Caribbean Project: Spenser St. John on Haitians


Here’s an excerpt from Spenser St. John’s “Hayti, or the Black Republic”:

“The vexed question as to the position held by the negroes in the great scheme of nature was continually brought before us whilst I lived in Hayti, and I could not but regret to find that the greater my experience the less I thought of the capacity of the negro to hold an independent position.

As long as he is influenced by contact with the white man, as in the southern portion of the United States, he gets on very well. But place him free from all such influence, as in Hayti, and he shows no sign of improvement; on the contrary, he is gradually retrograding to the African tribal customs, and without exterior pressure will fall into the state of the inhabitants on the Congo.

If this were only my own opinion, I should hesitate to express it so positively, but I found no dissident voice among experienced residents since I first went to Hayti in January 1863.

I now agree with those who deny the negro could ever originate a civilisation, and that with the best of educations he remains an inferior type of man. He has as yet shown himself totally unfitted for self-government, and incapable as a people to make any progress whatsoever. To judge the negroes fairly, one must live a considerable time in their midst, and not be led away by the theory that all races are capable of equal advance in civilisation. …”

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  1. Then SO BE IT. Resist unto the Death, if need be, but never again should a White Man submit to this blasphemous attack on his race, religion, and culture.

    The Nigger IS an inferior man. If he is a man, at all.

  2. Btw Rudel,

    Your comments on Cwcrossroads are quite good. You should fire off a few more broadsides there.

  3. Simpson has declared that he won’t allow posts contradicting his race-mixing world view in the future:

    “I’m now taking steps in that direction [banning disagreement with PC opinions], because in most cases we’ve now gone past the point of diminishing returns.”

    I’m not going to bother posting and being deleted at that sort of echo chamber.

  4. Fair enough.

    Btw see this:

    See the Severan theory on Alban.

    Anyway, greatly enjoyed the posts there.

  5. The cruel Severus looks pretty dark-skinned on the ‘Severan Tondo’, and it’s notable that the murdered son’s face is erased from the painting.

    Re: ‘I’m not going to bother posting and being deleted at that sort of echo chamber’

    I know that feeling.

  6. The Welsh claim to have been Romano-Brits driven into the hills. bunch of sheepshagging liars if you ask me of course. However I’d still kidnap the likes of Zeta Jones and drag her off to enslavement on the manor either way.

  7. ‘bunch of sheepshagging liars’

    They are also falsely reputed to renege or ‘welsh’ on agreements when possible.

    They had to use trickery in centuries of unequal warfare.

  8. “They had to use trickery in centuries of unequal warfare.”

    Ah, a Welsh Tract Baptist sub-sectarian after all Mosin. You can’t hide it from me any more no matter what you all call yourselves nowadays. You folks are all over the place in Pennsylvania and elsewhere. We have the generosity of William Penn towards your theological forbears to thank for that.

  9. “I’d still kidnap the likes of Zeta Jones and drag her off to enslavement on the manor either way.”

    Quite right you are John, quite right.

  10. Rudel, I was saying the other day that our local ‘Polar Bear Plunge’ in Janurary was just a little colder than the water where I was baptised (triple immersion), which made it even more memorable.

  11. I looked. She is half-Irish and one of the darker Irish or Welsh — the Basque Celtic influence? One should prefer women of one’s own tribe who adorn themselves with modesty. A virtuous woman who can find? Her price is far above rubies.

  12. Rudel, some migrated to North Carolina, and like the Amish who also moved to North Carolina (including Jacob Ammann himself who travelled there from Pennsylvania and died there, according to a very strong tradition) they were unable to maintain their identity there as they have done in Pennsylvania, and they were blended into the southern white masses.

  13. I did not mean BASQUE influence as such, but Basque-related GENETIC influence — thanks to migrations up the Atlantic Coast that took place LONG before the Romans and Druids. Also: the ‘Mediterranean long head’ influence is more EVIDENT there than in the Mediterranean where it originated but is now more diluted. Interestingly, I just learned there are more ‘ginger’-related genes in Scottish and Welsh than in Irish people who APPEAR to be the most ‘ginger’. So I was speaking of genetic influence, Rudel.

  14. I didn’t look to see if it says there’s really an ark on Mount Ararat and all the races began from there. There IS a lot of factual history and science mixed into it, though.

  15. ‘It is not at all clear that “long headedness necessarily originated in the Med’

    Correct, Rudel. It only appeared there before the other places mentioned.

  16. The Scots have the highest frequency of red hair and of men that average over 6ft. in Western Europe. Red hair also occurs in great frequency near the Volga in Eastern Europe. see Coon’s “Races of Europe”.

    The Basques, much like the Finns and Sami are an isolate population. Evidence points that those populations were are already established in Europe by the time the Indo Aryans (Celts, Germanics, Latins, Greeks) arrived.

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