Florida Independence Day


This really wasn’t a demonstration … just two Florida League members who wanted to celebrate the anniversary of Florida’s independence.

Here’s an excerpt from Florida’s unpublished “Declaration of Causes of Secession”:

“It is in so many words saying to you we will not burn you at the stake but we will torture you to death by a slow fire we will not confiscate your property and consign you to a residence and equality with the african but that destiny certainly awaits your children – and you must quietly submit or we will force you to submission – men who can hesitate to resist such aggressions are slaves already and deserve their destiny.”

Note: This is the spot where the League of the South is holding its next demonstration in Tallahassee on March 8th.

Florida Independence Day

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  1. I know we in the League are still few in number. But we are publicly standing up for our people and trying to organise Southerners against the System. I would like to see others in the South get behind our effort and those outside of the South organise similar movements for their own areas. It can be done and it doesn’t take a large group of people to start it.

  2. It’s not the numbers that count with me, it’s the fact that as long as some dare resist there is hope.
    I’ve seen regular ACTivist groups of a dozen or more grow from such beginnings in about a year’s time. They become close friends and have quite a bit of fun at their monthly protests.
    The time is right for normal people to begin taking their Nations back; it’s happening all over the world; the spell is breaking and they’re/we’re awakening.

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