OD In 2014: The Website


Here are some New Year’s Resolutions for the website:

Longer Articles – In 2014, I want to get back into the habit of writing longer articles on various subjects of interest to our readers. It has been a struggle over the past year to do this because my life has changed so much.

Balancing Activism – The activism that we are doing is great and will continue, but it can’t be allowed to consume the website. In 2014, I want to find the right balance and update the website more frequently.

Better Moderation – I’ve always been cavalier about the moderation of this website. I will turn comment moderation on for a time, grow tired of baby sitting and approving every comment, and eventually allow the free for all to resume. In 2014, I want to improve the comment section by cutting out more of the flaming, spamming, trolling, and off topic thread hijacking. Hopefully, this will stimulate more productive and interesting discussions in the comment section.

More Book Reviews – In the next few months, I plan to write at least four or five book reviews on various topics: Haiti after the earthquake, Florida history, Florida agriculture, South Carolina history, the origins of racial equality, and the triumph of the Civil Rights Movement in the Northern states.

Research ProjectsI set this as a goal last year, but fate intervened and derailed my plans. In 2014, I want to see some these projects come to fruition.

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  1. I’ve always liked your posts and articles about history.

    And also…I have picked up from you the notion of starting all of my own blog posts with a geographical moniker. Though I do it slightly differently. If it’s a story in St. Louis, I’ll post it either with the neighborhood or suburb, if it’s a regional story in Missouri or southern Illinois, I’ll use the name of the town or city, but any more distant than that and I’ll use “City, State” (leaving out state if the city is well known) or country. On posts that are of personal matters, I’ll use “Your Blogmeister’s Desk.”

    My blog turned 10 years old this past September. I have noticed that over time, my posts have gotten shorter. I rarely do anything really long form anymore.

  2. Some years back, Matt Parrott was a prominent feature on this blog, and he tried the street demo type activism. He eventually concluded it was a waste of time. Why do you think it will be any more profitable for you/us now?

  3. I should amplify that. I took part in one of those demos in Cape Town, SA last month. I didn’t expect any good result from the government or others being targetted. My rationale was that White prople need to be seen to stand together for our interests. If we can’t stand together in solidarity, in public, then we might as well quit.

    The problem is that when a half-dozen people turn up, it’s discouraging. I suppose Adolph Hitler must have felt the same in the early years. Getting involved in the real world can have good results on many levels, forming friendships (and marriages!) and working relationships. I definitely believe we need to form face-to-face networks. But is street activism the best way to do it? And if not, then what?

  4. I just wanted to add, thanks for stating the specific goals of this website! I think it can encourage those with an open mind to really think about exactly why they are on the internet in the first place. I’ve decided to limit my internet use to only worthwhile pursuits for the most part.

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