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  1. One of my favorite “hate books” is “Jewish Influence On Christian Reform Movements” by Louis I. Newman. It tells the story, from the Jew’s point of view, about how they tried to influence the Church by subversive actions within and without the Church. A must read for anyone who wants to understand how Jews have worked against the faith from day one.

  2. Good collection but lacking the ‘theological’ department, and I see a lot of Ayn Rand material. At least you don’t have anything of O’Reilly, Limbaugh, Beck, Levin et al.

  3. Jewish Domination in Weimar Germany… Eckart

    Just saw a marvelous spat on Irish Savant about it. I had no idea the degree to which the German collapse in 1918 opened the door for Jews in Germany.

  4. I didn’t see your copy of “The Homo & the Negro”* displayed.


    *Counter Currents Publishing – James J. O’Meara

  5. I just got in my replacement copy of ‘On the Rim of the Caribbean: Colonial Georgia and the British Atlantic World’ by Paul M Pressly. Somehow I lost my original which was heavily underlined and full of notes. lol Indispensable reading for Southern nationalists. Shows how a major early experiment was made in the Lower South to have an egalitarian, European settler society and it failed. But when Georgia adopted the model of Barbados and South Carolina it began flourishing almost over night. Also shows how half of the early planters in GA were from South Carolina, establishing a continuity between GA, SC and Barbados.

  6. @ Mosin, it says: “The Church declared the law of Moses was no longer to be keep in the Church….”

    That might seem fine, but unfortunately Moses did say things s/a you shouldn’t steal, kill, be homosexual, eat mice and moles, be adulterous, engage in beastiality, etc.

    Are those the “laws” he’s happy to be free of? And where, exactly, are the “replacement” laws that would tell people in that deal not to do those things (seeing as the “judaized” people agree with some of those laws and don’t want to be exposed to people who don’t follow them, perhaps like Stephen and Lynda).

    Um… some of those laws seem ok. I don’t want to go restaurants serving snakes, mice, and moles, where the girlfriend of a patron might be a sheep or something, I admit it.

  7. That really is the crux of the matter, Mosin. If you don’t believe in any laws (don’t kill, steal, be a socialist freak, eat mice and moles, have beastiality and sheep for your girlfriend, whatever)— then is your “religion” really better? Please don’t make southern people eat gophers! It may be ok for Stephen but others won’t like it, and don’t they have rights? (lol)

  8. Dixiegirl, I don’t understand what you mean about my being ‘against laws’. Of course I’m not against SOME laws, as long as there aren’t too many of them and they don’t violate the ‘Rights of Englishmen’ (or Welshmen or Germans) but I certainly DON’T obey ritual dietary laws! In fact I’m slow-cooking some ‘unclean’ squirrel meat for dinner, right now, that I shot stealing feed from the chickens, and groundhog is good too (as in: ‘eat your problems for dinner’)? Of COURSE we don’t eat mice or moles or practice any ‘sheep shagging’. In case you were confused by those links I provided, to Stephen’s book by Louis Israel Newman, and to some of his comments on that anti-Prot blog, it doesn’t mean that I AGREE with any of the content. Thanks for all your good comments, DixieGirl.

  9. Palmetto Patriot,

    “Shows how a major early experiment was made in the Lower South to have an egalitarian, European settler society and it failed. But when Georgia adopted the model of Barbados and South Carolina it began flourishing almost over night.”

    Back in my Junior year of college during Fall 2010, I decided to take a freshmen-level U.S. History class, and I remember my professor specifically covering the failure of initial establishment of Georgia. Since I was still a Tea Party guy at the time, I don’t remember if she covered it with an anti-white slant or not, and my notes are buried somewhere in the attic. But I DO remember her emphasizing how the settlers who established Georgia in 1733 (IIRC) had really high hopes for it – almost like a “Shining City on the Hill-South,” if that makes sense.

    Georgia offers yet more proof that whenever any group of Whites gets together and declares they’re going to establish a Grand Society based on principles of equality and limited government, it always fails. No race of humans is capable of thriving under such conditions.

  10. DixieGirl, abolishing the law of Moses doesn’t abolish all law. There was law before Moses’s time. Read the book of Genesis, chapter 26:5. There was law, for how else could Cain be guilty of murder, the Sodomites guilty of lusting after strange flesh, and Rachel guilty of thief?

    Why do you think I’d serve you a snake? Even with the Mosaic Law abolished, I’d rather serve you fried chicken or sirloin.

  11. 38 Nooses, State of Emergency, Death of the West, The Fall of Rome and the End of Civilisation, My Awakening, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them (Al Franken’s book – lot’s of anti-Southern comments), etc.

  12. Oh, and a History Channel documentary based off of a book: 88 acres of Hell (or something like that). It tells the story of a police state atmosphere in Illinois at the time of the civil war and the horrible treatment of Confederate POWs as a consequence (something totally covered up by the controlled press – you’ll only hear about Andersenville). It’s somewhat analogous to Guantanmo Bay, but you won’t see Hollywood making a movie based on it any time soon.

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