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  1. Hunter,

    May I recommend Loose Cannons by Graeme Donald?

    There is a chapter you’d enjoy: Knaves Slaves and the Civil War

    It’s a rather humourous debunking of received wisdoms. The only part I disagree with in the chapter is that Lincoln was a white supremacist. I think Lincoln could not be taken at face value in any public statement. However, your own world view is almost identical to that of Donald.

  2. Who would not want to be Scarramanga or Dr No? As long as you can wear the mask of 007 simultaneously.

  3. More whining from a communist. Get a clue, corporations don’t pay taxes, they just pass on and collect them from customers through the necessarily higher selling prices required to pay the tax.

    Want less of something? Then tax it. When all that “evil” capital leaves then you will be left living in a mud hut.

  4. Rudel, like Ron Paul, has the correct, ‘l’ibertarian, view of the effect of taxation.

    Re: ‘When all that “evil” capital leaves then you will be left living in a mud hut’:

    SOME will return to the mud hut level of their ability, but OTHER groups will return to good old-fashioned construction methods of ‘built to last’, without the global corporate incentive for quick McMansions. A traditional little thatched-roof, stone and post-and-beam cottage with a walk-in fireplace, and an outhouse, and NO wiring or plumbing, is superiour to any new pulpwood-and-vinyl Ware-House full of obsolescing electronic gadgetry.

  5. Mosin, you’re a real riot! Do you honestly believe that people want to return to living in a thatched roofed cottage without running water, indoor plumbing, and no electricity?! Now we know what you really are, you’re Amish! BTW, are you going to blog with smoke signals from now on, seeing you might forsake electricity? Just asking.

  6. Plumbing is needed. That’s just fugging crazy talk about no plumbing. It would be ideal to generate a portion of electricity on your own property, but the reality is that you need certain machines once they are invented. Otherwise we might as well go back to Matchlocks and Horses. However thatched roof? That’s good in a lo res area. Otherwise I’d suggest tile or slate. London was a red tile roof city up until The Great Fire.

  7. I’m reading a stellar book by a man who served in the US House during Reagan, and who completely debunks the bs this man, and all Jewish banker drones keep saying about offshore banks. The reason they hate such entities is that if they didn’t confiscate (read, ‘steal’) our money, maybe there would be more for us to invent new things, help others willingly, etc. You know, American enterprise?

    Instead, we fund an ever-increasing socialist welfare state, where the non-white doesn’t work, but expects everything from “Whitey.”

    This man is a schmuck.

  8. Coalburner and Betamale shot by Muhdik at Maryland Mall.

    No white girl dates a nig and gets out alive!

  9. I’m sorry, these videos have a small bias issue.

    The bad guys? One is Mitt Romney. And the woman says, “there’s Rupert Murdoch who determines much of the debate in this country.” (Not George Soros.)

    The good guys? Carl Levin and Barack Obama, whose empathy for the common man is well-known, as we have seen from Obamacare.

    Not saying there isn’t an issue, just would like to hear some analysis from someone credible.

  10. “A traditional little thatched-roof, stone and post-and-beam cottage with a walk-in fireplace, and an outhouse, and NO wiring or plumbing, is superiour to any new pulpwood-and-vinyl Ware-House full of obsolescing electronic gadgetry.”

    Gee, I was thinking of adding a bidet to my Airstream.

  11. Dalton, frankly, I’d make do with an English cottage in a post-EMP world, if it meant that I wouldn’t have to listen to [c]rap, see Niggers in my ‘hood,’ or eat GMO-designed, packaged, and processed foods.

    I fully prefer a return to a pre-modern world, with geographical distances meaning safety, and narrow-minded racial, religious, and cultural parochialism as the normative model for a healthy White racial future, than presume we can have our Moloch-derived toys and gadgets, and ‘heaven, too.’

    For those who refuse to give up the baubles of the Jews, are destined to remain their slaves, forever.

  12. Fr. John, the “baubles” of a modern world include things like advances in medicine that save lives, advances in agriculture that help us to grow more food, advances in transportation that move people and goods around in a safer, faster manner, and advances in communications that enable us to transmit information that makes life easier, sometimes saving lives in the process, yet you and Mosin want to turn back the clock because you don’t want to be “slaves”? If we turned back the clock, we would be slaves to diseases and illnesses that killed our ancestors on a regular basis, goods, some vital, would take forever to reach us, and communications, some vital, would only be as fast as a horse or boat could carry it. Well, if you want that sort of “freedom”, have at it guys. But do move to the deepest parts of the backwoods, so the disease epidemics you will experience will have a lesser chance of touching us, your inbreed genes won’t get into the general population, and we won’t have to spend time explaining to our kids why living 200 years in the past doesn’t work in a modern world.

  13. ‘Otherwise I’d suggest tile or slate’

    I should have added that slate is the best roof, and there is a working quarry not too far from here. A stone roof requires sturdy support, but that’s a given anyway with a good woodlot and a home sawmill. But there’s nothing wrong with thatch or split cedar shingles either, if those can be produced at home. Cobb and stone are better choices than extremely expensive cement to make massive walls and pillars that withstand fire and last for centuries.

    Do you live in an Airstream, Rudel? I suppose the winters are mild there.

  14. Stephen, don’t elevate Obama’s idol of ‘health care’ to us. Even the longest lifespan is still a short walk from cradle to grave, and after that the Judgement.

    ‘the “baubles” of a modern world include things like advances in medicine that save lives, advances in agriculture that help us to grow more food, advances in transportation that move people and goods around in a safer, faster manner, and advances in communications that enable us to transmit information that makes life easier’

    That is city talk.

  15. “City Talk”. No, it’s more like accepting reality over your silly fantasies about how life would be so much better if we lived like our ancestors did without modern technology. So, if you ever suffer a serious injury or a heart attack, make sure the ambulance that takes you to the hospital or the morgue is hitched to a horse or a mule. You surely wouldn’t want to be “a slave to the Jews” because you used one of their “baubles” would you?

  16. Mosin, you’re incapable of a logical reply. All you can do is spout clichés and non-sequiturs. Anything new has to be rejected, not because it is wrong or incorrect, it has to be rejected because it won’t fit into the fantasy world you have erected around yourself. Your remark about the “baubles rat race GMO diet” is a good example of this. People who are health food zealots die of heart attacks too. Remember J I Rodale, the founder of the organic food industry in the USA? He died from a heart attack. Did organic foods kill him? Not that I know of. But using your logic, I could claim that they did kill him. So Mosin, learn to think outside that small box you are trapped in, so when the big one occurs, your ambulance will have a motor, instead of a horse powering it.

  17. You KNOW that the dietary issue is NOT a ‘non sequitur’, ‘Steve “scot-jew” Dalton’ — you know it is not irrelevant, but ENTIRELY relevant to the ‘health care’ issue, and that eating a traditional, ancestral diet, instead the ‘GMO’ rat race diet, is neither ‘illogical’ nor difficult. I am not against medical science and appropriate use of technology. I just don’t want to buy and eat unhealthy products. I am not against ANY kind of good science. You are the one who faults me for not accepting your six-day Creationism. Talk about a fantasy world!

    Re: ‘People who are health food zealots die of heart attacks too. Remember J I Rodale, the founder of the organic food industry’:

    ‘Health food zealots’ and faddists tend to be urban, rootless cosmopolitans, too, and Rodale was a Talmudist, a master of salesmanship and promotion. I remember the passage in one of the old J. I. Rodale organic gardening books claiming that elements can transmute into other elements, in the presence of compost. I showed that to my high school physics teacher and we all had a good laugh.

  18. Do you really think GMO apples, in the process of approval now (!) are another ‘good thing’? They could be fresher-looking, sweeter and prettier than natural apples, and also cheaper, especially if Walmart carries them, and since small growers won’t be licensed to grow them, it would benefit corporate ‘ag’ industry, in AmeriKa and in China (already the world’s leading apple producer and source of much of the apple juice filler in ‘juice drinks’) that will produce them for us.

  19. It is the Jews who have hijacked technology invented and developed by Whites in order to degrade, corrupt and enslave. If the White demographic in America was not controlled by Jewry – our technology would work for us (and indeed others) just fine. It would be operated for individual and social good within just and enforcable boundaries. As it is – White technology is an instrument of our oppression

  20. “Do you really think GMO apples, in the process of approval now (!) are another ‘good thing’?”

    Of all the plants you could have chosen to be the boogeyman for GMO, apples are probably the worst choice as they have already been bred, crossbred, hybridized, and modified to high heaven by man for millennia.

  21. BTW, strains of the genus Malus are native to the western reaches of Chinese lands. Why shouldn’t China be the largest producer of apples?

  22. Mosin, you yourself said that a thatched roof cottage without indoor plumbing, electricity, and an outhouse out back was “superior” to modern housing. So excuse me if I think your thinking is hopelessly out of date based on your own published postings. BTW, your past remarks on medical science reminds me of Herbert Armstrong’s. He was against modern medicine too. So excuse me again if I think your ideas on modern medicine are whacked out.

  23. Rudel, NONE of the breeding and selection of apples over the millennia has been trans-GENIC, but only within related species or subspecies, like Whites breeding with Negroes, not like crossing humans with mice or mushrooms, so to speak — and one inevitable outcome of GMO apples will be cross pollination by insects with non-GMO apples, like GMO corn crossing into natural corn. In the news today: GMO tomatoes with genes from snapdragon are being grown now, possibly approved for large-scale commercial production soon. GMO sweet corn, zucchini and summer squash and other vegetables are common on grocery store shelves now. Gardeners and small growers generally can’t buy the seed, so large corporate agriculture has the advantage.

    A conservative approach to agriculture would be to allow and encourage more of our own people to own and till their own and feed themselves (to eat what they grow). The ‘liberal’ plan is to supply us through Walmart with GMO hydroponic or semi-hydroponic produce containing traces of Roundup herbicide and neonicotinoid systemic insecticide, from industrial-scale ‘farms’ in distant places like China. Hunter has a good link on his blogroll: ‘Southern Agrarian’.

    Finally, Stephen, what’s wrong with an outhouse? Try it, you’ll like it. You can even harvest your own fertiliser from it.

  24. Correction: ‘own and till their own and feed themselves’ should have been ‘own and till their own land and feed themselves’. Again I failed to read before posting. Note:
    ‘Agenda 21’ and similar policies are intended to drive the rest of our people from the land into ‘sustainable’ planned cities, where we will be bound to ‘soma’ instead of the soil.

  25. “What is wrong with an outhouse?” They stink in the summer and they’re cold in the winter. Hooray for indoor plumbing!

    Human feces as fertilizer for food crops? Are you out of your mind?! No sane person uses human feces for food crops. There are too many pathogens in them that are deadly for humans. They use them in oriental countries, and as a result, many people get sick and die from them. BTW, you might want to google “human feces as fertilizer for crops” if that ego of yours can take correction.

  26. Most of the Barbados Quakers, some of whom had been planters with slaves (but they treated their slaves much better, taught them to read, etc.) finally left Barbados and moved to Pennsylvania. The original Pennsylvania settlers were mostly persecuted poor Welsh Quakers, but the Quakers of Barbados were wealthy English.

    This is a good read http://www.mybrctv.com/search/index.php?context=homepage&tab=Web&q=quakers+in+barbados+taught+slaves+to+read :
    ‘Friends were subject to heavy “sufferings” in Barbados (…) The reason for these “sufferings” are marginal to the slavery issue. The violent constitutional changes in London during the Civil War and Commonwealth left the colonies, like Barbados, in sort of political limbo as the colonists supported, opposed or stood aside from these events; the Cromwellian settlement in Barbados had acknowledged the royalist leanings of the landed classes, and in return for no rebellion had granted them what was effectively home rule. After the Restoration, the Church of England resumed its place as the established church but was only a shadow of its parent body, and enjoyed limited support from a plantocracy which did not rate church attendance high amongst its pastimes. Barbados Friends were in confrontation with the Anglicans on two counts. As in England THEY REFUSED TO PAY TITHES; THEY ALSO DISRUPTED THE SERVICES, accusing the clergy of personal as well as theological delinquency. Neither of these need have worried the secular authorities unduly: IT WAS FRIENDS’ REFUSAL TO SERVE IN OR SUPPORT THE MILITIA WHICH BROUGHT THEM BEFORE THE COURTS. (This was not a conscription-in-peacetime situation: other European powers were actively engaged in capturing Caribbean islands, and Barbados, located as the first landfall for ships following the trade winds from Europe, was the strategic key.) Friends’ PERSONAL PROPERTY WAS DISTRAINED, AND MEETING HOUSES AND THEIR CONTENTS WERE CONFISCATED. So George Fox found himself amongst Friends who had more economic resources than ‘back home’, but were still at odds with the government . He needed time to recover from the voyage, and was well cared for by his in-laws who had domestic as well as field slaves, and he would not have wanted to cause gratuitous offence, especially if he had witnessed no overt ill-treatment. And the economy of Barbados, easily the most thriving in the New World, had depended on chattel slavery since cane sugar was introduced from Brazil in the 1630s. Friends’ livelihoods were an integral part of this economy. His visit brought to light a fourth cause for conflict. What was to be the attitude of the authorities towards Friends whose slaves attended meeting for worship? The stance of other churches was clear: slaves were too primitive to comprehend Christian precepts. Most had been transported from Africa, had limited English, and no schooling. Protestant practice insisted that church membership and the salvation that went with it depended on formal instruction in Bible texts, and understanding of the catechism, baptism and confirmation. For Friends, however, these were the outward symbols which they denied — what counted was the Inner Light, and this they did not deny to ‘Negroes’ or ‘tawny Indians’. So slaves were able to participate in their owners’ domestic devotions; and, by extrapolation, could attend meetings for worship. It is clear that Fox was present at meetings where slaves took part, though it is not clear how far these were racially mixed occasions. The Barbados Government, and its white supporters, may have taken their own church membership lightly but they were united in denying this to slaves, realising that to grant this degree of humanity would, sooner rather than later, undermine the institution of slavery itself. LAWS WERE PASSED WHICH FINED SLAVE OWNERS HEAVILY IF THEIR SLAVES WERE CAUGHT ATTENDING MEETING, AND THESE WERE STRONGLY ENFORCED’.

  27. Rudel,

    Have you actually read Mein Kampf? A Stuka Tank busting ace such as yourself ought to have. If you had you may have noted this paragraph…

    From Mein Kampf: The Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion

    From Chapter XI: Nation and Race — Volume I: A Reckoning

    . . . To what extent the whole existence of this people is based on a continuous lie is shown incomparably by the Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion, so infinitely hated by the Jews. They are based on a forgery, the Frankfurter Zeitung moans and screams once every week: the best proof that they are authentic. What many Jews may do unconsciously is here consciously exposed. And that is what matters. It is completely indifferent from what Jewish brain these disclosures originate; the important thing is that with positively terrifying certainty they reveal the nature and activity of the Jewish people and expose their inner contexts as well as their ultimate final aims. The best criticism applied to them, however, is reality. Anyone who examines the historical development of the last hundred years from the standpoint of this book will at once understand the screaming of the Jewish press. For once this book has become the common property of a people, the Jewish menace may be considered as broken (307-308).

  28. Not an ego contest, Mr. Dalton, just a matter of FACTS. Large cities across America and Europe http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2013/nov/06/nutrient-recovery-fertiliser-human-excrement-slough are re-discovering that their waste really is a product, a saleable product, for use on farmland, including vegetable farms, and gardens. Milwaukee has been selling theirs for decades (Milorganite, for lawns and gardens). But plain old night soil from an outdoor privy is not only cheaper (free) but MUCH BETTER, because you know what’s in it. It doesn’t carry heavy metals and other dangerous contaminants that are present in urban sewage. Who knows what went into city sludge. Who knows what is in the ‘human waste liquid’ that Chinese agriculture uses, even on crops eaten raw. I have an old farming book that describes the very intensive local vegetable farming that fed New York City through most of the nineteenth century, that was made possible by the supply of night soil, horse manure and street sweepings hauled out of the city every day.

    Not anti-technology, Stephen, but appropriate use of technology. Appropriate uses that don’t profit or ‘feed’ the ‘Beast’. Traditional ways of living that bypass and starve the System. Instead of seeking ‘convenience’, Stephen, think of preserving what is best for future generations of Whites, if there will be any. You might even find that older ways are more convenient than what you have been conditioned to believe is convenient.

  29. “NONE of the breeding and selection of apples over the millennia has been trans-GENIC”

    BZZZZZZZT!!! Wrong again Mosin. Over the centuries introgression of genes from other members of the Rosaceae family have occurred most notably crabapples (same genus), quinces, peaches, and plums (not the same genus) among others. It’s why the apple genome contains over 57,000 genes – far more than humans.

  30. Mosin, you’re selectively quoting to prove your point. I’ve several articles over the years, and the majority of them say human feces should not be used as fertilizer, because the human digestive system can’t break down the pathogens in it like an animals digestive system can. And if humanure is used at all, the articles I’ve read say it should only be used on flower beds. As for these big cities selling or giving away human waste as fertilizer, I don’t see where any long term studies have been done as to the safety of using this stuff. Until that is done, it’s the septic tank for my crap.

  31. Rudel, this is what is known as nitpicking.

    The experiments that Monsanto among others have conducted are different. GM can introduce genes from a slug into an apple in theory. Hybrid fruits are by no means as sinister.

    And did you say Bzzzzzzttttt! Lol.

    Normally I enjoy you correcting Mosin, but this time you are embarrassing yourself.

  32. I was not aware of the introgression of plum genes, etc., but I knew such anomalies occur in nature, and that bacteria, viruses, etc. are the usual vectors and also insert their own ‘useless’ genes into the chains of higher genera including our own — but it is the normal pattern for apples to cross-pollinate and breed with apples, wild and domestic, including crabapples. That is ‘classical breeding’ when humans follow it.

    It is dangerous to deliberately create Frankenstein corn, soybeans, wheat, potatoes and apples — and GMO strawberries too, not in production yet. Do you prefer them?

    This is a White cultural issue, even a White survival issue, and the lovers of money are at the root of all this evil.

  33. Engineering the genes of naturally occurring Yersinia pestis could create an apocalyptic pneumonic plague weapon.

  34. Some domestic apples are quite narrow in their pollination requirements with other domestic apples, Rudel, though I believe they cross with EVERY kind of wild crabapple, with very degenerative results. But you are wrong, they NEVER cross with plums or any other genus of the Rose family.

  35. ‘by no means as sinister’

    Et tu, John?

    ‘Mainstreaming’ WNs Stephen and Rudel, and perhaps now John, too, are supporting or defending unnecessary, purely profit-driven Talmudic genetic engineering applications, and OPPOSING White survival-oriented limitation of use of technology.

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