longer than any person of the middle or lower working class normally would. But I am no dupe, and you either lack the most basic skills of observation or you really are nuts.

    One makes oneself very unpopular instructing everyone else that they are always stupid, slovenly and negligible – which is exactly what Taylor does. I don’t base my White Pride in the denigration of other races. FYI, I am no anti-semite; I am pro-White, which requires an absolute intolerance of Zionism, which requires intolerance of Judaism, plain and simple.

    You truly believe telling middle class Whites that they’re inferior and that their lives and suffering don’t matter is White Power.

    God help us.

    Southerners seem to think they’re going to re-fight the Civil War. You lost, and now the battle is only in your minds. Yankee values came to dominate the country, and they are based on an ideal of fairness, of middle class opportunity and ‘egalitarianism.’ Southerners became almost as infected with the perversion of these ideals as the northerners; the only thing the vast majority of Whites will respond to is the exposing of liberalism’s faux populism. They were sold, or force-fed really, the lies that the ‘JOOOS’ concocted. White Privilege is a concept ‘discovered’ by Noel Ignatiev.

    These people will never unite behind any movement premised on race realist elitism. And make no mistake, that is what race realism is 90% classism, 10% science.

    In the same time Michos has built, or re-built, a party and soon, a country, pro-Whites in the US have just dug their grave deeper. Name one middle class White who identifies with Taylor. Hell, name me one who isn’t repulsed by his cult.

    Palmetto Patriot says:
    November 8, 2013 at 10:09 pm

    I have a great deal of respect for Taylor. His model of pro-White activism is one which can appeal to average people. He doesn’t put folks off the way skinheads, Nazis and many WNs do. For us to make any headway it’s going to take more folks like him speaking up in clear language with a professional, attractive image.

    NYYankees says:
    November 8, 2013 at 11:08 pm

    Palmetto are you telling me harping about how whites have higher IQ’s than blacks appeals to the majority of middle class whites? Taylor also promotes the idea that extreme accumulation of wealth is earned.

    Good luck with that, comrade.

    One reason I know that this guarantees failure is 1) because it’s already been beyond proven and 2) I’ve spent my own odd journey in life dealing with hatred for being just a tad, not horrendously, too ‘high IQ.’ And White.

    Taylor’s premise has failed, people. Why can’t anyone ‘countenance’ reality?!!!

    Judaism is a choice – a racist imperialist anti-european choice. Therefore, adherents to it can be held responsible for their aggressions and exploitations in the name of it. The only true economic privilege in this country is Jewish Privilege. ‘Judaism’ suffices.

    Middle class Whites will hold people accountable for what they choose, not what they’re born. Blacks and hispanics have chosen, en masse, economic and political exploitation of the white middle class, and it is their choice most Whites will come to recognize and challenge – not their biology.

    My study and dealings with southern WN’s has illuminated where things went wrong. You’ve never wanted to champion the white middle class.

    You knee-jerk defend the Jews, while knee-jerk denigrating the ‘inferior’ races, because you seek to retain your own privilege. You, like the Jews, believe White Power lies in haplotypes and conniving.

    It is for this reason there will never be a nation-wide movement in the US. I highly doubt there will be any substantial one in the south. The Glass Menagerie comes to mind…

    Denise says:
    November 9, 2013 at 2:56 pm

    20 years ago, the Amren Conferences were broadcast on CNN. Now, Taylor’s been routed several time, in his Eastern venues, and his Big Jew pals didn’t lift a finger to help. That is NOT a sign of success – but of abject failure.

    Taylor moved his conferences to TN DUE TO THE SUCCESS of the STORMFRONT conferences. He’s latching on to those that are demonstrating a modicum of functionality. And NY is 110% correct on Taylor’s absolute loathing of the Proles.

    NY is also right about the IQ issue. About Judaism, and Orc CHOICE to attack, plunder, and demonize ordinary Whites. NY Yankee’s words ring with the sound of truth. He’s already done more, in his 1 post, than Taylor has done in 20 years.

    Jack Ryan says:
    November 9, 2013 at 3:52 pm

    Mr. Taylor has written and published great books and a great web site, conferences ahh, just OK.

    So you think you can do better?

    Let’s see something, anything.

    Swiss, French and Russian Nationalistsvare contending for #1 positions in their countries. Even the Dutch have had solid success.

    Americans prefer to whine, endlessly discuss World War II – where even Hitler wasn’t tough enough on the Jews.

    Lew says:
    November 9, 2013 at 4:03 pm

    NYYankee and Denise are right. NYYankee, thank you for injecting a blast of cold, fresh air into the comments here. Keep commenting. You make many good points about weaknesses in SNsm.

    Taylor is another one that let’s Jews shit all over him, in his case for 25 years now, in return for … well nothing that I am aware of. Except more shit. And while forbidding criticism of Jews at his site, he puts Jews on his conference program, and he gives them a platform for criticizing WNsts.

    The Democrat Terry McAuliffe was just elected governor of Virginia. Like Obama, he lost the white vote. From a class standpoint, McAuliffe won by huge margins among voters making less than 30K (almost all non-white) and more than 200K (almost all white).

    Taylor’s affluent whites are the core of the anti-white, anti-middle class coalition.

  18. NYYankees writes: ‘You knee-jerk defend the Jews, while knee-jerk denigrating the ‘inferior’ races, because you seek to retain your own privilege. You, like the Jews, believe White Power lies in haplotypes and conniving.

    It is for this reason there will never be a nation-wide movement in the US. I highly doubt there will be any substantial one in the south. The Glass Menagerie comes to mind…’

    Actually, I can’t think of a single instance where I have ‘defended’ Jews. What I have done is object to the obsession over them by some WNs. And Jack Ryan is correct when he writes that such people can’t seem to get along with others. It’s a very small group of people but they seem to love to shout ‘Jew!’ all the time. Do they really think that will win over anyone? Do they believe that blaming all our troubles on the Jews will enable us to change anything for the better?

    I do not denigrate ‘inferior races’. You seem to be confusing me with someone else. I rarely write about those of other races, in fact. When I do so it’s generally in a historical context as part of my writings on the origin of Southern culture. Elsewhere when I write about those of other races it is in the context of news stories and generally confined to examples of anti-White media bias or the demographic displacement of Southerners. I take the position that the Third World should be for Third World peoples and we should just leave them along – and likewise the Western World should be for Western people. There is nothing about that position which denigrates anyone.

  19. Palmetto Patriot and Jack Ryan, y’all doing the right thing in your replies and censoring of NewYorkYankee, Lew, and any other s***disturber that’s causing trouble by riding a hobby horse to death. I think it’s important to know what other ethnic groups are like and what they’re doing in regard to us, but to obsess about them is a sign of a pathological mentality. No healthy person, IMO, centers his life around hating another group of people. He focuses his attentions on building up his own kith and kin. The ‘it’s the Jooos!”, “it’s the Nagra’s!”, or the “it’s the Beaners!” types usually, as others have noticed, are sad, anti-social types, who usually don’t get along with their own family members, neighbors, and fellow workers.

  20. Stephen,

    I just want to thank you again for your solid hard work, driving all the way to Georgia and Tennessee for our successful, real world activism. There were so many great people there, my favorites including the charming shaven year old blond girl in our “Victory in Tennessee” poster. As soon as I met you in person, I knew you were a stand up, great guy.

    Wishing you all the best brother.


  21. JR, you embarrass me with your praise. All I did was hold a sign. However, that’s more than Lew and his fellow carping naysayers ever accomplished for this movement. The only successful movement these trolls ever had was a bowel movement!

  22. PP,

    To me, this is an example of defending Jews from measured, responsible, reasonable criticism, founded on facts:

    Newer Comments ?
    jeppo says:
    November 5, 2013 at 12:21 am

    Funny, you just wrote 400 words about the civil rights movement and not a single one begins with the letter J. But then again you’ve only read the first two chapters of that book so maybe the author will reveal the chief culprits later on. Hint: it’s not the damnyankees.

    Palmetto Patriot says:
    November 5, 2013 at 12:22 am

    Blaming all our troubles on the Jews is a not an honest or productive way of addressing our problems, Jeppo.

  23. Hunter – when and if the LOS begins to cause REAL trouble – the ADL/SPLC Big Jew Inc will cause YOU real trouble.

    I hope it happens. Not to wish to bring trouble to you – but it proves you are making a REAL dent.

    The Golden Dawn ongoing situation illustrates this perfectly. The GD is playing everything perfectly, by the way. Hew unto them.

  24. Stephen E Dalton says:
    ‘And your objection to Washington condemning ‘that ridiculous and childish custom of burning the Effigy of the Pope’, which is’ monstrous’ and ‘insulting their religion’. is…?’

    Stephen, your chutzpah knows no bounds.

    You relished in the the fact that living, breathing, human beings were tortured and burned to death over multiple centuries by the Popes and their henchmen and callously withheld any compassion whatsoever for the victims, but now you are all bent out of shape by the burning of -EFFIGIES?- of Popes which is said to be – monstrous?!


    Your sensibilities are seriously twisted.

  25. Sam, very few people were burned at the stake by the various Inquisitions. The purpose of the Inquisitions was to investigate heresies, and to turn people away from them. Only three thousand people were sentenced to death over a 350 year period by the Spanish Inquisition. Tens of thousands were burned by Protestant courts prosecuting witchcraft cases. The reason for that was the Inquisition courts demanded hard evidence of wrong doing, and had very tough penalties for false testimony, while the Protestant courts were far too lax in admitting shakey claims, such as spectral evidence in the Salam Witch trials. (Such as hysterical women screaming about being tormented by demons.) Say Sam, have you read Henry Kaman’s “The Spanish Inquisition” yet?

  26. Sam, the Spanish Inquisition was really a GOOD thing, after all, according to a clever, ‘rootless cosmopolitan’ revisionist historian Henry A. Kamen (spelled correctly with an ‘e’) — whose interpretation of Spanish and Roman history purposely misses the point of the so-called ‘Black Legend’ — and the Spanish elites and Jesuitics love and reward him for it.

  27. There are plenty of historians or college professors who sell themselves and truth to the highest bidder, and for fame in this world. Those who possess sanctified common sense remain unmoved by their ‘statistical proofs’ and other sophisms.

  28. Sam, ignore MN’s poisoning of the well, read Kamen’s book for yourself, and make up your own mind, based on the primary sources he presents in the book.

  29. I should have added that Kamen’s original revisionist argument, in his original opus of 1965 was replaced with a very different interpretation in the 1988 version of the book — and that he has become the most influential interpreter of Spanish history.

  30. But the Inquisition in Spain IS a perfect example of the NEXUS of heretical Roman Papism and Jesuitism with Talmudism, since it was the Conversos (Marranos) themselves who called for it (to stop the bloodbath of ‘the purification of bloodlines’ by the white Catholics) — and since the Marranos themselves mostly took charge of the ‘holy’ work of their own ‘conversion’.

    The Spanish Inquisition in the Spanish Netherlands resulted in a larger number of unconverted or ‘less converted’ Talmudic emigres. Many emigrated to the British isles, including some to Scotland.

  31. Last sentence was garbled, sorry. Correction: The Spanish Inquisition resulted in a large number of unconverted or ‘less converted’ Talmudic emigres to the Netherlands, whence many emigrated to the British Isles, etc. — and the Portuguese sequel also produced emigrants to the newly independent Netherlands, Portuguese colonies, North America, etc.

  32. Kamen’s revisionism was not original, merely picking up where the previous ‘great Spanish historian’, JULIAN JUDERIAS, left off.

    ‘Today’s Spain accounts as the land of the Leyenda Rosa (the ‘ROSY’ Legend, instead of ‘the Black Legend’, a term coined by Julian Juderias). Thanks go by and large to Julian Juderías (Spanish Historian) who unraveled in 1914 the underlying myths that kept defaming’: http://www.allcountries.eu/spain.htm

  33. Wikipedia says the author lives in Philadelphia, undoubtedly in one of the nice, safe areas reserved for the Elites. His background?

  34. Another site describes him glowingly as an urbanist, a city dweller, foodie, ‘civil rights scholar’….

  35. “Wikipedia says the author lives in Philadelphia, undoubtedly in one of the nice, safe areas reserved for the Elites.”

    He lives in Mt. Airy, originally part of the German colony but perhaps not so safe as it once was as it is 62% black. Lots of white liberals, academics, lesbians, etc…

  36. Nicholaus Stix, can you give me a private e-mail. I want to discuss a “for profit” writing job for you. Thanks JR.

  37. Mosin Nagant says:

    ‘Sam, the Spanish Inquisition was really a GOOD thing, after all, according to a clever, ‘rootless cosmopolitan’ revisionist historian Henry A. Kamen’

    Mosin, I suspected Kamen was a jew, but was not sure. When I was a kid, jew comedian Milt Kamen often appeared on the Merv Griffin show. Unlike Stephen, I trust -NOTHING- written by jews to be wholly accurate or trustworthy. Always a jumble of facts mixed with exaggerations, spins, half-truths, and outright lies.

    Question: What is the shortest book in the world?

    Answer: Jewish book of ethics.

    An article about the S.I. in the The Journal of Historical Review reveals the ethnicity of Kamen.

    ‘However, other Jewish historians — including Henry Kamen , Ellis Rivkin , and now, most notably, Benzion Netanyahu –‘

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