Federal Judge Strikes Down Oklahoma’s Gay Marriage Ban


I shouldn’t have to say it, but once again, the existence of the Union proves to be the cause of our misfortunes:

“Oklahoma’s gay marriage ban violates the U.S. Constitution, a federal judge ruled on Tuesday.

U.S. District Judge Terrence Kern handed down the ruling in a lawsuit filed by two same-sex couples. Kern immediately stayed his ruling pending appeals, meaning gay marriages won’t happen in Oklahoma right away.

The gay couples had sued for the right to marry and to have a marriage from another jurisdiction recognized in Oklahoma. …”

Note: Remember the Satanists who want to place a monument on the grounds of the Oklahoma state capitol? Ditto.

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  1. Meanwhile Republicans chatter about Benghazi as if it mattered or anyone cared. First interracial and now homosexual marriage has been forced upon us by the USA. And US conservatives, where were they? Nowhere to be seen. What did they conserve? Nothing. Surely this society can be no less evil than was Babylon of old – and just as deserving of destruction.

  2. They never strike down local gun control laws. They never go after “sanctuary cities” that refuse to arrest illegal aliens. Both of these violate federal law.

    The law and Constitution is a façade. “Who, Whom” is all that matters to those in power.

  3. The statue of Watson didn’t protect the south from MLK, just as the statue of MLK wont protect the multicult from what is to come. Statues are probably a sign of decline, just ask ancient Egypt.

    Another trouble we are dealing with, as Palmetto Patriot pointed out, is that most of the right wing over 40 is senile. They are willing to trade preservation of their status for incremental change in the foundation of that status. Radical restructuring isn’t within their makeup; partly philosophical, partly biological due to age.

    The next generation is staring down the barrel of a double-barreled historical shotgun; economic decline and demographic displacement aka white genocide. They are at home with radical change in the form of libertarianism and white nationalism, but even the marchers of JC Chavez had to wait until Reagan became President for Amnesty. Our generation will also be waiting a long time for the hemorrhaging to stop.

    My contention is that the white race that comes out the other side will be much tougher and effectual than the current group. Much like the Jews after WWII. Liberalism and spiritualism allowed for the retention of many who in ancient times would not have survived. Not paradoxically, these are the people who are getting hammered by white genocide. The whites who survive will most likely carry immunities to liberalism and spiritualism, and will be all right in the end (though most likely somewhere out in space on a new world).

  4. The satanist statue mentioned was not very diverse. Why weren’t Asian and african-descent children shown on their plan?

  5. Everybody with a couple of functioning brain cells understood so-called tolerance was a red herring, because faggotry wouldn’t work unless it was forced on all Americans.

  6. Hunter, I love your blog, but so often I see the same one, two or three hobby horse riders derailing many of your comment sections.

    We all know who they are, and if they aren’t psychotic, they’re paid shills. Either way, you don’t need them here.

    Please clean up your comment sections, sir!

  7. Whoever ‘No.More.Hobby.Horse.Riders’ is, it writes in a style just like Dalton’s. His sock puppet perhaps? Notice the characteristic ‘sir’ (his habitual deferential bow to Hunter). But the only REAL ‘hobby horse riders’ are those who want to shut down real discussion (which he likes to call ‘psychotic’, a Talmudic choice of psychological terminology) and turn this blog into a reverberation chamber.

  8. Mosin, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I’ve haven’t the foggiest who No.More.Hobby.Horse.Riders is. He’s not my “sock puppet” old boy. As for any “deferential bows” to HW, well, MN, you’ve got to admit the man deserves the respect of all of us for his knowledge of real, true history, as opposed to the crap we were fed in our approved schools.

  9. It’s not necessarily the liberals or whoever who are getting hammered by white genocide. It’s mostly the white middle and working class who are.

    No one deserves respect who falls into the same trap more than once, which is what our host here does time and again.

    Yankees know there’s conniving and cunning all around, and plots everywhere. It’s our nature, at least in the NY metropolitan area. Since I am in a depressed mood, I’ll mope some more about how tragic it all is. No one sees that this culture war crap is just a trap, just a smokescreen for the Jew World Order’s plot to divide us.

    Don’t let it, brothers and sisters, my tribespeople. Don’t let it. No other race or ethnicity divides on this fault line even though it could fracture them permanently, or more because it could. But it doesn’t. No, such traps and trojan horses don’t work on the jews, the blacks, hispanics, asians – they only cleave our soul politic, and increasingly our bodies. http://www.netplaces.com/women-of-the-bible/adulteresses-harlots-and-deceivers/prostitutes-who-forced-solomon-to-split-the-baby.htm

    My mother raised me on the story of King Solomon and the two women claiming to mother a baby. The one who would allow him to be cut in half was the harlot, the prostitute, while the woman who yielded the child to the other proved herself the mother.

    Perhaps it went that they were both prostitutes but she who had a true heart, and one of gold as the saying goes, prevailed, while she who would trade in vengeance and a few pieces of silver succumbed to empty bitterness. Such is the fate of the White people.

    • Umm … no one has done more to promote “gay marriage” and the normalization of homosexuality than the Jews. It’s one area where Jews have been the undisputed champions of a social cause.

  10. Sorry, Stephen. It was a guess, and the ‘bow’ remark was overstatement. But let’s not use ‘hobby horse’ to denigrate serious comments.

  11. Maybe none of us will come out on the other side. Have you seen that DARPA robot climbing stairs. I read the other day that the human brain is estimated to have 100 Tetrabytes of memory cells. It will very soon when $10,000 will buy you 100 Tetrabytes of memory.

  12. Mosin, I never use “hobby horse” to denigrate serious comments, I only use it to describe people who harp on one cause for all the problems of the world, and refuse to even consider other factors as being possible causes. IOW, people like you, Denise, and others.

  13. OK, now wait. Let me analyze your comment Mr. Dalton.

    You say you despise “people who harp on one cause for all the problems of the world,” and yet…. You are a Roman Catholic?

    Pot calling kettle, come in, kettle?

    Umm, unless they have changed (they have, but that’s another argument), Rome’s total solution for all the ills of the world, is, ‘If only everyone were RC, then we’d solve all the problems of the world.’ That’s what I was taught in Parochial school, that’s what the nuns and the priest continualy harped on when I was a child, and adolescent, and up until about my 30th year. The reason for that, is THAT is what ‘universal jurisdiction’ means, Stephen… you know, like ‘what the pope claims is his right? And, don’t the Jews claim the same thing? If only we could control the world, the goyim would be our slaves…. So, you strike out on two counts!

    In fine, it would appear that you just don’t care for Mosin’s comments, because you don’t like MOSIN, not because he doesn’t have answers. And as we all know, ad hominems are the flimsiest sort of excuse in any debate with a thinking individual.

    But maybe that’s the point. Neither you, nor Rude, think.

  14. Interesting link Mosin. No surprise that Jews are up to their usual tricks.

    I noticed that in addition to making the demands documented in your link, Jews are also demanding the suppression of this so-called “quenelle” gesture. A French mulatto named Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala created the gesture, which Jews claim is a subtle National Socialist salute, and people are picking up on it.

    The Times notes:

    Mr. M’Bala M’Bala generally points to a supposed cabal of Jewish “slave drivers,” secret rulers who cloak themselves in the memory of the Holocaust. The performer, the son of a black Cameroonian and a white Frenchwoman, often argues that Jews have unfairly claimed a monopoly on the status of “victim.”

    I imagine he set off every silent alarm in New York and Tel Aviv with that one.

    The Times continues:

    Fans of the performer, Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala, send him photos of themselves performing the gesture in front of historic monuments, next to unwitting public officials, at weddings, under water and in high school class photographs, but also, increasingly, beside synagogues, Holocaust memorials and street signs displaying the word “Jew.” At least one young man appears to have posed for a quenelle outside the grade school in Toulouse where, in 2012, four Jews were killed by a self-proclaimed operative of Al Qaeda.

    Jewish leaders, antiracism groups and public officials have pointed out
    that the quenelle, which is also the name of a fish dumpling that is a
    regional French delicacy, strongly resembles a downward-facing Nazi salute.

    Mr. M’Bala M’Bala, who goes by Dieudonné, insists it is nothing more than an “antisystem” joke for his initiates, most of them young men, some from the disaffected immigrant suburbs, some from the xenophobic far right.

    In the fall, military leaders discovered that the quenelle was popular with soldiers — there are plenty of photos online to show it — and the army chief of staff banned the gesture after two uniformed infantrymen were sanctioned for performing one outside a Paris synagogue. This week, a top French soccer player, Nicolas Anelka, was widely criticized for performing a quenelle during a game; Mr. M’Bala M’Bala and his followers applauded.


  15. Thanks to Mosin’s link, I’ve stumbled onto an interesting rabbit hole. It
    turns out the Jewish Supremacist publication Commentary
    had this to say about the “quenelle” and Mr. Dieudonné M’bala M’bala.

    Mindful that Dieudonné has already racked up seven convictions for
    anti-Semitic hate speech–including one last year following a media
    interview in which he stated, “the biggest crooks in the world, that’s
    the Jews”,
    –Valls deemed that “peddlers of hate stop at nothing and show
    boundless creativity … the status quo is not a solution.” As a direct
    result of the ban, Dieudonné has announced that he is working on a new show
    with completely different material (about Africa, according to Reuters)
    adding somewhat obliquely, “as a comedian, I have pushed the debate to the
    very edge of laughter.”

    The parameters of this “debate” are efficiently summarized by the
    philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy, writing in the Daily Beast:

    …the only form of anti-Semitism with legs today, the only
    form capable of taking in and galvanizing large numbers of people
    , is
    one that accomplishes the trifecta of anti-Zionism (Jews as supporters of
    an allegedly murderous state), Holocaust denial (an unscrupulous people
    who, in pursuit of their purposes, are capable of inventing or staging the
    slaughter of their own), and competitive victimhood (memory of the
    Holocaust as a screen to hide other massacres on the planet). Well,
    Dieudonné was in the process of tying these strands together. With his
    accomplice, French right-wing extremist Alain Soral, he was a sapper
    assembling his explosive device and preparing to set it off.

    Inevitably, the ban has set off concerns about the limits of free speech in
    France. If Dieudonné were performing in America, the First Amendment would
    guarantee his right to be as offensive as he wishes.



  16. Excellent leads in those comments, Lew. I suggest others follow them. I won’t continue the digression any further here, though, especially since I started it.

  17. This one is peripheral too, but in a broad sense Jews are rarely off topic. Jews are for gays and against guns.

    Movie producer Harvey Weinstein announced for the first time on Howard Stern’s radio show that he is making a full feature drama to try to destroy the National Rifle Association.

    Mr. Stern asked Mr. Weinstein on Wednesday whether he owned a gun. The Hollywood heavyweight replied that he did not and never would. “I don’t think we need guns in this country. And I hate it,” the producer said. “I think the NRA is a disaster area.”

    Mr. Weinstein then revealed his secret project about the gun rights group. “I shouldn’t say this, but I’ll tell it to you, Howard,” he said. “I’m going to make a movie with Meryl Streep, and we’re going to take this head-on. And they’re going to wish they weren’t alive after I’m done with them

    I’m holding out for an Austrian corporal.


  18. Fr. John, when I was a member of Herbert Armstrong’s cult, I was taught that the Catholic Church was the Whore of Babylon, and was behind all the world’s problems. When I started drifting toward the racial right in the years after I left that cult, I was taught over and over it was the Joooos who were behind it all. Since becoming more aware of how men interact with each other, I can see how stupid and foolish such views are. If the Jews, the Muslims, and other groups we have problems with were to vanish overnight, we would still have the same problems. Since the beginning of time, man have demonstrated a knack for arguing, fighting, and killing his fellow over the most sublime and ridiculous things. As a mature man, I’ve given up ready made ideas and conspiracy theories to explain why things go wrong. I’d suggest that you, Mosin, and others who think that way stop being a bunch of simpletons, and start seeing the world as it really is, instead of believing in a pre-fab fantasy of one group or one cause behind everything.

  19. “Mr. Stern asked Mr. Weinstein on Wednesday whether he owned a gun. The Hollywood heavyweight replied that he did not and never would. “I don’t think we need guns in this country. And I hate it,” the producer said. “I think the NRA is a disaster area.””

    Weinstein lives in gated community with ->Armed<- guards. And doesn't care about the little people, that cannot afford the multi-millionaire's protection.

    This question would destroy the Hollyweirdos, but it will never be asked.

  20. Re: ‘stop being a bunch of simpletons, and start seeing the world as it really is, instead of believing in a pre-fab fantasy of one group’:

    YOU should stop believing (IF you really do believe) in the lies of the most evil ‘cult of cults’ that you’re in right now. Or is it your trace of ‘the one group’ DNA that dominates and always wants to shift the focus of our attention from ‘the one group’ to other, scapegoat groups?

  21. One overstatement leads to another. But I admit that mine was overstatement. You are right that ALL racial and ethnic groups are responsible for all kinds of ‘problems’. Sin is not the exclusive property of just one group.

  22. The Church has always named the Jews as the organised force of Anti-Christ. Post Vatican II, they are now supposedly our [Roman Catholic] ‘elder brothers in the faith’ as per Nostra Aetate. A lot of RC parishes (such as my parish once upon a time) would share ‘Passover’ with representatives from a local synagogue. And the rabbis fill their heads with their crap.

    It is one or the other or neither. What it can not be is: both/and. Roman Catholics must choose. For those undecided on this issue – read the Fathers of the Church who were bishops and martyrs. They will tell you who are the Jews and what the Church means by Anti-Christ.

    Francis I, when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires, sent priests who were under his authority to the rabbis of the Chabad Lubavitch in Israel for instruction. So, I think that clearly puts Francis I in the ‘our elder brothers in the faith’ mode and in opposition to what the Church always and everywhere has taught.

    Question for modern catechumens: “Can there be such a thing as a pope who is in opposition to what the Church has always and everywhere taught?”

    The correct answer is one of the ‘must knows’ for our time.

  23. Mosin, I’m glad you were able to admit that you made an overstatement.

    I’m not going to stop believing in what you miscall “the ‘lies’ of the most evil of the cults”. I’ve proven to my satisfaction that this “evil cult” rebuilt Western Civilization from the ruins of ancient paganism, and gave us most of the good things we have today, in spite of the faults of many of it’s members down through the ages.

    Your bigoted reference to the ‘one group’ is a diversionary tactic to shift attention from the sad truth that the Apostle James told us in James 4:1-3 of his epistle. Grow up, and forsake the fantasies of conspiracy theory thinking.

  24. Re: ‘Your bigoted reference to the ‘one group’ is a diversionary tactic to shift attention from the sad truth that the Apostle James told us in James 4:1-3’:

    It is ‘bigotry’ to reference Talmudism now? You are trying to use that reference to the carnal tendency of ALL races as a diversionary tactic to shift our attention away from what YOU call ‘the fantasies of conspiracy theory thinking’ — away from the entirely FACTUAL issue of Talmudism.

    You also said: Romanism ‘rebuilt Western Civilization from the ruins of ancient paganism, and gave us most of the good things we have today’. But Romanism has been one of the two (albeit the lesser of the two) chief ENEMIES of Christian civilisation through much of its history — and despite it, not only ‘the good things we have’ BUT MANY MORE GOOD THINGS would have come to us otherwise. You only prove you are impervious to the history and present reality of the cult that you have joined, and it doesn’t matter how many millions or billions of members belong to it.

  25. Mosin, I have never denied Talmudism or any other kind of Jewish organizations have caused problems. What I have decried is the tendency of commentators like you and certain others to impose a conspiracy theory explanation on things that happen in the world, before the facts are in, or pushing aside the facts because they don’t fit into your pre-conceived ideas about the world around you. I’m not going to believe that a certain person or group is responsible for anything until the facts are clear and evident. I remember last year some idiots on OD were claiming the Boston terror bombing was a Mossad false flag op, and that the injured and killed people were crisis actors who were faking it. Yet, it became apparent all too soon the bombing was a Muslim terrorist act. But that didn’t stop the “it’s the Joooos” morons from wallowing in their silly fantasy scenario. You need to stop doing this poppycock, and start looking at what’s really going on in the world, instead of relying on pre-conceived fantasy scenarios that are totally detached from what’s really happening.

    Your remark that “Romanism” was a chief enemy of Christian civilization is historical ignorance at it’s worst. Anyone else with a good history book can tell you otherwise. The pagan Roman Empire, the various heresies that sprung up in the Church, the Barbarian invasions, the rise of Islam, the Viking raids, the Mongols, the Ottoman Empire, the rise of communism and Nazism were the chief enemies of Christian civilization. However, that doesn’t fit into your pre-conceived conspiracy theories, so they have to be ignored. Well hopefully, some day you will run into something your pre-conceived CT’s can’t handle and you will be forced to think outside the box. I just hope it comes soon.

  26. Of course Roman Papism wasn’t responsible for the barbarians and Mongols, but the success and endurance of Islam IS very largely the fault of the apostate Roman state church (still essentially undivided in the seventh and eighth centuries). The synergy of Talmudism and the Great Apostasy is responsible for many other developments.

    Of course you never DENY Talmudism, but you downplay and deflect attention from it, in the manner of ‘Mainstreaming WN’. You also remind us of your trace of heritage, from time to time, and that genetic ‘traces’ don’t matter but only choices that individuals make.

    Finally, I never thought or implied (here or anywhere) that the Boston bombing was a false flag operation.

  27. Stop the lies Mosin. There were no “pure” early Christian sects occupying Wales before Constantine. You have absolutely no proof of this.

  28. “The success of Islam is very largely the fault of the apostate Roman state church.”. What a damn lie! No good historian would buy this tripe. And I’ve read very many of then over the years. None of them ever offered this explanation of the success of Islam. And Islam’s first military setback and defeat was at the hands of a Catholic military hero named Charles Martel. I guess someone forgot to tell him about that synergy thingee.

    Downplaying and defecting attention from Talmudism?! I’ve always criticized it on the blog. What I have done is ridicule the idiotic idea “it’s the Jooos!” who are behind everything, just like I razz you for believing the Catholics do the same.

    You may not have fallen into the Mossad silliness that some did, but you have the same way of reasoning that those fools did about the other things you ride your silly hobby horse’s about.

  29. Re: Mosin

    It’s getting to the point where I am considering banning all discussion of theology, period, on this website. I don’t care who started it. I am tired of seeing the comment section ruined by theological squabbling. Take it elsewhere.

  30. The Mosaic at Hinton St Mary, Devon was made almost precisely 350AD. It’s a mosiac on the floor of what was probably a house church. it indicates a very very early date for the presence of Christianity in the British Isles. We know the date because of the exact hair style of the Christ figure superimposed over a Chi-Rho set between a pomegranate motif. It’s the style of hair worn in the decade among Roman Senators.

    This is an historical, indeed art historical comment not a theological point.

  31. The very active tin and gold ocean trade route from Spain (a very early Christian centre) to Cornwall, Wales and Ireland, is another possible entry, Rudel.

  32. “The very active tin and gold ocean trade route from Spain (a very early Christian centre) to Cornwall, Wales and Ireland, is another possible entry, Rudel.”

    You have never provided evidence, only speculation. It doesn’t cut it.

  33. Hunter, thanks for banning the my religion is better than your religion discussions here. I happen to be a conservative atheist,,,and supporter of southern secession

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