Slaves to Rich Leftists 2014

The Liberal Left is always bashing White Southerners and all White people for supposed terrible sins of slavery, slavery in the US South having ended over 150 years ago. When did slavery end in Mali Africa or Saudi Arabia?

That’s a trick question, as the Muslims are back in to enslaving Black Africans this year 2014 – somehow these modern slavers get a pass from the Liberal Left.

Here’s some other interesting news: wealthy Liberal Leftist elites have implemented programs of “voluntary servitude” (slavery) in the form of: unpaid internships (sometimes their slaves get ~ $2 an hour).

Some of their slaves are complaining a bit, not enough to jump off the Liberal Left plantation, but these are not all “happy slaves”


  1. The Liberal Left doesn’t give a hoot about slavery, only in so far as it can be used as a club to beat up guilt ridden Whites and respectable conservatives with.

  2. Actually, there is an even better example than the un-paid intern, the non-tenured or adjunct college professor. I am one, I have have NEVER been treated this badly by any company or organization, ever. University system is completely run by leftists, so the bad treatment goes unreported.

    – Pay is less than minimum wage

    – No job security

    – On call 7 days a week during the semester by email and still need to keep office hours

    – No contract, no employment agreement, all scheduling and class assignments are done pretty much at the last minute, so many professors don’t know if they will even have a job one semester to the next

    – Pay is random, sometimes pay is two weeks after class begins, sometimes four weeks, University is so big there is no one to even call and complain to about the pay situation, you just get endlessly shuffled around the HR department.

    – Don’t give a SHIT about student abuses, report a student for plagiarism for example, and YOU are treated like the bad guy. I know many professors that, after the first few times of trying to report students, don’t even bother anymore.

    In a class of 25 students, the pay is a tiny fraction of one students tuition, where does the money go? It’s a mystery!

  3. Anon Guy – you have my deep sympathy. And you are of course correct – adjunct professors are a modern form of indentured servants – with the idea that they agree to be slaves for a period of time, then they supposedly get to be free, become tenured professors – which of course, if you dare say, write or think anything politically incorrect by the “powers that be” – you will remain a slave or be made homeless, jobless, not even a slave – most all slaves throughout history were at least given crappy food and some shelter. You as an adjunct professor slave still get these, if you lose this slave job, you’re an outcaste, no caste, not even a slave caste.

    So here’s something I always recommend as:

    “something to do”, activism….

    Be nice to deserving Whites who are in a rough situation. In this case, be nice to a White adjunct professor, take one to dinner, discuss some subject that he or she is interested in that doesn’t involve lying, cultural marxism, anti White genocidal hatred of our people – maybe:

    ancient history
    art before the 20th century horrors

    Just be….

    kind to our own kind.

    It’s a rough world.

    14 Words

  4. countenance says:
    December 12, 2013 at 8:11 pm (Edit)

    Want a good laugh?

    OFA is recruiting for unpaid interns to lobby for and create political pressure for…

    …Raising the minimum wage.”

    JR responds:

    Oh dear. I would put that under the category of….

    “a bad laugh”.

  5. The university system needs to be drastically downsized, all of the assistant chancellors of diversity and professors of ethnic grievance studies axed.

  6. peppermint says:
    December 13, 2013 at 5:12 am (Edit)
    “The university system needs to be drastically downsized, all of the assistant chancellors of diversity and professors of ethnic grievance studies axed.”

    And the Great Society and the New Deal, the Federal Reserve Act need to be reversed, White rule restored to Rhodesia and a South Africa and Detroit… And….

    (Wishing will not make it so)

  7. The New Deal enacted protections for workers to unionize in the face of oppressive libertarian labor practices by big business. About the only people still protected by unions are public servants like cops.


    In the photos you don’t see many blacks. It’s remarkable evidence of the absence of this blight.

    Now onto the meat of it. The section that might Interest everyone is the Guerilla phase of the Boer War. Why did the Boers continue their Guerilla campaign after Roberts and Buller marched into the capitals? It seems that the British played fair until Guerilla tactics started to overwhelm supply lines. I’m sure Rudel will have a lot to say on this one. Kitchener comes off as a ruthless bastard. Buller appears to have anticipated ww1 1918 tactics. The Boers themselves were fighting like it’s 1916 in 1900.

    It’s a good documentary for anyone interested in separatism and secession.

  9. “I’m sure Rudel will have a lot to say on this one.”

    Yes, “guerrilla” is a common noun (from the Spanish “little war”) and therefore not capitalized.

  10. Very good link, John, on the Boer War. The Boers were certainly the heroes, the Empire the villain, especially arming the Zulus and encouraging them to invade the Transvaal!

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