Liberals in Vermont, Libertarians in North Dakota

Jamie Kelso doubles down on Ron Paul
Jamie Kelso doubles down on Ron Paul

North Dakota

Those of us who live in brutal, racially conflicted areas like Chicago, South Africa, southern California, and  the White flight suburbs of Birmingham see the problems of black crime, Third World immigration, Islamic terrorism, etc.

It’s like dealing with the cold  – we know enough not to freeze to death in a cold winter week in Chicago.

Not so the White liberals living in overwhelmingly White Vermont.  Not so the libertarian loons living in lily white North Dakota.

I just ended a terrible phone conversation with a supposed American White Nationalist leader based in North Dakota. He fled from immigrant overrun Southern California with its gang bangers and he seems to be doing pretty well with a new family in Grand Forks, North Dakota which is 98% percent White.

He’s made a few mistakes, for example, promoting the libertarian loon Rand Paul, who was just voted white traitor of the year by American Renaissance magazine. It’s kind of hard to run a White Nationalist website named ‘White News Now’ when you are busted promoting Rand Paul – the #1.White American traitor of the year. When you live in a 98% White area in North Dakota, you can forget about basic racial realities.

White liberals in nearly all White Vermont or Sweden in the 1970s did similar stupid things. So what should we do with these confused White folks?

My advice is to support them in their personal lives and just ignore their stupid, traitorous politics. I have lots of cousins and an uncle who do terrible, politically correct, cultural Marxist politics – things like promoting Barack Obama, Nelson and Winnie Mandela, the ANC, the Sandinistas, you know, things like ‘marriage equality’ and welcoming mass Third World immigration.

Liberal idiots. Libertarian loons. There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two.

My advice is to not get all bent out of shape over these foolish people. They can do simple, positive things in their lives. When they want to talk about presidential politics, change the subject. We don’t need to kill them. It is best to just ignore them and help them in their personal lives.

Our people aren’t suicide bombers, or urban gangbangers. Our people are mostly idiots.


  1. crusader,

    Bingo! Russia during the late 1800s and early 1900s also allowed the Marxists to scheme and organize with impunity. The Romanov family and the powers that be thought Marxist agitation was all hot air that wouldn’t ever materialize. To say they paid the price is an understatement.

    What you said about the “Founding Revolters” is even more accurate. Look at what Alexander Hamilton said in Federalist 11 in response to the Degeneracy thesis, which for all intents and purposes stated that White Americans were biologically inferior to White Europeans:

    “It belongs to us to vindicate the honor of the human race, and to teach that assuming brother, moderation. Union will enable us to do it. Disunion will will add another victim to his triumphs.”

    Hamilton is arguing two things here:

    1. There’s no such thing as inferiority or superiority between humans.

    2. Moderation is bad (!)

    There can be no doubt that the Screwnited States of Amurrika was born to die. Say what you will about the British Empire (I’ve got no loyalty to it), but as the Amurrikan founding and the entirety of Amurrikan history prove, there are way worse things in this world than paying too much for Tea and Stamps.

  2. R_Moreland,

    “One of the audience raised a point about what gives whites more of a claim on the USA than blacks or Indians. Fair enough. And what is the response on one sentence? This is something that is going to have to be addressed in order to provide a comeback which will win people over.”

    Dodge the question and hit them with this counterpoint: Do White people have a right to exist on the North American continent or do we not?

    Whether blacks and Indians have any claim to North American land is ultimately irrelevant to the issue of whether Whites have the right to live here or not. What our enemies are really getting at when they make arguments about non-whites having a claim to this land is that we as Whites MUST be FORCED to live and associate with non-whites (i.e., “assimilate” with them). I for one think its perfectly possible and reasonable for the different races to have their own ethnostates/sovereign nations here in North America. It’s a big continent – bigger then Europe in fact. We don’t need to control all of it. But what our enemies want is for us to “assimilate” with the non-whites, which will ultimately result in us disappearing entirely. They don’t think we have ANY claim to our own exclusive spot in North America. Ergo, we have ZERO obligation to explain anything to them about “who does or doesn’t have a claim to the USA.”

  3. I’m with Lew. I shocked that the police that murdered Kelly Thomas were found not guilty. I’ve seen the video. He’s was in no way a threat to the police. It must have been a Hispanic jury. Fuck this country.

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