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  1. Kill the Republican Party, Kill it Now!

    Vote Dem. Vote for the nuttiest dem on the primary ticket and get it elected. When the Republicans are dead and gone, the Demonrats will fracture.

    Blacks hate Mexicans and the Mex hate the Blacks. Help this along. Fuck the Asians, both the Mex and the Negroes hate them too. The Asians don’t support us even thought they live like us, so fuck them.

    Form a new party, a Eurocentric, anti-immigrant American party. We will be the strongest and smartest able to divide and conquer.

    The Jews?


  2. It’s my analysis that the GOP elites really don’t want to “win” the US Senate this year, why should they?

    Men like McConnell are firmly entrenched and have just about wrung as much wealth and power as they can WITHOUT having the run a committee as chairman. It’s significantly less trouble to snipe at the leadership via lip service, rather to actually have to take action.

    Additionally, many of them are progressive-fascists with only the thinnest veneer of “respectable conservatism”. Lindsey Graham is an excellent example of this, Chris Christie, and some others are too.

    In the house, all too many of the “respectable conservatives” are like Boehner, all of them hate the TEA Party elected reps and are working to negate any of their power.

    All are proof that secession from the awful United States should be viewed as mandatory, with the caveat that we must prohibit any of the current crop of “respectable conservatives” in our states from taking office in our future.

  3. Ok last straw. I’m sure most people here would think it’s retarded, but I’m still a registered republican. I had some hope we could work through the party. I feel completely stupid now. Time to register independent. Done with the Rs

  4. This is bad news but completely predictable. At least I have a cold Heineken to sip on to help ease the discomfort.

    In a way it can regarded as a positive thing. It will serve to further alienate our people from the Stupid party. Many of these people will become more receptive to political alternatives such as secession instead of attempting to work within the system by electing fraudulent conservatives that take every position that is in direct opposition to the best interests of those who provide the majority of their support, White people.

  5. These anti-White Republican traitors have made their contempt for White America clear, beyond the shadow of any doubt.

    Best wishes with secession.

  6. we’ve beaten back about a dozen bad immigration bills in the last few years, all the time the MSM, Neo Conservatives, Agribusiness elites and assorted traitorous whores, Christian Zionists have said that immigration reform/amnesty was a done deal.

    Don’t give up and be prepared to punish the traitors and the rich family members of the traitors. Look what the anti White Stalinists do to decent White folks like that Catholic school principal from the Bronx.

  7. “Form a new party, a Eurocentric, anti-immigrant American party.”

    If you engaged in a little research you’d quickly discover that this HAS been done at least a dozen times over the years, with ZERO success. In fact, it’s being done at this very instant by something called the “American Freedom Party”, a sad, incompetent, absolutely stupid effort by the cream of the white nationalist movement. It is failing too.

    Political parties only succeed for liberal/leftists – period.

  8. Imagine being able to drive just a few miles over to West Virginia to shed citisenship, which is presently MUCH easier for non-whites to obtain than whites to escape.

  9. Don’t give up.

    Fight as best you can.

    I always have solid success talking with Congrssional staff members on a one to on basis.

    Don’t rant, or threaten. Use personal experiences, talk about regular working people in your area, oppose Neo Slave owners like the Georgia onion king, shyster Vegas casino owner Sheldon Adelson , $ billionaires like Zuckerman , Bill Gates that refuse to pay Americans a living wage, want unpaid interns (slaves).

    Here ‘s a list of Speaker of the House Boehner’s staff as of last year:


  10. I’m having solid success speaking with young Congressional staff members in many states I’ve lived in. use *67 to hide your phone umber.

    All the staff members have been nice, receptive.

  11. I ‘ve had very good conversations with all Republican Congressional staff in Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee. Everyone is sympathetic.

  12. My form letter sent to the many and sundry of both parties in Congress with actual name, full address, and email and contact info. I also called several to leave a message with the staffers who answered the phone.


    Dear Sir:

    I am strongly opposed to the immigration “reform” bill now being proposed by John Boehner. This a direct attack on American workers, designed for business in order to deny Americans a living wage through the importation of foreign labor, and a benefit to fat cats like Bill Gates who want to import more cheap programmers from India.

    Workforce participation rates are at historically low levels even as it is. How can lowering barriers to entry into this country possibly benefit the native born working man? They can’t.

    Please vote against amnesty for illegal aliens and the importation of even more cheap foreign labor.

    Respectfully yours,

    Portland, Oregon

  13. “All of you know how I feel about this subject…”

    Actually not, but let me guess. It’s all the Pope’s fault. Bwahahahahahaha!

  14. Jack Ryan says:
    January 31, 2014 at 5:00 pm

    I ‘ve had very good conversations with all Republican Congressional staff in Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee. Everyone is sympathetic.

    Jack, you’re sounding quite surreal.

    Do you mean sympathetic, like “Build the danged fence”?

    Or like “Enforce the law, and they’ll self-deport”?

    Haven’t you learned by now that these snakes will say whatever you want to hear, then do the opposite?

  15. AnalogMan says:

    “Haven’t you learned by now that these snakes will say whatever you want to hear, then do the opposite?”

    Jack replies:

    Nah. I talked one to one with about 20 YOUNG white staffers. All nice, sympathetic. I know how to reach these people and had them laughing with me at the end, instead of hating me as a hateful RACIST. With the females I was wishing them success in Washngton social scene.

    The key is to not give up on life and say we are all doomed and use that as an excuse to do nothing but bitch and moan. Most of “our people” have poor communication skills, don’t even participate in any effective way in political life except in same old, same old sure fire losing presidential campaigns.

  16. Give it up, Jack…every time you contact the apparatchiks, every time you vote, you are validating their anti-White system. How many more times do you have to be betrayed by the Republicrats before you understand that they, like the Demoncrats, are a Jew-owned Trojan Horse? Next 1st Tuesday in November, join millions of other White Men: go to the gun store, not the polling place.

  17. The GOP will let individual members make noise about it for their personal ambitions (Paul Ryan comes to mind), but in the end it won’t happen.

    There will be too much of a groundswell similar to the one in the Bush years (’07 was it?) where rank-and-file white Americans start going ape-shit.

    Heady drama, but it can be productive as opposed to merely stress-inducing:

    what a perfect time to push the idea of “demographic displacement” or as I prefer to call it, white genocide, to a momentarily alert audience

    More and more people are waking up, when will it hit critical mass?

  18. ‘I’ve had very good conversations with all Republican Congressional staff in Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee. Everyone is sympathetic’

    ‘They’ want you to bow to their agents and want to be involved in their System — and NOT belong to the eternal Kingdom of….

  19. @Rudel

    Yeah, the Pope, the Catholic hierarchy, and the Catholic politicians in Congress, and in the Governors’ Mansions, and the big city Catholic Mayors…naturally their pals the Jews are their to help them with money, and vote with them.

  20. “‘They’ want you to bow to their agents and want to be involved in their System — and NOT belong to the eternal Kingdom of….”

    You sound like a broken record. Enough with the religious propaganda, just fucking enough already.

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