Happy Thanksgiving!


Happy Thanksgiving!

I know that I have a lot to be thankful for this year. My wife is making our first Thanksgiving dish. What are you eating today?

Jamestowne Thanksgiving

Note: Thanksgiving was celebrated in Texas in 1541 by Spanish explorers, in South Carolina in 1564 by French Protestant settlers, and in Virginia in 1607 by the Jamestown settlers.

The first annual call for Thanksgiving was in Virginia in 1619 – three years before the Pilgrims celebrated Thanksgiving in Massachusetts in 1621. The Pilgrims weren’t associated with the Thanksgiving story until 1841.

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  1. We were having standard contemporary ‘Pennsylvania Dutch’ fare among a crowd at a relative’s place. If I were doing all the cooking and baking it would have involved venison and squirrel (instead of factory-farm turkey), our own mixed greens, and better desserts made from fresh Hubbard squash (instead of canned ‘pumpkin’), local hickory nuts, and homemade mincemeat. I wonder what is served down south?

    My relevant ‘Pilgrim’ comment is on the Creative Loafing thread: http://www.occidentaldissent.com/2013/11/22/creative-loafing-on-tom-watson-rally/comment-page-1/#comment-2272660

  2. I made a scrumptious green bean casserole and took it over to the in-laws place where we all gathered for the day. They prepared ham, turkey, stuffing, sweet potato soufflé and squash casserole and for dessert we had pecan pie.

  3. Thanks for setting the record straight about the celebration of Thanksgiving. I knew the Spanish were the first to celebrate Thanksgiving in the New World, but I was unaware the Pilgrims were not associated with it until 1841. I guess this is another way the Yankee spin has coopted American history again.

  4. Having a solid, good Thanksgiving with my brother’s family. He has 6 boys, one daughter who is now married. I’m thankful I’m alive – been a rough year. But, I’m very thankful to have met Hunter Wallace and his beautiful wife Renee, League of the South.

    God bless the South!

    Thanks to all the good folks here.

  5. It looks like almost everybody, including my family, had a happy thanksgiving. I feel sorry for the one person who’s attitude was tainted by religious hatred and prejudice. I do hope his Christmas won’t be as sour.

  6. “‘Just think, if our history books weren’t written with English bias or anti-Catholic prejudice….’


    It was a multiracial feast celebrating the conversion of the Jumano Indians to Roman Catholicism.”

    So, with those stats, I’d prefer it to remain an Anglo celebration with the Pilgrims cast in the central role. If we who use the King’s English can’t admit we are Anglos, above and before all else, then why NOT speak Spanish, and convert to Catholi-schism?

    Demography is destiny. That’s why I loathe anyone not of my race, culture, or religion. Simple as that. And what the Ancient Israelites did, too…. hmmm. Wonder why? “You alone of all the peoples on the earth have I known…” – YHWH

  7. There was one “Happy Genocide Day” post per minute on twitter on Thursday. Or so it seemed. I’m torn on Thanksgiving. On one hand I like it when the Puritans and an ‘Murikan Holiday are demonized, on the other hand the attacks on Thanksgiving aren’t anti-American and anti-Puritan so much as they are anti-white.

  8. We don’t need ANY holy days and seasons, nor to be ruled by the calendar, sun, moon and stars, like the heathen. Rather let EVERY day be equally sacred, and the first day of every week be used for meeting for worship.

    It is always appropriate to give thanks, EVERY day. ‘Times and seasons’ are silly and wasteful, tending to evil. It is a CORRUPT government that establishes ‘Federal holidays’.

  9. Nevertheless, women love holidays, and every other kind of tradition. For most women, tradition (and trend) is truth.

    But truth is stronger than women.

  10. “We don’t need ANY holy days and seasons, nor to be ruled by the calendar, sun, moon and stars, like the heathen.”

    STFU you lunatic Anabaptist, anarchist, Leveler, sectarian nut.

  11. Mosin, the Puritans wanted to purify everything to the point there would be nothing left to purify. Thank God the English had enough common sense to boot them out of power after Cromwell died. It’s a pity we didn’t boot these fanatics out of America too!

  12. Homosexuality, Transvestism, Macy’s, McDonald’s, and Thanksgiving!
    Watching America Decline On My Widescreen Television!


    When you wanted to watch Thanksgiving Day parades in the good ol’ days, networks used to have cameras which showed the parade. You would have to endure commentary full of terrible jokes from Level Z celebrities and news reporters who had drawn the short straw, but you could always turn down the sound.

    A good number of years ago, this began to change: promotions for movies and especially Broadway shows began to replace coverage of the high-school marching bands and balloons of cartoon characters. The off-key shouting which too often constitutes Broadway-style singing these days, along with clumsy lyrics stuffed with too many syllables, began to dominate the “parade” coverage.

    And so this morning, knowing that we would not be seeing much of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade because of this trend, but prepared to mute the song-and-dance sequences, we turned on NBC. Around 9:15 or so, we were astounded to see a bizarrely dressed crew of homosexuals and transvestites mincing and prancing around yelling about the joys of their “lifestyle.” Which freak show they are promoting I did not bother to discover.

    So I checked the listings and discovered a Chicago parade sponsored by McDonald’s. We switched channels to WGN, and hoped that we would not be assaulted by something morally objectionable.

    But no! We were greeted by a “performance” of a Christmas song medley by the “Chicago Gay Men’s Chorus,” again complete with transvestites, who occasionally grabbed their rears and did a bump and grind while singing Christmas songs! (snip)

  13. I have a good friend, knowledgeable of Lincoln & the war, that Lincoln first authorized Thanksgiving in response to President Jefferson Davis & the South against their charges that the US was otherwise an anti-Christian and anti-God establishment, so authorized the holiday to improve his image to the public.

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