Natural Bridge, Alabama

Natural Bridge, AL
Natural Bridge, AL


Population: 37

Located in Winston County in North Alabama, Natural Bridge, AL is 100 percent White. Winston County (AL) is 97.3 percent White. The “Republic of Winston” was a Union stronghold during the War Between the States.

Note: Why move all the way to North Dakota?

It would be easy for Southern Nationalists to seize power in a small incorporated town like Natural Bridge, AL. I’m not sure why anyone would want to do so, but it could be done without ending in a fiasco like Leith.

I bring this up only because Craig Cobb’s antics in North Dakota has gotten 1,000x more publicity than anything the League or CofCC have done recently. There seems to be a lot of interest in migrants creating a pro-White community somewhere.

Update: See also Silerton, Tennessee, Concord, Kentucky, Edge Hill, Georgia, Dellview, North Carolina, and Smyrna, South Carolina.

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  1. Hunter do you really think the South has any realistic chance of seceding? An isolated little town with better weather than Leith sounds great until you check out the larger scene around you and realize…you can’t win.

  2. I wrote this elsewhere earlier today, but it applies here. In reply to Hunter Wallace comment #2:

    I have trouble understanding how the South could secede if it refuses to absorb white newcomer residents living in the South today. Any amalgam tends to take on attributes of all parts, but the focus would be to Southernise newcomers who could be so.

    I don’t see how secession is possible otherwise. Otherwise we survive as an endogamous group that lacks sovereignty, in practice multiple endogamous groups similar to how the Amish tend to split and how splits arose in Hindu castes/Jatis (not the same as Hindu varna) which were often formed around ethnicity as well as other things.

    By not mentioning this, the assumption is we absorb them. They’ll have to be among the supporters for independence. It might well be that regardless of what is done, secession isn’t possible, at least not now.

    This to me seems like the biggest issue. I can’t imagine what sort of coalition Québécois would need to build for secession, since they’ve been flooded with immigrants who aren’t even white. I realise a majority doesn’t need to support secession for it to work, but some seem to believe we can just send newcomer whites back.

    Maybe this is the topic no one wants to discuss, or maybe it’s so obvious no one discusses it. It’s one thing to say we don’t want more immigrants. It’s quite another to say we’re going to deport people.

  3. I explain the impetus for the comment in the second to last paragraph: “some seem to believe we can just send newcomer whites back”.

  4. @Weaver

    The flip side of that coin, is that you have hundreds of thousands, if not millions of White Southerners who went North after WWII for the good jobs in the steel, auto, rubber, chemical, electrical, machinery and construction industries. There should be some claw back there…LOL.

  5. Hunter,

    Sounds like you have figured out a realistic plan. Well done. Will you be around in St Charles much?

  6. The history of Winston is interesting, Hunter. Outside the ‘Golden Circle’ system and ‘slavery-based culture’! Scott County, Tennessee and Searcy County, Arkansas are similar. Searcy is still a dry county. I believe there are still dry (and very white) counties in northern Alabama.

  7. HW: “Why move all the way to North Dakota? It would be easy for Southern Nationalists to seize power in a small incorporated town like Natural Bridge, AL.”

    The MAIN reason for moving to North Dakota is a reason that trumps moving to Alabama, at least for some: the opportunity of securing a blue-collar job paying upwards of $75,000 a year without any advanced education or experience. Without that factor, moving to an all-white town – anywhere – is basically a useless proposition in today’s America.

  8. RobRoySimmons,

    just don’t fly a Battle Flag, and pretty much everyone is fine with a Confederate.

    David Lane isn’t a role model, but he said some good things, one being that folks shouldn’t get a swastika tat on their chests. It’s like painting a target.

    I’m not saying the Flag is tied to or as shocking as the swastika, but it’s related in being a symbol people react to, sometimes negatively.

  9. Earl Butz,

    The people in the South tend to trace far back. We haven’t been hit by mass immigration, like pretty much the entire rest of the US has, until recently.

    My folks are FFV and first families of Charleston. And I don’t think we’re all that unique in that regard. We’ve got 2 signers of the Declaration, not that I think the American Revolution was necessarily a good idea.

    How many Yankees can say that? Many Southerners can.

  10. When I was a young kid my dad took me to Winston county to watch the drag races. There was a sign on one of the little roads leading into Winston county that read, “no niggers.”

  11. This is very pessimistic and considering how much I live my home country it hurts to say there is little hope of carving out a major all white community with any hopes of long term survival in the south. There are simply too many blacks and too many whites who want nothing more than their college team victory on Saturdays even if that means recruiting the worst blacks there are. It reminds me to Southern people importing slaves to pick cotton. And look how that turned out. Even in my little home town of Fayette Alabama population just over 4000, white women now walk the streets hand in hand with black men.

    I drove to an old cemetery where many of my family is buried. I passed a house owned by some old friends. I saw black people going in and out of the house. I ask my dad if they had sold the house to blacks. He said, “no, the black men are married to their grand daughters.” He told me it’s a good thing the grandfather hadn’t lived to see that day.

  12. Douglas, that’s aweful. That never would happened in the past. Blacks are having more kids than whites too.

    Miscegenation is high in nearly every European-dominant society.

    Earl Butz,

    I didn’t mean the previous post to say that I or the South is somehow “better”. I just meant that we have some claim to an identity, some hope at being part of something living.

    The Midwest at least in some areas it sounds like could attempt a more German or central European polity. I don’t mean such should expel others, but the character of such a polity would be German/central European.

    Having… some sense of identity is better than being cosmopolitan. When De Benoist writes of “empire”, he doesn’t mean whites abandoning all ties and traditions.

  13. Before the internet “planning” wastes more of our precious time, realize that an all-white community is a big NO, NO to TPTB. So you are going to have to know how to handle the grilling, unlike Cobb.

    You see he played the script that “our” side is supposed to play, and that is basically to be the evil game show contestant where the libtard grills you and you try and earn a smart badge.

    Cobb goes on a radio show run by an average run of the mill anti-white jew who runs rings around him and gets Cobb to tailgate on stupid issues about the origination of “gay.” He never debunked “anti-racism” he never defended the rights of whites to actually think and speak of being white much less their rights to organized, he tried to play the role the anti-whites want us to try and play, “smart racist.”

    We own the moral high ground folks we do not need smart badges from the anti-whites.

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