Diversity Sucks

United States

Liberals are shocked:

“After 20 million-plus simulations, the authors found that the same basic answer kept coming back: The more diverse or integrated a neighborhood is, the less socially cohesive it becomes, while the more homogenous or segregated it is, the more socially cohesive. As they write, “The model suggests that when people form relationships with similar and nearby others, the contexts that offer opportunities to develop a respect for diversity are different from the contexts that foster a sense of community. …”

Here’s an excerpt from Thomas Sugrue’s Sweet Land of Liberty about the open housing movement in the North:

“Most banks had little or no experience with mortgages for blacks. No one had ever heard of a planned interracial community. It was a canon of actuarial science that blacks lowered property values. Finally, one New York-based bank with experiences lending to blacks, broke the ice. Its support pulled Concord Park from the brink of financial ruin.”

A few decades ago, it was “a canon of actuarial science that blacks lowered property values,” and “no one had ever heard of a planned interracial community.” The idea that “diversity is our strength” would have been laughed at by realtors.

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  1. GemGirl has a point, but misdirected: ‘But it is “Whitey” who creates and colludes with other whites to develop systemic conditions for the above things to happen by using institutionalized racism to oppress entire populations and create a sense of helplessness among some. “Whitey” also is doing serial killings, mass shootings, sexual assaults, aggression against people through official systems including law enforcement (police brutality); ongoing crimes against humanity, bullying,etc.’

    Anti-Christian, slavery-based, caste-systemic, global Elitism certainly does all that! Who is in charge of it? Ask: Who are they who cannot be criticised?

  2. GemGirl says:

    ‘Insight on Knockout Games — reblogged by Racism is White Supremacy Blog, from Abagond’s blog — Posted: November 27, 2013’

    This is a must read!

    A total inversion of reality.

    You will quickly realize just how dangerously stupid, twisted and retarded these clowns are.

    They lack the ability to reason and think as intelligent humans.

    The fact that GemGirl submits that blog for us to review proves the point.

  3. Captain John Charity Spring MA says, November 27, 2013: “Gemgirl. LoL. This will be fun. You are about to be torn to bits.”

    “Torn to bits” and “fun” — straight out of the warped logic and mouth of someone who finds fun in trying to harm others. Who’s uses such language to portray shredding someone — other than those who are into violence?

    How typical. So here’s another option: Go play with your White Nationalists/Sociopaths. They can kill each other to serve their need for blood lust. Or if you have courage, start some fights with the relatively small percentage of black sociopaths who are harming other black and white citizens, the decent people. That way, yall sociopathic types — white and black — can wipe each other out, and leave the world saner and safer for the rest of humanity.

    So no, I won’t be torn to bits. I’ve learned that, when dealing with sociopathic types, “No Contact” is a better option.

    I have better things to do. Adios.

  4. I finally looked at GemGirl’s link. Although misdirected (at Whites) there IS something to it:

    ‘I also believe that white people KNOW black people don’t run anything in America (…) White people KNOW black people aren’t the ones who are stealing their tax dollars, shipping their jobs overseas, robbing their pension plans, or saddling the children with decades of college debt. I believe most white people KNOW President Obama doesn’t NOT control the policies that come out of the White House–including “Obama Care” (since the health care industry WROTE THE BILL) and they know he’s being controlled by his white puppet masters because white people KNOW white people control everything. Of course, that’s the MAIN REASON why President Obama was SELECTED to begin with. To take the BLAME.’

    This statement also barely misses the target:

    ‘In Chicago, if you go downtown now, you see fewer and fewer blacks commuting to work. So, the city politicians (led by Rahm Emmanuel, Obama’s former Chief of Staff) are moving black people out of inner city areas via taxation, eliminating jobs, and allowing (or introducing) more crime – to get back valuable city land so whites will be able to move back to the city and avoid the long commutes. And this scenario is happening all over the country to black people.’

  5. Sam says: “They lack the ability to reason and think as intelligent humans. The fact that GemGirl submits that blog for us to review proves the point.”

    No, some of us just don’t buy into white supremacy.
    So our perspectives are going to be opposite the insanity of an ideology that uses skin color to define human intelligence, character, etc.

    Simplistic people think skin color tells them more about human beings than it actually does. Thinking people have known all along how backward, lacking reason and outright silly that sh-t is…

    Race is a social construct. The “white” race is fictional, made up for political reasons. What’s sad is how the majority of whites — in the middle class and poor demographics — are blind to how they are being used by elite/rich white people.

  6. Gemgirl probably would like to live in a nice upscale white area, but can’t afford it.

    Gemgirl probably resents her brothers for chasing white wimminz, but cannot quite get that sensitive white guy at the office to make a pass at her. So she keeps an NSA relationship going with Tyrone. Occasionally Tyrone pays for a meal for her and her sprog.

    Gemgirl probably lives in an inverted world where she fears KKK whites lurk around the corner hoping to rape her and lynch her, but she’ll file suit if a white landlord discourages her from moving into a nice yuppie condo.

    If Gemgirl is white she won’t wake up from her sheltered slumber until a Nig beats the shit out of her.

  7. Last but not least, Sam.

    On the matter of what is reality and what is an inversion of reality, I know it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that your white skin color does not make you superior — after all this time of buying into the myth.

    Cognitive dissonance is a bitch.

    See a therapist so you can adjust to what it means to be a real human being with your own individual strengths and limitations — not based on group identity. Will the entire white race die when it’s time for you to go? I don’t think so. Most people will keep on living.

    Live your own life rather than depend on building your self-esteem based on fiction of superiority.

  8. “So no, I won’t be torn to bits. I’ve learned that, when dealing with sociopathic types, “No Contact” is a better option”

    Good, please don’t live around whites. You can build a much better world in Congo or Nigeria. The psychotic behaviour of the black who thinks they belong among the white is served up on the morning news in every city in the US. Avoid the Negroid is the watchword.

  9. GemGirl, racial and even interethnic intraracial differences are much more than skin-colour deep (not a ‘value judgement’ of one race better or worse than another, since God made all of us and knew that it was good) — but now look at the whole FOREST and notice the pattern of rootless ruthless ones ‘without a country’ blending and confusing, dividing and conquering EVERY race and people on earth!

  10. Here’s an snippet from James Watson a bright man who discovered DNA.

    … [Watson] is “inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa” because “all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours – whereas all the testing says not really”, and I know that this “hot potato” is going to be difficult to address.

    These thoughts were a continuation of an important theme in his new book Avoid Boring People:

    “… there is no firm reason to anticipate that the intellectual capacities of peoples geographically separated in their evolution should prove to have evolved identically. Our wanting to reserve equal powers of reason as some universal heritage of humanity will not be enough to make it so.”

    Gemgirl, you appear to think that race is a social construct, James Watson is suggesting that society is a racial construct. He ought to know he discovered the building block of biology.

  11. GemGirl, do you understand the lesson of the story of the Tower of Babel — that one world language and world-union of humanity would have boundless potential for evil?

  12. “Cognitive dissonance is a bitch.”

    When you acknowledge that inferior outcomes (for blacks collectively) are the result of congenital inferiority you will be relieved of the dissonance in your mind. You will find peace and consolation. The pain you feel will cease.

  13. It just dawned on me that the title of this post is obscene, one more proof of the carnality of ‘Mainstream’ WN that takes the broad road. I am done commenting on this thread.

  14. GemGirl says:

    ‘On the matter of what is reality and what is an inversion of reality, I know it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that your white skin color does not make you superior — ‘

    If not for White people, blacks still would be diseased riddled, emaciated illiterates, picking bugs out of filthy matted hair, living in squalid huts at the mercy of nature and beasts, as they have from the beginning of time, barely able to rise above chimp level.

    Why not go back to the motherland if it is so horrible living among Whites?

    Fact is, you enjoy indoor plumbing, air-conditioning, refrigerators, washers, dyers, phones, cars, computers, movies, fake nails, processed hair, modern science and medicine, edible available food, Fritos, grapes soda, hair weaves and a million things that make life bearable.

    It is the brilliance and genius, hard work and sacrifice of White men and women who made it all possible.

    I have only scratched the surface.

    What have niggers contributed or produced on their own even remotely comparable?

    Niggers, crime, poverty, misery and suffering are as inseparable as stink on s**t.

    Damn right Whites are superior!

  15. Did you catch that story on NBC? Israeli billionaire movie producer of 12 Years a Slave, was a nuclear espionage agent for Israel. Even the Jews could not get a nuke together without collecting tech from the French, Krauts, Brits and Yanks. No doubt they sold the product onto China.

  16. Gemgirl, like all cargo cultists still thinks this is about colour per se. She confuses sign and signifier like all good post modernists.

  17. Mosin, stop being a dang prude! The word sucks doesn’t mean what you assume. It this context, it simply means something extremely disagreeable, like “sucking” on something very bitter or sour. It can mean the other thing, but the word has to read in context to discern the meaning.

  18. I’m not sure. The math is off. We are piggy backing on the work of .001% of the most inventive whites. A typical Nig Maths error.

  19. Wonder what the Iraqi, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libyan, Syrian, African, and Egyptian and Japanese folks think about KNOCK-OUTS in the shape of pilotless drones, GMO food and seeds, bombs, chemical weapons, and faulty back-up systems for nuclear power plants

    made by GUESS WHO?

    (It sure wasn’t black youth or black folk)

  20. “Wonder what the Iraqi, Afghanistan, Pakistan, [sic]”

    What of them? Jealousy mainly. These primitives are in fact mainly responsible for the killing fields that they live in. Most Iraqis, Afghanis and Pakistanis have no conception of themselves as nations. Tribe first, Islam second, nation last.

    “Libyan, Syrian, African, and Egyptian”

    Who cares they are pathetic subject peoples.

    “and Japanese folks”

    Japanese? They don’t dwell on defeat as they are quite advanced and self sufficient.

    “think about KNOCK-OUTS in the shape of pilotless drones, GMO food and seeds, bombs, chemical weapons, and faulty back-up systems for nuclear power plants.”

    The Japanese designed their nuclear facilities. Drones are the result of advanced technological thinking. The black and brown bastards want to get their hands on chemical and biological weapons. GMO probably allows 2 billion niggers and slopes to eat daily. Without GMO the world population would have to drop to about 4 billion or less. Let the bloodshed in such circumstances be on your head Hippy.

    made by GUESS WHO?

    (It sure wasn’t black youth or black folk)

  21. Captain John Charity Spring MA says:

    ‘You could drown the entire black population in the US and you’d probably increase GDP, public safety and property value over night.’

    Without question. People would be singing and doing cartwheels in the streets.

    Captain John Charity Spring MA says: ‘ Yes you are that much of a drag on human beings…yes you are. You could probably fire half the cops and remove the CCTV cameras the next day and cut taxation.’

    Not to mention social workers, probation officers, lawyers, thousands of affirmative action agencies and programs.

    GemGirl says: ‘White kids kill their parents and siblings for inheritances’

    We see this happen about as often as we see black Jeopardy champions.

    Black parents don’t leave inheritances to their children because most of them were on the dole all of their lives.

    Those with money (athletes) blew it all on coke, crack, gold chains, fur coats, capes, gambling, strip clubs, face tattoos, Bentleys … and tigers, like that typical dumb ass thug, Mike Tyson.

    Not uncommon for them to sire a dozen kids before the age of 30.

    A football player in the news recently, named Cromartie had what? 13 kids by 8 or 9 hos? He said he didn’t even know all of their names.

    After making millions of dollars during their careers most are flat broke a few years after retirement.

    What do they leave their offspring?

    Nuffin. They don’t give a damn. Don’t care. Can’t plan past tomorrow.

    He is the norm, not an aberration.

    YT will be taxed to death to raise them and keep em supplied with Air-Jordans 40 oz’ers and blunts.

    Niggers are like last year’s Christmas Tree lights. Half of them don’t work and the other half are not very bright.

  22. @ Captain John Charity Spring MA & Sam

    Given what the both of you have posted is totally anti-historical and lacking any real knowledge (but racist opinions) I see my time here will be wasted

    If nothing else, your posts should help blacks and non-whites see that this “problem” whites have with non-white people AND their inability to connect with the truth must be genetic in origin, and is a permanent moral and emotional defect that no amount of “diversity or sensitivity” training will ever correct.

    It is your sociopathic nature that guides your thinking and your speaking and doing worldwide — but the day of reaping what you have sown is already here. That is why you spew such venom and hatred toward your victims, because you can smell your fate and it terrifies you.

    Nothing I could say here would better demonstrate what you have already shown of your nature and mentality.

    Carry on…

  23. TrojanPam says:

    ‘@ Captain John Charity Spring MA & Sam
    Given what the both of you have posted is totally anti-historical and lacking any real knowledge’

    Quite the opposite. All the facts and mountains of evidence we produce are dismissed.

    TrojanPam says: ‘It is your sociopathic nature that guides your thinking and your speaking and doing worldwide’

    I have never killed, robbed or raped anyone in my life.

    Can you say the same for the niggers terrorizing Chicago, Detroit etc.?


    Read the ‘Color of Crime’ if you wish to learn about sociopaths.

  24. The frightening thing is that niggers actually believe their own bullshit.

    They know that 1 in 3 of their male population have been incarcerated for violent crime. Largely crime inflicted on other baboons with an admixture of horrifuc rapes and murders inflicted on whites. They know that they do not want to live in areas populated by other blacks and seek out safe white areas to reside in. They bus their niglettes into white schools to avoid their own kind. Knowing all this they call us sociopathic! they call us killers!

  25. TrojanPam, the numbers of murdering, sociopathic niggers infesting Chicago ALONE are staggering.

    Chicago Murders Top Afghanistan Death Toll

    Michael Thompson, WND, January 16, 2013

    The death toll by murder in Chicago over the past decade is greater than the number of American forces who have died in Afghanistan since the beginning of Operation Enduring Freedom, according to a police analysis.

    In addition, police reports in Chicago—where President Obama once worked as a community organizer and where his former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, now serves as mayor—show most of the city’s massive murder mayhem is black-on-black crime.

    A WND review of the Chicago Police Department Murder Analysis reports from 2003 to 2011 provides a statistical breakdown of the demographics of both the victims and offenders in the 4,265 murders in Chicago over that time period.

    Of the victims of murder in Chicago from 2003 to 2011, an average of 77 percent had a prior arrest history, with a high of 79 percent of the 436 murdered in Chicago in 2010 having arrest histories.

    For the same 2003-2011 period, blacks were the victims of 75 percent of the 4,265 murders. Blacks also were the offenders in 75 percent of the murders.

    According to 2010 U.S. Census information, Chicago has a population of 2,695,598 people. The city is 33 percent black, 32 percent white (not Hispanic), and 30 percent Hispanic or Latino in origin.

    For the 2003-2011 period, whites were nearly 6 percent of the victims and accused of carrying out 4 percent of the murders.

    For the 2003-2011 period, Hispanics or Latinos were 19 percent of the victims and 20 percent of the offenders.


    Operation Enduring Freedom, the name for the war in Afghanistan, which started Oct. 7, 2001, has seen a total of 2,166 killed. The war has been ongoing for 11 years, 3 months and one week.

    Operation Iraqi Freedom, the name for the war in Iraq, which started March 20, 2003, and ended Dec. 15, 2011, saw a total of 4,422 killed.

    In a city with some of the toughest gun control laws in America, where a handgun cannot be purchased, Fox News reported that Chicago Police Supt. Garry McCarthy “acknowledged aiming at assault weapons misses the mark when dealing with Chicago’s gang violence.”


  26. (my money says Sam and Captain John Charity Spring MA are one and the same)

    In either case, boys, carry on with your madness…

  27. TrojanPam says:

    ‘(my money says Sam and Captain John Charity Spring MA are one and the same)

    In either case, boys, carry on with your madness…’

    Pointing out the truth with facts is madness?

    Any comments on the nigger madness in Chicago – other than it’s Whitey’s fault?

  28. GemGirl says:
    ‘I know it’s hard to come to terms with the fact that your white skin color does not make you superior — after all this time of buying into the myth.’ ‘Cognitive dissonance is a bitch.’

    GemGirl says: ‘Race is a social construct. The “white” race is fictional, made up for political reasons.’

    What do the 10 poorest nations have in common, GemGirl?

    A surplus of niggers and lack of (fictional) Whites.


    So much for your social construct lie.

    If anyone suffers from cognitive dissonance – it is you.

  29. Oh, the criminal things those “superior” white people do puts Sam’s claim to the test:

    2 Men Arrested In Stabbing Over Walmart Parking Space In Virginia: Cops http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/29/stabbing-walmart-virginia_n_4360347.html?utm_hp_ref=crime

    Thomas Liming Charged In Murder Of Kyle Underhill, Former Classmate: Cops http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/30/thomas-liming-charged-murder-kyle-underhill_n_4363777.html?ref=topbar

    Mafia Boss Was Alive When He Was Fed To Pigs, Police Say http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/11/29/fed-to-pigs-mafia-italy-rival-clan_n_4361087.html?ref=topbar

    And this list is so small compared to thousands of examples out there.
    These are just individuals. White groups — gangs for the most part — doing criminal stuff is off the charts.

  30. No Gemgirl,

    Whites are significantly safer to be around. You know this. Blacks are disproportionately by a factor of 10 than whites. You know this. You know it in your bones. If you really thought that blacks were less dangerous you’d move to Congo.

  31. Captain John Charity Spring MA says:

    ‘No Gemgirl,
    Whites are significantly safer to be around. You know this. Blacks are disproportionately by a factor of 10 than whites.’

    I don’t think she understands math.

    Chicongo Illinois crime stats. Up to date – wall to wall niggers and beaners thrown in for good measure.


  32. Captain John says,December 1, 2013: “No Gemgirl. Whites are significantly safer to be around.”

    You wish. Most people are frightened by those who lack conscience.
    Of course, I know there are sociopaths in every race, but white people as a group are trained to behave like sociopaths because they don’t know how to get along well with diverse people.

    At least I’m willing to acknowledge exceptions — recognizing there are decent and honorable white people who exist, and they represent about 25% of the white population.

    Too bad we can’t easily tell the decent whites from the horrible racists who make up another 25% of the white race. The 50% of whites in between have no real commitment either way because they are passive or programmed — they bend with the wind, following authoritarian dictates.

  33. Sam says: “I don’t think she understands math.”

    And I don’t think you really think well at all, Sam.

    You sound programmed and passive — among the 50% who can’t handle reality and who struggle to deal with the cognitive dissonance of recognizing your skin color does not in fact make you superior.

    Sorry, but you can’t take credit for what other individual white people have accomplished.

  34. Fascinating article here. Should Scotland Seceed?


    If they do it might well, help to define Englishness in a more homogeneous way. The risk of course is that a weaker Scotland and a weaker England get rubbed out by the Leviathan EU.

    Now, if 5 million freckled gingers on a windswept rock in the North Sea can make a bid for independence, why don’t the tens of millions of southerners (often freckled and ginger) go it alone too?

    Btw Gemgirl, drop dead.

  35. Sam,

    Excellent link. It’s a grand thing to see our Resident Ape Population Enrichment at work. December looks to be a number crop of Nig-on-Nig killings. All you white folk, remember, avoid the negroid!

  36. GemGirl says:

    ‘Simplistic people think skin color tells them more about human beings than it actually does.’

    You are sadly mistaken.

    The apex of black civilization without YT

  37. A reality check just in time for Sam and “Captain” John — best wishes for healing your cognitive distortions, dudes.

    Open Letter to the Three White Students Who Filed a Discrimination Complaint Against Their Black Teacher Posted: 12/03/2013 by Olivia Cole, a poet, author and activist who writes regularly at oliviaacole.wordpress.com; http://www.huffingtonpost.com/olivia-cole/shannon-gibney-teacher-race_b_4378444.html
    “Look, guys. I see why you’re uncomfortable. You have been taught your entire life that white is always right. Your formal education has revolved around the valorization of colonization, the championing of racist brutes, and the marginalization of people of color. You have grown up insulated from racism and discrimination and what those words truly mean. You have been trained to see your whiteness as the norm, the default, the center of the world: you think that Other people have a race, but you are just… you. Your whiteness has been an invisible tool that you have wielded your entire life, mostly without really realizing it, but now that people are criticizing the invisible tool, you are pissed, defensive, and maybe even afraid. I would say that’s normal. Everything you’ve been taught is being contradicted, so a little discomfort is expected. That’s what you said, right? That the discussion of structural racism made you uncomfortable? That you felt the classroom was hostile? That you didn’t like that “we have to talk about this all the time”? I have a simple question for you: how do you think people of color feel? What if that classroom that you felt was hostile was your world, your life? You have now filed a formal discrimination complaint with your college against your professor, which I’m sure in your mind is some kind of activism, but by filing that complaint, you are attempting to silence a voice speaking out against discrimination. It’s odd, you see. It’s odd that you want your voice to be heard and your pain acknowledged, but you don’t want to acknowledge the suffering of people of color. You want to talk about discrimination against yourself — but you don’t want to talk about discrimination against people of color. Interesting. Maybe if you’d actually paid attention in that lecture on structural racism, you’d have learned that discrimination in the context of 21st century America has political, social, and economic ramifications. Your hurt feelings, your 90 minutes of discomfort, are just not included in that, fellas. Bottom line: I want you to be uncomfortable. It means you’re being challenged. And that’s what college is for, isn’t it? I’m not a teacher, but I know that mental growth, like physical growth, comes with growing pains. It’s not always easy. It’s not always fun. It’s going to hurt and you’re going to come out the other side bumped and bruised… but better. Shannon Gibney is trying to make the world better. She’s trying to make you better. What have you done lately?”

  38. I’m just settling down today to watch the news.

    Two Jewel stores robbed at gun point by niggers. In one case the proprietor chased the coon down the street in the other a negresse, stealing earrings from the same shop, detected after the Po-Po reviewed the security tape that day. I really detest blacks.

  39. What is a “cognitive distortion”? You could have used the word bias, selective point of view or just distortion.

    You sound a bit addled.

    The psychobabble you intended to use was “cognitive dissonance”.

    Do you know what this means?

  40. Gemgirl, look at the murders in Chicago. Black on black, black on white, black on Hispanic. You beasts are cannibals.

  41. Gemgirl,

    These boys are paying the hostile bitch her wages. They get to complain as customers.

  42. GemGirl is living in a fantasy world:

    1.) Every single mainstream institution in American society condemns “racism.”

    2.) Textbooks in public schools glorify blacks and Indians.

    3.) Americans encounter “diversity training” in the workplace. Many colleges also require students to take courses on multiculturalism. Lots of campuses have speech codes that enforce political correctness.

    4.) Blacks, who are only around 13 percent of the population, are drastically overrepresented in television and movies.

    5.) Name a single employer in the entire United States that accepts what you call “white privilege.”

    6.) The federal government enforces affirmative action in government contracts. Affirmative action is practiced by universities and corporations.

    7.) There is no such thing as “structural racism.” However, there is such a thing as “structural anti-racism” in the churches, universities, public schools, government, the military, and in the workplace.

    8.) In the US, wealth is redistributed from White taxpayers to black tax consumers through government spending.

    9.) Honestly, I don’t care about how “people of color” feel. I’m sick of them whining.

    US blacks have the highest standard of living of any blacks in the world. The only black countries which are relatively successful are the ones where slavery was practiced. The most backward black countries are the ones that were the least affected by racism, white supremacy, slavery, and colonialism.

    10.) How are classrooms “hostile” to blacks? Every college campus in America has a “Black Student Union.” Black organizations are subsidized by White taxpayers.

    11.) The federal government discriminates … in favor of blacks, which is why it is the largest employer of blacks in America.

    12.) People of color are discriminated against when, say, they have a poor credit record, or when they are convicted felons, but otherwise, every hotel, restaurant, housing complex and so forth is required by law to cater to them and the burden of proof is on businesses to prove that they are not discriminating against blacks.

    13.) That’s true.

    Because there is so much discrimination and wealth redistribution in favor of blacks, there is a black middle class in America which otherwise wouldn’t exist without massive levels of government spending.

  43. Gemgirl,

    Here is the term you are probably thinking of without understanding:


    Stuff Black People Don’t Like demolished this sort of critique of race realism. Most whites would be happy enough if Blacks committed crime and general mayhem in proportion to their share of the population. Most whites would be happy enough if black students and workers were as bright as mediocre white kids. The problem is that society twists itself in knots explaining away the clear inferiority of the black. James Watson (discoverer of DNA) was fired for pointing out that blacks have inferior mental faculties. He said something that was true and lost his position so that Shaniqua could feel good about her low level of competence.

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