SOLD! Big Sugar Buys Gov. Rick Scott


Gov. Rick Scott sells out to Big Sugar
Played for a fool, Gov. Rick Scott sells out to Big Sugar

In 2010, OD had high hopes for Gov. Rick Scott who defeated GOP establishment candidate Bill McCollum in the Republican primary by promising voters that he would bring an Arizona-style immigration law to Florida.

After Scott won the GOP primary, he all but abandoned calls for an Arizona-style immigration law and did little to push the law through the Florida legislature when he had the chance to do so in 2011 and 2012. HB 7089 was killed off in the Republican-controlled Florida state legislature in May 2011.

Among other things, Rick Scott promised Florida voters when he was running for governor that he was going to “require all Florida employers to use the free E-Verify system to ensure that their workers are legal.” So what happened to all that tough talk about immigration after Rick Scott was elected governor of Florida?

“Back when he was running for governor, his campaign vowed: “Rick will require all Florida employers to use the free E-Verify system to ensure that their workers are legal.”

Now he says he won’t. What’s more, he now calls the idea of forced E-Verify “foolish.”

That’s the word he used when he appeared before a bunch of agriculture interests — an industry reliant on cheap and illegal labor.

“It would be foolish to put Florida companies at a disadvantage,” he said over lunch with the Florida Citrus Commission, according to The Ledger in Lakeland.

Yes, he used the word “foolish” to describe his own promise — one he made two years ago.

So what happened? Money did. Lots of it.

Right after Scott made it through the primary — where he won over GOP voters by vowing to implement mandatory E-Verify — Big Sugar gave his campaign committee $100,000.

Florida Crystals executive Pepe Fanjul personally hosted a fundraiser for Scott.

Another $100,000 from sugar interests followed.

Then came more agribusiness donations: $25,000 from Managed Citrus Inc., $20,000 from Sun Corn Inc., $10,000 from Okeechobee Farm Lands and on and on.

A total of 19 different checks went to Scott’s “Let’s Get to Work” political committee, totaling more than $440,000.

But that was just small potatoes. Companies such as U.S. Sugar gave millions to the Republican Party of Florida after Scott became the nominee.

Suddenly, Scott toned down his immigration talk.

In the following session, the E-Verify bill died, with the Tampa Bay Times explaining that US. Sugar had been “an aggressive back-room player in stopping the conservative Republican push to pass e-verify for migrant workers.”

And now Scott has completed the full flop — not just backing off his promise to institute E-Verify, but actually calling it “foolish” to comply with the laws of this country.

If you voted for Scott because you liked his tough immigration talk, you got played for a fool. …”

Played for a fool.

That’s what happened to everyone who voted for Gov. Rick Scott, who promised to bring E-Verify to Florida, or John McCain, who promised to “build the dang fence,” or Rand Paul, who opposed birthright citizenship, or Marco Rubio, who told everyone in Florida he opposed amnesty, or Paul Ryan for Vice President, who waited until he lost the 2012 election to go work with Luis Guiterrez on amnesty for illegal aliens.

What’s the point of having democratic elections when a Sheldon Adelson or a Pepe Fanjul can stuff a few million dollars into your political action committee and defeat the collective will of millions of American voters? It is to get you to squander all your time, energy, and money on working through a system that is incapable of being reformed.

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  1. How ironic. I just called this scumbag’s office this morning to ask why he hasn’t fired the Marion County corrections officer who slammed the DUI man’s head into the wall for no reason whatsoever. I already know I will not get a response from this prostitute.

    It appears both Rick Scott and Charlie Broaderick (corrections officer) need to be permanently unemployed, especially when it comes to the public service industry!

    Yes, I was foolish enough to believe he would change things. I will not vote GOP again. Our votes are meaningless. I often wonder if they even count them.

  2. Look for the Ring….Is he a Judeo Mason?… Just think about all the other Politicians who have the RING. Texx Mars and V.S. Herrell are right about Judeo Masons. Maybe years ago a few had loyalty to White Race. Its not the case today. Their loyalty in end is always to ZOG….

  3. I would have voted Bill McCollum in that primary. Not because he was so great, but because I saw Rickroller Scott and his treachery coming from as many miles away as St. Louis is from Florida.

  4. Republican governor Scott appointed the “special prosecutor” that tried to railroad George Zimmerman. I’m not up to speed on Florida, but I’d venture a guess the Democrat would have been the better choice for middle and working class white Floridians.

  5. I didn’t vote McCollum because that is who the establishment was supporting. It’s pick one of two, and both are always bad for “us.” I’ve learned my lesson. Traditional America has no choice whatsoever at the ballot box. All our votes go to our enemies no matter which lever we pull.

    Those who make peaceful change impossible… well, you know the rest.

  6. …make violence change inevitable. Silly Rudel, I don’t see a “me” in there. Or, should I just plead the 5th to someone whose handle goes to DHS? Shucks, I was hoping to find a photo of you smiling back at me.

  7. Oops, I think the second ‘change’ word was actually something else. Sure glad I didn’t use the other “r” word. Officer Broaderick would be coming to get me.

  8. “Or, should I just plead the 5th to someone whose handle goes to DHS?”

    If you don’t think that someone at the FBI itself is not monitoring every single post (and IP address and thence home address and real life name) on this blog then you are really fooling yourself.

    I suppose some double encrypted TOR type misdirection might give some deluded posters the illusion of anonymity but I it won’t.

  9. When will all true southern patriots JUNK this worthless GOP? The only thing they fight for passionately is insuring that millionaires won’t have to pay a bit more in taxes.

  10. The GOP machine is very effective in stifling any kind of revolution or popular movement because its claims that anything outside of it as “anti-American” or “too extreme” resonates with everyday normal people who are mostly interested in pleasing authority.

    The bourgeois brain is addicted to mainstream politics for the very reason that it is sanctioned by the people with power and money. Since in Americans life power and money is God, it is hard to get people to listen to you when you have none of it and the only way to get it is by becoming one of these men like Scott. This is why it is so frustrating to be a nationalist in modern society. Only the people with a sort of rebellious nature wish to work outside of the system and everybody looks down on them because they are not “winning” in the bourgeois way of thinking.

    One of the biggest debates among nationalists is the strategy of whether or not we should work with the system. The reason working within the system is so appealing to many is because they know that our people demand it. They have no tolerance for anyone who doesn’t and look down upon anyone who is not sanctioned by our power elite. However, working within the system guarantees that the status quo remains. It really is a horrible situation we are in.

  11. Consider that the antebellum equivalents of the Tomato Growers Association et al. could have spared us a heap of trouble by sending all the slaves back to Africa.

    Jobs Americans won’t do? When the EBT and other welfare is shut off, hard work starts to look mighty attractive.

  12. Democrats stab you in front. Republicans stab you in the back. Both parties are thoroughly anti-White.

  13. “Money is the basis of almost all relationships in DC. And, in a nutshell, this is why our political campaign system and DC’s mushrooming Permanent Class—who alternate between government jobs and lawyering, influence-peddling and finance—mean Wall Stree always wins.” The Payoff: Why Wall Street Always Wins
    Replace indigenous blue-collar workers with Mexicans. Replace indigenous white-collar workers with educated Asians. When USA becomes worse than Mexico, then replace Mexicans with uneducated Asians.

  14. Rick Scott like Rudel is just another “conservative” Yankee Republican originally from Illinois, Michigan, or, fill in the blank with the name of a northern state.

    Yankees know it all, and will tell you about it.

  15. I remember when I first moved to Florida I thought all those Solantic locations were HVAC or plumbing franchises. Who names a health care facility ‘Solantic?’ A politician.

  16. So personally punish this traitor as$ &$&&.

    Make him a social pariah.

    Where does he hang out?

    Where does his wife, mistresses do their hair/nails?

    What posh private school to his children attend?

    We made traitor Jack Kemp’s final years great misery, we have to do the same with this traitor Scott.

    Get to know some patriotic homosexual extremists, have them befriend Scott and his supporters.

    Have some fun out there – if the RINO is a flat out immigration traitor and he is personally profiting, yeah,take off the gloves.

  17. “Rick Scott like Rudel is just another “conservative” Yankee Republican originally from Illinois, Michigan, or, fill in the blank with the name of a northern state.”

    What a joke. I have no overlap whatsoever with Rick Scott. Your hate has you grasping at non-existent straws.

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