Femen Ruin Christmas


While this Femen protest happened in Germany, I think it captures the essence of America’s ‘natural rights’ ideology when taken to its logical conclusion. This is the kind of woman that Western liberalism inevitably produces:

Femen Ruin Christmas

Note: See also the recent US federal court rulings on ‘gay marriage’ and polygamy in Utah and the Canadian Supreme Court’s legalization of prostitution.

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  1. They only pull this nonsense because they know there will not be consequences. If they believe in their supposed cause so much, they can take their show on the road over to the Muslim neighborhoods in France and pull this crap in a mosque. It would be interesting to see the results of that, but only these cowardly, worthless whores don’t dare do it. What a shame.

  2. There is a time for violence. Church desecration is one of those times. Remember that Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple by force.

    Send the left wing feces running in fear of their lives.

  3. Checking emails and skimming feeds now, after returning home late from our family gatherings, I come across THIS!

    But she’s really no more immodest or impudent than any Southron sports team cheerleader who prances naked before hundreds of millions. Southrons who enjoy their Southron sports teams cheerleaders (with or without the existence of the Union and with or without ‘damnyankee’ whites) are JUST as guilty of worshipping the false, demonic god (or goddess) of female lewdness and ‘liberty’ as any German liberals who might support THAT lewd woman posing lewdly on the altar in that photo — and it’s MOST appropriate that it happened in a major showplace of that Babylonian cult that has run much of the pornography industry in Germany for years — and finally, it’s NOT ‘going off topic’ to wax ‘theological’ on THIS post!

    I think we should listen to one of Phil Robertson’s ‘Holy Roller’ sermons now. All
    white nationalist movements (even ‘mainstreaming’ ones) will fail in the end, if they are not built on the only SOLID foundation. They will all end up in Sodom destroyed by fire.

  4. Incidentally, I’m not supportive of Robertson’s free lance preaching career. The Bible teaches that a minister of the Gospel should have lived an exemplary life that is above reproach, not to have set an opposite example of ‘wild’ habits in youth to which it is always possible to revert under stress.

  5. Legal pedophilia is coming, too. The process of corruption is the same, proceeding in the same manner, from the same source and beginning point, whether north or south of the Line. Without true Christian revival, even secession won’t help.

  6. This is going to be slapped down so very very hard. Cabaret Voltaire at the Cathedral? These halfwits are going to be incinerated.

  7. od is very, very angry with us I’d wager. 99.99% of folks don’tunderstand what God’s wrath” means. But we all will. Soon.

  8. Cabaret Voltaire is right. In the Enlightenment, Locke is followed by Rousseau is followed by Robespierre.

    It seems to me, [La Harpe] says, as if it were but yesterday, and yet it is at the beginning of the year 1788. We were dining with one of our fellow members of the Academy, a grand seignior and a man of intelligence. The company was numerous and of every profession, courtiers, advocates, men of letters and academicians, all had feasted luxuriously according to custom. At the dessert the wines of Malvoisie and of Constance contributed to the social gaiety a sort of freedom not always kept within decorous limits. At that time society had reached the point at which everything may be expressed that excites laughter. Champfort had read to us his impious and libertine stories, and great ladies had listened to these without recourse to their fans.

    Hence a deluge of witticisms against religion, one quoting a tirade from ‘La Pucelle,’ another bringing forward certain philosophical stanzas by Diderot. . . . and with unbounded applause. . . . The conversation becomes more serious; admiration is expressed at the revolution accomplished by Voltaire, and all agree in its being the first title to his fame. ‘He gave the tone to his century, finding readers in the antechambers as well as in the drawing-room.’ One of the guests narrates, bursting with laughter, what a hairdresser said to him while powdering his hair: ‘You see, sir, although I am a miserable scrub, I have no more religion than any one else.’

    They conclude that the Revolution will soon be consummated, that superstition and fanaticism must wholly give way to philosophy, and they thus calculate the probabilities of the epoch and those of the future society which will see the reign of reason. The most aged lament not being able to flatter themselves that they will see it; the young rejoice in a reasonable prospect of seeing it, and especially do they congratulate the Academy on having paved the way for the great work, and on having been the headquarters, the center, the inspirer of freedom of thought.

    One of the guests had taken no part in this gay conversation; a person named Cazotte, an amiable and original man, but, unfortunately, infatuated with the delusions of the visionary. In the most serious tone he begins: ‘Gentlemen,’ says he, ‘be content; you will witness this great revolution that you so much desire. You know that I am something of a prophet, and I repeat it, you will witness it. . . . Do you know the result of this revolution, for all of you, so long as you remain here?’

    ‘Ah!’ exclaims Condorcet with his shrewd, simple air and smile, ‘let us see, a philosopher is not sorry to encounter a prophet.’

    ‘You, Monsieur de Condorcet, will expire stretched on the floor of a dungeon; you will die of the poison you take to escape the executioner, of the poison which the felicity of that era will compel you always to carry about your person!’

    At first, great astonishment, and then came an outburst of laughter. ‘What has all this in common with philosophy and the reign of reason?’

    ‘Precisely what I have just remarked to you; in the name of philosophy, of humanity, of freedom, under the reign of reason, you will thus reach your end; and, evidently, the reign of reason will arrive, for there will be temples of reason, and, in those days, in all France, the temples will be those alone of reason. . . . You, Monsieur de Champfort, you will sever your veins with twenty-two strokes of a razor and yet you will not die for months afterwards. You, Monsieur Vicq-d’Azir, you will not open your own veins but you will have them opened six times in one day, in the agonies of gout, so as to be more certain of success, and you will die that night. You, Monsieur de Nicolai, on the scaffold; you, Monsieur Bailly, on the scaffold; you, Monsieur de Malesherbes, on the scaffold;. . . you, Monsieur Roucher, also on the scaffold.’

    ‘But then we shall have been overcome by Turks or Tartars?’

    ‘By no means; you will be governed, as I have already told you, solely by philosophy and reason. Those who are to treat you in this manner will all be philosophers, will all, at every moment, have on their lips the phrases you have uttered within the hour, will repeat your maxims, will quote, like yourselves, the stanzas of Diderot and of “La Pucelle.”‘

    ‘And when will all this happen?’

    ‘Six years will not pass before what I tell you will be accomplished.’

    ‘Well, these are miracles,’ exclaims La Harpe, ‘and you leave me out?’

    ‘You will be no less a miracle, for you will then be a Christian.’

    ‘Ah,’ interposes Champfort, I breathe again; if we are to die only when La Harpe becomes a Christian we are immortals.’

    ‘As to that, we women,’ says the Duchesse de Gramont, ‘are extremely fortunate in being of no consequence in revolutions. It is understood that we are not to blame, and our sex.’

    ‘Your sex, ladies, will not protect you this time. . . . You will be treated precisely as men, with no difference whatever. . . . You, Madame la Duchesse, will be led to the scaffold, you and many ladies besides yourself in a cart with your hands tied behind your back.’

    ‘Ah, in that event, I hope to have at least a carriage covered with black.’

    ‘No, Madame, greater ladies than yourself will go, like yourself in a cart and with their hands tied like yours.’

    ‘Greater ladies! What! Princesses of the blood!’

    ‘Still greater ladies than those. . .’

    They began to think the jest carried too far. Madame de Gramont, to dispel the gloom, did not insist on a reply to her last exclamation, contenting herself by saying in the lightest tone, ‘And they will not even leave one a confessor!’

    ‘No, Madame, neither you nor any other person will be allowed a confessor; the last of the condemned that will have one, as an act of grace, will be. . .’ He stopped a moment.

    ‘Tell me, now, who is the fortunate mortal enjoying this prerogative?’

    ‘It is the last that will remain to him, and it will be the King of France.’

    Don’t forget, leftists still say nice things about Rousseau. Conservatives, for all they are worth, say nice things about Locke.

    The essential idea of the Enlightenment was that humans are basically reasonable. Since there is not a Black reason and a White reason, or a male reason and a female reason, but just one reason, it follows that there are no essential differences between these groups other than oppressive accidents of social construction.

    Of course, it’s bullshit. Humans are mutant chimps, with a rich ethology, but like our chimp ancestors we also care a great deal about social status in our communities.

    White Nationalists somehow expect the elites to lead the White race because it is rational to act in the interests of their kin. The elites have been too busy status-whoring among themselves to care the slightest bit about the average White family, for the past several hundred years.

    See this woman status-whoring? Perhaps it will net her a good husband. The costs are external to her and her community.

  9. Note that her group is NOT against Romanism itself, but only against ‘OLD PEOPLE of the Vatican’ who continue to present ‘medieval chimeras’ instead of bringing the religion into compliance with the modern world. Many posts on Occidental Dissent have also opposed old people — or ‘Old Believers’, leaders who are out of touch with the modern world, who cannot overcome their mental inertia and adjust and refocus their minds to present day reality — and have suggested they be replaced with YOUNG blood who ARE in touch with present reality. Many regular commenters on OD would seem to have no objections (certainly not religious objections) to allowing abortion on demand — and fornication on demand — and some of you probably hope that governments and religions DO accelerate their present pace of change in that direction. The majority conception of the future white ethnonationalist utopia isn’t puritanical.

  10. Mosin,

    I regret having to write this, but if you’re not trolling with the comment about cheerleaders and pornography, I can sure understand how a reasonable person might reach that conclusion.

  11. These Marxist bitches tried this in Putin’s Russia… Arrested, tried and convicted, sentenced to hard labor in Siberia.

    Screw liberalism and libertarianism.

  12. Mosin, I really feel sorry for you. Even during the Christmas season, you can’t let go of your hatred and bigotry. I hope and pray someday you, your hate, and your bigotry will hit a brick wall, and you will be forced to rethink your wrong assumptions.

    So, Phil Robertson doesn’t measure up to your standard of holiness, because of his behavior when he was younger, and that disqualifies him as a preacher. Well, I’m not a member of his C Of C church, but the last time I looked at the Bible, I saw several guys who wouldn’t pass your smell test. Peter, Matthew and Paul are those guys. I guess your standards are better than the Biblical ones.

    The Catholic Church in Germany does not run the porn industry. Porn is a Jew run enterprise in every part of the world. The bishops were, (to put it mildly!) didn’t listen to faithful German Catholics who were telling them that Wellbilt was peddling porn. The exposure by faithful Catholics forced the selling of stock in that company. If you would have done a simple internet search, you would have discovered this. But alas, bigotry and prejudice prevents you from doing this!

  13. FUBAR Sweden:

    Letting in Muslim immigrants by the boatload who demand and get the removal of topless female statues.

    Permitting the topless antics of FEMEN.

    At the same time. SMH.

    I dare FEMEN to go topless and storm a Mosque.

  14. Let’s not get dragged down in to divisions with otherwise healthy White folks. We should focus on polygamous Bantu Muslims in Tennessee.

    The polygamous family linked here is a fundamentalist White Morman with a shaved head, 3 wives and 25 white children. Ok, that ‘s different for most of us, but if it works for his family, it’s OK by me.

    Sure beats Liberal Mormon, Latter Day Saints, liberal Southern Baptists that worship Martin Luther King and all things BRA.

  15. “I think it captures the essence of America’s ‘natural rights’ ideology”

    Is the rent-a-whore motivated by ideology, or is she motivated by Jed Sunden’s gold?

    Is Jed Sunden motivated by ideology, or is he motivated by raw Ashkenazi ethnic hatred for European Christian peoples?

    Is the body writing of Femen, and the face writing of UnFair, rooted in the ideology of the Enlightenment, or is it rooted in kabbalic ritual defilement of goyim in general and shiksas in particular?

    Was the ideology of the Enlightenment an American invention, or was it invented by weird anti-Christian French writers?

    If Jefferson and others patriots of his time made a mistake when they based their politics on the writings of weird anti-Christian French authors, rather than on the actual traditions of their own people, don’t we make the same mistake if we follow the lead of the European New Right and defame the actual traditions of our own people, such as Christianity and ancient Anglo-Saxon traditions of political liberty?

  16. Judaism101.com has this to say:

    “We do not mean to suggest that magic is not a part of Kabbalah. The most hidden, secretive part of Kabbalah, commonly known as “practical Kabbalah”, involves use of hidden knowledge to affect the world in ways that could be described as magic. The Talmud and other sources ascribe supernatural activities to many great rabbis. Some rabbis pronounced a name of God and ascended into heaven to consult with the God and the angels on issues of great public concern. One scholar is said to have created an artificial man by reciting various names of God. Much later stories tell of a rabbi who created a man out of clay and brought it to life by putting in its mouth a piece of paper with a name of God on it. Some of these stories are no doubt untrue, at least as understood literally; but some are true.”

    Please note, the woman in that picture has two of His names written on her: “God” and “I am”.

  17. Even Britney Spears knows, kabbalic writing on your body is a bad idea:

    “Britney Spears has removed her neck tattoo. The Sexy singer got tattooed a Hebrew symbol in 2004 when she was introduced to Kabbalah by her *former* close pal, Madonna. The erased tattoo from the nape of pop singer’s neck had probably ‘stopped healing her inner soul’ and failed helping her in coping difficulties and hardships of life which she is going through. And therefore she opted to get rid of it and has reportedly spent $2,000 on its removal.

    According to a source:

    *When she got the tattoo, Britney was in control of her life and her career*. The whole world can see she’s lost control”

  18. Lew wrote: ‘I regret having to write this, but if you’re not trolling with the comment about cheerleaders and pornography, I can sure understand how a reasonable person might reach that conclusion’:

    I agree it was not one my better momentary inspirations, but it seems to have passed by uneventfully. The point was that merely removing the influence of the Union and ‘damnyanees’ through secession would NOT stop Southerners from allowing their own women (including the referenced southern sports women) the liberty to appear in public as scantily clad as those ‘Femens’.

    Regarding other reactions to my other comments:

    But I DO like Phil Robertson’s preaching (as is clear in my previous comments) although I wouldn’t support his ordination, only for the reason stated. Saul of Tarsus is not similar but an entirely different case. Saul/Paul grew up irreproachable (from the Pharisaic position) and was allowed to become the chief apostle because he had persecuted the church IGNORANTLY. Many denominations overlook good boys brought up in strict homes with a minimal history of sin, instead recruiting converted divorcees, serial adulterers and drug users for the ministry — because the latter ‘are setting an example that people can relate to’! Do you understand what I meant, now?

    Last time I checked, the RC in Germany had NOT really let go of their porn money machine, only claimed to be doing so, like many times before — so it really WAS ironic (as I noted in my comment) that the ‘Femens’ movement showed up and ‘stole the show’ where they did.

    Could the Vicar of Christ himself be watching these http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guwpmc2LuGE ?

  19. The pornography giant, Weltbild (NOT ‘Wellbilt’!) well known for at least ten years to be 100% Vatican-owned (no one is so blind as he who will not see) http://www.vaticancrimes.us/2011/10/catholic-church-generating-astronomical.html has not been their only tentacle in the industry that they refuse to let go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlmgMmVgiZs

    Let true Germans recognise and remove this cancer from their nation, and Southrons and other white Americans remove it from our homeland as well.

  20. countenance says:
    December 26, 2013 at 5:23 pm

    “I dare FEMEN to go topless and storm a Mosque.”

    Pity Christianity doesn’t still have balls like radical Islam does.

  21. Seriously now, ‘Vatican Crimes’ is an ‘Onion’-like news source. The truth is not quite that bad, and not that simple, but more nuanced….

    They will only allow ‘erotika’, not gay porn, now: http://www.straight.com/life/391896/germanys-catholic-owned-weltbild-sells-straight-erotica-drops-vancouver-gay-literature-publisher

    Roman Catholic Germans must pay compulsory taxes to support it: http://eponymousflower.blogspot.com/search/label/Weltbild

    The bishops manage the situation: http://eponymousflower.blogspot.com/2012/12/weltbild-scandal-bishops-respond.html

  22. > anti-Christian French writers

    Pay attention. Rousseau developed ideas from Locke; he says as much. The Enlightenment can only be blamed on anti-Christians in the sense that it is heresy.

  23. Whites Unite says:
    December 26, 2013 at 11:46 pm

    “*When she got the tattoo, Britney was in control of her life and her career*. The whole world can see she’s lost control”

    I remember back in the early 2000s, she was a stunningly beautiful woman. Then all the crazy stuff started happening, the light within was snuffed out and she hasn’t got it back. Don’t know if it was kabbala, or the lifestyle that goes with the entertainment biz, but the results speak for themselves.

  24. Mosin, scandals have always beset the Catholic Church, but in the long run, we have overcome everyone of them. The laity in Germany will keep pressuring the bishops until Wellbild is a bad memory.

    Your moral standards are that of a Pharisee. You wanted Phil Robertson to be a perfect human being. Newsflash! Ain’t no such critter! By his own admission, his early life was a mess. But, he turned his life around, and got straightened out. His COC denomination has very strict standards. I know this for a fact, because I’ve got relatives in the COC. So he must have had a very renown public change of heart and lifestyle to be accepted as a preaching elder in that church.

    And MN, I would be careful about being so concerned about us Catholics. We can take care of ourselves. I’ve noticed that when Catholic haters become obsessed with us, like Jimmy Swaggart was, they seem to fall into all sorts of moral turpitude. Be careful, don’t let it happen to you.

  25. @ Countenance and Sellout: But they HAVE been targeting mosques, though mostly in Europe. However in Tunisia: http://www.tunisia-live.net/2013/05/20/femen-activist-amina-arrested-during-salafist-protests-in-kairouan/ They are aiming at Islam but haven’t recruited many Islamic women: http://www.hurriyetdailynews.com/femen-leader-slams-ramadan-and-islam.aspx?pageID=238&nID=50890&NewsCatID=351 http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/rebecca-meredith/femen-are-brave-women—b_b_3032961.html But Muslim women already have their own version of it: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/mar/15/muslim-brotherhood-backlash-un-womens-rights http://www.wisemuslimwomen.org/about/

    Femen is just the sort of thing that lost men, who like their women ‘wild’, want them to have ‘reproductive freedom’, the abortion ability, etc., really love. Not like those insane fanatical Puritans who would absolutely have branded them and imprisoned them for such behaviour, or put them in stocks for much milder offenses.

  26. ‘”Femen is militant, unapologetic…my body belongs to me; not the patriarchy. It doesn’t belong to the sex industry, the porn industry, or the moral claims of religion – it is mine.” Central to Femen’s European cause is anti-Islamic sentiment. They claim that religion is evil — that Islam is morally equivalent to fascism. Last week, the group orchestrated protests in France and Germany against Islam which they called…”new Arab Spring”‘. Link above. YKW are working behind and through this and many other groups and movements not only to further liberalise and destroy Christianity but ALSO to liberalise and destroy Islam, and other militant religions toward the goal of the development of ONE world ‘religion’ of multiracial harmony, conformity and submission — especially male submission — to the ruling, rootless cosmopolitan elite.

  27. “Was the ideology of the Enlightenment an American invention, or was it invented by weird anti-Christian French writers?”

    There is no single “ideology” of the The Enlightenment (or as I prefer The Age of Reason.) Indeed writers of the period often held diametrically opposed views on most subjects under the sun. Most mis-educated posters on this site along with its plethora of Christian trolls use the term as some sort of boogey-man for Whites.

    In fact it spanned a period of thought lasting centuries, from Copernicus and Francis Bacon all the way through to Karl Marx and John Stuart Mill.

  28. Pussy rioting in cathedrals has been fashionable since the sons of liberty enthroned a Paris prostitute as ‘the goddess reason’ on the high altar of Notre Dame at the beginning of the present Revolutionary Era (formally inaugurated in France 1789).

    The only thing for it is to forcibly remove pussy rioters and charge them with public nuisance. Good luck with that.

  29. Mosin Nagant says:
    December 27, 2013 at 2:42 pm

    “But they HAVE been targeting mosques, though mostly in Europe.”

    I can find only one mosque in Sweden they have entered and that was way back in July. So it looks like the usual token activity from our friends, as a cover for their anti-White, anti-Christian activities.

    I know what young Arab men in Western countries are like. When insulted they are prone to hysteria and violence. And that doesn’t include a more planned response, from folks like Al-Qaeda. When Femen target Islam, they are playing with fire.

    As I said, pity Christianity is not like this any longer. They used to be tough in the Middle Ages, but not any longer. They need to address this modern weakness soon, or they will lose Europe.

  30. Read further, Avenger. There were also protests at the Great Mosque of Belgium, Muslim sites in France, and elsewhere. I prefer not to read all the articles, though. Censor the photos.

  31. @Mosin
    I did read further. Standing outside a Mosque, isn’t the same as going inside and desecrating it. When we see images of desecration in Mosques, like the one in this article, they will get a response from Islam.

  32. “YKW are working behind and through this and many other groups and movements not only to further liberalise and destroy Christianity”

    Which “Christianity” Mosin? You have denied the doctrine that man is saved by Faith alone yet refuse to offer up your own. Are you a Papist? When yo blather on about God how are we supposed to determine what you even mean?

  33. That’s a good observation, Sellout Avenger. But they do get as close as they can, and they don’t invade EVERY church either. But the RC showplace in Cologne was bound to be targeted, since the RC still hasn’t fully disconnected from the pornography publishing, and is absolutely rife with sexual abuses of women, and children and youth.

    Some liberal and non-Christian WNs, including this blogger http://vladtepesblog.com/2013/04/03/are-these-the-bravest-human-beings-alive/ think they’re the epitome of courage against Islam.

  34. ‘You have denied the doctrine that man is saved by Faith alone yet refuse to offer up your own’:

    But I have nothing unique or original to offer. What I offer is NOT my own: ‘Faith, if it hath not works, is dead (…) Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works. Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe , and tremble. But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead? Faith without works is dead (…) YE SEE THEN THAT BY WORKS A MAN IS JUSTIFIED, AND NOT BY FAITH ONLY (…) For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also’.

  35. Mosin’s MO is getting the Christians to argue with each other. On the subject of Christian doctrine – Mosin is a gnat strainer. His other schtick is to blast the ‘papists’ from the high ground of what he refers to as “sound doctrinal position” according to the church of Nagent.

    Never does he define this position in terms of any known Christian confession – Westminster, Geneva, Augsburg – whatever. He never states the name of his bishop or the ecclesia which holds with this “sound doctrinal position” according to the church of Nagent.

    Mosin’s Christianity is salvation by shit stirring alone. He is a heretic and anti-Catholic bigot. Whatever may be the soundness (or otherwise) of his opinions on a range of subjects. He has nothing to say on the subject of the Christian faith.

  36. ‘You have denied the doctrine that man is saved by Faith alone yet refuse to offer up your own’:

    But I have nothing unique or original to offer. What I offer is NOT my own: ‘Faith, if it hath not works, is dead (…) Yea, a man may say, Thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without thy works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works. Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe , and tremble. But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead? Faith without works is dead (…) YE SEE THEN THAT BY WORKS A MAN IS JUSTIFIED, AND NOT BY FAITH ONLY (…) For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also’.

    That sounds like straight down the line Roman Catholicism to me.

  37. Re: ‘Never does he define this position in terms of any known Christian confession – Westminster, Geneva, Augsburg – whatever. He never states the name of his bishop’:

    We certainly don’t define ourselves by THOSE confessions (Westminster, Geneva and Augsburg)! Here are some German or Swiss confessions that are more agreeable, although like ALL human creeds and statements of faith, they FALL SHORT of Biblical inerrancy (in these cases, mostly by appearing to imply ‘baptismal regeneration’): http://www.anabaptists.org/history/the-schleitheim-
    confession.html and http://www.reformedreader.org/ccc/abc.htm We have much in common with the German and Swiss Anabaptists, but in remote mountainous parts (our Alps) of Cymru, small congregations of ‘Welsh Primitive Baptists’ have quietly, patiently, stubbornly maintained a closed membership and closed communion of Biblical orthodoxy since very ancient times, long before the Protestant Reformation.

    ‘Lynda’ reminds me of those gnat-straining, camel-swallowing Pharisees and scribes who were constantly probing the Lord Himself with: ‘By WHAT authority’?

    Now will ‘Lynda’, the Jesuitic blog-handler, please give us the full names and street addresses of her home church, priest and bishop?

    Re: ‘gnat-strainer’: Isn’t this ‘Lynda’, who would have us swallow the whole camel of Roman Papism, the same who argued that moot capitalisation issue at such length here a few months ago?

    Re: ‘He is a heretic and anti-Catholic bigot’: But ANYONE who dares call attention to the evils of the RC is OF COURSE a ‘bigot’, and a ‘heretic’, according to the RC!

    We are really not anti-catholic in the broad sense of the term ‘catholic’ (universal). But ‘congregational, ethnic orthodox’ would be far more accurate than ‘universalist’!

  38. ‘Welsh orthodoxy’ was subdued from the time the Saxons imposed RC by martyring hundreds of pastors and leaders who refused to submit.

  39. Every picture of Welsh Baptist congregations in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania that you can find in the web are full of niggers, spics, and other non-whites.

  40. ‘New Wales’ was settled by Welsh Quakers AND other Welsh Nonconformists, including Welsh ‘Primitive Baptists’: http://www.gwyneddmeeting.org/history/jenkinschapter4.htm

    Too bad it was invaded, quickly, by other groups rather than becoming the unique ETHNIC CHRISTIAN enclave it was intended to be.

    It WAS the paradise of North America, ideal for all kinds of farming, with a two hundred day frost free season, mild winters, some of the world’s best soils, entirely forested with excellent timber, diverse fauna and flora, and very consistent abundant rainfall — and NOW it is mostly a multicultural metropolitan wasteland, paved over, destroyed.

    You hit the target this time, Rudel, but the edge, not the centre. Remember I said I wasn’t Baptist, and I live much further west. Does it matter that much to you? Let’s drop this digression, and return to the post topic.

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